Changes for version 1.09 - 2009-03-07

  • (richdawe) Add note to README about needing to install package that provides the headers <attr/attributes.h> and <attr/xattr.h>.
  • (richdawe) Fix RT #31970: "OS X: setfattr fails to set empty value". According to the CPAN Testers results, this works on Mac OS X 10.5.
    • Skip the "empty" tests on Mac OS X 10.4 and earlier. Document issue.
  • (richdawe) Fix #34394: "Test suite should skip on filesystems with no xattr support when run non-interactively" on Linux.
    • When run interactively, it will suggest what you need to do, to get the test suite to pass.
  • (richdawe) Fix RT #37889: "Crash when operating on a closed file handle on Solaris". This was due to using an uninitialised directory handle.


Perl extension for accessing extended attributes of files
Tie interface to extended attributes of files