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Changes for version 0.6 - 2016-06-20

  • Fix version numbering issue (#92994).


Erlang source code parser
performed by all AST nodes
an alternative in a case or try
a block of statements
a binary operation
a binary string or list
a term within a binary term
a function call
a case expression
a list or binary comprehension
a match in a function definition
a list of definitions for one function
a compiler directive
a floating point integer
a lambda-style local fun
one case in a local fun
a reference to a function
an 'if' statement
a case in an if statement
a list of values
a character literal
a preprocessor-style macro
a receive statement
the after clause for a receive statement
creation of a new record
a try/catch clause
a tuple of items
a unary operation


in lib/Erlang/Parser/
in lib/Erlang/Parser/