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Changes for version 0.05014

  • Having completely forgotten about releasing a prod release for 4 months, I now version++ at the prodding of Adam Kennedy ;)

Changes for version 0.05014_01

  • Apply changes from Mike Schilli
  • (ms) Added support for XY type graphs (ms) Added Google::Chart::Title support in Google::Chart (ms) Added Google::Chart::Margin support (ms) Google::Chart::Fill::LinearGradient now supports transitions from color1/offset1 to color2/offset2 (ms) Added 'D' option in Google::Chart::Marker for line and bar chart line styles
  • TODO: Now that we (well, /I/) know more about meta programming, perhaps there was an easier way to add the various functionalities using Roles?


Interface to Google Charts API
Google::Chart Axis Specification
Google::Chart Axis Item
Google::Chart Axis Style
Google::Chart Color
Google::Chart Data Role
Google::Chart Extended Data Encoding
Google::Chart Simple Data Encoding
Google::Chart Text Encoding
Base Fill Role
Apply Linear Strip Fill
Apply Solid Fill
Google::Chart Grid Specification
Google::Chart Legend
Google::Chart Margin
Google::Chart Marker
Google::Chart Query Component
Simplified Google::Chart Query Component
Google::Chart Size Specification
Apply Title
Google::Chart Type Role
Google::Chart Bar Type
Google::Chart Line Type
Google::Chart Pie Chart Type
Google::Chart QRcode Type
Google::Chart Radar Type
Google::Chart ScatterPlot Type
Role For Simple Types
Google::Chart SparkLine Type
Google::Chart Venn Type
Google::Chart XY Line Type
Google::Chart Miscellaneous Types