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Changes for version 1.13 - 2020-11-19

  • HTML::TagReader->new_from_iofh() to allow working with existing filehandles or strings read via a filehandle
  • restructure tr_httpcheck
  • more tests code
  • end of changes


check for broken relative links in html pages
delete font tags that hardcode the size or the font face.
fix lt and gt in text parts of html files to become < and >
check if a particular web-pages exists
add width and height to ltimg
list links in html files
expand mailto: into a non clickable name and mail address.
modify tags in html files with perl commands.
expand SSI directives #include virtual and #exec cmd
grep for a xml/sgml/html tag
process html files and expand links on directories


Perl extension module for reading html/sgml/xml files by tags.