Changes for version 0.13 - 2020-07-08

    • Constructors for render and execute classes are no longer passed an IPC::PrettyPipe object. It was poor design to do so, and was because I was the wrong kind of lazy. Instead, the pipe object is passed to the render/run methods.
    • |= and | operators are overloaded for pipes and commands to make it easier to construct pipes.
    • nested pipes are by default merged if possible. the IPC::PrettyPipe->merge_pipes attribute controls this.
    • new render module, Struct, renders the pipeline as Perl structures. Useful for testing pipeline generation.
    • The Text::Template renderer constructor can be passed the colorize attribute.


manage human readable external command execution pipelines
An argument to an IPC::PrettyPipe::Cmd command
Encapsulate argument formatting attributes
A command in an IPC::PrettyPipe pipeline
shortcuts to building an IPC::PrettyPipe object
execution backend using IPC::Run
role for executor backends
A simple queue
role for an element in an IPC::PrettyPipe::Queue
rendering a pipe as Perl structures
rendering backend using Template::Tiny
role for renderer backends
An I/O stream for an IPC::PrettyPipe pipeline or command
support utilities for streams