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Changes for version 1.22

  • go ahead and release

Changes for version 1.21_04

  • Add fix for RT 109758
  • Add version dependency for Flickr::API
  • Added in a reflection tool

Changes for version 1.21_03

  • Added caching to
  • added cache as a role for cameras, et. al.
  • add some cache tests into the t/03-cameras.t
  • Add fix for RT109558 missing dependency
  • close out some of the ancient now obviated RT bugs from years ago.

Changes for version 1.21_02

  • Got a role working as desired,
  • Make the tests more to the point
  • Add subclass and test for

Changes for version 1.21_01

  • Move to a directory filled with Types/
  • Now with Roles!


Represents a photo on Flickr.
Represents a photoset on Flickr.
Caching behaviors for the Flickr::Tools
Permission behaviors for the Flickr::Tools
Tools to assist using the Flickr API
Perl interface to the Flickr::API for cameras
Perl interface to the Flickr::API for Flickr method reflection