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Changes for version 0.02

  • added examples under examples/
  • added file uploads to CGI script
  • improved input handling: cruft etc.
  • added 'end row' functionality to CSV parser
  • updated documentation
  • improved/extented tests
  • fixed bug #49518
  • updated perl dependancy to 5.8


a set of classes and scripts to RDF-ize data
Escape characters with XML escapes
parses and stores namespaces for gwybodaeth
Parses CSV into a data structure.
Parses XML from into a data structure.
Parses N3 into a data structure.
Base class for parsing XML data.
input data reader class for gwybodaeth
Split up data on whitespace into tokens.
Stores triples as hashes keyed by subject.
Main class for applying maps to data.
Write data into RDF/XML which was in CSV.
Writes data into RDF/XML from USGS XML feeds.
Writes data into RDF/XML which was in XML.