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Changes for version 0.5.0 - 2005-10-12

  • added gamut checks and clipping (not all colorspaces supported yet)
  • added several color-difference algorithms
  • added arbitrary white-points (any temperature from 4000K to 25000K)
  • added several predefined white-points, and made others more accurate
  • added YUV, YIQ, PhotoYCC spaces
  • added documentation
  • changed many conversion matrices to be more accurate (from 3 significant digits to >5)
  • bug: HSL_to_RGB incorrect hue round-off produced rare but significant errors in H (fixed)
  • bug: wrong implicit colorspaces in colorbars test caused some tests to fail (fixed)
  • 0.4a4 2004/03/07 23:00:48
    • added in examples, fixed
    • bug: converting anything to xyY failed (and the tests didn't catch it) (fixed)
    • general cleanup, now we run with use strict and use warnings
    • changed dependency to be perl 5.6, not 5.8
  • 0.4a3 2004/03/05 00:39:46
    • bug: tests weren't working properly (fixed)
    • bug: HSL conversions off-by-one (not fixed, just disabled tests for now)
    • added Luv and LCHuv color spaces
    • minor documentation fixes
  • 0.4a2 2004/03/04 20:26:00
    • bug: some conversions failed if no rgb working space was specified (fixed)
  • 0.4a1 2004/03/04 19:27:21
    • initial release, very alpha


convert between color spaces