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Changes for version 0.06 - 2012-04-17

  • Fix glaringly obvious test failure. Didn't come up here since was still present. Yes, I'm an idiot.


Serve IRC::Indexer JSON over HTTP
Trawl a single server for network information
Example indexer frontends
Export format for a network
Export format for a single server


IRC server stats collection via POE
Handle Indexer configuration files
Simple interface to Log::Handler
Turn trawler output into something useful
Data::Dumper output subclass
JSON::XS output subclass
YAML::XS output subclass
Forkable JSON encoder
Forkable Trawl::Bot session
Network information class for IRC::Indexer
Server information class for IRC::Indexer
Indexing trawler instance
Forking Trawl::Bot instances