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Changes for version 2.6

  • core:
  • as explain in comments, actual versioning is problematic for CPAN versions, so any future version will probably be defined as only major.minor but evantually as major.minor_rev if a package revision is necessary. This policy could be revised after any major upgrade.
  • Fix configuration reloading to keep set script options
  • Avoid a not critical perl error while reloading HTTP server
  • Fix #820: Fix config reading to permit completly empty settings
  • inventory:
  • Bump Inventory task version to 1.10
  • Fix #771: added Acer monitor serial support for models (G227HQL, G236HL, R221Q, S273HL)
  • Fix #787: fix debian package reporting when size is not defined
  • Battery capacity support provides now canonical values
  • Battery capacity support permits to compute battery capacity usage, thanks to Thierry Bugier
  • Fix #819: Surface Go 2 was recongized has Hyper-V
  • Fix #825: Enhanced disk encryption detection under linux
  • Fix #829: added other Acer monitor serial support (H226HQL, K222HQL, SA220Q)
  • Enhanced Qemu KVM virtualization detection, thanks to Rico29
  • Dmidecode output parsing cleanup
  • Fix #804: Filter out virtual overlay FS while using docker
  • Fix #540: Added powersupplies support on MacOS
  • Fix #797: Fix ASM storage inventory
  • Better canonical manufacturer reporting
  • Fix Snap software inventory support with long summary on a package
  • Added PartNumber API to enhanced inventory memory and controllers support:
    • Elpida, Hynix, Micron & Samsung memory partnumbers
    • Dell controller partnumbers
  • thanks to Vadim Pisarev:
    • Storages can now use smartctl command
    • Enhanced HP Storage inventory with smartctl
    • Memory inventory includes partnumber as MODEL
    • Controller inventory includes SERIAL and MODEL
    • Enhanced memory and controllers inventory via IPMI
    • Better storage support
    • Micron memories PartNumber support
  • Updated pci.ids to 2020.11.14 version
  • Updated usb.ids to 2020.08.26 version
  • netdiscovery/netinventory:
  • Bump NetDiscovery task version to 4.2
  • Bump NetInventory task version to 4.2
  • Updated Ricoh printers support with better hostname detection
  • Updated Zebra printers support with better hostname detection
  • Introduced Siemens industrial modules support
  • Introduced Multitech industrial modules support
  • Fix #823, #856: Add Ubiquiti UniFi AP linux appliance support
  • Fix #772: Enhanced some HP switchs support
  • Introduced Hwg support, thanks to Bertrand Keller
  • Fix #830: Retrieve rigth model for Oki printers
  • Updated sysobject.ids (tagged fia-2.6 tag on github repository)
  • ESX:
  • Bump ESX task version to 2.6
  • verify a user and password are provided before attemting to connect to ESX server
  • injector:
  • Fix an issue with --xml-ua option triggering a perl fatal error on empty or wrong XML files
  • Fix typo in man page


FusionInventory agent For Linux/UNIX, Windows and MacOSX
vCenter/ESX/ESXi remote inventory from command line
A tool to push inventory in an OCS Inventory or compatible server.
Standalone inventory
Standalone network discovery
Standalone network inventory
A tool to pull inventory from an agent
Standalone wake-on-lan
FusionInventory Agent service for Windows
Win32 remote inventory


FusionInventory agent
Agent configuration
An abstract HTTP client
An HTTP client using Fusion protocol
An HTTP client using OCS protocol
HTTPS protocol handler for LWP
An embedded HTTP server
An embedded HTTP server plugin providing remote inventory
A class template for embedded HTTP server plugins
An embedded HTTP server plugin providing a proxy for agents not able to contact the server
An embedded HTTP server plugin providing SSL support on configured port
An embedded HTTP server plugin providing a secondary proxy for agents not able to contact the server.
An embedded HTTP server plugin as test and sample server plugin
An abstract HTTP session
Inventory data structure
FusionInventory logger
An abstract logger backend
A file backend for the logger
A stderr backend for the logger
A syslog backend for the logger
Base class for SNMP client
FusionInventory agent SNMP device
FusionInventory agent SNMP device components
FusionInventory agent SNMP mib support
Inventory module for Brocade Switches
Inventory module for Digi modems and associated sim cards & firmwares
Inventory module for Eaton ePDUs
Inventory module for Epson Printers
Inventory module for HP switchs with HTTP management
Inventory module for Kyocera printers
Inventory module for Linux Appliances
Inventory module for Mikrotik devices
Inventory module for Oki printers
Inventory module for Panasas PanFS
Inventory module for Ricoh Printers
Inventory module for APC modules
Inventory module for Zebra Printers
Inventory module for Digi modems and associated sim cards & firmwares
Parent/Template class for inventory module
Access to VMware hypervisor
VMware Host abstraction layer
A data serializer/deserializer
Base class for agent task
Software deployment support for FusionInventory Agent
Access to VMware hypervisor
Inventory task for FusionInventory
Processes DIMMs reported by `ipmitool fru`
Inventory task module for FusionInventory
Maintenance for FusionInventory Agent environment
Net discovery support for FusionInventory Agent
Remote inventory support for FusionInventory Agent
Wake-on-lan task for FusionInventory
OS-independent generic functions
AIX generic functions
BSD generic functions
Expiration functions
OS-independent generic functions
HPUX generic functions
Hardware-related functions
Inventory module for Brocade fibre channel switches
Inventory module for Qlogic fibre channel switches
OS-independent hostname computing
License-related functions
Linux generic functions
MacOS generic functions
Network-related patterns and functions
SNMP Hardware-related functions
Base class for screen object
Solaris generic functions
Unix-specific generic functions
Windows generic functions
FusionInventory agent version
Base class for agent messages
Generic server message

Other files