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Changes for version 0.02 - 2004-03-04

  • fixed bugs:
    • new() should explicitly call my _init
    • _init color was set to colorsTotal - 1 (last defined color). This wasn't well defined for true-color GD images, so I set it to the first defined color, or nearly-black for true-color.
    • added tests for making a true-color GD image and a default Arc object.
    • test comparing get->length() against get_length() turned out to be wrong on Windows- kerning seems to work differently on Windows freetype. Removed the test because testing kerning wasn't terribly useful anyway.
  • interface change:
    • as noted above: default color is now the FIRST defined color for indexed images (instead of the LAST defined color), or nearly black (0,0,1), for true-color images (instead of undefined).


draw TrueType text along an arc.