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Changes for version 1.10 - 2002-11-21

  • Another almost-TOTAL rewrite. Version 1.00 *was* beautiful, but didn't quite do what we wanted. Slaven Rezic pointed out that it was still necessary to declare our() vars in packages that imported from a module that used Exporter::Simple and asked if this requirement could be removed. The solution turned out to be somewhat involved (read the source for details). Basically the problem was that we exported everything during INIT, but perl complains if it doesn't find a variable in a package's symbol table during BEGIN. That's why the our() declaration was still necessary. Now I've reworked things so that scalars, arrays and hashes get exported during BEGIN, but subroutines get exported during INIT. It's not that simple though; read the source to find out what kinds of hoops I had to jump through.


Easier set-up of module exports