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Create many types of graphs
Creates a balanced tree with specified fan out and height
Create barbell graphs
Creates a bipartite graph with a given distribution.
Create a circular ladder
Create complete (fully-connected) graphs
Creates a complete bipartite graph.
Create a graph consisting of a cycle.
Creates a graph from a degree distribution.
Create a graph with no edges
Creates a graph with nodes positioned in concentric connected rings.
Creates an graph with no nodes or edges
Creates a graph in a d-dimensional grid.
Create the N-dimensional hypercube graph
Creates a ladder graph.
Create a linear graph.
Creates a lollipop graph.
Creates a random graph (using Erdos Renyi or with a specified number of edges)
Creates a k-regular graph.
Creates a small world graph according to the Barabási-Albert preferential attachment model.
Creates a small world graph according to Holmea, Beom & Kim
Creates a small world graph using Kleinberg's model in 2-dimensions
Creates a small-world graph according to (Newman) Watt and Strogatz
Creates a star graph.
Creates a graph distributed randomly over the d-dimensional grid.
Small routines that Graph::Maker::* uses.
Creates a wheel graph.