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Changes for version v1.4.8 - 2020-09-14

  • Update README (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
  • lib/HealthCheck/Diagnostic/ edited online with Bitbucket (Mitch McCracken)
  • Remove all references of app (Brandon Messineo)
  • Stop referring to "App" in info and docs (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
  • Test for overriding collapse_single_result (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
  • Collapse single result by default (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
  • Revert "Fix test failures" (Andrew Hewus Fresh)
  • Fix test failures (Brandon Messineo)
  • Skip some tests on Windows (Brandon Messineo)
  • Indent tests (Brandon Messineo)


Check the paths for expected permissions in a HealthCheck