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Changes for version 1.992 - 2018-05-14

  • Make it possible to configure extension-specific processors (Yanick)


cool site, bro.


Static website publishing framework
Static website generation system
Base class for HiD commands
dump configuration
initialize a new site
HiD 'server' subcmd - start up a Plack-based web server for your site
Regular files that are only copied, not processed (e.g., CSS, JS, etc.)
Base class for generators
Archive page generator
Atom feed generator
Generator for category pages
RSS feed generator
Example generator to create tagged pages
Class representing a particular layout
Pages that are converted during the output process
Class for paging thru sets of entries
Base class for plugins
Blog posts
Base class for HiD Processor objects
Use Text::Handlebars to publish your HiD files
The modified form of HiD::Proccessor::Handlebars we use to publish II's blog
Use Template Toolkit to publish your HiD files
Logging role
Role for objects that are converted during the publishing process
Role for blog posts
Role to be consumed by classes that are published during processing
Role for the 'publishes_drafts' attr
Helper for 'hid server'
Helper for 'hid publish -A'
Another helper for 'hid publish -A'
HiD type constraints
Pages injected during the build process that don't have corresponding files