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Changes for version 0.63

  • Move from underneath t/ to underneath lib/.
  • The functions exported by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Auxiliary are intended to be used in testing this distribution -- and all distributions which subclass it, such as ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::PBP. uses functions found in But unless is underneath lib/ExtUtils/, it won't be indexed by CPAN and won't be found by the test suites of subclasses. Hence, move it to underneath lib/.


interactive interface to ExtUtils::ModuleMaker; replaces h2xs -AXn [module]


Better than h2xs for creating modules
Subroutines for testing ExtUtils::ModuleMaker
Default values for ExtUtils::ModuleMaker objects
Methods used within ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::new() and ExtUtils::ModuleMaker::Interactive::Main_Menu
Hold methods used in modulemaker
Templates for the module's License/Copyright
Open source software licenses
Process command-line options for modulemaker
Methods used within ExtUtils::ModuleMaker


in lib/ExtUtils/ModuleMaker/
in lib/ExtUtils/
in lib/ExtUtils/ModuleMaker/