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Changes for version 0.09

  • in the grammar, made it so that single-lined attributes have their whitespace trimmed on both the left and right sides.
  • added a license attribute and a get/set method for it, too. this is my first significant fork away from target wizard ECDs.
  • added license to the ecd_v1.dtd and the @default_order array in Embedix::ECD::Util and documented the change.
  • use Carp;
  • moved unindent_and_aggregate out of the grammar and into Embedix::ECD::Util.
  • using the production from chipmunk@perlmonks (w/ minor modifications, I can now have '<' inside rawtext!
  • make unindent_and_aggregate() remove comments
  • added hasChildren()
  • added delChild()
  • system/base/$arch/MAKEDEV.ecd spaces are allowed in node names so I adjusted for that
  • CONFLICTS attribute added.
  • applied yy}}po<ESC>V:s/=item / /<ENTER>{{kV:s/\$ecd->\|()//g<ENTER> to the documentation
  • in the *_size attributes, it's able to evaluate mathematical expressions, and deal w/ pairs of numbers. The first number is the base size, and the second number is the give-or-take amount. make_evaluating_getter_method() makes it possible.


performs syntax checking of .ecd files
converts text in ECD format to an XML equivalent
performs syntax checking of .ecd files


Embedix Component Descriptions as objects
an object for AUTOVAR nodes
an object for COMPONENT nodes
an object for GROUP nodes
a base class for ECD nodes
an object for OPTION nodes
a class for root nodes
miscellaneous stuff
adds a method to write ECD data as XML


in lib/Embedix/ECD/