Changes for version v0.0.5 - 2020-07-01

  • Update README (Brandon Messineo)
  • Use `set` instead of `setex` (Brandon Messineo)
  • Set expiration on key when setting value (Brandon Messineo)
  • Rename test method names (Brandon Messineo)
  • Add a write test for the health-check (Brandon Messineo)
  • Support a `key_name` field for the health-check (Brandon Messineo)
  • Create tests making sure that the redis store is in the right state (Brandon Messineo)
  • Move read_ability tests out into their own method (Brandon Messineo)
  • Change the test name for the read-only key (Brandon Messineo)
  • Remove unused package (Brandon Messineo)


Check for Redis connectivity and operations in HealthCheck