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Changes for version 0.032 - 2008-04-10

  • bugfix: data-type class is now correct checked as type-definition bugfix: static-declaration is now not automaticly set every time bugfix: POD description for (not-)extending access-level improved bugfix: check for static and oo-methodcalls correctly implemeted change: data type scalar behaves like perl's standard scalar bugfix: POD for datatype 'class' created data type 'object' created POD for data type decimal improved


Pragma to extend the Perl-OO (in native Perl)
Pragma to provide abstract classes
Pragma like module to extend code attributes
Plugin for code attributes
Helper-class to decorate subroutines
Helper-class to check syntax of code attributes
Helper-class to check the inheritation of code attributes
Helper class to provide corrrect handling of attributes
Carp-Adapter to easy extend the carp-level
Helper class to register and check datatypes
Pragma to extend class inheritation
Pragma to hide wrapper-classes in callers stack
Pragma to provide interfaces
Pragma to set strict and warnings pragma and check classnames
Helper-class to register class-handler
Pragma to set package-version