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Changes for version 20231003.0

  • Windows now matches other platforms in that a child calling exit(N) causes result() to return N and full_result() to return N << 8. On Windows, before this change, result() was returning N >> 8, and full_result() was returning N. Programs having workarounds for this may need to condition those workarounds on $IPC::Run::VERSION.
  • #157 - On Windows, avoid hang under IPCRUNDEBUG.
  • Refresh "cpanfile" from Makefile.PL, to allow use on Windows.
  • #163 - Normalize shebangs to /usr/bin/perl
  • Fix or skip all tests recently seen to fail on Windows.
  • Include t/result.t in releases.
  • #168 - Make full_result() and result() Windows behavior match non-Windows.


system() and background procs w/ piping, redirs, ptys (Unix, Win32)
debugging routines for IPC::Run
I/O channels for IPC::Run.
Timer channels for IPC::Run.
helper routines for IPC::Run on Win32 platforms.
helper routines for IPC::Run on Win32 platforms.
deliver nonstandard command lines via IPC::Run.
helper processes to shovel data to/from parent, child