Author image Jakob Voß
and 2 contributors


i3f - apply IIIF Image API requests on the command line


i3f [file] [{region}/{size}/{rotation}/{quality}.{format} [target]]


Uses ImageMagick to transform an image file as specified with an IIIF Image API Request. Can also be used to get IIIF Image Information.


Convert IIIF Image API Request into ImageMagick convert syntax:

    > i3f 90
    convert -rotate 90

    > i3f 100,120,15,20/\!12
    convert -crop 15x20+100+120 -flop -rotate 12 -background none

Apply IIIF Image API Request to transform an image into another:

    > i3f 64,64 image.png image-selection.png

Get IIIF Image Information

    > i3f image.png


This script is part of Perl package IIIF with module IIIF::Magick. IIIF Image API is defined at