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Changes for version 0.004 - 2012-08-02

  • Provide overload for EntityModel::Web::Page::Handler which dumps out some information about the request when used as a ->(coderef)
  • Use "http_verb" instead of "method" to avoid some ambiguity in EntityModel::Web::Page
  • New ->update_uri_from method in EntityModel::Web::Request which applies the hostname, path and query parameters from a URI object.
  • Default to empty content when a section isn't found.
  • Add additional debugging messages to help trace page lookup failures.
  • Register plugin on import.


website support for EntityModel
handle authentication
handle permissions for page and object access
handle context for a web request
HTTP header abstraction
page layout definition
handle page definitions
abstraction for incoming HTTP request
handle response to web request
session information
user information


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in lib/EntityModel/Web/Page/
in lib/EntityModel/Web/Page/Data/
in lib/EntityModel/Web/Page/
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