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a general-purpose form handling API
Role implemented by actions
Form control attribute-traits
The meta-class role for form actions
The meta-class role for form action roles
Role implemented by action roles
high-level API for working with form controls
The button control
the checkbox control
Helper class for tracking choices
The full_text control
the password control
Controls that list available choices
controls with preset values
the multi-select control
A control for selecting a single item
A single line text field
A read-only value control
Interface for objects that modify how actions work
Control gets the value of the attribute
A control feature for checking length
Greps the control value for correctness
Match a control value against a regex
Makes sure a value is set on a control
Trims whitespace from a control value
A generic feature for actions
if one control has a value, all should
control features that modify the action attribute
control features that modify control construction
features that check control values
features that clean up control values
Form features tied to particular controls
form features that convert values
control features with custom messages
features with custom messages
control features that work on just constructed controls
features that run just after processing
features that run just before processing
Role for form interface implementations
Command-line interface builder for form factory
Simple HTML form interface
rendering/consuming HTML controls
HTML interface widget helper
HTML interface widget helper
HTML interface widget helper
HTML interface widget helper
HTML interface widget helper
HTML interface widget helper
Handy class for encapsulating messages
Moos-ish helper for action classes
Tag class for deferred_values
Moos-ish helper for action roles
Interface for the result classes
A group of results
Form result class representing a single result
An object responsible for remembering things
Remember things in a Perl hash


in lib/Form/Factory/Action/Meta/Attribute/