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Changes for version 0.009009 - 2015-05-15

  • just took the most recent dev release and repository updates, made sure all tests pass and cut a stable release. Please shout out if something unexpected happens.

Changes for version 0.009008_01 - 2013-02-28

  • remove_from_attribute and related helpers (remove_class, add_class)
  • Several patches for incorrect functionality (thanks to Jim Miner & stratman@gmail.com) :-
  • Don't throw away leading PCDATA in $text, in _hacky_tag_parser(). This is important so we can use from_html and replace_content to insert fragments with or without markup into templates.
  • Fix matching against attribute value "0" (zero) or "" (empty).
  • Fix parsing of selectors matching against attribute value "" (empty). (This does not fix parsing of single-quoted attribute values.)


selector based streaming template engine
Add Filters to a Stream


in lib/HTML/Zoom/ArrayStream.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/CodeStream.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/FilterBuilder/Template.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/FilterStream.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/FlattenedStream.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/MappedStream.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/MaybeDebug.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/Parser/BuiltIn.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/Producer/BuiltIn.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/ReadFH.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/SelectorParser.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/StreamBase.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/StreamUtils.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/SubObject.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/Transform.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/TransformBuilder.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/TransformedStream.pm
in lib/HTML/Zoom/ZConfig.pm