Changes for version 2.08

  • Added delRow and delSectionRow methods. Request from Kyle Davenport <kyle.davenport at>
  • Fixed error in getTable, which output the wrong section attributes. Request and fix from Colin Fine <colin.fine at>
  • Added getSection method to modularize the creation of Section HTML.
  • Created new set of methods which apply Cell attributes across a row. This is to make a clear distinction from those methods that set row attributes (tr). Suggest by Colin Fine <colin.fine at>
  • 2.07b 05 February 2008
    • Fixed error in setSectionRowWidth. Request from Ravi Kondamuru <ravikondamuru at>
  • 2.07a 04 February 2008
    • Changed status from beta to full.
    • Fixed error in setCellHeight. Request from Ravi Kondamuru <ravikondamuru at>
  • 2.07-b2 09 October 2007
    • Removed text output when empty table is printed. Request from Erik Tank <erik at>
  • 2.07-b1 17 September 2007
    • Changed order of output for table sections, to comply with the HTML 4.01 standard.
  • 2.07-beta 13 September 2007
    • Added THEAD, TFOOT and TBODY sections. Request from Miguel Santinho <msantinho at>.
      • There are now methods that take a section and section number as parameters. ie. setSectionCell ( 'tbody', 0, 2, 3, 'Cell 2,3');
      • Existing methods default to working on the first tbody section, for backwards compatibility.
      • You can have only one each of tfoot and thead sections, but multiple tbody sections.


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