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Changes for version v0.6.0 - 2023-06-07

  • improvements
    • Regular expressions from non core regexp engines are now processed as a regexp directly. Previously these would not be detected, and assumed a string to then be compiled into a core regexp
    • Added github actions to repo
  • tests
    • Added test for regexp matching with a no capture groups
    • Added test for regexp matching with a capture group not capturing
  • fixes
    • captures are now copied into a new array and not a shared array across the table.
    • captures are now returned as per the documentation for regexps with no captured items (i.e ref to empty array, instead of undef)
    • Turn off 'not numeric' warnings in main table code to remove noise when testing a string input against a numeric matcher
  • pod
    • Typo fixes.
    • Add a section on new non core Regexp improvements


Cached general purpose dispatch and routing table