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Changes for version 1.15 - 2021-01-23

  • Provide set_angle_unit() as an alternative to the too generically named method set_units(). The name set_angle_unit() corresponds nicely to the existing method set_distance_unit().
  • Add accessors get_angle_unit(), get_distance_unit(), get_ellipsoid(), get_equatorial_radius(), get_polar_radius(), get_flattening(), and get_eccentricity(), get_longitude_symmetric(), and get_bearing_symmetric(). These are necessary for subclassing.
  • Correct the version numbering in Changes (this file) and add missing entry for version 1.11. Format CHANGES according to CPAN::Changes::Spec.
  • Rename the too generically property "units" to "angle_unit", and "distance_units" to "distance_unit".
  • Rename the following internal object properties:
    • "latitude" -> "latitude_symmetric" (only used internally) "longitude" -> "longitude_symmetric" "bearing" -> "bearing_symmetric"
    • This makes them more descriptive, and they now match the methods set_latitude_symmetric() and set_bearing_symmetric(). The old object property names without the "_symmtric" suffix are still supported.
  • Improve documentation and fix typos in the POD. Add more information to the SYNOPSIS. Update BUGS and SUPPORT sections. Update AUTHOR and COPYRIGHT information.


longitude and latitude calculations using an ellipsoid model