Changes for version 6036

  • Sync to SVN version 6036
  • Added ffmpeg.c and config.h to distro, removing the need, in most cases, to define $FFMPEG_ROOT.
  • Renamed FFmpeg::StreamGroup's frame_rate() to video_rate()
  • Renamed FFmpeg::StreamGroup's frame_size() to video_geometry()
  • Added all command line options as comments to FFmpeg.xs. Serves as a list of features to add to fully implement "ffmpeg" commandline program
  • Added extensions() method to FFmpeg::FileFormat. Returns a list of file lowercase file extensions associated with the file format.
  • Added perl hooks for:
    • audio_bitrate (-ab)
    • video_codec (-acodec)
    • audio_rate (-ar)
    • video_bitrate (-b)
    • video_codec (-vcodec)
  • Added transcode() method to FFmpeg::StreamGroup
  • #TODO#
  • finish documentation for transcode() options
  • implement copyright/author/etc setters to be used by transcode()
  • fix copyright/author/etc retrieval for the problematic .avi file in t/03.avi.t


Perl interface to FFmpeg, a video converter written in C
A media stream (co)mpression / (dec)ompression algorithm
A multimedia file format supported by FFmpeg (eg avi, mov, mpeg, mp3, &c)
Image formats supported by FFmpeg's image codecs.
An audio or video stream from a (multi)media file.
An audio stream from a (multi)media stream group.
A non-media data stream from a (multi)media file.
A stream of unknown type from a (multi)media stream group.
A video stream from a (multi)media stream group.
A group of related media streams, typically encapsulated in a single file