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Changes for version 1.00 - 2021-06-09

  • Added global_register() and process_register() to return the registries of active segments and semaphores
  • Added seg() and sem() methods, returns the structure of a shared memory segment and a sempahore respectively
  • Added initial "persist" hash variables. Separate processes (even multiple files in multiple windows) can share a variable, and it'll remain available even after all processes exit. The variable will be re-attached if the same shared segment key is used in subsequent runs
  • Reversed order of Changes file
  • Removed trace() and debug() code for ease of reading
  • Improved exception/error messages, added exception testing, reduced and minimized the number of exceptions actually uncaught
  • Significant POD cleanup
  • 100% rewrite of all test files, and added a slew of new ones, all using Test::More
  • Add build requirement of Test::SharedFork to handle the out of sequence fork() tests in t/35-clean.t and t/30-lock_operations
  • Major POD updates
  • Added tests to prove that RT 123057 isn't really an issue (ie. segment size parameter works correctly)


Use shared memory backed variables across processes
Object oriented interface to shared memory