Changes for version 2.04

  • had a bug that it sended out email report even if mail parameter was set to "errors" and all tests passed. Thanks to Naoki Shima for a patch.


test one or more web pages
Recipes for typical web tests
Plugin developers documentation.


a bundle to install HTTP::WebTest
Testing static and dynamic web content
API of HTTP::WebTest
Cookie storage and management
Parse wtscript files.
Base class for HTTP::WebTest plugins.
Click buttons and links on web page
Response body size checks
Send and recieve cookies in tests
Default test report plugin.
Pause before running test
Test::Harness compatible reports
Provides callbacks called during test run
Loads external plugins
Tests for response time
Initializes HTTP request for web test
Checks the HTTP response status
Test the content of the HTTP response.
Subclass for HTTP::WebTest report plugins.
HTTP request objects
Helper package for HTTP::WebTest test suite
Test object class
Test results class
Miscellaneous subroutines used by HTTP::WebTest


in lib/HTTP/WebTest/