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Changes for version 0.56 - 2013-07-12

  • custom id names for resources (e.g. my_id instead of id)
  • API change: resource names such as 'new' and 'edit' can become id placeholder values if request method does not match or if there is no match because of 'only' option
  • API Change: the "as" option for resources now changes the automatic naming of routes and controllers, it no longer changes the path pattern of the URL (inverse behaviour, rails like)
  • API Change: use shorter names for frequent use cases and longer names for edge cases for nested resources (rails like)
  • API Change: nested resources: do not include namespace in capture names (untested/not specified behaviour in the past)


Routes for Nested Resources for Plack web framework developers (Perl)
Customizing resourceful routes
Rails like resource routing for Plack web framework developers (Perl)


restful routes for web framework developers


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