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Changes for version 0.10

  • remove MooseX::AttributeHelpers dependency (doy)


A collection of n-ary tree related modules
An n-ary tree
An abstract role for bottom up tree reader
A Forest tree builder with a callback for subtree construction
Parse trees from indented ASCII files
An abstract role for tree factories
An abstract role for tree indexers
Indexes a Forest::Tree heiarchy by it's UID
An abstract role for loading trees
Loads a Forest::Tree heirarchy using UIDs
An n-ary tree
An abstract role for top down tree reader
A reader for Forest::Tree heirarchies
Simple role for custom node formatters
An abstract role for providing JSON serialization
A Moosey solution to this problem
A role mixin to support tree node metadata
An abstract role for tree writers
A slightly more complex ASCII writer
A simple ASCII writer for Forest::Tree heirarchies
A simple HTML writer for Forest::Tree heirarchies