Changes for version 1.06 - 2022-12-14

  • Use UTC as the default time zone if the local time zone cannot be determined
    • the local time zone is determined by DateTime::TimeZone->new()
    • on some systems/platforms (e.g. FreeBSD), this method is unable to determine the local time zone
    • the default time zone only affects user's direct calls to Geo::TCX::Trackpoint's time_local() method
    • all date and time calculations are already made in UTC time, so module behaviour remains the same


Script to use the Geo::TCX module interactively from the command line or in the perl debugger


Parse and edit and TCX activity and course files from GPS training devices
Sub-class of Geo::TCX to be used interactively in the debugger
Extract and edit info from Lap data
Class to store and edit a TCX track and its trackpoints
Class to store and edit TCX trackpoints


in lib/Geo/TCX/