Changes for version 0.12 - 2021-03-20

  • Fix for RT#128243, where touching a file in close succession wouldn't register the second one for make & other purposes, on systems that have finer granularity than seconds. Thanks to Slaven Rezic for the suggested fix.
  • Improved opening paragraphs of the DESCRIPTION, including a suggestion to always require 0.12 or higher.

Changes for version 0.11_03 - 2021-03-18

  • Time::HiRes doesn't provide utime() on Windows, so now we try and load Time::HiRes in a BEGIN block, and only enforce the min version if it loaded ok.

Changes for version 0.11_02 - 2021-03-18

  • Looks like I should have specified a min version of Time::HiRes. Was getting some fails from CPAN Testers, about utime() not being available.

Changes for version 0.11_01 - 2021-03-17


update file access and modification times, optionally creating files if needed