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Changes for version 0.10 - 2016-08-14

  • Stop using Test::Stream. Use Test::More shipped in the Test::Simple distro. See RT#116936. Thanx to Chad Granum.
  • Update version #s in pre-reqs.
  • Adopt new repo structure. For details, see
  • Update .gitignore and MANIFEST.SKIP.
  • Change licence from Artistic to Perl.
  • Move Test::Simple to TEST_REQUIRES.
  • Move TODO list from separate file into docs for Gedcom::Date.


Perl class for interpreting dates in Gedcom files
Perl class for approximated Gedcom dates
Perl class for interpreted Gedcom dates
Perl class for Gedcom date periods
Perl class for Gedcom date phrases
Perl class for Gedcom date ranges
Perl class for interpreting simple Gedcom dates