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Changes for version 0.41 - 2006-04-15

  • Enhanced solver and added tests for previously unsolvable puzzles:
    • 2 examples by Jean-Pierre Vidal
    • 6x6 puzzles, example from Brian Helterline
    • 16x16 puzzle from
    • 15x15 puzzle from's sud.exe
    • Several "evil" puzzles from WebSudoku
  • Allows \%config to be passed in, thanks to Brian Helterline
  • Added board validation
  • Bugs fixed: _get_or_set_square: Worked for squares but not rectangles. 1. Had $x and $y reversed in accessing $self->{board} 2. Was using $v_squares instead of $h_squares _array_to_text: 3. Wasn't using a copy of $self->{board}, so printing a solution for debugging purposes screwed up later processing. _retry: 4. Wasn't correctly copying and restoring $self->{board}, so it wasn't able to brute force the solution to some hard problems.


Fast and simple Sudoku puzzle solver