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Changes for version 0.70

  • Frost::Burial DEMOLISH back in: Calls close with a flag now, so only untie etc. will be called.

Changes for version 0.69_03

  • Frost::Burial removed long forgotten call to close in DEMOLISH due to errors with BDB, now really no longer autosave is provided!

Changes for version 0.69_02

  • replaced DB_File with BerkeleyDB many changes
  • Frost::Burial new attribute _dbm_cursor removed BerkeleyDB::Btree::filter_*, added -Compare
  • Frost::Types new subtype 'Frost::DBM_Cursor' -> 'BerkeleyDB::Cursor'

Changes for version 0.69_01

  • removed check_db.PL from Makefile.PL to see, if DB_File::filter_* helps on *BSD with BDB 1.0


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