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Image::ExifTool::TagNames - ExifTool tag name documentation


This document contains a complete list of ExifTool tag names, organized into tables based on information type. Tag names are used to reference specific meta information extracted from or written to a file.


The tables listed below give the names of all tags recognized by ExifTool. They contain a total of 27474 tags, with 17233 unique tag names.

Tag ID, Index# or Sequence is given in the first column of each table. A Tag ID is the computer-readable equivalent of a tag name, and is the identifier that is actually stored in the file. Index# refers to the offset of a value when found at a fixed position within a data block (# is the multiplier for calculating a byte offset: 1, 2, 4 or 8). These offsets may have a decimal part which is used only to differentiate tags with values stored at the same position. (Note that writable tags within binary data blocks are not individually deletable, and the usual alternative is to set them to a value of zero.) Sequence gives the order of values for a serial data stream.

A Tag Name is the handle by which the information is accessed in ExifTool. In some instances, more than one name may correspond to a single tag ID. In these cases, the actual name used depends on the context in which the information is found. Valid characters in a tag name are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, hyphen (-) and underline (_). Case is not significant. A question mark (?) after a tag name indicates that the information is either not understood, not verified, or not very useful -- these tags are not extracted by ExifTool unless the Unknown (-u) option is enabled. Be aware that some tag names are different than the descriptions printed out by default when extracting information with exiftool. To see the tag names instead of the descriptions, use exiftool -s.

The Writable column indicates whether the tag is writable by ExifTool. Anything but a no in this column means the tag is writable. A yes indicates writable information that is either unformatted or written using the existing format. Other expressions give details about the format of the stored value, and vary depending on the general type of information. The format name may be followed by a number in square brackets to indicate the number of values written, or the number of characters in a fixed-length string (including a null terminator which is added if required).

A plus sign (+) after an entry in the Writable column indicates a List tag which supports multiple values and allows individual values to be added and deleted. A slash (/) indicates a tag that ExifTool will Avoid when writing. These will be edited but not created if another same-named tag may be created instead. To create these tags, the group should be specified. A tilde (~) indicates a tag this is writable only when the print conversion is disabled (by setting PrintConv to 0, using the -n option, or suffixing the tag name with a # character). An exclamation point (!) indicates a tag that is considered Unsafe to write under normal circumstances. These tags are not written unless specified explicitly (ie. not when wildcards or "all" are used), and care should be taken when editing them manually since they may affect the way an image is rendered. An asterisk (*) indicates a Protected tag which is not writable directly, but is written automatically by ExifTool (often when a corresponding Composite or Extra tag is written). A colon (:) indicates a Mandatory tag which may be added automatically when writing (use the API NoMandatory option to avoid creating mandatory EXIF tags). Normally MakerNotes tags may not be deleted individually, but a caret (^) indicates a Deletable MakerNotes tag.

The HTML version of these tables also lists possible Values for discrete-valued tags, as well as Notes for some tags. The Values are listed with the computer-readable values on the left of the equals sign (=), and the human-readable values on the right. The human-readable values are used by default when reading and writing, but the computer-readable values may be accessed by disabling the value conversion with the -n option on the command line, by setting the PrintConv option to 0 in the API, or or on a per-tag basis by adding a hash (#) after the tag name.

Note: If you are familiar with common meta-information tag names, you may find that some ExifTool tag names are different than expected. The usual reason for this is to make the tag names more consistent across different types of meta information. To determine a tag name, either consult this documentation or run exiftool -s on a file containing the information in question.

(This documentation is the result of decades of research, testing and reverse engineering, and is the most complete metadata tag list available anywhere on the internet. It is provided not only for ExifTool users, but more importantly as a public service to help augment the collective knowledge, and is often used as a primary source of information in the development of other metadata software. Please help keep this documentation as accurate and complete as possible, and feed any new discoveries back to ExifTool. A big thanks to everyone who has helped with this so far!)


This table lists information extracted by ExifTool from JPEG images. See for the JPEG specification.

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  'APP0'       JFIF                             JFIF
               JFXX                             JFIF Extension
               CIFF                             CanonRaw
               AVI1                             JPEG AVI1
               Ocad                             JPEG Ocad
  'APP1'       EXIF                             EXIF
               ExtendedXMP                      XMP
               XMP                              XMP
               QVCI                             Casio QVCI
               FLIR                             FLIR FFF
               RawThermalImage                  no
  'APP2'       ICC_Profile                      ICC_Profile
               FPXR                             FlashPix
               MPF                              MPF
               InfiRayVersion                   InfiRay Version
               PreviewImage                     no
  'APP3'       Meta                             Kodak Meta
               Stim                             Stim
               JPS                              JPEG JPS
               ThermalData                      no
               ImagingData                      no
               PreviewImage                     no
  'APP4'       Scalado                          Scalado
               FPXR                             FlashPix
               InfiRayFactory                   InfiRay Factory
               ThermalParams                    DJI ThermalParams
               ThermalParams2                   DJI ThermalParams2
               ThermalParams3                   DJI ThermalParams3
               PreviewImage                     no
  'APP5'       RMETA                            Ricoh RMETA
               SamsungUniqueID                  Samsung APP5
               InfiRayPicture                   InfiRay Picture
               ThermalCalibration               no
               PreviewImage                     no
  'APP6'       EPPIM                            JPEG EPPIM
               NITF                             JPEG NITF
               HP_TDHD                          HP TDHD
               GoPro                            GoPro GPMF
               InfiRayMixMode                   InfiRay MixMode
               DJI_DTAT                         no
  'APP7'       Pentax                           Pentax
               Huawei                           Unknown
               Qualcomm                         Qualcomm
               InfiRayOpMode                    InfiRay OpMode
               DJI-DBG                          DJI Info
  'APP8'       SPIFF                            JPEG SPIFF
               InfiRayIsothermal                InfiRay Isothermal
  'APP9'       MediaJukebox                     JPEG MediaJukebox
               InfiRaySensor                    InfiRay Sensor
  'APP10'      Comment                          no
  'APP11'      JPEG-HDR                         JPEG HDR
               JUMBF                            Jpeg2000
  'APP12'      PictureInfo                      APP12 PictureInfo
               Ducky                            APP12 Ducky
  'APP13'      Photoshop                        Photoshop
               Adobe_CM                         JPEG AdobeCM
  'APP14'      Adobe                            JPEG Adobe
  'APP15'      GraphicConverter                 JPEG GraphConv
  'COM'        Comment                          yes
  'DQT'        DefineQuantizationTable          no
  'SOF'        StartOfFrame                     JPEG SOF
  'Trailer'    AFCP                             AFCP
               CanonVRD                         CanonVRD
               FotoStation                      FotoStation
               PhotoMechanic                    PhotoMechanic
               MIE                              MIE
               Samsung                          Samsung Trailer
               EmbeddedVideo                    no
               Insta360                         no
               NikonApp                         no
               SonyHiddenData                   no
               PreviewImage                     yes


This information may be found in APP0 of JPEG image data from AVI videos.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    InterleavedField                     no

JPEG Ocad Tags

Tags extracted from the JPEG APP0 "Ocad" segment (found in Photobucket images).

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'Rev'    OcadRevision                         no


Tags found in JPEG Stereo (JPS) images.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     10    JPSSeparation                        no
     11    JPSFlags                             no
     12    JPSLayout                            no
     13    JPSType                              no
     16    JPSComment                           no


APP6 is used in by the Toshiba PDR-M700 to store a TIFF structure containing PrintIM information.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0xc4a5   PrintIM                              PrintIM


Information in APP6 used by the National Imagery Transmission Format. See for the official specification.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    NITFVersion                          no
      2    ImageFormat                          no
      3    BlocksPerRow                         no
      5    BlocksPerColumn                      no
      7    ImageColor                           no
      8    BitDepth                             no
      9    ImageClass                           no
     10    JPEGProcess                          no
     11    Quality                              no
     12    StreamColor                          no
     13    StreamBitDepth                       no
     14    Flags                                no


This information is found in APP8 of SPIFF-style JPEG images (the "official" yet rarely used JPEG file format standard: Still Picture Interchange File Format). See for the official specification.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    SPIFFVersion                         no
      2    ProfileID                            no
      3    ColorComponents                      no
      6    ImageHeight                          no
     10    ImageWidth                           no
     14    ColorSpace                           no
     15    BitsPerSample                        no
     16    Compression                          no
     17    ResolutionUnit                       no
     18    YResolution                          no
     22    XResolution                          no

JPEG MediaJukebox Tags

Tags found in the XML metadata of the APP9 "Media Jukebox" segment.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Album                                         no
  Caption                                       no
  Date                                          no
  Keywords                                      no
  Name                                          no
  People                                        no
  Places                                        no
  Tool_Name                                     no
  Tool_Version                                  no


Information extracted from APP11 of a JPEG-HDR image.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'RatioImage'         RatioImage               no
  'alp'                Alpha                    no
  'bet'                Beta                     no
  'cor'                CorrectionMethod         no
  'ln0'                Ln0                      no
  'ln1'                Ln1                      no
  's2n'                S2n                      no
  'ver'                JPEG-HDRVersion          no

JPEG AdobeCM Tags

The APP13 "Adobe_CM" segment presumably contains color management information, but the meaning of the data is currently unknown. If anyone has an idea about what this means, please let me know.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    AdobeCMType                          no

JPEG Adobe Tags

The APP14 "Adobe" segment stores image encoding information for DCT filters. This segment may be copied or deleted as a block using the Extra "Adobe" tag, but note that it is not deleted by default when deleting all metadata because it may affect the appearance of the image.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    DCTEncodeVersion                     no
      1    APP14Flags0                          no
      2    APP14Flags1                          no
      3    ColorTransform                       no

JPEG GraphConv Tags

APP15 is used by GraphicConverter to store JPEG quality.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'Q'      Quality                              no


This information is extracted from the JPEG Start Of Frame segment.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  BitsPerSample                                 no
  ColorComponents                               no
  EncodingProcess                               no
  ImageHeight                                   no
  ImageWidth                                    no
  YCbCrSubSampling                              no


EXIF stands for "Exchangeable Image File Format". This type of information is formatted according to the TIFF specification, and may be found in JPG, TIFF, PNG, JP2, PGF, MIFF, HDP, PSP and XCF images, as well as many TIFF-based RAW images, and even some AVI and MOV videos.

The EXIF meta information is organized into different Image File Directories (IFD's) within an image. The names of these IFD's correspond to the ExifTool family 1 group names. When writing EXIF information, the default Group listed below is used unless another group is specified.

Mandatory tags (indicated by a colon after the Writable type) may be added automatically with default values when creating a new IFD, and the IFD is removed automatically when deleting tags if only default-valued mandatory tags remain.

The table below lists all EXIF tags. Also listed are TIFF, DNG, HDP and other tags which are not part of the EXIF specification, but may co-exist with EXIF tags in some images. Tags which are part of the EXIF 2.32 specification have an underlined Tag Name in the HTML version of this documentation. See for the official EXIF 2.32 specification.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                  Group      Writable
  ------   --------                  -----      --------
  0x0001   InteropIndex              InteropIFD string!
  0x0002   InteropVersion            InteropIFD undef!:
  0x000b   ProcessingSoftware        IFD0       string
  0x00fe   SubfileType               IFD0       int32u!
  0x00ff   OldSubfileType            IFD0       int16u!
  0x0100   ImageWidth                IFD0       int32u!
  0x0101   ImageHeight               IFD0       int32u!
  0x0102   BitsPerSample             IFD0       int16u[n]!
  0x0103   Compression               IFD0       int16u!:
  0x0106   PhotometricInterpretation IFD0       int16u!
  0x0107   Thresholding              IFD0       int16u!
  0x0108   CellWidth                 IFD0       int16u!
  0x0109   CellLength                IFD0       int16u!
  0x010a   FillOrder                 IFD0       int16u!
  0x010d   DocumentName              IFD0       string
  0x010e   ImageDescription          IFD0       string
  0x010f   Make                      IFD0       string
  0x0110   Model                     IFD0       string
  0x0111   StripOffsets              -          no
           OtherImageStart           -          no
           StripOffsets              -          no
           PreviewImageStart         IFD0       int32u*
           PreviewImageStart         All        int32u*
           JpgFromRawStart           SubIFD2    int32u*
  0x0112   Orientation               IFD0       int16u
  0x0115   SamplesPerPixel           IFD0       int16u!
  0x0116   RowsPerStrip              IFD0       int32u!
  0x0117   StripByteCounts           -          no
           OtherImageLength          -          no
           StripByteCounts           -          no
           PreviewImageLength        IFD0       int32u*
           PreviewImageLength        All        int32u*
           JpgFromRawLength          SubIFD2    int32u*
  0x0118   MinSampleValue            IFD0       int16u
  0x0119   MaxSampleValue            IFD0       int16u
  0x011a   XResolution               IFD0       rational64u:
  0x011b   YResolution               IFD0       rational64u:
  0x011c   PlanarConfiguration       IFD0       int16u!
  0x011d   PageName                  IFD0       string
  0x011e   XPosition                 IFD0       rational64u
  0x011f   YPosition                 IFD0       rational64u
  0x0120   FreeOffsets               -          no
  0x0121   FreeByteCounts            -          no
  0x0122   GrayResponseUnit          IFD0       int16u
  0x0123   GrayResponseCurve         -          no
  0x0124   T4Options                 -          no
  0x0125   T6Options                 -          no
  0x0128   ResolutionUnit            IFD0       int16u:
  0x0129   PageNumber                IFD0       int16u[2]
  0x012c   ColorResponseUnit         -          no
  0x012d   TransferFunction          IFD0       int16u[768]!
  0x0131   Software                  IFD0       string
  0x0132   ModifyDate                IFD0       string
  0x013b   Artist                    IFD0       string
  0x013c   HostComputer              IFD0       string
  0x013d   Predictor                 IFD0       int16u!
  0x013e   WhitePoint                IFD0       rational64u[2]
  0x013f   PrimaryChromaticities     IFD0       rational64u[6]
  0x0140   ColorMap                  -          no
  0x0141   HalftoneHints             IFD0       int16u[2]
  0x0142   TileWidth                 IFD0       int32u!
  0x0143   TileLength                IFD0       int32u!
  0x0144   TileOffsets               -          no
  0x0145   TileByteCounts            -          no
  0x0146   BadFaxLines               -          no
  0x0147   CleanFaxData              -          no
  0x0148   ConsecutiveBadFaxLines    -          no
  0x014a   SubIFD                    -          EXIF
           A100DataOffset            IFD0       no
  0x014c   InkSet                    IFD0       int16u
  0x014d   InkNames                  -          no
  0x014e   NumberofInks              -          no
  0x0150   DotRange                  -          no
  0x0151   TargetPrinter             IFD0       string
  0x0152   ExtraSamples              -          no
  0x0153   SampleFormat              SubIFD     no
  0x0154   SMinSampleValue           -          no
  0x0155   SMaxSampleValue           -          no
  0x0156   TransferRange             -          no
  0x0157   ClipPath                  -          no
  0x0158   XClipPathUnits            -          no
  0x0159   YClipPathUnits            -          no
  0x015a   Indexed                   -          no
  0x015b   JPEGTables                -          no
  0x015f   OPIProxy                  -          no
  0x0190   GlobalParametersIFD       -          EXIF
  0x0191   ProfileType               -          no
  0x0192   FaxProfile                -          no
  0x0193   CodingMethods             -          no
  0x0194   VersionYear               -          no
  0x0195   ModeNumber                -          no
  0x01b1   Decode                    -          no
  0x01b2   DefaultImageColor         -          no
  0x01b3   T82Options                -          no
  0x01b5   JPEGTables                -          no
  0x0200   JPEGProc                  -          no
  0x0201   ThumbnailOffset           IFD1       int32u*
           ThumbnailOffset           IFD0       int32u*
           ThumbnailOffset           SubIFD     int32u*
           PreviewImageStart         MakerNotes int32u*
           PreviewImageStart         IFD0       int32u*
           JpgFromRawStart           SubIFD     int32u*
           JpgFromRawStart           IFD2       int32u*
           OtherImageStart           SubIFD1    int32u*
           OtherImageStart           SubIFD2    int32u*
           OtherImageStart           -          no
  0x0202   ThumbnailLength           IFD1       int32u*
           ThumbnailLength           IFD0       int32u*
           ThumbnailLength           SubIFD     int32u*
           PreviewImageLength        MakerNotes int32u*
           PreviewImageLength        IFD0       int32u*
           JpgFromRawLength          SubIFD     int32u*
           JpgFromRawLength          IFD2       int32u*
           OtherImageLength          SubIFD1    int32u*
           OtherImageLength          SubIFD2    int32u*
           OtherImageLength          -          no
  0x0203   JPEGRestartInterval       -          no
  0x0205   JPEGLosslessPredictors    -          no
  0x0206   JPEGPointTransforms       -          no
  0x0207   JPEGQTables               -          no
  0x0208   JPEGDCTables              -          no
  0x0209   JPEGACTables              -          no
  0x0211   YCbCrCoefficients         IFD0       rational64u[3]!
  0x0212   YCbCrSubSampling          IFD0       int16u[2]!
  0x0213   YCbCrPositioning          IFD0       int16u!:
  0x0214   ReferenceBlackWhite       IFD0       rational64u[6]
  0x022f   StripRowCounts            -          no
  0x02bc   ApplicationNotes          IFD0       XMP
  0x0303   RenderingIntent           -          no
  0x03e7   USPTOMiscellaneous        -          no
  0x1000   RelatedImageFileFormat    InteropIFD string!
  0x1001   RelatedImageWidth         InteropIFD int16u!
  0x1002   RelatedImageHeight        InteropIFD int16u!
  0x4746   Rating                    IFD0       int16u/
  0x4747   XP_DIP_XML                -          no
  0x4748   StitchInfo                -          Microsoft Stitch
  0x4749   RatingPercent             IFD0       int16u/
  0x5001   ResolutionXUnit           -          no
  0x5002   ResolutionYUnit           -          no
  0x5003   ResolutionXLengthUnit     -          no
  0x5004   ResolutionYLengthUnit     -          no
  0x5005   PrintFlags                -          no
  0x5006   PrintFlagsVersion         -          no
  0x5007   PrintFlagsCrop            -          no
  0x5008   PrintFlagsBleedWidth      -          no
  0x5009   PrintFlagsBleedWidthScale -          no
  0x500a   HalftoneLPI               -          no
  0x500b   HalftoneLPIUnit           -          no
  0x500c   HalftoneDegree            -          no
  0x500d   HalftoneShape             -          no
  0x500e   HalftoneMisc              -          no
  0x500f   HalftoneScreen            -          no
  0x5010   JPEGQuality               -          no
  0x5011   GridSize                  -          no
  0x5012   ThumbnailFormat           -          no
  0x5013   ThumbnailWidth            -          no
  0x5014   ThumbnailHeight           -          no
  0x5015   ThumbnailColorDepth       -          no
  0x5016   ThumbnailPlanes           -          no
  0x5017   ThumbnailRawBytes         -          no
  0x5018   ThumbnailLength           -          no
  0x5019   ThumbnailCompressedSize   -          no
  0x501a   ColorTransferFunction     -          no
  0x501b   ThumbnailData             -          no
  0x5020   ThumbnailImageWidth       -          no
  0x5021   ThumbnailImageHeight      -          no
  0x5022   ThumbnailBitsPerSample    -          no
  0x5023   ThumbnailCompression      -          no
  0x5024   ThumbnailPhotometricInterp -         no
  0x5025   ThumbnailDescription      -          no
  0x5026   ThumbnailEquipMake        -          no
  0x5027   ThumbnailEquipModel       -          no
  0x5028   ThumbnailStripOffsets     -          no
  0x5029   ThumbnailOrientation      -          no
  0x502a   ThumbnailSamplesPerPixel  -          no
  0x502b   ThumbnailRowsPerStrip     -          no
  0x502c   ThumbnailStripByteCounts  -          no
  0x502d   ThumbnailResolutionX      -          no
  0x502e   ThumbnailResolutionY      -          no
  0x502f   ThumbnailPlanarConfig     -          no
  0x5030   ThumbnailResolutionUnit   -          no
  0x5031   ThumbnailTransferFunction -          no
  0x5032   ThumbnailSoftware         -          no
  0x5033   ThumbnailDateTime         -          no
  0x5034   ThumbnailArtist           -          no
  0x5035   ThumbnailWhitePoint       -          no
  0x5036   ThumbnailPrimaryChromaticities -     no
  0x5037   ThumbnailYCbCrCoefficients -         no
  0x5038   ThumbnailYCbCrSubsampling -          no
  0x5039   ThumbnailYCbCrPositioning -          no
  0x503a   ThumbnailRefBlackWhite    -          no
  0x503b   ThumbnailCopyright        -          no
  0x5090   LuminanceTable            -          no
  0x5091   ChrominanceTable          -          no
  0x5100   FrameDelay                -          no
  0x5101   LoopCount                 -          no
  0x5102   GlobalPalette             -          no
  0x5103   IndexBackground           -          no
  0x5104   IndexTransparent          -          no
  0x5110   PixelUnits                -          no
  0x5111   PixelsPerUnitX            -          no
  0x5112   PixelsPerUnitY            -          no
  0x5113   PaletteHistogram          -          no
  0x7000   SonyRawFileType           -          no
  0x7010   SonyToneCurve             -          no
  0x7031   VignettingCorrection      SubIFD     int16s!
  0x7032   VignettingCorrParams      SubIFD     int16s[17]!
  0x7034   ChromaticAberrationCorrection SubIFD int16s!
  0x7035   ChromaticAberrationCorrParams SubIFD int16s[33]!
  0x7036   DistortionCorrection      SubIFD     int16s!
  0x7037   DistortionCorrParams      SubIFD     int16s[17]!
  0x7038   SonyRawImageSize          SubIFD     int32u[2]!
  0x7310   BlackLevel                SubIFD     int16u[4]!
  0x7313   WB_RGGBLevels             SubIFD     int16s[4]!
  0x74c7   SonyCropTopLeft           SubIFD     int32u[2]!
  0x74c8   SonyCropSize              SubIFD     int32u[2]!
  0x800d   ImageID                   -          no
  0x80a3   WangTag1                  -          no
  0x80a4   WangAnnotation            -          no
  0x80a5   WangTag3                  -          no
  0x80a6   WangTag4                  -          no
  0x80b9   ImageReferencePoints      -          no
  0x80ba   RegionXformTackPoint      -          no
  0x80bb   WarpQuadrilateral         -          no
  0x80bc   AffineTransformMat        -          no
  0x80e3   Matteing                  -          no
  0x80e4   DataType                  -          no
  0x80e5   ImageDepth                -          no
  0x80e6   TileDepth                 -          no
  0x8214   ImageFullWidth            -          no
  0x8215   ImageFullHeight           -          no
  0x8216   TextureFormat             -          no
  0x8217   WrapModes                 -          no
  0x8218   FovCot                    -          no
  0x8219   MatrixWorldToScreen       -          no
  0x821a   MatrixWorldToCamera       -          no
  0x827d   Model2                    -          no
  0x828d   CFARepeatPatternDim       SubIFD     int16u[2]!
  0x828e   CFAPattern2               SubIFD     int8u[n]!
  0x828f   BatteryLevel              -          no
  0x8290   KodakIFD                  -          Kodak IFD
  0x8298   Copyright                 IFD0       string
  0x829a   ExposureTime              ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x829d   FNumber                   ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x82a5   MDFileTag                 -          no
  0x82a6   MDScalePixel              -          no
  0x82a7   MDColorTable              -          no
  0x82a8   MDLabName                 -          no
  0x82a9   MDSampleInfo              -          no
  0x82aa   MDPrepDate                -          no
  0x82ab   MDPrepTime                -          no
  0x82ac   MDFileUnits               -          no
  0x830e   PixelScale                IFD0       double[3]
  0x8335   AdventScale               -          no
  0x8336   AdventRevision            -          no
  0x835c   UIC1Tag                   -          no
  0x835d   UIC2Tag                   -          no
  0x835e   UIC3Tag                   -          no
  0x835f   UIC4Tag                   -          no
  0x83bb   IPTC-NAA                  IFD0       IPTC
  0x847e   IntergraphPacketData      -          no
  0x847f   IntergraphFlagRegisters   -          no
  0x8480   IntergraphMatrix          IFD0       double[n]
  0x8481   INGRReserved              -          no
  0x8482   ModelTiePoint             IFD0       double[n]
  0x84e0   Site                      -          no
  0x84e1   ColorSequence             -          no
  0x84e2   IT8Header                 -          no
  0x84e3   RasterPadding             -          no
  0x84e4   BitsPerRunLength          -          no
  0x84e5   BitsPerExtendedRunLength  -          no
  0x84e6   ColorTable                -          no
  0x84e7   ImageColorIndicator       -          no
  0x84e8   BackgroundColorIndicator  -          no
  0x84e9   ImageColorValue           -          no
  0x84ea   BackgroundColorValue      -          no
  0x84eb   PixelIntensityRange       -          no
  0x84ec   TransparencyIndicator     -          no
  0x84ed   ColorCharacterization     -          no
  0x84ee   HCUsage                   -          no
  0x84ef   TrapIndicator             -          no
  0x84f0   CMYKEquivalent            -          no
  0x8546   SEMInfo                   IFD0       string
  0x8568   AFCP_IPTC                 -          IPTC
  0x85b8   PixelMagicJBIGOptions     -          no
  0x85d7   JPLCartoIFD               -          no
  0x85d8   ModelTransform            IFD0       double[16]
  0x8602   WB_GRGBLevels             -          no
  0x8606   LeafData                  -          Leaf
  0x8649   PhotoshopSettings         IFD0       Photoshop
  0x8769   ExifOffset                IFD0       EXIF
  0x8773   ICC_Profile               IFD0       ICC_Profile
  0x877f   TIFF_FXExtensions         -          no
  0x8780   MultiProfiles             -          no
  0x8781   SharedData                -          no
  0x8782   T88Options                -          no
  0x87ac   ImageLayer                -          no
  0x87af   GeoTiffDirectory          IFD0       int16u[0.5]
  0x87b0   GeoTiffDoubleParams       IFD0       double[0.125]
  0x87b1   GeoTiffAsciiParams        IFD0       string
  0x87be   JBIGOptions               -          no
  0x8822   ExposureProgram           ExifIFD    int16u
  0x8824   SpectralSensitivity       ExifIFD    string
  0x8825   GPSInfo                   IFD0       GPS
  0x8827   ISO                       ExifIFD    int16u[n]
  0x8828   Opto-ElectricConvFactor   -          no
  0x8829   Interlace                 -          no
  0x882a   TimeZoneOffset            ExifIFD    int16s[n]
  0x882b   SelfTimerMode             ExifIFD    int16u
  0x8830   SensitivityType           ExifIFD    int16u
  0x8831   StandardOutputSensitivity ExifIFD    int32u
  0x8832   RecommendedExposureIndex  ExifIFD    int32u
  0x8833   ISOSpeed                  ExifIFD    int32u
  0x8834   ISOSpeedLatitudeyyy       ExifIFD    int32u
  0x8835   ISOSpeedLatitudezzz       ExifIFD    int32u
  0x885c   FaxRecvParams             -          no
  0x885d   FaxSubAddress             -          no
  0x885e   FaxRecvTime               -          no
  0x8871   FedexEDR                  -          no
  0x888a   LeafSubIFD                -          Leaf SubIFD
  0x9000   ExifVersion               ExifIFD    undef:
  0x9003   DateTimeOriginal          ExifIFD    string
  0x9004   CreateDate                ExifIFD    string
  0x9009   GooglePlusUploadCode      ExifIFD    undef[n]
  0x9010   OffsetTime                ExifIFD    string
  0x9011   OffsetTimeOriginal        ExifIFD    string
  0x9012   OffsetTimeDigitized       ExifIFD    string
  0x9101   ComponentsConfiguration   ExifIFD    undef[4]!:
  0x9102   CompressedBitsPerPixel    ExifIFD    rational64u!
  0x9201   ShutterSpeedValue         ExifIFD    rational64s
  0x9202   ApertureValue             ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x9203   BrightnessValue           ExifIFD    rational64s
  0x9204   ExposureCompensation      ExifIFD    rational64s
  0x9205   MaxApertureValue          ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x9206   SubjectDistance           ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x9207   MeteringMode              ExifIFD    int16u
  0x9208   LightSource               ExifIFD    int16u
  0x9209   Flash                     ExifIFD    int16u
  0x920a   FocalLength               ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x920b   FlashEnergy               -          no
  0x920c   SpatialFrequencyResponse  -          no
  0x920d   Noise                     -          no
  0x920e   FocalPlaneXResolution     -          no
  0x920f   FocalPlaneYResolution     -          no
  0x9210   FocalPlaneResolutionUnit  -          no
  0x9211   ImageNumber               ExifIFD    int32u
  0x9212   SecurityClassification    ExifIFD    string
  0x9213   ImageHistory              ExifIFD    string
  0x9214   SubjectArea               ExifIFD    int16u[n]
  0x9215   ExposureIndex             -          no
  0x9216   TIFF-EPStandardID         -          no
  0x9217   SensingMethod             -          no
  0x923a   CIP3DataFile              -          no
  0x923b   CIP3Sheet                 -          no
  0x923c   CIP3Side                  -          no
  0x923f   StoNits                   -          no
  0x927c   MakerNoteApple            ExifIFD    Apple
           MakerNoteNikon            ExifIFD    Nikon
           MakerNoteCanon            ExifIFD    Canon
           MakerNoteCasio            ExifIFD    Casio
           MakerNoteCasio2           ExifIFD    Casio Type2
           MakerNoteDJIInfo          ExifIFD    DJI Info
           MakerNoteDJI              ExifIFD    DJI
           MakerNoteFLIR             ExifIFD    FLIR
           MakerNoteFujiFilm         ExifIFD    FujiFilm
           MakerNoteGE               ExifIFD    GE
           MakerNoteGE2              ExifIFD    FujiFilm
           MakerNoteHasselblad       ExifIFD    Unknown
           MakerNoteHP               ExifIFD    HP
           MakerNoteHP2              ExifIFD    HP Type2
           MakerNoteHP4              ExifIFD    HP Type4
           MakerNoteHP6              ExifIFD    HP Type6
           MakerNoteISL              ExifIFD    Unknown
           MakerNoteJVC              ExifIFD    JVC
           MakerNoteJVCText          ExifIFD    JVC Text
           MakerNoteKodak1a          ExifIFD    Kodak
           MakerNoteKodak1b          ExifIFD    Kodak
           MakerNoteKodak2           ExifIFD    Kodak Type2
           MakerNoteKodak3           ExifIFD    Kodak Type3
           MakerNoteKodak4           ExifIFD    Kodak Type4
           MakerNoteKodak5           ExifIFD    Kodak Type5
           MakerNoteKodak6a          ExifIFD    Kodak Type6
           MakerNoteKodak6b          ExifIFD    Kodak Type6
           MakerNoteKodak7           ExifIFD    Kodak Type7
           MakerNoteKodak8a          ExifIFD    Kodak Type8
           MakerNoteKodak8b          ExifIFD    Kodak Type8
           MakerNoteKodak8c          ExifIFD    Kodak Type8
           MakerNoteKodak9           ExifIFD    Kodak Type9
           MakerNoteKodak10          ExifIFD    Kodak Type10
           MakerNoteKodak11          ExifIFD    Kodak Type11
           MakerNoteKodak12          ExifIFD    Kodak Type11
           MakerNoteKodakUnknown     ExifIFD    Kodak Unknown
           MakerNoteKyocera          ExifIFD    Unknown
           MakerNoteMinolta          ExifIFD    Minolta
           MakerNoteMinolta2         ExifIFD    Olympus
           MakerNoteMinolta3         ExifIFD    undef
           MakerNoteMotorola         ExifIFD    Motorola
           MakerNoteNikon2           ExifIFD    Nikon Type2
           MakerNoteNikon3           ExifIFD    Nikon
           MakerNoteNintendo         ExifIFD    Nintendo
           MakerNoteOlympus          ExifIFD    Olympus
           MakerNoteOlympus2         ExifIFD    Olympus
           MakerNoteOlympus3         ExifIFD    Olympus
           MakerNoteLeica            ExifIFD    Panasonic
           MakerNoteLeica2           ExifIFD    Panasonic Leica2
           MakerNoteLeica3           ExifIFD    Panasonic Leica3
           MakerNoteLeica4           ExifIFD    Panasonic Leica4
           MakerNoteLeica5           ExifIFD    Panasonic Leica5
           MakerNoteLeica6           ExifIFD    Panasonic Leica6
           MakerNoteLeica7           ExifIFD    Panasonic Leica6
           MakerNoteLeica8           ExifIFD    Panasonic Leica5
           MakerNoteLeica9           ExifIFD    Panasonic Leica9
           MakerNoteLeica10          ExifIFD    Panasonic
           MakerNotePanasonic        ExifIFD    Panasonic
           MakerNotePanasonic2       ExifIFD    Panasonic Type2
           MakerNotePanasonic3       ExifIFD    Panasonic
           MakerNotePentax           ExifIFD    Pentax
           MakerNotePentax2          ExifIFD    Pentax Type2
           MakerNotePentax3          ExifIFD    Casio Type2
           MakerNotePentax4          ExifIFD    Pentax Type4
           MakerNotePentax5          ExifIFD    Pentax
           MakerNotePentax6          ExifIFD    Pentax S1
           MakerNotePhaseOne         ExifIFD    PhaseOne
           MakerNoteReconyx          ExifIFD    Reconyx
           MakerNoteReconyx2         ExifIFD    Reconyx Type2
           MakerNoteReconyx3         ExifIFD    Reconyx Type3
           MakerNoteRicohPentax      ExifIFD    Pentax
           MakerNoteRicoh            ExifIFD    Ricoh
           MakerNoteRicoh2           ExifIFD    Ricoh Type2
           MakerNoteRicohText        ExifIFD    Ricoh Text
           MakerNoteSamsung1a        ExifIFD    undef
           MakerNoteSamsung1b        ExifIFD    Samsung
           MakerNoteSamsung2         ExifIFD    Samsung Type2
           MakerNoteSanyo            ExifIFD    Sanyo
           MakerNoteSanyoC4          ExifIFD    Sanyo
           MakerNoteSanyoPatch       ExifIFD    Sanyo
           MakerNoteSigma            ExifIFD    Sigma
           MakerNoteSony             ExifIFD    Sony
           MakerNoteSony2            ExifIFD    Olympus
           MakerNoteSony3            ExifIFD    Olympus
           MakerNoteSony4            ExifIFD    Sony PIC
           MakerNoteSony5            ExifIFD    Sony
           MakerNoteSonyEricsson     ExifIFD    Sony Ericsson
           MakerNoteSonySRF          ExifIFD    Sony SRF
           MakerNoteUnknownText      ExifIFD    undef
           MakerNoteUnknownBinary    ExifIFD    undef
           MakerNoteUnknown          ExifIFD    Unknown
  0x9286   UserComment               ExifIFD    undef
  0x9290   SubSecTime                ExifIFD    string
  0x9291   SubSecTimeOriginal        ExifIFD    string
  0x9292   SubSecTimeDigitized       ExifIFD    string
  0x932f   MSDocumentText            -          no
  0x9330   MSPropertySetStorage      -          no
  0x9331   MSDocumentTextPosition    -          no
  0x935c   ImageSourceData           IFD0       Photoshop DocumentData
  0x9400   AmbientTemperature        ExifIFD    rational64s
  0x9401   Humidity                  ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x9402   Pressure                  ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x9403   WaterDepth                ExifIFD    rational64s
  0x9404   Acceleration              ExifIFD    rational64u
  0x9405   CameraElevationAngle      ExifIFD    rational64s
  0x9999   XiaomiSettings            ExifIFD    JSON
  0x9a00   XiaomiModel               ExifIFD    string!
  0x9c9b   XPTitle                   IFD0       int8u
  0x9c9c   XPComment                 IFD0       int8u
  0x9c9d   XPAuthor                  IFD0       int8u
  0x9c9e   XPKeywords                IFD0       int8u
  0x9c9f   XPSubject                 IFD0       int8u
  0xa000   FlashpixVersion           ExifIFD    undef:
  0xa001   ColorSpace                ExifIFD    int16u:
  0xa002   ExifImageWidth            ExifIFD    int16u:
  0xa003   ExifImageHeight           ExifIFD    int16u:
  0xa004   RelatedSoundFile          ExifIFD    string
  0xa005   InteropOffset             -          EXIF
  0xa010   SamsungRawPointersOffset  -          no
  0xa011   SamsungRawPointersLength  -          no
  0xa101   SamsungRawByteOrder       -          no
  0xa102   SamsungRawUnknown?        -          no
  0xa20b   FlashEnergy               ExifIFD    rational64u
  0xa20c   SpatialFrequencyResponse  -          no
  0xa20d   Noise                     -          no
  0xa20e   FocalPlaneXResolution     ExifIFD    rational64u
  0xa20f   FocalPlaneYResolution     ExifIFD    rational64u
  0xa210   FocalPlaneResolutionUnit  ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa211   ImageNumber               -          no
  0xa212   SecurityClassification    -          no
  0xa213   ImageHistory              -          no
  0xa214   SubjectLocation           ExifIFD    int16u[2]
  0xa215   ExposureIndex             ExifIFD    rational64u
  0xa216   TIFF-EPStandardID         -          no
  0xa217   SensingMethod             ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa300   FileSource                ExifIFD    undef
  0xa301   SceneType                 ExifIFD    undef
  0xa302   CFAPattern                ExifIFD    undef
  0xa401   CustomRendered            ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa402   ExposureMode              ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa403   WhiteBalance              ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa404   DigitalZoomRatio          ExifIFD    rational64u
  0xa405   FocalLengthIn35mmFormat   ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa406   SceneCaptureType          ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa407   GainControl               ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa408   Contrast                  ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa409   Saturation                ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa40a   Sharpness                 ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa40b   DeviceSettingDescription  -          no
  0xa40c   SubjectDistanceRange      ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa420   ImageUniqueID             ExifIFD    string
  0xa430   OwnerName                 ExifIFD    string
  0xa431   SerialNumber              ExifIFD    string
  0xa432   LensInfo                  ExifIFD    rational64u[4]
  0xa433   LensMake                  ExifIFD    string
  0xa434   LensModel                 ExifIFD    string
  0xa435   LensSerialNumber          ExifIFD    string
  0xa436   Title                     ExifIFD    string/
  0xa437   Photographer              ExifIFD    string
  0xa438   ImageEditor               ExifIFD    string
  0xa439   CameraFirmware            ExifIFD    string
  0xa43a   RAWDevelopingSoftware     ExifIFD    string
  0xa43b   ImageEditingSoftware      ExifIFD    string
  0xa43c   MetadataEditingSoftware   ExifIFD    string
  0xa460   CompositeImage            ExifIFD    int16u
  0xa461   CompositeImageCount       ExifIFD    int16u[2]
  0xa462   CompositeImageExposureTimes ExifIFD  undef
  0xa480   GDALMetadata              IFD0       string
  0xa481   GDALNoData                IFD0       string
  0xa500   Gamma                     ExifIFD    rational64u
  0xafc0   ExpandSoftware            -          no
  0xafc1   ExpandLens                -          no
  0xafc2   ExpandFilm                -          no
  0xafc3   ExpandFilterLens          -          no
  0xafc4   ExpandScanner             -          no
  0xafc5   ExpandFlashLamp           -          no
  0xb4c3   HasselbladRawImage        -          no
  0xbc01   PixelFormat               -          no
  0xbc02   Transformation            -          no
  0xbc03   Uncompressed              -          no
  0xbc04   ImageType                 -          no
  0xbc80   ImageWidth                -          no
  0xbc81   ImageHeight               -          no
  0xbc82   WidthResolution           -          no
  0xbc83   HeightResolution          -          no
  0xbcc0   ImageOffset               -          no
  0xbcc1   ImageByteCount            -          no
  0xbcc2   AlphaOffset               -          no
  0xbcc3   AlphaByteCount            -          no
  0xbcc4   ImageDataDiscard          -          no
  0xbcc5   AlphaDataDiscard          -          no
  0xc427   OceScanjobDesc            -          no
  0xc428   OceApplicationSelector    -          no
  0xc429   OceIDNumber               -          no
  0xc42a   OceImageLogic             -          no
  0xc44f   Annotations               -          no
  0xc4a5   PrintIM                   IFD0       PrintIM
  0xc519   HasselbladXML             -          PLIST
  0xc51b   HasselbladExif            -          EXIF
  0xc573   OriginalFileName          -          no
  0xc580   USPTOOriginalContentType  -          no
  0xc5e0   CR2CFAPattern             -          no
  0xc612   DNGVersion                IFD0       int8u[4]!
  0xc613   DNGBackwardVersion        IFD0       int8u[4]!
  0xc614   UniqueCameraModel         IFD0       string
  0xc615   LocalizedCameraModel      IFD0       string
  0xc616   CFAPlaneColor             SubIFD     no
  0xc617   CFALayout                 SubIFD     no
  0xc618   LinearizationTable        SubIFD     int16u[n]!
  0xc619   BlackLevelRepeatDim       SubIFD     int16u[2]!
  0xc61a   BlackLevel                SubIFD     rational64u[n]!
  0xc61b   BlackLevelDeltaH          SubIFD     rational64s[n]!
  0xc61c   BlackLevelDeltaV          SubIFD     rational64s[n]!
  0xc61d   WhiteLevel                SubIFD     int32u[n]!
  0xc61e   DefaultScale              SubIFD     rational64u[2]!
  0xc61f   DefaultCropOrigin         SubIFD     int32u[2]!
  0xc620   DefaultCropSize           SubIFD     int32u[2]!
  0xc621   ColorMatrix1              IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xc622   ColorMatrix2              IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xc623   CameraCalibration1        IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xc624   CameraCalibration2        IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xc625   ReductionMatrix1          IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xc626   ReductionMatrix2          IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xc627   AnalogBalance             IFD0       rational64u[n]!
  0xc628   AsShotNeutral             IFD0       rational64u[n]!
  0xc629   AsShotWhiteXY             IFD0       rational64u[2]!
  0xc62a   BaselineExposure          IFD0       rational64s!
  0xc62b   BaselineNoise             IFD0       rational64u!
  0xc62c   BaselineSharpness         IFD0       rational64u!
  0xc62d   BayerGreenSplit           SubIFD     int32u!
  0xc62e   LinearResponseLimit       IFD0       rational64u!
  0xc62f   CameraSerialNumber        IFD0       string
  0xc630   DNGLensInfo               IFD0       rational64u[4]
  0xc631   ChromaBlurRadius          SubIFD     rational64u!
  0xc632   AntiAliasStrength         SubIFD     rational64u!
  0xc633   ShadowScale               IFD0       rational64u!
  0xc634   SR2Private                IFD0       Sony SR2Private
           DNGAdobeData              IFD0       DNG AdobeData
           MakerNotePentax           IFD0       Pentax
           MakerNotePentax5          IFD0       Pentax
           MakerNoteRicohPentax      IFD0       Pentax
           MakerNoteDJIInfo          IFD0       DJI Info
           DNGPrivateData            IFD0       int8u!
  0xc635   MakerNoteSafety           IFD0       int16u
  0xc640   RawImageSegmentation      -          no
  0xc65a   CalibrationIlluminant1    IFD0       int16u!
  0xc65b   CalibrationIlluminant2    IFD0       int16u!
  0xc65c   BestQualityScale          SubIFD     rational64u!
  0xc65d   RawDataUniqueID           IFD0       int8u[16]!
  0xc660   AliasLayerMetadata        -          no
  0xc68b   OriginalRawFileName       IFD0       string!
  0xc68c   OriginalRawFileData       IFD0       DNG OriginalRaw
  0xc68d   ActiveArea                SubIFD     int32u[4]!
  0xc68e   MaskedAreas               SubIFD     int32u[n]!
  0xc68f   AsShotICCProfile          IFD0       ICC_Profile
  0xc690   AsShotPreProfileMatrix    IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xc691   CurrentICCProfile         IFD0       ICC_Profile
  0xc692   CurrentPreProfileMatrix   IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xc6bf   ColorimetricReference     IFD0       int16u!
  0xc6c5   SRawType                  IFD0       no
  0xc6d2   PanasonicTitle            IFD0       undef
  0xc6d3   PanasonicTitle2           IFD0       undef
  0xc6f3   CameraCalibrationSig      IFD0       string!
  0xc6f4   ProfileCalibrationSig     IFD0       string!
  0xc6f5   ProfileIFD                IFD0       EXIF
  0xc6f6   AsShotProfileName         IFD0       string!
  0xc6f7   NoiseReductionApplied     SubIFD     rational64u!
  0xc6f8   ProfileName               IFD0       string!
  0xc6f9   ProfileHueSatMapDims      IFD0       int32u[3]!
  0xc6fa   ProfileHueSatMapData1     IFD0       float[n]!
  0xc6fb   ProfileHueSatMapData2     IFD0       float[n]!
  0xc6fc   ProfileToneCurve          IFD0       float[n]!
  0xc6fd   ProfileEmbedPolicy        IFD0       int32u!
  0xc6fe   ProfileCopyright          IFD0       string!
  0xc714   ForwardMatrix1            IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xc715   ForwardMatrix2            IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xc716   PreviewApplicationName    IFD0       string!
  0xc717   PreviewApplicationVersion IFD0       string!
  0xc718   PreviewSettingsName       IFD0       string!
  0xc719   PreviewSettingsDigest     IFD0       int8u!
  0xc71a   PreviewColorSpace         IFD0       int32u!
  0xc71b   PreviewDateTime           IFD0       string!
  0xc71c   RawImageDigest            IFD0       int8u[16]!
  0xc71d   OriginalRawFileDigest     IFD0       int8u[16]!
  0xc71e   SubTileBlockSize          -          no
  0xc71f   RowInterleaveFactor       -          no
  0xc725   ProfileLookTableDims      IFD0       int32u[3]!
  0xc726   ProfileLookTableData      IFD0       float[n]!
  0xc740   OpcodeList1               SubIFD     undef~!
  0xc741   OpcodeList2               SubIFD     undef~!
  0xc74e   OpcodeList3               SubIFD     undef~!
  0xc761   NoiseProfile              SubIFD     double[n]!
  0xc763   TimeCodes                 IFD0       int8u[n]
  0xc764   FrameRate                 IFD0       rational64s
  0xc772   TStop                     IFD0       rational64u[n]
  0xc789   ReelName                  IFD0       string
  0xc791   OriginalDefaultFinalSize  IFD0       int32u[2]!
  0xc792   OriginalBestQualitySize   IFD0       int32u[2]!
  0xc793   OriginalDefaultCropSize   IFD0       rational64u[2]!
  0xc7a1   CameraLabel               IFD0       string
  0xc7a3   ProfileHueSatMapEncoding  IFD0       int32u!
  0xc7a4   ProfileLookTableEncoding  IFD0       int32u!
  0xc7a5   BaselineExposureOffset    IFD0       rational64s!
  0xc7a6   DefaultBlackRender        IFD0       int32u!
  0xc7a7   NewRawImageDigest         IFD0       int8u[16]!
  0xc7a8   RawToPreviewGain          IFD0       double!
  0xc7aa   CacheVersion              SubIFD2    int32u!
  0xc7b5   DefaultUserCrop           SubIFD     rational64u[4]!
  0xc7d5   NikonNEFInfo              -          Nikon NEFInfo
  0xc7e9   DepthFormat               IFD0       int16u!
  0xc7ea   DepthNear                 IFD0       rational64u!
  0xc7eb   DepthFar                  IFD0       rational64u!
  0xc7ec   DepthUnits                IFD0       int16u!
  0xc7ed   DepthMeasureType          IFD0       int16u!
  0xc7ee   EnhanceParams             IFD0       string!
  0xcd2d   ProfileGainTableMap       SubIFD     undef!
  0xcd2e   SemanticName              SubIFD     no
  0xcd30   SemanticInstanceID        SubIFD     no
  0xcd31   CalibrationIlluminant3    IFD0       int16u!
  0xcd32   CameraCalibration3        IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xcd33   ColorMatrix3              IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xcd34   ForwardMatrix3            IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xcd35   IlluminantData1           IFD0       undef!
  0xcd36   IlluminantData2           IFD0       undef!
  0xcd37   IlluminantData3           IFD0       undef!
  0xcd38   MaskSubArea               SubIFD     no
  0xcd39   ProfileHueSatMapData3     IFD0       float[n]!
  0xcd3a   ReductionMatrix3          IFD0       rational64s[n]!
  0xcd3b   RGBTables                 IFD0       undef!
  0xcd40   ProfileGainTableMap2      IFD0       undef!
  0xcd41   JUMBF                     -          Jpeg2000
  0xcd43   ColumnInterleaveFactor    SubIFD     int32u!
  0xcd44   ImageSequenceInfo         IFD0       DNG ImageSeq
  0xcd46   ImageStats                IFD0       undef!
  0xcd47   ProfileDynamicRange       IFD0       DNG ProfileDynamicRange
  0xcd48   ProfileGroupName          IFD0       string!
  0xea1c   Padding                   ExifIFD    undef!
  0xea1d   OffsetSchema              ExifIFD    int32s!
  0xfde8   OwnerName                 ExifIFD    string/
  0xfde9   SerialNumber              ExifIFD    string/
  0xfdea   Lens                      ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe00   KDC_IFD                   -          Kodak KDC_IFD
  0xfe4c   RawFile                   ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe4d   Converter                 ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe4e   WhiteBalance              ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe51   Exposure                  ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe52   Shadows                   ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe53   Brightness                ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe54   Contrast                  ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe55   Saturation                ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe56   Sharpness                 ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe57   Smoothness                ExifIFD    string/
  0xfe58   MoireFilter               ExifIFD    string/


The tags listed below are part of the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) and the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) Information Interchange Model (IIM). This is an older meta information format, slowly being phased out in favor of XMP -- the newer IPTCCore specification uses XMP format. IPTC information may be found in JPG, TIFF, PNG, MIFF, PS, PDF, PSD, XCF and DNG images.

IPTC information is separated into different records, each of which has its own set of tags. See for the official IPTC IIM specification.

This specification dictates a length for ASCII (string or digits) and binary (undef) values. These lengths are given in square brackets after the Writable format name. For tags where a range of lengths is allowed, the minimum and maximum lengths are separated by a comma within the brackets. When writing, ExifTool issues a minor warning and truncates the value if it is longer than allowed by the IPTC specification. Minor errors may be ignored with the IgnoreMinorErrors (-m) option, allowing longer values to be written, but beware that values like this may cause problems for some other IPTC readers. ExifTool will happily read IPTC values of any length.

Separate IPTC date and time tags may be written with a combined date/time value and ExifTool automagically takes the appropriate part of the date/time string depending on whether a date or time tag is being written. This is very useful when copying date/time values to IPTC from other metadata formats.

IPTC time values include a timezone offset. If written with a value which doesn't include a timezone then the current local timezone offset is used (unless written with a combined date/time, in which case the local timezone offset at the specified date/time is used, which may be different due to changes in daylight savings time).

Note that it is not uncommon for IPTC to be found in non-standard locations in JPEG and TIFF-based images. When reading, the family 1 group name has a number added for non-standard IPTC ("IPTC2", "IPTC3", etc), but when writing only "IPTC" may be specified as the group. To keep the IPTC consistent, ExifTool updates tags in all existing IPTC locations, but will create a new IPTC group only in the standard location.

  Record   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    IPTCEnvelope                         IPTC EnvelopeRecord
      2    IPTCApplication                      IPTC ApplicationRecord
      3    IPTCNewsPhoto                        IPTC NewsPhoto
      7    IPTCPreObjectData                    IPTC PreObjectData
      8    IPTCObjectData                       IPTC ObjectData
      9    IPTCPostObjectData                   IPTC PostObjectData
    240    IPTCFotoStation                      IPTC FotoStation

IPTC EnvelopeRecord Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    EnvelopeRecordVersion                int16u:
      5    Destination                          string[0,1024]+
     20    FileFormat                           int16u
     22    FileVersion                          int16u
     30    ServiceIdentifier                    string[0,10]
     40    EnvelopeNumber                       digits[8]
     50    ProductID                            string[0,32]+
     60    EnvelopePriority                     digits[1]
     70    DateSent                             digits[8]
     80    TimeSent                             string[11]
     90    CodedCharacterSet                    string[0,32]!
    100    UniqueObjectName                     string[14,80]
    120    ARMIdentifier                        int16u
    122    ARMVersion                           int16u

IPTC ApplicationRecord Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ApplicationRecordVersion             int16u:
      3    ObjectTypeReference                  string[3,67]
      4    ObjectAttributeReference             string[4,68]+
      5    ObjectName                           string[0,64]
      7    EditStatus                           string[0,64]
      8    EditorialUpdate                      digits[2]
     10    Urgency                              digits[1]
     12    SubjectReference                     string[13,236]+
     15    Category                             string[0,3]
     20    SupplementalCategories               string[0,32]+
     22    FixtureIdentifier                    string[0,32]
     25    Keywords                             string[0,64]+
     26    ContentLocationCode                  string[3]+
     27    ContentLocationName                  string[0,64]+
     30    ReleaseDate                          digits[8]
     35    ReleaseTime                          string[11]
     37    ExpirationDate                       digits[8]
     38    ExpirationTime                       string[11]
     40    SpecialInstructions                  string[0,256]
     42    ActionAdvised                        digits[2]
     45    ReferenceService                     string[0,10]+
     47    ReferenceDate                        digits[8]+
     50    ReferenceNumber                      digits[8]+
     55    DateCreated                          digits[8]
     60    TimeCreated                          string[11]
     62    DigitalCreationDate                  digits[8]
     63    DigitalCreationTime                  string[11]
     65    OriginatingProgram                   string[0,32]
     70    ProgramVersion                       string[0,10]
     75    ObjectCycle                          string[1]
     80    By-line                              string[0,32]+
     85    By-lineTitle                         string[0,32]+
     90    City                                 string[0,32]
     92    Sub-location                         string[0,32]
     95    Province-State                       string[0,32]
    100    Country-PrimaryLocationCode          string[3]
    101    Country-PrimaryLocationName          string[0,64]
    103    OriginalTransmissionReference        string[0,32]
    105    Headline                             string[0,256]
    110    Credit                               string[0,32]
    115    Source                               string[0,32]
    116    CopyrightNotice                      string[0,128]
    118    Contact                              string[0,128]+
    120    Caption-Abstract                     string[0,2000]
    121    LocalCaption                         string[0,256]
    122    Writer-Editor                        string[0,32]+
    125    RasterizedCaption                    undef[7360]
    130    ImageType                            string[2]
    131    ImageOrientation                     string[1]
    135    LanguageIdentifier                   string[2,3]
    150    AudioType                            string[2]
    151    AudioSamplingRate                    digits[6]
    152    AudioSamplingResolution              digits[2]
    153    AudioDuration                        digits[6]
    154    AudioOutcue                          string[0,64]
    184    JobID                                string[0,64]
    185    MasterDocumentID                     string[0,256]
    186    ShortDocumentID                      string[0,64]
    187    UniqueDocumentID                     string[0,128]
    188    OwnerID                              string[0,128]
    200    ObjectPreviewFileFormat              int16u
    201    ObjectPreviewFileVersion             int16u
    202    ObjectPreviewData                    undef[0,256000]
    221    Prefs                                string[0,64]
    225    ClassifyState                        string[0,64]
    228    SimilarityIndex                      string[0,32]
    230    DocumentNotes                        string[0,1024]
    231    DocumentHistory                      string[0,256]
    232    ExifCameraInfo                       string[0,4096]
    255    CatalogSets                          string[0,256]+

IPTC NewsPhoto Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    NewsPhotoVersion                     int16u:
     10    IPTCPictureNumber                    string[16]
     20    IPTCImageWidth                       int16u
     30    IPTCImageHeight                      int16u
     40    IPTCPixelWidth                       int16u
     50    IPTCPixelHeight                      int16u
     55    SupplementalType                     int8u
     60    ColorRepresentation                  int16u
     64    InterchangeColorSpace                int8u
     65    ColorSequence                        int8u
     66    ICC_Profile                          no
     70    ColorCalibrationMatrix               no
     80    LookupTable                          no
     84    NumIndexEntries                      int16u
     85    ColorPalette                         no
     86    IPTCBitsPerSample                    int8u
     90    SampleStructure                      int8u
    100    ScanningDirection                    int8u
    102    IPTCImageRotation                    int8u
    110    DataCompressionMethod                int32u
    120    QuantizationMethod                   int8u
    125    EndPoints                            no
    130    ExcursionTolerance                   int8u
    135    BitsPerComponent                     int8u
    140    MaximumDensityRange                  int16u
    145    GammaCompensatedValue                int16u

IPTC PreObjectData Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     10    SizeMode                             no
     20    MaxSubfileSize                       no
     90    ObjectSizeAnnounced                  no
     95    MaximumObjectSize                    no

IPTC ObjectData Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     10    SubFile                              no+

IPTC PostObjectData Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     10    ConfirmedObjectSize                  no

IPTC FotoStation Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

XMP Tags

XMP stands for "Extensible Metadata Platform", an XML/RDF-based metadata format which is being pushed by Adobe. Information in this format can be embedded in many different image file types including JPG, JP2, TIFF, GIF, EPS, PDF, PSD, IND, INX, PNG, DJVU, SVG, PGF, MIFF, XCF, CRW, DNG and a variety of proprietary TIFF-based RAW images, as well as MOV, AVI, ASF, WMV, FLV, SWF and MP4 videos, and WMA and audio formats supporting ID3v2 information.

The XMP Tag ID's aren't listed because in most cases they are identical to the Tag Name (aside from differences in case). Tags with different ID's are mentioned in the Notes column of the HTML version of this document.

All XMP information is stored as character strings. The Writable column specifies the information format: string is an unformatted string, integer is a string of digits (possibly beginning with a '+' or '-'), real is a floating point number, rational is entered as a floating point number but stored as two integer strings separated by a '/' character, date is a date/time string entered in the format "YYYY:mm:dd HH:MM:SS[.ss][+/-HH:MM]" but some partial date/time formats are also accepted (see, boolean is either "True" or "False" (but "true" and "false" may be written as a ValueConv value for compatibility with non-conforming applications), struct indicates a structured tag, and lang-alt is a tag that supports alternate languages.

When reading, struct tags are extracted only if the Struct (-struct) option is used. Otherwise the corresponding Flattened tags, indicated by an underline (_) after the Writable type, are extracted. When copying, by default both structured and flattened tags are available, but the flattened tags are considered "unsafe" so they aren't copied unless specified explicitly. The Struct option may be disabled by setting Struct to 0 via the API or with --struct on the command line to copy only flattened tags, or enabled by setting Struct to 1 via the API or with -struct on the command line to copy only as structures. When writing, the Struct option has no effect, and both structured and flattened tags may be written. See for more details.

Individual languages for lang-alt tags are accessed by suffixing the tag name with a '-', followed by an RFC 3066 language code (eg. "XMP:Title-fr", or "Rights-en-US"). (See for the RFC 3066 specification.) A lang-alt tag with no language code accesses the "x-default" language, but causes other languages for this tag to be deleted when writing. The "x-default" language code may be specified when writing to preserve other existing languages (eg. "XMP-dc:Description-x-default"). When reading, "x-default" is not specified.

The XMP tags are organized according to schema Namespace in the following tables. The ExifTool family 1 group names are derived from the namespace prefixes by adding a leading "XMP-" (eg. "XMP-dc"). A few of the longer prefixes have been shortened (as mentioned in the documentation below) to avoid excessively long ExifTool group names. The tags of any namespace may be deleted as a group by specifying the family 1 group name (eg. "-XMP-dc:all=" on the command line). This includes namespaces which are not pre-defined by ExifTool.

In cases where a tag name exists in more than one namespace, less common namespaces are avoided when writing. However, a specific namespace may be written by providing a family 1 group name for the tag (eg. XMP-crs:Contrast or XMP-exif:Contrast). When deciding on which tags to add to an image, using standard schemas such as dc, xmp, iptcCore and iptcExt is recommended if possible.

For structures, the heading of the first column is Field Name. Field names are very similar to tag names, except they are used to identify fields inside structures instead of stand-alone tags. See for more details.

ExifTool will extract XMP information even if it is not listed in these tables, but other tags are not writable unless added as user-defined tags in the ExifTool config file. For example, the pdfx namespace doesn't have a predefined set of tag names because it is used to store application-defined PDF information, so although this information will be extracted, it is only writable if the corresponding user-defined tags have been created.

The tables below list tags from the official XMP specification (with an underlined Namespace in the HTML version of this documentation), as well as extensions from various other sources. See for the official XMP specification.

  Namespace                                     Writable
  ---------                                     --------
  aas                                           XMP aas
  acdsee                                        XMP acdsee
  album                                         XMP Album
  apple-fi                                      XMP apple_fi
  ast                                           Nikon ast
  aux                                           XMP aux
  cc                                            XMP cc
  cell                                          XMP cell
  crd                                           XMP crd
  creatorAtom                                   XMP creatorAtom
  crs                                           XMP crs
  dc                                            XMP dc
  Device                                        XMP Device
  dex                                           XMP dex
  DICOM                                         XMP DICOM
  digiKam                                       XMP digiKam
  drone-dji                                     DJI XMP
  dwc                                           DarwinCore
  et                                            XMP ExifTool
  exif                                          XMP exif
  exifEX                                        XMP exifEX
  expressionmedia                               XMP ExpressionMedia
  extensis                                      XMP extensis
  fpv                                           XMP fpv
  GAudio                                        XMP GAudio
  GCamera                                       XMP GCamera
  GCreations                                    XMP GCreations
  GDepth                                        XMP GDepth
  getty                                         XMP GettyImages
  GFocus                                        XMP GFocus
  GImage                                        XMP GImage
  GPano                                         XMP GPano
  GSpherical                                    XMP GSpherical
  hdr                                           XMP hdr
  hdrgm                                         XMP hdrgm
  ics                                           XMP ics
  iptcCore                                      XMP iptcCore
  iptcExt                                       XMP iptcExt
  LImage                                        XMP LImage
  lr                                            XMP Lightroom
  mediapro                                      XMP MediaPro
  microsoft                                     Microsoft XMP
  MP                                            Microsoft MP
  MP1                                           Microsoft MP1
  mwg-coll                                      MWG Collections
  mwg-kw                                        MWG Keywords
  mwg-rs                                        MWG Regions
  nine                                          Nikon nine
  panorama                                      XMP panorama
  pdf                                           XMP pdf
  pdfx                                          XMP pdfx
  photomech                                     PhotoMechanic XMP
  photoshop                                     XMP photoshop
  PixelLive                                     XMP PixelLive
  plus                                          PLUS XMP
  pmi                                           XMP pmi
  prism                                         XMP prism
  prl                                           XMP prl
  prm                                           XMP prm
  pur                                           XMP pur
  rdf                                           XMP rdf
  sdc                                           Nikon sdc
  swf                                           XMP swf
  tiff                                          XMP tiff
  x                                             XMP x
  xmp                                           XMP xmp
  xmpBJ                                         XMP xmpBJ
  xmpDM                                         XMP xmpDM
  xmpDSA                                        Panasonic DSA
  xmpMM                                         XMP xmpMM
  xmpNote                                       XMP xmpNote
  xmpPLUS                                       XMP xmpPLUS
  xmpRights                                     XMP xmpRights
  xmpTPg                                        XMP xmpTPg

XMP aas Tags

Apple Adjustment Settings used by iPhone/iPad.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-aas family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AffineA                                       real
  AffineB                                       real
  AffineC                                       real
  AffineD                                       real
  AffineX                                       real
  AffineY                                       real
  CropH                                         integer/
  CropW                                         integer/
  CropX                                         integer/
  CropY                                         integer/
  Curve0x                                       real
  Curve0y                                       real
  Curve1x                                       real
  Curve1y                                       real
  Curve2x                                       real
  Curve2y                                       real
  Curve3x                                       real
  Curve3y                                       real
  Curve4x                                       real
  Curve4y                                       real
  FaceBalanceOrigI                              real
  FaceBalanceOrigQ                              real
  FaceBalanceStrength                           real
  FaceBalanceWarmth                             real
  Highlights                                    real/
  Shadows                                       real/
  Vibrance                                      real/

XMP acdsee Tags

ACD Systems ACDSee namespace tags.

(A note to software developers: Re-inventing your own private tags instead of using the equivalent tags in standard XMP namespaces defeats one of the most valuable features of metadata: interoperability. Your applications mumble to themselves instead of speaking out for the rest of the world to hear.)

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-acdsee family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Author                                        string/
  Caption                                       string/
  Categories                                    string/
  Collections                                   string/
  DateTime                                      date/
  DPP                                           lang-alt/
  EditStatus                                    string/
  FixtureIdentifier                             string/
  Keywords                                      string/+
  Notes                                         string/
  ObjectCycle                                   string/
  OriginatingProgram                            string/
  Rating                                        real/
  Rawrppused                                    boolean/
  ReleaseDate                                   string/
  ReleaseTime                                   string/
  RPP                                           lang-alt/
  Snapshots                                     string/+
  Tagged                                        boolean/

XMP Album Tags

Adobe Album namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-album family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Notes                                         string

XMP apple_fi Tags

Face information tags written by the Apple iPhone 5 inside the mwg-rs RegionExtensions.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-apple-fi family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AngleInfoRoll                                 integer
  AngleInfoYaw                                  integer
  ConfidenceLevel                               integer
  FaceID                                        integer
  TimeStamp                                     integer

XMP aux Tags

Adobe-defined auxiliary EXIF tags. This namespace existed in the XMP specification until it was dropped in 2012, presumably due to the introduction of the EXIF 2.3 for XMP specification and the exifEX namespace at this time. For this reason, tags below with equivalents in the exifEX namespace are avoided when writing.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-aux family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  ApproximateFocusDistance                      rational
  DistortionCorrectionAlreadyApplied            boolean
  EnhanceDenoiseAlreadyApplied                  boolean
  EnhanceDenoiseLumaAmount                      string
  EnhanceDenoiseVersion                         string
  EnhanceDetailsAlreadyApplied                  boolean
  EnhanceDetailsVersion                         string
  EnhanceSuperResolutionAlreadyApplied          boolean
  EnhanceSuperResolutionScale                   rational
  EnhanceSuperResolutionVersion                 string
  Firmware                                      string
  FlashCompensation                             rational
  ImageNumber                                   string
  IsMergedHDR                                   boolean
  IsMergedPanorama                              boolean
  LateralChromaticAberrationCorrectionAlreadyApplied boolean
  Lens                                          string
  LensDistortInfo                               string
  LensID                                        string
  LensInfo                                      string/
  LensSerialNumber                              string/
  NeutralDensityFactor                          string
  OwnerName                                     string/
  SerialNumber                                  string/
  VignetteCorrectionAlreadyApplied              boolean

XMP cc Tags

Creative Commons namespace tags. Note that the CC specification for XMP is non-existent, so ExifTool must make some assumptions about the format of the specific properties in XMP (see

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-cc family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AttributionName                               string
  AttributionURL                                string
  DeprecatedOn                                  date
  Jurisdiction                                  string
  LegalCode                                     string
  License                                       string
  MorePermissions                               string
  Permits                                       string+
  Prohibits                                     string+
  Requires                                      string+
  UseGuidelines                                 string

XMP cell Tags

Location tags written by some Sony Ericsson phones.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-cell family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CellTowerID                                   string
  CellGlobalID                                  string
  LocationAreaCode                              string
  MobileCountryCode                             string
  MobileNetworkCode                             string
  CellR                                         string

XMP crd Tags

Adobe Camera Raw Defaults tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-crd family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AlreadyApplied                                boolean/
  AutoBrightness                                boolean/
  AutoContrast                                  boolean/
  AutoExposure                                  boolean/
  AutoLateralCA                                 integer/
  AutoShadows                                   boolean/
  AutoTone                                      boolean/
  AutoToneDigest                                string/
  AutoToneDigestNoSat                           string/
  AutoWhiteVersion                              integer/
  Blacks2012                                    integer/
  BlueHue                                       integer/
  BlueSaturation                                integer/
  Brightness                                    integer/
  CameraModelRestriction                        string/
  CameraProfile                                 string/
  CameraProfileDigest                           string/
  ChromaticAberrationB                          integer/
  ChromaticAberrationR                          integer/
  CircularGradientBasedCorrections              Correction Struct+
  CircGradBasedCorrActive                       boolean/_
  CircGradBasedCorrAmount                       real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMasks                        CorrectionMask Struct_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskAlpha                    real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskAngle                    real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskBottom                   real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskCenterValue              real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskCenterWeight             real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRange                    CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModels          AreaModels Struct_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsComponents string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeColorAmount         real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthFeather        real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMax            real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMin            real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeInvert              boolean/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeLumFeather          real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMax              real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMin              real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeLumRange            string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeSampleType          integer/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeType                string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeVersion             string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskDabs                     string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskFeather                  real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskFlipped                  boolean/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskFlow                     real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskFullX                    real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskFullY                    real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskInputDigest              string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskLeft                     real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskActive               boolean/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskBlendMode            integer/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskDigest               string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskInverted             boolean/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskName                 string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasks                    CorrectionMask Struct_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksAlpha               real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksAngle               real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksBottom              real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterValue         real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterWeight        real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksDabs                string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksFeather             real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksFlipped             boolean/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksFlow                real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksFullX               real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksFullY               real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksInputDigest         string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksLeft                real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskActive          boolean/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskBlendMode       integer/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskDigest          string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskInverted        boolean/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskName            string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSubType         string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSyncID          string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksValue               real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskVersion         string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMidpoint            real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksOrigin              string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksPerimeterValue      real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksRadius              real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksReferencePoint      string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksRight               real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksRoundness           real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeX               real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeY               real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksTop                 real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskSubType              string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksVersion             integer/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksWhat                string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksWholeImageArea      string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksX                   real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksY                   real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskSyncID               string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroX               real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroY               real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskValue                    real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskVersion              string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMidpoint                 real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskOrigin                   string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskPerimeterValue           real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRadius                   real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskReferencePoint           string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRight                    real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRoundness                real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskSizeX                    real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskSizeY                    real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskTop                      real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskVersion                  integer/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskWhat                     string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskWholeImageArea           string/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskX                        real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskY                        real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskZeroX                    real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskZeroY                    real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrCorrectionName               string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMask                    CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModels          AreaModels Struct_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModelsComponents string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskColorAmount         real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthFeather        real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMax            real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMin            real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskInvert              boolean/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumFeather          real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMax              real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMin              real/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumRange            string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskSampleType          integer/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskType                string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskVersion             string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrCorrectionSyncID             string/_+
  CircGradBasedCorrBlacks2012                   real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrBrightness                   real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrClarity                      real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrClarity2012                  real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrContrast                     real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrContrast2012                 real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrDefringe                     real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrDehaze                       real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrExposure                     real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrExposure2012                 real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrHighlights2012               real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrHue                          real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrLuminanceNoise               real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrMoire                        real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrSaturation                   real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrShadows2012                  real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrSharpness                    real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrTemperature                  real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrTexture                      real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrTint                         real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrToningHue                    real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrToningSaturation             real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrWhites2012                   real/_
  CircGradBasedCorrWhat                         string/_
  Clarity                                       integer/
  Clarity2012                                   integer/
  ClipboardAspectRatio                          integer/
  ClipboardOrientation                          integer/
  Cluster                                       string/
  ColorGradeBlending                            integer/
  ColorGradeGlobalHue                           integer/
  ColorGradeGlobalLum                           integer/
  ColorGradeGlobalSat                           integer/
  ColorGradeHighlightLum                        integer/
  ColorGradeMidtoneHue                          integer/
  ColorGradeMidtoneLum                          integer/
  ColorGradeMidtoneSat                          integer/
  ColorGradeShadowLum                           integer/
  ColorNoiseReduction                           integer/
  ColorNoiseReductionDetail                     integer/
  ColorNoiseReductionSmoothness                 integer/
  CompatibleVersion                             string/
  ContactInfo                                   string/
  Contrast                                      integer/
  Contrast2012                                  integer/
  Converter                                     string/
  ConvertToGrayscale                            boolean/
  Copyright                                     string/
  CropAngle                                     real/
  CropBottom                                    real/
  CropConstrainToWarp                           integer/
  CropHeight                                    real/
  CropLeft                                      real/
  CropRight                                     real/
  CropTop                                       real/
  CropUnit                                      integer/
  CropUnits                                     integer/
  CropWidth                                     real/
  DefaultAutoGray                               boolean/
  DefaultAutoTone                               boolean/
  DefaultsSpecificToISO                         boolean/
  DefaultsSpecificToSerial                      boolean/
  Defringe                                      integer/
  DefringeGreenAmount                           integer/
  DefringeGreenHueHi                            integer/
  DefringeGreenHueLo                            integer/
  DefringePurpleAmount                          integer/
  DefringePurpleHueHi                           integer/
  DefringePurpleHueLo                           integer/
  Dehaze                                        real/
  DepthBasedCorrections                         DepthBasedCorr Struct+
  DepthBasedCorrCorrectionActive                boolean/_+
  DepthBasedCorrCorrectionAmount                real/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMask                            CorrectionMask Struct_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskAlpha                       real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskAngle                       real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskBottom                      real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskCenterValue                 real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskCenterWeight                real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRange                       CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModels             AreaModels Struct_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsComponents   string/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeColorAmount            real/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthFeather           real/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMax               real/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMin               real/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeInvert                 boolean/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeLumFeather             real/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMax                 real/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMin                 real/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeLumRange               string/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeSampleType             integer/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeType                   string/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeVersion                string/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskDabs                        string/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskFeather                     real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskFlipped                     boolean/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskFlow                        real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskFullX                       real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskFullY                       real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskInputDigest                 string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskLeft                        real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskActive                  boolean/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskBlendMode               integer/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskDigest                  string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskInverted                boolean/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskName                    string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasks                       CorrectionMask Struct_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksAlpha                  real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksAngle                  real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksBottom                 real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterValue            real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterWeight           real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksDabs                   string/_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksFeather                real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksFlipped                boolean/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksFlow                   real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksFullX                  real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksFullY                  real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksInputDigest            string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksLeft                   real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskActive             boolean/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskBlendMode          integer/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskDigest             string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskInverted           boolean/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskName               string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSubType            string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSyncID             string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksValue                  real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskVersion            string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMidpoint               real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksOrigin                 string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksPerimeterValue         real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksRadius                 real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksReferencePoint         string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksRight                  real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksRoundness              real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeX                  real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeY                  real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksTop                    real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskSubType                 string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksVersion                integer/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksWhat                   string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksWholeImageArea         string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksX                      real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksY                      real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskSyncID                  string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroX                  real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroY                  real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskValue                       real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskVersion                 string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMidpoint                    real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskOrigin                      string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskPerimeterValue              real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRadius                      real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskReferencePoint              string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRight                       real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRoundness                   real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskSizeX                       real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskSizeY                       real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskTop                         real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskVersion                     integer/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskWhat                        string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskWholeImageArea              string/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskX                           real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskY                           real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskZeroX                       real/_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskZeroY                       real/_
  DepthBasedCorrCorrectionSyncID                string/_+
  DepthBasedCorrLocalCorrectedDepth             real/_+
  DepthBasedCorrLocalCurveRefineSaturation      real/_+
  DepthBasedCorrWhat                            string/_+
  DepthMapInfo                                  DepthMapInfo Struct
  DepthMapInfoBaseHighlightGuideInputDigest     string/_
  DepthMapInfoBaseHighlightGuideTable           string/_
  DepthMapInfoBaseHighlightGuideVersion         string/_
  DepthMapInfoBaseLayeredDepthInputDigest       string/_
  DepthMapInfoBaseLayeredDepthTable             string/_
  DepthMapInfoBaseLayeredDepthVersion           string/_
  DepthMapInfoBaseRawDepthInputDigest           string/_
  DepthMapInfoBaseRawDepthTable                 string/_
  DepthMapInfoBaseRawDepthVersion               string/_
  DepthMapInfoDepthSource                       string/_
  Description                                   lang-alt/
  DNGIgnoreSidecars                             boolean/
  Exposure                                      real/
  Exposure2012                                  real/
  FillLight                                     integer/
  GradientBasedCorrections                      Correction Struct+
  GradientBasedCorrActive                       boolean/_
  GradientBasedCorrAmount                       real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMasks                        CorrectionMask Struct_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskAlpha                    real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskAngle                    real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskBottom                   real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskCenterValue              real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskCenterWeight             real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRange                    CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModels          AreaModels Struct_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsComponents string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeColorAmount         real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthFeather        real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMax            real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMin            real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeInvert              boolean/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeLumFeather          real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMax              real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMin              real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeLumRange            string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeSampleType          integer/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeType                string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeVersion             string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskDabs                     string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskFeather                  real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskFlipped                  boolean/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskFlow                     real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskFullX                    real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskFullY                    real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskInputDigest              string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskLeft                     real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskActive               boolean/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskBlendMode            integer/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskDigest               string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskInverted             boolean/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskName                 string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasks                    CorrectionMask Struct_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksAlpha               real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksAngle               real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksBottom              real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterValue         real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterWeight        real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksDabs                string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksFeather             real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksFlipped             boolean/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksFlow                real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksFullX               real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksFullY               real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksInputDigest         string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksLeft                real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskActive          boolean/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskBlendMode       integer/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskDigest          string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskInverted        boolean/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskName            string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSubType         string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSyncID          string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksValue               real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskVersion         string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMidpoint            real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksOrigin              string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksPerimeterValue      real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksRadius              real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksReferencePoint      string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksRight               real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksRoundness           real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeX               real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeY               real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksTop                 real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskSubType              string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksVersion             integer/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksWhat                string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksWholeImageArea      string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksX                   real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksY                   real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskSyncID               string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroX               real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroY               real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskValue                    real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskVersion              string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMidpoint                 real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskOrigin                   string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskPerimeterValue           real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRadius                   real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskReferencePoint           string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRight                    real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRoundness                real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskSizeX                    real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskSizeY                    real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskTop                      real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskVersion                  integer/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskWhat                     string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskWholeImageArea           string/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskX                        real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskY                        real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskZeroX                    real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskZeroY                    real/_
  GradientBasedCorrCorrectionName               string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMask                    CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModels          AreaModels Struct_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModelsComponents string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskColorAmount         real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthFeather        real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMax            real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMin            real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskInvert              boolean/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumFeather          real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMax              real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMin              real/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumRange            string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskSampleType          integer/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskType                string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskVersion             string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrCorrectionSyncID             string/_+
  GradientBasedCorrBlacks2012                   real/_
  GradientBasedCorrBrightness                   real/_
  GradientBasedCorrClarity                      real/_
  GradientBasedCorrClarity2012                  real/_
  GradientBasedCorrContrast                     real/_
  GradientBasedCorrContrast2012                 real/_
  GradientBasedCorrDefringe                     real/_
  GradientBasedCorrDehaze                       real/_
  GradientBasedCorrExposure                     real/_
  GradientBasedCorrExposure2012                 real/_
  GradientBasedCorrHighlights2012               real/_
  GradientBasedCorrHue                          real/_
  GradientBasedCorrLuminanceNoise               real/_
  GradientBasedCorrMoire                        real/_
  GradientBasedCorrSaturation                   real/_
  GradientBasedCorrShadows2012                  real/_
  GradientBasedCorrSharpness                    real/_
  GradientBasedCorrTemperature                  real/_
  GradientBasedCorrTexture                      real/_
  GradientBasedCorrTint                         real/_
  GradientBasedCorrToningHue                    real/_
  GradientBasedCorrToningSaturation             real/_
  GradientBasedCorrWhites2012                   real/_
  GradientBasedCorrWhat                         string/_
  GrainAmount                                   integer/
  GrainFrequency                                integer/
  GrainSeed                                     integer/
  GrainSize                                     integer/
  GrayMixerAqua                                 integer/
  GrayMixerBlue                                 integer/
  GrayMixerGreen                                integer/
  GrayMixerMagenta                              integer/
  GrayMixerOrange                               integer/
  GrayMixerPurple                               integer/
  GrayMixerRed                                  integer/
  GrayMixerYellow                               integer/
  GreenHue                                      integer/
  GreenSaturation                               integer/
  Group                                         lang-alt/
  HasCrop                                       boolean/
  HasSettings                                   boolean/
  HDREditMode                                   integer/
  Highlight2012                                 integer/
  HighlightRecovery                             integer/
  Highlights2012                                integer/
  HueAdjustmentAqua                             integer/
  HueAdjustmentBlue                             integer/
  HueAdjustmentGreen                            integer/
  HueAdjustmentMagenta                          integer/
  HueAdjustmentOrange                           integer/
  HueAdjustmentPurple                           integer/
  HueAdjustmentRed                              integer/
  HueAdjustmentYellow                           integer/
  IncrementalTemperature                        integer/
  IncrementalTint                               integer/
  JPEGHandling                                  string/
  LensBlur                                      LensBlur Struct
  LensBlurActive                                boolean/_
  LensBlurAmount                                real/_
  LensBlurBokehAspect                           real/_
  LensBlurBokehRotation                         real/_
  LensBlurBokehShape                            real/_
  LensBlurBokehShapeDetail                      real/_
  LensBlurCatEyeAmount                          real/_
  LensBlurCatEyeScale                           real/_
  LensBlurFocalRange                            string/_
  LensBlurFocalRangeSource                      real/_
  LensBlurHighlightsBoost                       real/_
  LensBlurHighlightsThreshold                   real/_
  LensBlurSampledArea                           string/_
  LensBlurSampledRange                          string/_
  LensBlurSphericalAberration                   real/_
  LensBlurSubjectRange                          string/_
  LensBlurVersion                               string/_
  LensManualDistortionAmount                    integer/
  LensProfileChromaticAberrationScale           integer/
  LensProfileDigest                             string/
  LensProfileDistortionScale                    integer/
  LensProfileEnable                             integer/
  LensProfileFilename                           string/
  LensProfileIsEmbedded                         boolean/
  LensProfileMatchKeyCameraModelName            string/
  LensProfileMatchKeyExifMake                   string/
  LensProfileMatchKeyExifModel                  string/
  LensProfileMatchKeyIsRaw                      boolean/
  LensProfileMatchKeyLensID                     string/
  LensProfileMatchKeyLensInfo                   string/
  LensProfileMatchKeyLensName                   string/
  LensProfileMatchKeySensorFormatFactor         real/
  LensProfileName                               string/
  LensProfileSetup                              string/
  LensProfileVignettingScale                    integer/
  Look                                          Look Struct
  LookAmount                                    string/_
  LookCluster                                   string/_
  LookCopyright                                 string/_
  LookGroup                                     lang-alt/_
  LookName                                      string/
  LookParameters                                LookParms Struct_
  LookParametersCameraProfile                   string/_
  LookParametersClarity2012                     string/_
  LookParametersConvertToGrayscale              string/_
  LookParametersHighlights2012                  string/_
  LookParametersLookTable                       string/_
  LookParametersProcessVersion                  string/_
  LookParametersShadows2012                     string/_
  LookParametersToneCurvePV2012                 string/_+
  LookParametersToneCurvePV2012Blue             string/_+
  LookParametersToneCurvePV2012Green            string/_+
  LookParametersToneCurvePV2012Red              string/_+
  LookParametersVersion                         string/_
  LookSupportsAmount                            string/_
  LookSupportsMonochrome                        string/_
  LookSupportsOutputReferred                    string/_
  LookUUID                                      string/_
  LuminanceAdjustmentAqua                       integer/
  LuminanceAdjustmentBlue                       integer/
  LuminanceAdjustmentGreen                      integer/
  LuminanceAdjustmentMagenta                    integer/
  LuminanceAdjustmentOrange                     integer/
  LuminanceAdjustmentPurple                     integer/
  LuminanceAdjustmentRed                        integer/
  LuminanceAdjustmentYellow                     integer/
  LuminanceNoiseReductionContrast               integer/
  LuminanceNoiseReductionDetail                 integer/
  LuminanceSmoothing                            integer/
  MaskGroupBasedCorrections                     Correction Struct+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrActive                      boolean/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrAmount                      real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMask                        CorrectionMask Struct_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskAlpha                   real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskAngle                   real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskBottom                  real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskCenterValue             real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskCenterWeight            real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRange                   CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModels         AreaModels Struct_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsComponents string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeColorAmount        real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthFeather       real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMax           real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMin           real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeInvert             boolean/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeLumFeather         real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMax             real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMin             real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeLumRange           string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeSampleType         integer/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeType               string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeVersion            string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskDabs                    string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskFeather                 real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskFlipped                 boolean/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskFlow                    real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskFullX                   real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskFullY                   real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskInputDigest             string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskLeft                    real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskActive              boolean/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskBlendMode           integer/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskDigest              string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskInverted            boolean/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskName                string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasks                   CorrectionMask Struct_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksAlpha              real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksAngle              real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksBottom             real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterValue        real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterWeight       real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksDabs               string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksFeather            real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksFlipped            boolean/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksFlow               real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksFullX              real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksFullY              real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksInputDigest        string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksLeft               real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskActive         boolean/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskBlendMode      integer/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskDigest         string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskInverted       boolean/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskName           string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSubType        string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSyncID         string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksValue              real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskVersion        string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMidpoint           real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksOrigin             string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksPerimeterValue     real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksRadius             real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksReferencePoint     string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksRight              real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksRoundness          real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeX              real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeY              real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksTop                real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskSubType             string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksVersion            integer/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksWhat               string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksWholeImageArea     string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksX                  real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksY                  real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskSyncID              string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroX              real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroY              real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskValue                   real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskVersion             string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMidpoint                real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskOrigin                  string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskPerimeterValue          real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRadius                  real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskReferencePoint          string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRight                   real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRoundness               real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskSizeX                   real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskSizeY                   real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskTop                     real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskVersion                 integer/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskWhat                    string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskWholeImageArea          string/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskX                       real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskY                       real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskZeroX                   real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskZeroY                   real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrCorrectionName              string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMask                   CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModels         AreaModels Struct_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModelsComponents string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskColorAmount        real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthFeather       real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMax           real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMin           real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskInvert             boolean/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskLumFeather         real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMax             real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMin             real/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskLumRange           string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskSampleType         integer/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskType               string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskVersion            string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrCorrectionSyncID            string/_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrBlacks2012                  real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrBrightness                  real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrClarity                     real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrClarity2012                 real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrContrast                    real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrContrast2012                real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrDefringe                    real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrDehaze                      real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrExposure                    real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrExposure2012                real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrHighlights2012              real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrHue                         real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrLuminanceNoise              real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMoire                       real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrSaturation                  real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrShadows2012                 real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrSharpness                   real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrTemperature                 real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrTexture                     real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrTint                        real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrToningHue                   real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrToningSaturation            real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrWhites2012                  real/_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrWhat                        string/_
  MoireFilter                                   string/
  Name                                          lang-alt/
  NegativeCacheLargePreviewSize                 integer/
  NegativeCacheMaximumSize                      real/
  NegativeCachePath                             string/
  OverrideLookVignette                          boolean/
  PaintBasedCorrections                         Correction Struct+
  PaintCorrectionActive                         boolean/_
  PaintCorrectionAmount                         real/_
  PaintBasedCorrectionMasks                     CorrectionMask Struct_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskAlpha                      real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskAngle                      real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskBottom                     real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskCenterValue                real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskCenterWeight               real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskRange                      CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeAreaModels            AreaModels Struct_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeAreaModelsComponents  string/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeColorAmount           real/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeDepthFeather          real/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeDepthMax              real/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeDepthMin              real/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeInvert                boolean/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeLumFeather            real/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeLumMax                real/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeLumMin                real/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeLumRange              string/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeSampleType            integer/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeType                  string/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeVersion               string/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskDabs                       string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskFeather                    real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskFlipped                    boolean/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskFlow                       real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskFullX                      real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskFullY                      real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskInputDigest                string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskLeft                       real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskActive                 boolean/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskBlendMode              integer/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskDigest                 string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskInverted               boolean/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskName                   string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasks                      CorrectionMask Struct_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksAlpha                 real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksAngle                 real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksBottom                real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksCenterValue           real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksCenterWeight          real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksDabs                  string/_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksFeather               real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksFlipped               boolean/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksFlow                  real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksFullX                 real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksFullY                 real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksInputDigest           string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksLeft                  real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskActive            boolean/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskBlendMode         integer/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskDigest            string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskInverted          boolean/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskName              string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskSubType           string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskSyncID            string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksValue                 real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskVersion           string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMidpoint              real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksOrigin                string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksPerimeterValue        real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksRadius                real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksReferencePoint        string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksRight                 real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksRoundness             real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksSizeX                 real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksSizeY                 real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksTop                   real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskSubType                string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksVersion               integer/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksWhat                  string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksWholeImageArea        string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksX                     real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksY                     real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskSyncID                 string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksZeroX                 real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksZeroY                 real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskValue                      real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskVersion                string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMidpoint                   real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskOrigin                     string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskPerimeterValue             real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskRadius                     real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskReferencePoint             string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskRight                      real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskRoundness                  real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskSizeX                      real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskSizeY                      real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskTop                        real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskVersion                    integer/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskWhat                       string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskWholeImageArea             string/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskX                          real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskY                          real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskZeroX                      real/_
  PaintCorrectionMaskZeroY                      real/_
  PaintCorrectionCorrectionName                 string/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMask                      CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskAreaModels            AreaModels Struct_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskAreaModelsComponents  string/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskColorAmount           real/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskDepthFeather          real/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMax              real/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMin              real/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskInvert                boolean/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumFeather            real/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumMax                real/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumMin                real/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumRange              string/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskSampleType            integer/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskType                  string/_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskVersion               string/_+
  PaintCorrectionCorrectionSyncID               string/_+
  PaintCorrectionBlacks2012                     real/_
  PaintCorrectionBrightness                     real/_
  PaintCorrectionClarity                        real/_
  PaintCorrectionClarity2012                    real/_
  PaintCorrectionContrast                       real/_
  PaintCorrectionContrast2012                   real/_
  PaintCorrectionDefringe                       real/_
  PaintCorrectionDehaze                         real/_
  PaintCorrectionExposure                       real/_
  PaintCorrectionExposure2012                   real/_
  PaintCorrectionHighlights2012                 real/_
  PaintCorrectionHue                            real/_
  PaintCorrectionLuminanceNoise                 real/_
  PaintCorrectionMoire                          real/_
  PaintCorrectionSaturation                     real/_
  PaintCorrectionShadows2012                    real/_
  PaintCorrectionSharpness                      real/_
  PaintCorrectionTemperature                    real/_
  PaintCorrectionTexture                        real/_
  PaintCorrectionTint                           real/_
  PaintCorrectionToningHue                      real/_
  PaintCorrectionToningSaturation               real/_
  PaintCorrectionWhites2012                     real/_
  PaintCorrectionWhat                           string/_
  ParametricDarks                               integer/
  ParametricHighlights                          integer/
  ParametricHighlightSplit                      integer/
  ParametricLights                              integer/
  ParametricMidtoneSplit                        integer/
  ParametricShadows                             integer/
  ParametricShadowSplit                         integer/
  PerspectiveAspect                             integer/
  PerspectiveHorizontal                         integer/
  PerspectiveRotate                             real/
  PerspectiveScale                              integer/
  PerspectiveUpright                            integer/
  PerspectiveVertical                           integer/
  PerspectiveX                                  real/
  PerspectiveY                                  real/
  PostCropVignetteAmount                        integer/
  PostCropVignetteFeather                       integer/
  PostCropVignetteHighlightContrast             integer/
  PostCropVignetteMidpoint                      integer/
  PostCropVignetteRoundness                     integer/
  PostCropVignetteStyle                         integer/
  PresetType                                    string/
  ProcessVersion                                string/
  RangeMask                                     RangeMask Struct
  RangeMaskMapInfo                              MapInfo Struct_
  RangeMaskMapInfoLabMax                        string/_
  RangeMaskMapInfoLabMin                        string/_
  RangeMaskMapInfoLumEq                         string/_+
  RangeMaskMapInfoRGBMax                        string/_
  RangeMaskMapInfoRGBMin                        string/_
  RawFileName                                   string/
  RedEyeInfo                                    string/+
  RedHue                                        integer/
  RedSaturation                                 integer/
  RetouchAreas                                  RetouchArea Struct+
  RetouchAreaFeather                            real/_
  RetouchAreaMasks                              CorrectionMask Struct_+
  RetouchAreaMaskAlpha                          real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskAngle                          real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskBottom                         real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskCenterValue                    real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskCenterWeight                   real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskRange                          CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeAreaModels                AreaModels Struct_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeAreaModelsComponents      string/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeColorAmount               real/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeDepthFeather              real/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeDepthMax                  real/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeDepthMin                  real/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeInvert                    boolean/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeLumFeather                real/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeLuminanceDepthSampleInfo  string/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeLumMax                    real/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeLumMin                    real/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeLumRange                  string/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeSampleType                integer/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeType                      string/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeVersion                   string/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskDabs                           string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskFeather                        real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskFlipped                        boolean/_
  RetouchAreaMaskFlow                           real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskFullX                          real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskFullY                          real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskInputDigest                    string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskLeft                           real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskActive                     boolean/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskBlendMode                  integer/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskDigest                     string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskInverted                   boolean/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskName                       string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasks                          CorrectionMask Struct_+
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksAlpha                     real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksAngle                     real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksBottom                    real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksCenterValue               real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksCenterWeight              real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksDabs                      string/_+
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksFeather                   real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksFlipped                   boolean/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksFlow                      real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksFullX                     real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksFullY                     real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksInputDigest               string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksLeft                      real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskActive                boolean/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskBlendMode             integer/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskDigest                string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskInverted              boolean/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskName                  string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskSubType               string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskSyncID                string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksValue                     real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskVersion               string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMidpoint                  real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksOrigin                    string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksPerimeterValue            real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksRadius                    real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksReferencePoint            string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksRight                     real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksRoundness                 real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksSizeX                     real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksSizeY                     real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksTop                       real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskSubType                    string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksVersion                   integer/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksWhat                      string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksWholeImageArea            string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksX                         real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksY                         real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskSyncID                     string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksZeroX                     real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksZeroY                     real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskValue                          real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskVersion                    string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskMidpoint                       real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskOrigin                         string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskPerimeterValue                 real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskRadius                         real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskReferencePoint                 string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskRight                          real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskRoundness                      real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskSizeX                          real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskSizeY                          real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskTop                            real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskVersion                        integer/_
  RetouchAreaMaskWhat                           string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskWholeImageArea                 string/_
  RetouchAreaMaskX                              real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskY                              real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskZeroX                          real/_
  RetouchAreaMaskZeroY                          real/_
  RetouchAreaMethod                             string/_
  RetouchAreaOffsetY                            real/_
  RetouchAreaOpacity                            real/_
  RetouchAreaSeed                               integer/_
  RetouchAreaSourceState                        string/_
  RetouchAreaSourceX                            real/_
  RetouchAreaSpotType                           string/_
  RetouchInfo                                   string/+
  Saturation                                    integer/
  SaturationAdjustmentAqua                      integer/
  SaturationAdjustmentBlue                      integer/
  SaturationAdjustmentGreen                     integer/
  SaturationAdjustmentMagenta                   integer/
  SaturationAdjustmentOrange                    integer/
  SaturationAdjustmentPurple                    integer/
  SaturationAdjustmentRed                       integer/
  SaturationAdjustmentYellow                    integer/
  SDRBlend                                      real/
  SDRBrightness                                 real/
  SDRContrast                                   real/
  SDRHighlights                                 real/
  SDRShadows                                    real/
  SDRWhites                                     real/
  Shadows                                       integer/
  Shadows2012                                   integer/
  ShadowTint                                    integer/
  SharpenDetail                                 integer/
  SharpenEdgeMasking                            integer/
  SharpenRadius                                 real/
  Sharpness                                     integer/
  ShortName                                     lang-alt/
  Smoothness                                    integer/
  SortName                                      lang-alt/
  SplitToningBalance                            integer/
  SplitToningHighlightHue                       integer/
  SplitToningHighlightSaturation                integer/
  SplitToningShadowHue                          integer/
  SplitToningShadowSaturation                   integer/
  SupportsAmount                                boolean/
  SupportsColor                                 boolean/
  SupportsHighDynamicRange                      boolean/
  SupportsMonochrome                            boolean/
  SupportsNormalDynamicRange                    boolean/
  SupportsOutputReferred                        boolean/
  SupportsSceneReferred                         boolean/
  ColorTemperature                              integer/
  Texture                                       integer/
  TIFFHandling                                  string/
  Tint                                          integer/
  ToggleStyleAmount                             integer/
  ToggleStyleDigest                             string/
  ToneCurve                                     string/+
  ToneCurveBlue                                 string/+
  ToneCurveGreen                                string/+
  ToneCurveName                                 string/
  ToneCurveName2012                             string/
  ToneCurvePV2012                               string/+
  ToneCurvePV2012Blue                           string/+
  ToneCurvePV2012Green                          string/+
  ToneCurvePV2012Red                            string/+
  ToneCurveRed                                  string/+
  ToneMapStrength                               real/
  UprightCenterMode                             integer/
  UprightCenterNormX                            real/
  UprightCenterNormY                            real/
  UprightDependentDigest                        string/
  UprightFocalLength35mm                        real/
  UprightFocalMode                              integer/
  UprightFourSegments_0                         string/
  UprightFourSegments_1                         string/
  UprightFourSegments_2                         string/
  UprightFourSegments_3                         string/
  UprightFourSegmentsCount                      integer/
  UprightGuidedDependentDigest                  string/
  UprightPreview                                boolean/
  UprightTransform_0                            string/
  UprightTransform_1                            string/
  UprightTransform_2                            string/
  UprightTransform_3                            string/
  UprightTransform_4                            string/
  UprightTransform_5                            string/
  UprightTransformCount                         integer/
  UprightVersion                                integer/
  UUID                                          string/
  Version                                       string/
  Vibrance                                      integer/
  VignetteAmount                                integer/
  VignetteMidpoint                              integer/
  What                                          string/
  WhiteBalance                                  string/
  Whites2012                                    integer/

XMP Correction Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  CorrectionActive                              boolean
  CorrectionAmount                              real
  CorrectionMasks                               CorrectionMask Struct+
  CorrectionName                                string
  CorrRangeMask                                 CorrRangeMask Struct
  CorrectionSyncID                              string
  LocalBlacks2012                               real
  LocalBrightness                               real
  LocalClarity                                  real
  LocalClarity2012                              real
  LocalContrast                                 real
  LocalContrast2012                             real
  LocalDefringe                                 real
  LocalDehaze                                   real
  LocalExposure                                 real
  LocalExposure2012                             real
  LocalHighlights2012                           real
  LocalHue                                      real
  LocalLuminanceNoise                           real
  LocalMoire                                    real
  LocalSaturation                               real
  LocalShadows2012                              real
  LocalSharpness                                real
  LocalTemperature                              real
  LocalTexture                                  real
  LocalTint                                     real
  LocalToningHue                                real
  LocalToningSaturation                         real
  LocalWhites2012                               real
  What                                          string

XMP CorrectionMask Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Alpha                                         real
  Angle                                         real
  Bottom                                        real
  CenterValue                                   real
  CenterWeight                                  real
  CorrRangeMask                                 CorrRangeMask Struct
  Dabs                                          string+
  Feather                                       real
  Flipped                                       boolean
  Flow                                          real
  FullX                                         real
  FullY                                         real
  InputDigest                                   string
  Left                                          real
  MaskActive                                    boolean
  MaskBlendMode                                 integer
  MaskDigest                                    string
  MaskInverted                                  boolean
  MaskName                                      string
  MaskSubType                                   string
  MaskSyncID                                    string
  MaskValue                                     real
  MaskVersion                                   string
  Masks                                         CorrectionMask Struct
  Midpoint                                      real
  Origin                                        string
  PerimeterValue                                real
  Radius                                        real
  ReferencePoint                                string
  Right                                         real
  Roundness                                     real
  SizeX                                         real
  SizeY                                         real
  Top                                           real
  Version                                       integer
  What                                          string
  WholeImageArea                                string
  X                                             real
  Y                                             real
  ZeroX                                         real
  ZeroY                                         real

XMP CorrRangeMask Struct

Called CorrectionRangeMask by the spec.

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  AreaModels                                    AreaModels Struct+
  ColorAmount                                   real
  DepthFeather                                  real
  DepthMax                                      real
  DepthMin                                      real
  Invert                                        boolean
  LumFeather                                    real
  LumMax                                        real
  LumMin                                        real
  LumRange                                      string
  LuminanceDepthSampleInfo                      string
  SampleType                                    integer
  Type                                          string
  Version                                       string

XMP AreaModels Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  AreaComponents                                string+
  ColorRangeMaskAreaSampleInfo                  string

XMP DepthBasedCorr Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  CorrectionActive                              boolean
  CorrectionAmount                              real
  CorrectionMasks                               CorrectionMask Struct+
  CorrectionSyncID                              string
  LocalCorrectedDepth                           real
  LocalCurveRefineSaturation                    real
  What                                          string

XMP DepthMapInfo Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  BaseHighlightGuideInputDigest                 string
  BaseHighlightGuideTable                       string
  BaseHighlightGuideVersion                     string
  BaseLayeredDepthInputDigest                   string
  BaseLayeredDepthTable                         string
  BaseLayeredDepthVersion                       string
  BaseRawDepthInputDigest                       string
  BaseRawDepthTable                             string
  BaseRawDepthVersion                           string
  DepthSource                                   string

XMP LensBlur Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Active                                        boolean
  BlurAmount                                    real
  BokehAspect                                   real
  BokehRotation                                 real
  BokehShape                                    real
  BokehShapeDetail                              real
  CatEyeAmount                                  real
  CatEyeScale                                   real
  FocalRange                                    string
  FocalRangeSource                              real
  HighlightsBoost                               real
  HighlightsThreshold                           real
  SampledArea                                   string
  SampledRange                                  string
  SphericalAberration                           real
  SubjectRange                                  string
  Version                                       string

XMP Look Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Amount                                        string
  Cluster                                       string
  Copyright                                     string
  Group                                         lang-alt
  Name                                          string
  Parameters                                    LookParms Struct
  SupportsAmount                                string
  SupportsMonochrome                            string
  SupportsOutputReferred                        string
  UUID                                          string

XMP LookParms Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  CameraProfile                                 string
  Clarity2012                                   string
  ConvertToGrayscale                            string
  Highlights2012                                string
  LookTable                                     string
  ProcessVersion                                string
  Shadows2012                                   string
  ToneCurvePV2012                               string+
  ToneCurvePV2012Blue                           string+
  ToneCurvePV2012Green                          string+
  ToneCurvePV2012Red                            string+
  Version                                       string

XMP RangeMask Struct

This structure is actually called RangeMaskMapInfo, but it only contains one element which is a RangeMaskMapInfo structure (Yes, really!). So these are renamed to RangeMask and MapInfo respectively to avoid confusion and redundancy in the tag names.

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  RangeMaskMapInfo                              MapInfo Struct

XMP MapInfo Struct

Called RangeMaskMapInfo by the specification, the same as the containing structure.

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  LabMax                                        string
  LabMin                                        string
  LumEq                                         string+
  RGBMax                                        string
  RGBMin                                        string

XMP RetouchArea Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Feather                                       real
  Masks                                         CorrectionMask Struct+
  Method                                        string
  OffsetY                                       real
  Opacity                                       real
  Seed                                          integer
  SourceState                                   string
  SourceX                                       real
  SpotType                                      string

XMP creatorAtom Tags

Adobe creatorAtom tags, written by After Effects.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-creatorAtom family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AeProjectLink                                 AEProjectLink Struct
  AeProjectLinkCompositionID                    string_
  AeProjectLinkFullPath                         string_
  AeProjectLinkRenderOutputModuleIndex          string_
  AeProjectLinkRenderQueueItemID                string_
  AeProjectLinkRenderTimeStamp                  integer_
  MacAtom                                       MacAtom Struct
  MacAtomApplicationCode                        string_
  MacAtomInvocationAppleEvent                   string_
  MacAtomPosixProjectPath                       string_
  WindowsAtom                                   WindowsAtom Struct
  WindowsAtomExtension                          string_
  WindowsAtomInvocationFlags                    string_
  WindowsAtomUncProjectPath                     string_
  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  CompositionID                                 string
  FullPath                                      string
  RenderOutputModuleIndex                       string
  RenderQueueItemID                             string
  RenderTimeStamp                               integer

XMP MacAtom Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  ApplicationCode                               string
  InvocationAppleEvent                          string
  PosixProjectPath                              string

XMP WindowsAtom Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Extension                                     string
  InvocationFlags                               string
  UncProjectPath                                string

XMP crs Tags

Photoshop Camera Raw namespace tags. It is a shame that Adobe pollutes the metadata space with these incredibly bulky image editing parameters.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-crs family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AlreadyApplied                                boolean
  AutoBrightness                                boolean
  AutoContrast                                  boolean
  AutoExposure                                  boolean
  AutoLateralCA                                 integer
  AutoShadows                                   boolean
  AutoTone                                      boolean
  AutoToneDigest                                string
  AutoToneDigestNoSat                           string
  AutoWhiteVersion                              integer
  Blacks2012                                    integer
  BlueHue                                       integer
  BlueSaturation                                integer
  Brightness                                    integer
  CameraModelRestriction                        string
  CameraProfile                                 string
  CameraProfileDigest                           string
  ChromaticAberrationB                          integer
  ChromaticAberrationR                          integer
  CircularGradientBasedCorrections              Correction Struct+
  CircGradBasedCorrActive                       boolean_
  CircGradBasedCorrAmount                       real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMasks                        CorrectionMask Struct_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskAlpha                    real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskAngle                    real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskBottom                   real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskCenterValue              real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskCenterWeight             real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRange                    CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModels          AreaModels Struct_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsComponents string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeColorAmount         real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthFeather        real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMax            real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMin            real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeInvert              boolean_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeLumFeather          real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMax              real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMin              real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeLumRange            string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeSampleType          integer_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeType                string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRangeVersion             string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskDabs                     string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskFeather                  real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskFlipped                  boolean_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskFlow                     real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskFullX                    real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskFullY                    real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskInputDigest              string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskLeft                     real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskActive               boolean_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskBlendMode            integer_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskDigest               string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskInverted             boolean_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskName                 string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasks                    CorrectionMask Struct_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksAlpha               real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksAngle               real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksBottom              real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterValue         real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterWeight        real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksDabs                string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksFeather             real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksFlipped             boolean_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksFlow                real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksFullX               real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksFullY               real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksInputDigest         string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksLeft                real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskActive          boolean_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskBlendMode       integer_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskDigest          string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskInverted        boolean_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskName            string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSubType         string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSyncID          string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksValue               real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskVersion         string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksMidpoint            real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksOrigin              string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksPerimeterValue      real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksRadius              real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksReferencePoint      string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksRight               real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksRoundness           real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeX               real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeY               real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksTop                 real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskSubType              string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksVersion             integer_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksWhat                string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksWholeImageArea      string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksX                   real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksY                   real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskSyncID               string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroX               real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroY               real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskValue                    real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMaskVersion              string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskMidpoint                 real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskOrigin                   string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskPerimeterValue           real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRadius                   real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskReferencePoint           string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRight                    real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskRoundness                real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskSizeX                    real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskSizeY                    real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskTop                      real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskVersion                  integer_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskWhat                     string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskWholeImageArea           string_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskX                        real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskY                        real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskZeroX                    real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMaskZeroY                    real_
  CircGradBasedCorrCorrectionName               string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMask                    CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModels          AreaModels Struct_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModelsComponents string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskColorAmount         real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthFeather        real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMax            real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMin            real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskInvert              boolean_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumFeather          real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMax              real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMin              real_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskLumRange            string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskSampleType          integer_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskType                string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrRangeMaskVersion             string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrCorrectionSyncID             string_+
  CircGradBasedCorrBlacks2012                   real_
  CircGradBasedCorrBrightness                   real_
  CircGradBasedCorrClarity                      real_
  CircGradBasedCorrClarity2012                  real_
  CircGradBasedCorrContrast                     real_
  CircGradBasedCorrContrast2012                 real_
  CircGradBasedCorrDefringe                     real_
  CircGradBasedCorrDehaze                       real_
  CircGradBasedCorrExposure                     real_
  CircGradBasedCorrExposure2012                 real_
  CircGradBasedCorrHighlights2012               real_
  CircGradBasedCorrHue                          real_
  CircGradBasedCorrLuminanceNoise               real_
  CircGradBasedCorrMoire                        real_
  CircGradBasedCorrSaturation                   real_
  CircGradBasedCorrShadows2012                  real_
  CircGradBasedCorrSharpness                    real_
  CircGradBasedCorrTemperature                  real_
  CircGradBasedCorrTexture                      real_
  CircGradBasedCorrTint                         real_
  CircGradBasedCorrToningHue                    real_
  CircGradBasedCorrToningSaturation             real_
  CircGradBasedCorrWhites2012                   real_
  CircGradBasedCorrWhat                         string_
  Clarity                                       integer
  Clarity2012                                   integer
  ClipboardAspectRatio                          integer
  ClipboardOrientation                          integer
  Cluster                                       string
  ColorGradeBlending                            integer
  ColorGradeGlobalHue                           integer
  ColorGradeGlobalLum                           integer
  ColorGradeGlobalSat                           integer
  ColorGradeHighlightLum                        integer
  ColorGradeMidtoneHue                          integer
  ColorGradeMidtoneLum                          integer
  ColorGradeMidtoneSat                          integer
  ColorGradeShadowLum                           integer
  ColorNoiseReduction                           integer
  ColorNoiseReductionDetail                     integer
  ColorNoiseReductionSmoothness                 integer
  CompatibleVersion                             string
  ContactInfo                                   string
  Contrast                                      integer/
  Contrast2012                                  integer
  Converter                                     string
  ConvertToGrayscale                            boolean
  Copyright                                     string/
  CropAngle                                     real
  CropBottom                                    real
  CropConstrainToWarp                           integer
  CropHeight                                    real
  CropLeft                                      real
  CropRight                                     real
  CropTop                                       real
  CropUnit                                      integer
  CropUnits                                     integer
  CropWidth                                     real
  DefaultAutoGray                               boolean
  DefaultAutoTone                               boolean
  DefaultsSpecificToISO                         boolean
  DefaultsSpecificToSerial                      boolean
  Defringe                                      integer
  DefringeGreenAmount                           integer
  DefringeGreenHueHi                            integer
  DefringeGreenHueLo                            integer
  DefringePurpleAmount                          integer
  DefringePurpleHueHi                           integer
  DefringePurpleHueLo                           integer
  Dehaze                                        real
  DepthBasedCorrections                         DepthBasedCorr Struct+
  DepthBasedCorrCorrectionActive                boolean_+
  DepthBasedCorrCorrectionAmount                real_+
  DepthBasedCorrMask                            CorrectionMask Struct_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskAlpha                       real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskAngle                       real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskBottom                      real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskCenterValue                 real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskCenterWeight                real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRange                       CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModels             AreaModels Struct_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsComponents   string_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeColorAmount            real_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthFeather           real_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMax               real_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMin               real_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeInvert                 boolean_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeLumFeather             real_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMax                 real_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMin                 real_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeLumRange               string_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeSampleType             integer_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeType                   string_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRangeVersion                string_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskDabs                        string_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskFeather                     real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskFlipped                     boolean_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskFlow                        real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskFullX                       real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskFullY                       real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskInputDigest                 string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskLeft                        real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskActive                  boolean_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskBlendMode               integer_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskDigest                  string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskInverted                boolean_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskName                    string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasks                       CorrectionMask Struct_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksAlpha                  real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksAngle                  real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksBottom                 real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterValue            real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterWeight           real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksDabs                   string_+
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksFeather                real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksFlipped                boolean_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksFlow                   real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksFullX                  real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksFullY                  real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksInputDigest            string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksLeft                   real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskActive             boolean_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskBlendMode          integer_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskDigest             string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskInverted           boolean_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskName               string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSubType            string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSyncID             string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksValue                  real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskVersion            string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksMidpoint               real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksOrigin                 string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksPerimeterValue         real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksRadius                 real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksReferencePoint         string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksRight                  real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksRoundness              real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeX                  real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeY                  real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksTop                    real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskSubType                 string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksVersion                integer_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksWhat                   string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksWholeImageArea         string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksX                      real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksY                      real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskSyncID                  string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroX                  real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroY                  real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskValue                       real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMaskVersion                 string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskMidpoint                    real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskOrigin                      string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskPerimeterValue              real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRadius                      real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskReferencePoint              string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRight                       real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskRoundness                   real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskSizeX                       real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskSizeY                       real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskTop                         real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskVersion                     integer_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskWhat                        string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskWholeImageArea              string_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskX                           real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskY                           real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskZeroX                       real_
  DepthBasedCorrMaskZeroY                       real_
  DepthBasedCorrCorrectionSyncID                string_+
  DepthBasedCorrLocalCorrectedDepth             real_+
  DepthBasedCorrLocalCurveRefineSaturation      real_+
  DepthBasedCorrWhat                            string_+
  DepthMapInfo                                  DepthMapInfo Struct
  DepthMapInfoBaseHighlightGuideInputDigest     string_
  DepthMapInfoBaseHighlightGuideTable           string_
  DepthMapInfoBaseHighlightGuideVersion         string_
  DepthMapInfoBaseLayeredDepthInputDigest       string_
  DepthMapInfoBaseLayeredDepthTable             string_
  DepthMapInfoBaseLayeredDepthVersion           string_
  DepthMapInfoBaseRawDepthInputDigest           string_
  DepthMapInfoBaseRawDepthTable                 string_
  DepthMapInfoBaseRawDepthVersion               string_
  DepthMapInfoDepthSource                       string_
  Description                                   lang-alt/
  DNGIgnoreSidecars                             boolean
  Exposure                                      real
  Exposure2012                                  real
  FillLight                                     integer
  GradientBasedCorrections                      Correction Struct+
  GradientBasedCorrActive                       boolean_
  GradientBasedCorrAmount                       real_
  GradientBasedCorrMasks                        CorrectionMask Struct_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskAlpha                    real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskAngle                    real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskBottom                   real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskCenterValue              real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskCenterWeight             real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRange                    CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModels          AreaModels Struct_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsComponents string_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeColorAmount         real_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthFeather        real_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMax            real_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMin            real_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeInvert              boolean_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeLumFeather          real_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMax              real_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMin              real_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeLumRange            string_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeSampleType          integer_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeType                string_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRangeVersion             string_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskDabs                     string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskFeather                  real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskFlipped                  boolean_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskFlow                     real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskFullX                    real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskFullY                    real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskInputDigest              string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskLeft                     real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskActive               boolean_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskBlendMode            integer_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskDigest               string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskInverted             boolean_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskName                 string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasks                    CorrectionMask Struct_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksAlpha               real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksAngle               real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksBottom              real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterValue         real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterWeight        real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksDabs                string_+
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksFeather             real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksFlipped             boolean_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksFlow                real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksFullX               real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksFullY               real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksInputDigest         string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksLeft                real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskActive          boolean_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskBlendMode       integer_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskDigest          string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskInverted        boolean_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskName            string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSubType         string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSyncID          string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksValue               real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskVersion         string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksMidpoint            real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksOrigin              string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksPerimeterValue      real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksRadius              real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksReferencePoint      string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksRight               real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksRoundness           real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeX               real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeY               real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksTop                 real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskSubType              string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksVersion             integer_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksWhat                string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksWholeImageArea      string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksX                   real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksY                   real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskSyncID               string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroX               real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroY               real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskValue                    real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMaskVersion              string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskMidpoint                 real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskOrigin                   string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskPerimeterValue           real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRadius                   real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskReferencePoint           string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRight                    real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskRoundness                real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskSizeX                    real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskSizeY                    real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskTop                      real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskVersion                  integer_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskWhat                     string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskWholeImageArea           string_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskX                        real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskY                        real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskZeroX                    real_
  GradientBasedCorrMaskZeroY                    real_
  GradientBasedCorrCorrectionName               string_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMask                    CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModels          AreaModels Struct_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModelsComponents string_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskColorAmount         real_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthFeather        real_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMax            real_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMin            real_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskInvert              boolean_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumFeather          real_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMax              real_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMin              real_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskLumRange            string_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskSampleType          integer_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskType                string_+
  GradientBasedCorrRangeMaskVersion             string_+
  GradientBasedCorrCorrectionSyncID             string_+
  GradientBasedCorrBlacks2012                   real_
  GradientBasedCorrBrightness                   real_
  GradientBasedCorrClarity                      real_
  GradientBasedCorrClarity2012                  real_
  GradientBasedCorrContrast                     real_
  GradientBasedCorrContrast2012                 real_
  GradientBasedCorrDefringe                     real_
  GradientBasedCorrDehaze                       real_
  GradientBasedCorrExposure                     real_
  GradientBasedCorrExposure2012                 real_
  GradientBasedCorrHighlights2012               real_
  GradientBasedCorrHue                          real_
  GradientBasedCorrLuminanceNoise               real_
  GradientBasedCorrMoire                        real_
  GradientBasedCorrSaturation                   real_
  GradientBasedCorrShadows2012                  real_
  GradientBasedCorrSharpness                    real_
  GradientBasedCorrTemperature                  real_
  GradientBasedCorrTexture                      real_
  GradientBasedCorrTint                         real_
  GradientBasedCorrToningHue                    real_
  GradientBasedCorrToningSaturation             real_
  GradientBasedCorrWhites2012                   real_
  GradientBasedCorrWhat                         string_
  GrainAmount                                   integer
  GrainFrequency                                integer
  GrainSeed                                     integer
  GrainSize                                     integer
  GrayMixerAqua                                 integer
  GrayMixerBlue                                 integer
  GrayMixerGreen                                integer
  GrayMixerMagenta                              integer
  GrayMixerOrange                               integer
  GrayMixerPurple                               integer
  GrayMixerRed                                  integer
  GrayMixerYellow                               integer
  GreenHue                                      integer
  GreenSaturation                               integer
  Group                                         lang-alt/
  HasCrop                                       boolean
  HasSettings                                   boolean
  HDREditMode                                   integer
  Highlight2012                                 integer
  HighlightRecovery                             integer
  Highlights2012                                integer
  HueAdjustmentAqua                             integer
  HueAdjustmentBlue                             integer
  HueAdjustmentGreen                            integer
  HueAdjustmentMagenta                          integer
  HueAdjustmentOrange                           integer
  HueAdjustmentPurple                           integer
  HueAdjustmentRed                              integer
  HueAdjustmentYellow                           integer
  IncrementalTemperature                        integer
  IncrementalTint                               integer
  JPEGHandling                                  string
  LensBlur                                      LensBlur Struct
  LensBlurActive                                boolean_
  LensBlurAmount                                real_
  LensBlurBokehAspect                           real_
  LensBlurBokehRotation                         real_
  LensBlurBokehShape                            real_
  LensBlurBokehShapeDetail                      real_
  LensBlurCatEyeAmount                          real_
  LensBlurCatEyeScale                           real_
  LensBlurFocalRange                            string_
  LensBlurFocalRangeSource                      real_
  LensBlurHighlightsBoost                       real_
  LensBlurHighlightsThreshold                   real_
  LensBlurSampledArea                           string_
  LensBlurSampledRange                          string_
  LensBlurSphericalAberration                   real_
  LensBlurSubjectRange                          string_
  LensBlurVersion                               string_
  LensManualDistortionAmount                    integer
  LensProfileChromaticAberrationScale           integer
  LensProfileDigest                             string
  LensProfileDistortionScale                    integer
  LensProfileEnable                             integer
  LensProfileFilename                           string
  LensProfileIsEmbedded                         boolean
  LensProfileMatchKeyCameraModelName            string
  LensProfileMatchKeyExifMake                   string
  LensProfileMatchKeyExifModel                  string
  LensProfileMatchKeyIsRaw                      boolean
  LensProfileMatchKeyLensID                     string
  LensProfileMatchKeyLensInfo                   string
  LensProfileMatchKeyLensName                   string
  LensProfileMatchKeySensorFormatFactor         real
  LensProfileName                               string
  LensProfileSetup                              string
  LensProfileVignettingScale                    integer
  Look                                          Look Struct
  LookAmount                                    string_
  LookCluster                                   string_
  LookCopyright                                 string_
  LookGroup                                     lang-alt_
  LookName                                      string
  LookParameters                                LookParms Struct_
  LookParametersCameraProfile                   string_
  LookParametersClarity2012                     string_
  LookParametersConvertToGrayscale              string_
  LookParametersHighlights2012                  string_
  LookParametersLookTable                       string_
  LookParametersProcessVersion                  string_
  LookParametersShadows2012                     string_
  LookParametersToneCurvePV2012                 string_+
  LookParametersToneCurvePV2012Blue             string_+
  LookParametersToneCurvePV2012Green            string_+
  LookParametersToneCurvePV2012Red              string_+
  LookParametersVersion                         string_
  LookSupportsAmount                            string_
  LookSupportsMonochrome                        string_
  LookSupportsOutputReferred                    string_
  LookUUID                                      string_
  LuminanceAdjustmentAqua                       integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentBlue                       integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentGreen                      integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentMagenta                    integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentOrange                     integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentPurple                     integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentRed                        integer
  LuminanceAdjustmentYellow                     integer
  LuminanceNoiseReductionContrast               integer
  LuminanceNoiseReductionDetail                 integer
  LuminanceSmoothing                            integer
  MaskGroupBasedCorrections                     Correction Struct+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrActive                      boolean_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrAmount                      real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMask                        CorrectionMask Struct_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskAlpha                   real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskAngle                   real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskBottom                  real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskCenterValue             real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskCenterWeight            real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRange                   CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModels         AreaModels Struct_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsComponents string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeColorAmount        real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthFeather       real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMax           real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeDepthMin           real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeInvert             boolean_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeLumFeather         real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMax             real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeLumMin             real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeLumRange           string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeSampleType         integer_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeType               string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRangeVersion            string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskDabs                    string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskFeather                 real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskFlipped                 boolean_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskFlow                    real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskFullX                   real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskFullY                   real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskInputDigest             string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskLeft                    real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskActive              boolean_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskBlendMode           integer_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskDigest              string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskInverted            boolean_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskName                string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasks                   CorrectionMask Struct_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksAlpha              real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksAngle              real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksBottom             real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterValue        real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksCenterWeight       real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksDabs               string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksFeather            real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksFlipped            boolean_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksFlow               real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksFullX              real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksFullY              real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksInputDigest        string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksLeft               real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskActive         boolean_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskBlendMode      integer_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskDigest         string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskInverted       boolean_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskName           string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSubType        string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskSyncID         string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksValue              real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMaskVersion        string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksMidpoint           real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksOrigin             string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksPerimeterValue     real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksRadius             real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksReferencePoint     string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksRight              real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksRoundness          real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeX              real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksSizeY              real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksTop                real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskSubType             string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksVersion            integer_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksWhat               string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksWholeImageArea     string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksX                  real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksY                  real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskSyncID              string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroX              real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMasksZeroY              real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskValue                   real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMaskVersion             string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskMidpoint                real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskOrigin                  string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskPerimeterValue          real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRadius                  real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskReferencePoint          string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRight                   real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskRoundness               real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskSizeX                   real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskSizeY                   real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskTop                     real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskVersion                 integer_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskWhat                    string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskWholeImageArea          string_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskX                       real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskY                       real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskZeroX                   real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMaskZeroY                   real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrCorrectionName              string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMask                   CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModels         AreaModels Struct_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModelsComponents string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskColorAmount        real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthFeather       real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMax           real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskDepthMin           real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskInvert             boolean_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskLumFeather         real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMax             real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskLumMin             real_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskLumRange           string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskSampleType         integer_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskType               string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrRangeMaskVersion            string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrCorrectionSyncID            string_+
  MaskGroupBasedCorrBlacks2012                  real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrBrightness                  real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrClarity                     real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrClarity2012                 real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrContrast                    real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrContrast2012                real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrDefringe                    real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrDehaze                      real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrExposure                    real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrExposure2012                real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrHighlights2012              real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrHue                         real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrLuminanceNoise              real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrMoire                       real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrSaturation                  real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrShadows2012                 real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrSharpness                   real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrTemperature                 real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrTexture                     real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrTint                        real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrToningHue                   real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrToningSaturation            real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrWhites2012                  real_
  MaskGroupBasedCorrWhat                        string_
  MoireFilter                                   string
  Name                                          lang-alt/
  NegativeCacheLargePreviewSize                 integer
  NegativeCacheMaximumSize                      real
  NegativeCachePath                             string
  OverrideLookVignette                          boolean
  PaintBasedCorrections                         Correction Struct+
  PaintCorrectionActive                         boolean_
  PaintCorrectionAmount                         real_
  PaintBasedCorrectionMasks                     CorrectionMask Struct_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskAlpha                      real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskAngle                      real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskBottom                     real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskCenterValue                real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskCenterWeight               real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskRange                      CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeAreaModels            AreaModels Struct_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeAreaModelsComponents  string_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeColorAmount           real_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeDepthFeather          real_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeDepthMax              real_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeDepthMin              real_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeInvert                boolean_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeLumFeather            real_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeLumMax                real_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeLumMin                real_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeLumRange              string_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeSampleType            integer_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeType                  string_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskRangeVersion               string_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskDabs                       string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskFeather                    real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskFlipped                    boolean_
  PaintCorrectionMaskFlow                       real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskFullX                      real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskFullY                      real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskInputDigest                string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskLeft                       real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskActive                 boolean_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskBlendMode              integer_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskDigest                 string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskInverted               boolean_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskName                   string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasks                      CorrectionMask Struct_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksAlpha                 real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksAngle                 real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksBottom                real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksCenterValue           real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksCenterWeight          real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksDabs                  string_+
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksFeather               real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksFlipped               boolean_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksFlow                  real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksFullX                 real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksFullY                 real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksInputDigest           string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksLeft                  real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskActive            boolean_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskBlendMode         integer_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskDigest            string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskInverted          boolean_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskName              string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskSubType           string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskSyncID            string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksValue                 real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMaskVersion           string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksMidpoint              real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksOrigin                string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksPerimeterValue        real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksRadius                real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksReferencePoint        string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksRight                 real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksRoundness             real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksSizeX                 real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksSizeY                 real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksTop                   real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskSubType                string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksVersion               integer_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksWhat                  string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksWholeImageArea        string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksX                     real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksY                     real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskSyncID                 string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksZeroX                 real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMasksZeroY                 real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskValue                      real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMaskVersion                string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskMidpoint                   real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskOrigin                     string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskPerimeterValue             real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskRadius                     real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskReferencePoint             string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskRight                      real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskRoundness                  real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskSizeX                      real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskSizeY                      real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskTop                        real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskVersion                    integer_
  PaintCorrectionMaskWhat                       string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskWholeImageArea             string_
  PaintCorrectionMaskX                          real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskY                          real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskZeroX                      real_
  PaintCorrectionMaskZeroY                      real_
  PaintCorrectionCorrectionName                 string_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMask                      CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskAreaModels            AreaModels Struct_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskAreaModelsComponents  string_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskColorAmount           real_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskDepthFeather          real_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMax              real_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskDepthMin              real_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskInvert                boolean_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumFeather            real_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLuminanceDepthSampleInfo string_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumMax                real_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumMin                real_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskLumRange              string_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskSampleType            integer_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskType                  string_+
  PaintCorrectionRangeMaskVersion               string_+
  PaintCorrectionCorrectionSyncID               string_+
  PaintCorrectionBlacks2012                     real_
  PaintCorrectionBrightness                     real_
  PaintCorrectionClarity                        real_
  PaintCorrectionClarity2012                    real_
  PaintCorrectionContrast                       real_
  PaintCorrectionContrast2012                   real_
  PaintCorrectionDefringe                       real_
  PaintCorrectionDehaze                         real_
  PaintCorrectionExposure                       real_
  PaintCorrectionExposure2012                   real_
  PaintCorrectionHighlights2012                 real_
  PaintCorrectionHue                            real_
  PaintCorrectionLuminanceNoise                 real_
  PaintCorrectionMoire                          real_
  PaintCorrectionSaturation                     real_
  PaintCorrectionShadows2012                    real_
  PaintCorrectionSharpness                      real_
  PaintCorrectionTemperature                    real_
  PaintCorrectionTexture                        real_
  PaintCorrectionTint                           real_
  PaintCorrectionToningHue                      real_
  PaintCorrectionToningSaturation               real_
  PaintCorrectionWhites2012                     real_
  PaintCorrectionWhat                           string_
  ParametricDarks                               integer
  ParametricHighlights                          integer
  ParametricHighlightSplit                      integer
  ParametricLights                              integer
  ParametricMidtoneSplit                        integer
  ParametricShadows                             integer
  ParametricShadowSplit                         integer
  PerspectiveAspect                             integer
  PerspectiveHorizontal                         integer
  PerspectiveRotate                             real
  PerspectiveScale                              integer
  PerspectiveUpright                            integer
  PerspectiveVertical                           integer
  PerspectiveX                                  real
  PerspectiveY                                  real
  PostCropVignetteAmount                        integer
  PostCropVignetteFeather                       integer
  PostCropVignetteHighlightContrast             integer
  PostCropVignetteMidpoint                      integer
  PostCropVignetteRoundness                     integer
  PostCropVignetteStyle                         integer
  PresetType                                    string
  ProcessVersion                                string
  RangeMask                                     RangeMask Struct
  RangeMaskMapInfo                              MapInfo Struct_
  RangeMaskMapInfoLabMax                        string_
  RangeMaskMapInfoLabMin                        string_
  RangeMaskMapInfoLumEq                         string_+
  RangeMaskMapInfoRGBMax                        string_
  RangeMaskMapInfoRGBMin                        string_
  RawFileName                                   string
  RedEyeInfo                                    string+
  RedHue                                        integer
  RedSaturation                                 integer
  RetouchAreas                                  RetouchArea Struct+
  RetouchAreaFeather                            real_
  RetouchAreaMasks                              CorrectionMask Struct_+
  RetouchAreaMaskAlpha                          real_
  RetouchAreaMaskAngle                          real_
  RetouchAreaMaskBottom                         real_
  RetouchAreaMaskCenterValue                    real_
  RetouchAreaMaskCenterWeight                   real_
  RetouchAreaMaskRange                          CorrRangeMask Struct_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeAreaModels                AreaModels Struct_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeAreaModelsComponents      string_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeAreaModelsColorSampleInfo string_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeColorAmount               real_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeDepthFeather              real_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeDepthMax                  real_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeDepthMin                  real_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeInvert                    boolean_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeLumFeather                real_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeLuminanceDepthSampleInfo  string_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeLumMax                    real_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeLumMin                    real_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeLumRange                  string_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeSampleType                integer_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeType                      string_+
  RetouchAreaMaskRangeVersion                   string_+
  RetouchAreaMaskDabs                           string_
  RetouchAreaMaskFeather                        real_
  RetouchAreaMaskFlipped                        boolean_
  RetouchAreaMaskFlow                           real_
  RetouchAreaMaskFullX                          real_
  RetouchAreaMaskFullY                          real_
  RetouchAreaMaskInputDigest                    string_
  RetouchAreaMaskLeft                           real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskActive                     boolean_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskBlendMode                  integer_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskDigest                     string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskInverted                   boolean_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskName                       string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasks                          CorrectionMask Struct_+
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksAlpha                     real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksAngle                     real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksBottom                    real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksCenterValue               real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksCenterWeight              real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksDabs                      string_+
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksFeather                   real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksFlipped                   boolean_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksFlow                      real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksFullX                     real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksFullY                     real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksInputDigest               string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksLeft                      real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskActive                boolean_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskBlendMode             integer_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskDigest                string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskInverted              boolean_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskName                  string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskSubType               string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskSyncID                string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksValue                     real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMaskVersion               string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksMidpoint                  real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksOrigin                    string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksPerimeterValue            real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksRadius                    real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksReferencePoint            string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksRight                     real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksRoundness                 real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksSizeX                     real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksSizeY                     real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksTop                       real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskSubType                    string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksVersion                   integer_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksWhat                      string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksWholeImageArea            string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksX                         real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksY                         real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskSyncID                     string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksZeroX                     real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMasksZeroY                     real_
  RetouchAreaMaskValue                          real_
  RetouchAreaMaskMaskVersion                    string_
  RetouchAreaMaskMidpoint                       real_
  RetouchAreaMaskOrigin                         string_
  RetouchAreaMaskPerimeterValue                 real_
  RetouchAreaMaskRadius                         real_
  RetouchAreaMaskReferencePoint                 string_
  RetouchAreaMaskRight                          real_
  RetouchAreaMaskRoundness                      real_
  RetouchAreaMaskSizeX                          real_
  RetouchAreaMaskSizeY                          real_
  RetouchAreaMaskTop                            real_
  RetouchAreaMaskVersion                        integer_
  RetouchAreaMaskWhat                           string_
  RetouchAreaMaskWholeImageArea                 string_
  RetouchAreaMaskX                              real_
  RetouchAreaMaskY                              real_
  RetouchAreaMaskZeroX                          real_
  RetouchAreaMaskZeroY                          real_
  RetouchAreaMethod                             string_
  RetouchAreaOffsetY                            real_
  RetouchAreaOpacity                            real_
  RetouchAreaSeed                               integer_
  RetouchAreaSourceState                        string_
  RetouchAreaSourceX                            real_
  RetouchAreaSpotType                           string_
  RetouchInfo                                   string+
  Saturation                                    integer/
  SaturationAdjustmentAqua                      integer
  SaturationAdjustmentBlue                      integer
  SaturationAdjustmentGreen                     integer
  SaturationAdjustmentMagenta                   integer
  SaturationAdjustmentOrange                    integer
  SaturationAdjustmentPurple                    integer
  SaturationAdjustmentRed                       integer
  SaturationAdjustmentYellow                    integer
  SDRBlend                                      real
  SDRBrightness                                 real
  SDRContrast                                   real
  SDRHighlights                                 real
  SDRShadows                                    real
  SDRWhites                                     real
  Shadows                                       integer
  Shadows2012                                   integer
  ShadowTint                                    integer
  SharpenDetail                                 integer
  SharpenEdgeMasking                            integer
  SharpenRadius                                 real
  Sharpness                                     integer/
  ShortName                                     lang-alt
  Smoothness                                    integer
  SortName                                      lang-alt
  SplitToningBalance                            integer
  SplitToningHighlightHue                       integer
  SplitToningHighlightSaturation                integer
  SplitToningShadowHue                          integer
  SplitToningShadowSaturation                   integer
  SupportsAmount                                boolean
  SupportsColor                                 boolean
  SupportsHighDynamicRange                      boolean
  SupportsMonochrome                            boolean
  SupportsNormalDynamicRange                    boolean
  SupportsOutputReferred                        boolean
  SupportsSceneReferred                         boolean
  ColorTemperature                              integer
  Texture                                       integer
  TIFFHandling                                  string
  Tint                                          integer
  ToggleStyleAmount                             integer
  ToggleStyleDigest                             string
  ToneCurve                                     string+
  ToneCurveBlue                                 string+
  ToneCurveGreen                                string+
  ToneCurveName                                 string
  ToneCurveName2012                             string
  ToneCurvePV2012                               string+
  ToneCurvePV2012Blue                           string+
  ToneCurvePV2012Green                          string+
  ToneCurvePV2012Red                            string+
  ToneCurveRed                                  string+
  ToneMapStrength                               real
  UprightCenterMode                             integer
  UprightCenterNormX                            real
  UprightCenterNormY                            real
  UprightDependentDigest                        string
  UprightFocalLength35mm                        real
  UprightFocalMode                              integer
  UprightFourSegments_0                         string
  UprightFourSegments_1                         string
  UprightFourSegments_2                         string
  UprightFourSegments_3                         string
  UprightFourSegmentsCount                      integer
  UprightGuidedDependentDigest                  string
  UprightPreview                                boolean
  UprightTransform_0                            string
  UprightTransform_1                            string
  UprightTransform_2                            string
  UprightTransform_3                            string
  UprightTransform_4                            string
  UprightTransform_5                            string
  UprightTransformCount                         integer
  UprightVersion                                integer
  UUID                                          string/
  Version                                       string
  Vibrance                                      integer
  VignetteAmount                                integer
  VignetteMidpoint                              integer
  What                                          string
  WhiteBalance                                  string/
  Whites2012                                    integer

XMP dc Tags

Dublin Core namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-dc family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Contributor                                   string+
  Coverage                                      string
  Creator                                       string+
  Date                                          date+
  Description                                   lang-alt
  Format                                        string
  Identifier                                    string
  Language                                      string+
  Publisher                                     string+
  Relation                                      string+
  Rights                                        lang-alt
  Source                                        string/
  Subject                                       string+
  Title                                         lang-alt
  Type                                          string+

XMP Device Tags

Google depth-map Device tags. See for the specification.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-Device family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AppInfo                                       AppInfo Struct
  AppInfoApplication                            string_
  AppInfoItemURI                                string_
  AppInfoVersion                                string_
  Cameras                                       DeviceCameras Struct+
  Camera                                        DeviceCamera Struct_+
  CameraAppInfo                                 AppInfo Struct_+
  CameraAppInfoApplication                      string_+
  CameraAppInfoItemURI                          string_+
  CameraAppInfoVersion                          string_+
  CameraDepthMap                                DeviceDepthMap Struct_+
  CameraDepthMapConfidenceURI                   string_+
  CameraDepthMapDepthURI                        string_+
  CameraDepthMapFar                             real_+
  CameraDepthMapFocalTable                      string_+
  CameraDepthMapFocalTableEntryCount            integer_+
  CameraDepthMapFormat                          string_+
  CameraDepthMapItemSemantic                    string_+
  CameraDepthMapMeasureType                     string_+
  CameraDepthMapNear                            real_+
  CameraDepthMapSoftware                        string_+
  CameraDepthMapUnits                           string_+
  CameraImage                                   DeviceImage Struct_+
  CameraImageItemSemantic                       string_+
  CameraImageItemURI                            string_+
  CameraImagingModel                            DeviceImagingModel Struct_+
  CameraImagingModelDistortion                  string_+
  CameraImagingModelDistortionCount             integer_+
  CameraImagingModelFocalLengthX                real_+
  CameraImagingModelFocalLengthY                real_+
  CameraImagingModelImageHeight                 integer_+
  CameraImagingModelImageWidth                  integer_+
  CameraImagingModelPixelAspectRatio            real_+
  CameraImagingModelPrincipalPointX             real_+
  CameraImagingModelPrincipalPointY             real_+
  CameraImagingModelSkew                        real_+
  CameraLightEstimate                           DeviceLightEstimate Struct_+
  CameraLightEstimateColorCorrectionB           real_+
  CameraLightEstimateColorCorrectionG           real_+
  CameraLightEstimateColorCorrectionR           real_+
  CameraLightEstimatePixelIntensity             real_+
  CameraPointCloud                              DevicePointCloud Struct_+
  CameraPointCloudMetric                        boolean_+
  CameraPointCloudPointCloud                    integer_+
  CameraPointCloudPoints                        string_+
  CameraPose                                    Pose Struct_+
  CameraPosePositionX                           real_+
  CameraPosePositionY                           real_+
  CameraPosePositionZ                           real_+
  CameraPoseRotationW                           real_+
  CameraPoseRotationX                           real_+
  CameraPoseRotationY                           real_+
  CameraPoseRotationZ                           real_+
  CameraPoseTimestamp                           integer_+
  CameraTrait                                   string_+
  CameraVendorInfo                              VendorInfo Struct_+
  CameraVendorInfoManufacturer                  string_+
  CameraVendorInfoModel                         string_+
  CameraVendorInfoNotes                         string_+
  Container                                     DeviceContainer Struct
  ContainerDirectory                            DeviceDirectory Struct_+
  ContainerDirectoryItem                        DeviceItem Struct_+
  ContainerDirectoryItemDataURI                 string_+
  ContainerDirectoryItemLength                  integer_+
  ContainerDirectoryItemMime                    string_+
  ContainerDirectoryItemPadding                 integer_+
  EarthPos                                      EarthPose Struct
  EarthPosAltitude                              real_
  EarthPosLatitude                              real_
  EarthPosLongitude                             real_
  EarthPosRotationW                             real_
  EarthPosRotationX                             real_
  EarthPosRotationY                             real_
  EarthPosRotationZ                             real_
  EarthPosTimestamp                             integer_
  Planes                                        DevicePlanes Struct+
  Plane                                         DevicePlane Struct_+
  PlaneBoundary                                 string_+
  PlaneBoundaryVertexCount                      integer_+
  PlaneExtentX                                  real_+
  PlaneExtentZ                                  real_+
  PlanePose                                     Pose Struct_+
  PlanePosePositionX                            real_+
  PlanePosePositionY                            real_+
  PlanePosePositionZ                            real_+
  PlanePoseRotationW                            real_+
  PlanePoseRotationX                            real_+
  PlanePoseRotationY                            real_+
  PlanePoseRotationZ                            real_+
  PlanePoseTimestamp                            integer_+
  Pose                                          Pose Struct
  PosePositionX                                 real_
  PosePositionY                                 real_
  PosePositionZ                                 real_
  PoseRotationW                                 real_
  PoseRotationX                                 real_
  PoseRotationY                                 real_
  PoseRotationZ                                 real_
  PoseTimestamp                                 integer_
  Profiles                                      DeviceProfiles Struct+
  Profile                                       DeviceProfile Struct_+
  ProfileCameraIndices                          integer_+
  ProfileType                                   string_+
  VendorInfo                                    VendorInfo Struct
  VendorInfoManufacturer                        string_
  VendorInfoModel                               string_
  VendorInfoNotes                               string_

XMP AppInfo Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Application                                   string
  ItemURI                                       string
  Version                                       string

XMP DeviceCameras Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Camera                                        DeviceCamera Struct

XMP DeviceCamera Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  AppInfo                                       AppInfo Struct
  DepthMap                                      DeviceDepthMap Struct
  Image                                         DeviceImage Struct
  ImagingModel                                  DeviceImagingModel Struct
  LightEstimate                                 DeviceLightEstimate Struct
  PointCloud                                    DevicePointCloud Struct
  Pose                                          Pose Struct
  Trait                                         string
  VendorInfo                                    VendorInfo Struct

XMP DeviceDepthMap Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  ConfidenceURI                                 string
  DepthURI                                      string
  Far                                           real
  FocalTable                                    string
  FocalTableEntryCount                          integer
  Format                                        string
  ItemSemantic                                  string
  MeasureType                                   string
  Near                                          real
  Software                                      string
  Units                                         string

XMP DeviceImage Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  ItemSemantic                                  string
  ItemURI                                       string

XMP DeviceImagingModel Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Distortion                                    string
  DistortionCount                               integer
  FocalLengthX                                  real
  FocalLengthY                                  real
  ImageHeight                                   integer
  ImageWidth                                    integer
  PixelAspectRatio                              real
  PrincipalPointX                               real
  PrincipalPointY                               real
  Skew                                          real

XMP DeviceLightEstimate Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  ColorCorrectionB                              real
  ColorCorrectionG                              real
  ColorCorrectionR                              real
  PixelIntensity                                real

XMP DevicePointCloud Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Metric                                        boolean
  PointCloud                                    integer
  Points                                        string

XMP Pose Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  PositionX                                     real
  PositionY                                     real
  PositionZ                                     real
  RotationW                                     real
  RotationX                                     real
  RotationY                                     real
  RotationZ                                     real
  Timestamp                                     integer

XMP VendorInfo Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Manufacturer                                  string
  Model                                         string
  Notes                                         string

XMP DeviceContainer Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Directory                                     DeviceDirectory Struct+

XMP DeviceDirectory Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Item                                          DeviceItem Struct

XMP DeviceItem Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  DataURI                                       string
  Length                                        integer
  Mime                                          string
  Padding                                       integer

XMP EarthPose Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Altitude                                      real
  Latitude                                      real
  Longitude                                     real
  RotationW                                     real
  RotationX                                     real
  RotationY                                     real
  RotationZ                                     real
  Timestamp                                     integer

XMP DevicePlanes Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Plane                                         DevicePlane Struct

XMP DevicePlane Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Boundary                                      string
  BoundaryVertexCount                           integer
  ExtentX                                       real
  ExtentZ                                       real
  Pose                                          Pose Struct

XMP DeviceProfiles Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Profile                                       DeviceProfile Struct

XMP DeviceProfile Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  CameraIndices                                 integer+
  Type                                          string

XMP dex Tags

Description Explorer namespace tags. These tags are not very common. The Source and Rating tags are avoided when writing due to name conflicts with other XMP tags. (see

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-dex family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CRC32                                         integer
  FFID                                          string
  LicenseType                                   string
  OS                                            integer
  Rating                                        string/
  Revision                                      string
  ShortDescription                              lang-alt
  Source                                        string/


DICOM namespace tags. These XMP tags allow some DICOM information to be stored in files of other than DICOM format. See the DICOM Tags documentation for a list of tags available in DICOM-format files.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-DICOM family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  EquipmentInstitution                          string
  EquipmentManufacturer                         string
  PatientBirthDate                              date
  PatientID                                     string
  PatientName                                   string
  PatientSex                                    string
  SeriesDateTime                                date
  SeriesDescription                             string
  SeriesModality                                string
  SeriesNumber                                  string
  StudyDateTime                                 date
  StudyDescription                              string
  StudyID                                       string
  StudyPhysician                                string

XMP digiKam Tags

DigiKam namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-digiKam family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CaptionsAuthorNames                           lang-alt
  CaptionsDateTimeStamps                        lang-alt
  ColorLabel                                    string
  ImageHistory                                  string/
  ImageUniqueID                                 string/
  LensCorrectionSettings                        string
  PicasawebGPhotoId                             string
  PickLabel                                     string
  TagsList                                      string+

XMP ExifTool Tags

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-et family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  OriginalImageHash                             string
  OriginalImageHashType                         string
  OriginalImageMD5                              string

XMP exif Tags

EXIF namespace for EXIF tags. See for the specification.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-exif family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  ApertureValue                                 rational
  BrightnessValue                               rational
  CFAPattern                                    CFAPattern Struct
  CFAPatternColumns                             integer_
  CFAPatternRows                                integer_
  CFAPatternValues                              integer_+
  ColorSpace                                    integer
  ComponentsConfiguration                       integer+
  CompressedBitsPerPixel                        rational
  Contrast                                      integer
  CustomRendered                                integer
  DateTimeDigitized                             date
  DateTimeOriginal                              date
  DeviceSettingDescription                      DeviceSettings Struct
  DeviceSettingDescriptionColumns               integer_
  DeviceSettingDescriptionRows                  integer_
  DeviceSettingDescriptionSettings              string_+
  DigitalZoomRatio                              rational
  ExifVersion                                   string
  ExposureCompensation                          rational
  ExposureIndex                                 rational
  ExposureMode                                  integer
  ExposureProgram                               integer
  ExposureTime                                  rational
  FileSource                                    integer
  Flash                                         Flash Struct
  FlashEnergy                                   rational
  FlashFired                                    boolean_
  FlashFunction                                 boolean_
  FlashMode                                     integer_
  FlashpixVersion                               string
  FlashRedEyeMode                               boolean_
  FlashReturn                                   integer_
  FNumber                                       rational
  FocalLength                                   rational
  FocalLengthIn35mmFormat                       integer
  FocalPlaneResolutionUnit                      integer
  FocalPlaneXResolution                         rational
  FocalPlaneYResolution                         rational
  GainControl                                   integer
  GPSAltitude                                   rational
  GPSAltitudeRef                                integer
  GPSAreaInformation                            string
  GPSDestBearing                                rational
  GPSDestBearingRef                             string
  GPSDestDistance                               rational
  GPSDestDistanceRef                            string
  GPSDestLatitude                               string
  GPSDestLongitude                              string
  GPSDifferential                               integer
  GPSDOP                                        rational
  GPSHPositioningError                          rational
  GPSImgDirection                               rational
  GPSImgDirectionRef                            string
  GPSLatitude                                   string
  GPSLongitude                                  string
  GPSMapDatum                                   string
  GPSMeasureMode                                integer
  GPSProcessingMethod                           string
  GPSSatellites                                 string
  GPSSpeed                                      rational
  GPSSpeedRef                                   string
  GPSStatus                                     string
  GPSDateTime                                   date
  GPSTrack                                      rational
  GPSTrackRef                                   string
  GPSVersionID                                  string
  ImageUniqueID                                 string
  ISO                                           integer+
  LightSource                                   string
  MakerNote                                     string
  MaxApertureValue                              rational
  MeteringMode                                  integer
  NativeDigest                                  string
  Opto-ElectricConvFactor                       OECF Struct
  OECFColumns                                   integer_
  OECFNames                                     string_+
  OECFRows                                      integer_
  OECFValues                                    rational_+
  ExifImageWidth                                integer
  ExifImageHeight                               integer
  RelatedSoundFile                              string
  Saturation                                    integer
  SceneCaptureType                              integer
  SceneType                                     integer
  SensingMethod                                 integer
  Sharpness                                     integer
  ShutterSpeedValue                             rational
  SpatialFrequencyResponse                      OECF Struct
  SpatialFrequencyResponseColumns               integer_
  SpatialFrequencyResponseNames                 string_+
  SpatialFrequencyResponseRows                  integer_
  SpatialFrequencyResponseValues                rational_+
  SpectralSensitivity                           string
  SubjectArea                                   integer+
  SubjectDistance                               rational
  SubjectDistanceRange                          integer
  SubjectLocation                               integer+
  UserComment                                   lang-alt
  WhiteBalance                                  integer

XMP CFAPattern Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Columns                                       integer
  Rows                                          integer
  Values                                        integer+

XMP DeviceSettings Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Columns                                       integer
  Rows                                          integer
  Settings                                      string+

XMP Flash Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Fired                                         boolean
  Function                                      boolean
  Mode                                          integer
  RedEyeMode                                    boolean
  Return                                        integer


  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Columns                                       integer
  Names                                         string+
  Rows                                          integer
  Values                                        rational+

XMP exifEX Tags

EXIF tags added by the EXIF 2.32 for XMP specification (see

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-exifEX family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Acceleration                                  rational
  SerialNumber                                  string
  CameraElevationAngle                          rational
  OwnerName                                     string
  CompositeImage                                integer
  CompositeImageCount                           integer+
  CompositeImageExposureTimes                   CompImageExp Struct
  CompImageMaxExposureAll                       rational_
  CompImageMaxExposureUsed                      rational_
  CompImageMinExposureAll                       rational_
  CompImageMinExposureUsed                      rational_
  CompImageImagesPerSequence                    integer_
  CompImageNumSequences                         integer_
  CompImageSumExposureAll                       rational_
  CompImageSumExposureUsed                      rational_
  CompImageTotalExposurePeriod                  rational_
  CompImageValues                               rational_+
  Gamma                                         rational
  Humidity                                      rational
  InteropIndex                                  string
  ISOSpeed                                      integer
  ISOSpeedLatitudeyyy                           integer
  ISOSpeedLatitudezzz                           integer
  LensMake                                      string
  LensModel                                     string
  LensSerialNumber                              string
  LensInfo                                      rational+
  PhotographicSensitivity                       integer
  Pressure                                      rational
  RecommendedExposureIndex                      integer
  SensitivityType                               integer
  StandardOutputSensitivity                     integer
  AmbientTemperature                            rational
  WaterDepth                                    rational

XMP CompImageExp Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  MaxExposureTimesOfAll                         rational
  MaxExposureTimesOfUsed                        rational
  MinExposureTimesOfAll                         rational
  MinExposureTimesOfUsed                        rational
  NumberOfImagesInSequences                     integer
  NumberOfSequences                             integer
  SumOfExposureTimesOfAll                       rational
  SumOfExposureTimesOfUsed                      rational
  TotalExposurePeriod                           rational
  Values                                        rational+

XMP ExpressionMedia Tags

Microsoft Expression Media namespace tags. These tags are avoided when writing due to name conflicts with tags in other schemas.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-expressionmedia family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CatalogSets                                   string/+
  Event                                         string/
  People                                        string/+
  Status                                        string/

XMP extensis Tags

Tags used by Extensis Portfolio.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-extensis family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Approved                                      boolean
  ApprovedBy                                    string
  ClientName                                    string
  JobName                                       string
  JobStatus                                     string
  RoutedTo                                      string
  RoutingNotes                                  string
  WorkToDo                                      string

XMP fpv Tags

Fast Picture Viewer tags (see

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-fpv family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  RichTextComment                               string

XMP GAudio Tags

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GAudio family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AudioData                                     string
  AudioMimeType                                 string

XMP GCamera Tags

Camera information found in Google panorama images.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GCamera family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  BurstID                                       string
  BurstPrimary                                  string
  DisableAutoCreation                           string+
  HDRPMakerNote                                 string
  HdrPlusMakernote                              string
  MicroVideo                                    integer
  MicroVideoOffset                              integer
  MicroVideoPresentationTimestampUs             integer
  MicroVideoVersion                             integer
  PortraitNote                                  string
  PortraitRequest                               string
  PortraitVersion                               string
  ShotLogData                                   string
  SpecialTypeID                                 string+

XMP GCreations Tags

Google creations tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GCreations family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CameraBurstID                                 string
  Type                                          string/

XMP GDepth Tags

Google depthmap information. See for the specification.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GDepth family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Confidence                                    string/
  ConfidenceMime                                string/
  DepthImage                                    string/
  Far                                           real/
  Format                                        string/
  ImageHeight                                   real/
  ImageWidth                                    real/
  Manufacturer                                  string/
  MeasureType                                   string/
  Mime                                          string/
  Model                                         string/
  Near                                          real/
  Software                                      string/
  Units                                         string/

XMP GettyImages Tags

The actual Getty Images namespace prefix is "GettyImagesGIFT", which is the prefix recorded in the file, but ExifTool shortens this for the family 1 group name.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-getty family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AssetID                                       string
  CallForImage                                  string
  CameraFilename                                string
  CameraMakeModel                               string/
  CameraSerialNumber                            string/
  Composition                                   string
  ExclusiveCoverage                             string
  GIFTFtpPriority                               string
  ImageRank                                     string
  MediaEventIdDate                              string
  OriginalCreateDateTime                        date/
  OriginalFileName                              string
  ParentMediaEventID                            string
  ParentMEID                                    string
  Personality                                   string+
  PrimaryFTP                                    string+
  RoutingDestinations                           string+
  RoutingExclusions                             string+
  SecondaryFTP                                  string+
  TimeShot                                      string

XMP GFocus Tags

Focus information found in Google depthmap images.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GFocus family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  BlurAtInfinity                                real
  FocalDistance                                 real
  FocalPointX                                   real
  FocalPointY                                   real

XMP GImage Tags

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GImage family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  ImageData                                     string
  ImageMimeType                                 string

XMP GPano Tags

Panorama tags written by Google Photosphere. See for the specification.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GPano family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CaptureSoftware                               string
  CroppedAreaImageHeightPixels                  real
  CroppedAreaImageWidthPixels                   real
  CroppedAreaLeftPixels                         real
  CroppedAreaTopPixels                          real
  ExposureLockUsed                              boolean
  FirstPhotoDate                                date
  FullPanoHeightPixels                          real
  FullPanoWidthPixels                           real
  InitialCameraDolly                            real
  InitialHorizontalFOVDegrees                   real
  InitialVerticalFOVDegrees                     real
  InitialViewHeadingDegrees                     real
  InitialViewPitchDegrees                       real
  InitialViewRollDegrees                        real
  LargestValidInteriorRectHeight                real
  LargestValidInteriorRectLeft                  real
  LargestValidInteriorRectTop                   real
  LargestValidInteriorRectWidth                 real
  LastPhotoDate                                 date
  PoseHeadingDegrees                            real
  PosePitchDegrees                              real
  PoseRollDegrees                               real
  ProjectionType                                string
  SourcePhotosCount                             integer
  StitchingSoftware                             string
  UsePanoramaViewer                             boolean

XMP GSpherical Tags

Not actually XMP. These RDF/XML tags are used in Google spherical MP4 videos. These tags are written into the video track of MOV/MP4 files, and not at the top level like other XMP tags. See for the specification.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-GSpherical family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CroppedAreaImageHeightPixels                  integer/
  CroppedAreaImageWidthPixels                   integer/
  CroppedAreaLeftPixels                         integer/
  CroppedAreaTopPixels                          integer/
  FullPanoHeightPixels                          integer/
  FullPanoWidthPixels                           integer/
  InitialViewHeadingDegrees                     real/
  InitialViewPitchDegrees                       real/
  InitialViewRollDegrees                        real/
  ProjectionType                                string/
  SourceCount                                   integer/
  Spherical                                     boolean/
  StereoMode                                    string/
  Stitched                                      boolean/
  StitchingSoftware                             string/
  TimeStamp                                     integer/

XMP hdr Tags

HDR metadata namespace tags written by ACR 15.1. The actual namespace prefix is "hdr_metadata", which is the prefix recorded in the file, but ExifTool shortens this for the family 1 group name.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-hdr family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CCVAvgLuminanceNits                           real
  CCVMaxLuminanceNits                           real
  CCVMinLuminanceNits                           real
  CCVPrimariesXY                                string
  CCVWhiteXY                                    string
  SceneReferred                                 boolean

XMP hdrgm Tags

Tags used in Adobe gain map images.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-hdrgm family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  BaseRenditionIsHDR                            boolean
  GainMapMax                                    real+
  GainMapMin                                    real+
  Gamma                                         real/+
  HDRCapacityMax                                real
  HDRCapacityMin                                real
  OffsetHDR                                     real+
  OffsetSDR                                     real+
  Version                                       string/

XMP ics Tags

Tags used by IDimager. Nested TagStructure structures are unrolled to an arbitrary depth of 6 to avoid infinite recursion.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-ics family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AppVersion                                    string/
  ImageRef                                      string
  SubVersions                                   SubVersion Struct+
  SubVersionFileName                            string_+
  SubVersionReference                           string_+
  TagStructure                                  TagStructure Struct+
  LabelName1                                    string_+
  ParentReference1                              string_+
  Reference1                                    string_+
  SubLabels1                                    TagStructure Struct_+
  LabelName2                                    string_+
  ParentReference2                              string_+
  Reference2                                    string_+
  SubLabels2                                    TagStructure Struct_+
  LabelName3                                    string_+
  ParentReference3                              string_+
  Reference3                                    string_+
  SubLabels3                                    TagStructure Struct_+
  LabelName4                                    string_+
  ParentReference4                              string_+
  Reference4                                    string_+
  SubLabels4                                    TagStructure Struct_+
  LabelName5                                    string_+
  ParentReference5                              string_+
  Reference5                                    string_+
  SubLabels5                                    TagStructure Struct_+
  LabelName6                                    string_+
  ParentReference6                              string_+
  Reference6                                    string_+
  TimeStamp                                     date/

XMP SubVersion Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  FileName                                      string
  VersRef                                       string

XMP TagStructure Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  LabelName                                     string
  ParentReference                               string
  Reference                                     string
  SubLabels                                     TagStructure Struct+

XMP iptcCore Tags

IPTC Core namespace tags. The actual IPTC Core namespace prefix is "Iptc4xmpCore", which is the prefix recorded in the file, but ExifTool shortens this for the family 1 group name. (see

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-iptcCore family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AltTextAccessibility                          lang-alt
  CountryCode                                   string
  CreatorContactInfo                            ContactInfo Struct
  CreatorCity                                   string_
  CreatorCountry                                string_
  CreatorAddress                                string_
  CreatorPostalCode                             string_
  CreatorRegion                                 string_
  CreatorWorkEmail                              string_
  CreatorWorkTelephone                          string_
  CreatorWorkURL                                string_
  ExtDescrAccessibility                         lang-alt
  IntellectualGenre                             string
  Location                                      string
  Scene                                         string+
  SubjectCode                                   string+

XMP ContactInfo Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  CiAdrCity                                     string
  CiAdrCtry                                     string
  CiAdrExtadr                                   string
  CiAdrPcode                                    string
  CiAdrRegion                                   string
  CiEmailWork                                   string
  CiTelWork                                     string
  CiUrlWork                                     string

XMP iptcExt Tags

This table contains tags defined by the IPTC Extension schema version 1.7 and IPTC Video Metadata version 1.3. The actual namespace prefix is "Iptc4xmpExt", but ExifTool shortens this for the family 1 group name. (See and

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-iptcExt family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AboutCvTerm                                   CVTermDetails Struct+
  AboutCvTermCvId                               string_+
  AboutCvTermId                                 string_+
  AboutCvTermName                               lang-alt_+
  AboutCvTermRefinedAbout                       string_+
  AdditionalModelInformation                    string
  ArtworkOrObject                               ArtworkOrObjectDetails Struct+
  ArtworkCircaDateCreated                       string!_+
  ArtworkContentDescription                     lang-alt_+
  ArtworkContributionDescription                lang-alt_+
  ArtworkCopyrightNotice                        string_+
  ArtworkCreator                                string_+
  ArtworkCreatorID                              string_+
  ArtworkCopyrightOwnerID                       string_+
  ArtworkCopyrightOwnerName                     string_+
  ArtworkLicensorID                             string_+
  ArtworkLicensorName                           string_+
  ArtworkDateCreated                            date_+
  ArtworkPhysicalDescription                    lang-alt_+
  ArtworkSource                                 string_+
  ArtworkSourceInventoryNo                      string_+
  ArtworkSourceInvURL                           string_+
  ArtworkStylePeriod                            string_+
  ArtworkTitle                                  lang-alt_+
  AudioBitrate                                  integer
  AudioBitrateMode                              string
  AudioBitsPerSample                            integer
  AudioChannelCount                             integer
  CircaDateCreated                              string
  ContainerFormat                               Entity Struct
  ContainerFormatIdentifier                     string_+
  ContainerFormatName                           lang-alt_
  Contributor                                   EntityWithRole Struct+
  ContributorIdentifier                         string_+
  ContributorName                               lang-alt_+
  ContributorRole                               string_+
  CopyrightYear                                 integer
  Creator                                       EntityWithRole Struct+
  CreatorIdentifier                             string_+
  CreatorName                                   lang-alt_+
  CreatorRole                                   string_+
  ControlledVocabularyTerm                      string+
  DataOnScreen                                  TextRegion Struct+
  DataOnScreenRegion                            Area Struct_+
  DataOnScreenRegionD                           real_+
  DataOnScreenRegionH                           real_+
  DataOnScreenRegionText                        string_+
  DataOnScreenRegionUnit                        string_+
  DataOnScreenRegionW                           real_+
  DataOnScreenRegionX                           real_+
  DataOnScreenRegionY                           real_+
  DigitalImageGUID                              string
  DigitalSourceFileType                         string
  DigitalSourceType                             string
  Dopesheet                                     lang-alt
  DopesheetLink                                 QualifiedLink Struct+
  DopesheetLinkLink                             string_+
  DopesheetLinkLinkQualifier                    string_+
  EmbdEncRightsExpr                             EEREDetails Struct+
  EmbeddedEncodedRightsExpr                     string_+
  EmbeddedEncodedRightsExprType                 string_+
  EmbeddedEncodedRightsExprLangID               string_+
  Episode                                       EpisodeOrSeason Struct
  EpisodeIdentifier                             string_
  EpisodeName                                   string_
  EpisodeNumber                                 string_
  Event                                         lang-alt
  ShownEvent                                    Entity Struct+
  ShownEventIdentifier                          string_+
  ShownEventName                                lang-alt_+
  EventID                                       string+
  ExternalMetadataLink                          string+
  FeedIdentifier                                string
  Genre                                         CVTermDetails Struct+
  GenreCvId                                     string_+
  GenreCvTermId                                 string_+
  GenreCvTermName                               lang-alt_+
  GenreCvTermRefinedAbout                       string_+
  Headline                                      lang-alt/
  ImageRegion                                   ImageRegion Struct+
  ImageRegionName                               lang-alt_+
  ImageRegionCtype                              Entity Struct_+
  ImageRegionCtypeIdentifier                    string_+
  ImageRegionCtypeName                          lang-alt_+
  ImageRegionBoundary                           RegionBoundary Struct_+
  ImageRegionBoundaryH                          real_+
  ImageRegionBoundaryRx                         real_+
  ImageRegionBoundaryShape                      string_+
  ImageRegionBoundaryUnit                       string_+
  ImageRegionBoundaryVertices                   BoundaryPoint Struct_+
  ImageRegionBoundaryVerticesX                  real_+
  ImageRegionBoundaryVerticesY                  real_+
  ImageRegionBoundaryW                          real_+
  ImageRegionBoundaryX                          real_+
  ImageRegionBoundaryY                          real_+
  ImageRegionID                                 string_+
  ImageRegionRole                               Entity Struct_+
  ImageRegionRoleIdentifier                     string_+
  ImageRegionRoleName                           lang-alt_+
  IPTCLastEdited                                date
  LinkedEncRightsExpr                           LEREDetails Struct+
  LinkedEncodedRightsExpr                       string_+
  LinkedEncodedRightsExprType                   string_+
  LinkedEncodedRightsExprLangID                 string_+
  LocationCreated                               LocationDetails Struct+
  LocationCreatedCity                           string_+
  LocationCreatedCountryCode                    string_+
  LocationCreatedCountryName                    string_+
  LocationCreatedGPSAltitude                    rational_+
  LocationCreatedGPSLatitude                    string_+
  LocationCreatedGPSLongitude                   string_+
  LocationCreatedIdentifier                     string_+
  LocationCreatedLocationId                     string_+
  LocationCreatedLocationName                   lang-alt_+
  LocationCreatedProvinceState                  string_+
  LocationCreatedSublocation                    string_+
  LocationCreatedWorldRegion                    string_+
  LocationShown                                 LocationDetails Struct+
  LocationShownCity                             string_+
  LocationShownCountryCode                      string_+
  LocationShownCountryName                      string_+
  LocationShownGPSAltitude                      rational_+
  LocationShownGPSLatitude                      string_+
  LocationShownGPSLongitude                     string_+
  LocationShownIdentifier                       string_+
  LocationShownLocationId                       string_+
  LocationShownLocationName                     lang-alt_+
  LocationShownProvinceState                    string_+
  LocationShownSublocation                      string_+
  LocationShownWorldRegion                      string_+
  MaxAvailHeight                                integer
  MaxAvailWidth                                 integer
  MetadataAuthority                             Entity Struct
  MetadataAuthorityIdentifier                   string_+
  MetadataAuthorityName                         lang-alt_
  MetadataLastEdited                            date
  MetadataLastEditor                            Entity Struct
  MetadataLastEditorIdentifier                  string_+
  MetadataLastEditorName                        lang-alt_
  ModelAge                                      integer+
  OrganisationInImageCode                       string+
  OrganisationInImageName                       string+
  ParentID                                      string
  PersonHeard                                   Entity Struct+
  PersonHeardIdentifier                         string_+
  PersonHeardName                               lang-alt_+
  PersonInImage                                 string+
  PersonInImageWDetails                         PersonDetails Struct+
  PersonInImageCharacteristic                   CVTermDetails Struct_+
  PersonInImageCvTermCvId                       string_+
  PersonInImageCvTermId                         string_+
  PersonInImageCvTermName                       lang-alt_+
  PersonInImageCvTermRefinedAbout               string_+
  PersonInImageDescription                      lang-alt_+
  PersonInImageId                               string_+
  PersonInImageName                             lang-alt_+
  PlanningRef                                   EntityWithRole Struct+
  PlanningRefIdentifier                         string_+
  PlanningRefName                               lang-alt_+
  PlanningRefRole                               string_+
  ProductInImage                                ProductDetails Struct+
  ProductInImageDescription                     lang-alt_+
  ProductInImageGTIN                            string_+
  ProductInImageProductId                       string_+
  ProductInImageName                            lang-alt_+
  PublicationEvent                              PublicationEvent Struct+
  PublicationEventDate                          date_+
  PublicationEventIdentifier                    string_+
  PublicationEventName                          string_+
  Rating                                        Rating Struct+
  RatingRegion                                  LocationDetails Struct_+
  RatingRegionCity                              string_+
  RatingRegionCountryCode                       string_+
  RatingRegionCountryName                       string_+
  RatingRegionGPSAltitude                       rational_+
  RatingRegionGPSLatitude                       string_+
  RatingRegionGPSLongitude                      string_+
  RatingRegionIdentifier                        string_+
  RatingRegionLocationId                        string_+
  RatingRegionLocationName                      lang-alt_+
  RatingRegionProvinceState                     string_+
  RatingRegionSublocation                       string_+
  RatingRegionWorldRegion                       string_+
  RatingScaleMaxValue                           string_+
  RatingScaleMinValue                           string_+
  RatingSourceLink                              string_+
  RatingValue                                   string_+
  RatingValueLogoLink                           string_+
  RecDevice                                     Device Struct
  RecDeviceAttLensDescription                   string_
  RecDeviceManufacturer                         string_
  RecDeviceModelName                            string_
  RecDeviceOwnersDeviceId                       string_
  RecDeviceSerialNumber                         string_
  RegistryID                                    RegistryEntryDetails Struct+
  RegistryEntryRole                             string_+
  RegistryItemID                                string_+
  RegistryOrganisationID                        string_+
  ReleaseReady                                  boolean
  Season                                        EpisodeOrSeason Struct
  SeasonIdentifier                              string_
  SeasonName                                    string_
  SeasonNumber                                  string_
  Series                                        Series Struct
  SeriesIdentifier                              string_
  SeriesName                                    string_
  Snapshot                                      LinkedImage Struct+
  SnapshotFormat                                string_+
  SnapshotHeightPixels                          integer_+
  SnapshotImageRole                             string_+
  SnapshotLink                                  string_+
  SnapshotLinkQualifier                         string_+
  SnapshotUsedVideoFrame                        Timecode Struct_+
  SnapshotUsedVideoFrameTimeFormat              string_+
  SnapshotUsedVideoFrameTimeValue               string_+
  SnapshotUsedVideoFrameValue                   integer_+
  SnapshotWidthPixels                           integer_+
  StorylineIdentifier                           string+
  StreamReady                                   string
  StylePeriod                                   string
  SupplyChainSource                             Entity Struct+
  SupplyChainSourceIdentifier                   string_+
  SupplyChainSourceName                         lang-alt_+
  TemporalCoverage                              TemporalCoverage Struct
  TemporalCoverageFrom                          date_
  TemporalCoverageTo                            date_
  Transcript                                    lang-alt
  TranscriptLink                                QualifiedLink Struct+
  TranscriptLinkLink                            string_+
  TranscriptLinkLinkQualifier                   string_+
  VideoBitrate                                  integer
  VideoBitrateMode                              string
  VideoDisplayAspectRatio                       rational
  VideoEncodingProfile                          string
  VideoShotType                                 Entity Struct+
  VideoShotTypeIdentifier                       string_+
  VideoShotTypeName                             lang-alt_+
  VideoStreamsCount                             integer
  VisualColor                                   string
  WorkflowTag                                   CVTermDetails Struct
  WorkflowTagCvId                               string_
  WorkflowTagCvTermId                           string_
  WorkflowTagCvTermName                         lang-alt_
  WorkflowTagCvTermRefinedAbout                 string_

XMP CVTermDetails Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  CvId                                          string
  CvTermId                                      string
  CvTermName                                    lang-alt
  CvTermRefinedAbout                            string

XMP ArtworkOrObjectDetails Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  AOCircaDateCreated                            string
  AOContentDescription                          lang-alt
  AOContributionDescription                     lang-alt
  AOCopyrightNotice                             string
  AOCreator                                     string+
  AOCreatorId                                   string+
  AOCurrentCopyrightOwnerId                     string
  AOCurrentCopyrightOwnerName                   string
  AOCurrentLicensorId                           string
  AOCurrentLicensorName                         string
  AODateCreated                                 date
  AOPhysicalDescription                         lang-alt
  AOSource                                      string
  AOSourceInvNo                                 string
  AOSourceInvURL                                string
  AOStylePeriod                                 string+
  AOTitle                                       lang-alt

XMP Entity Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Identifier                                    string+
  Name                                          lang-alt

XMP EntityWithRole Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Identifier                                    string+
  Name                                          lang-alt
  Role                                          string+

XMP TextRegion Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Region                                        Area Struct
  RegionText                                    string

XMP Area Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  D                                             real
  H                                             real
  Unit                                          string
  W                                             real
  X                                             real
  Y                                             real
  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Link                                          string
  LinkQualifier                                 string

XMP EEREDetails Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  EncRightsExpr                                 string
  RightsExprEncType                             string
  RightsExprLangId                              string

XMP EpisodeOrSeason Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Identifier                                    string
  Name                                          string
  Number                                        string

XMP ImageRegion Struct

This structure is new in the IPTC Extension version 1.5 specification. As well as the fields defined below, this structure may contain any top-level XMP tags, but since they aren't pre-defined the only way to add these tags is to write ImageRegion as a structure with these tags as new fields.

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Name                                          lang-alt
  RegionBoundary                                RegionBoundary Struct
  RCtype                                        Entity Struct+
  RId                                           string
  RRole                                         Entity Struct+

XMP RegionBoundary Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  RbH                                           real
  RbRx                                          real
  RbShape                                       string
  RbUnit                                        string
  RbVertices                                    BoundaryPoint Struct+
  RbW                                           real
  RbX                                           real
  RbY                                           real

XMP BoundaryPoint Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  RbX                                           real
  RbY                                           real

XMP LEREDetails Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  LinkedRightsExpr                              string
  RightsExprEncType                             string
  RightsExprLangId                              string

XMP LocationDetails Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  City                                          string
  CountryCode                                   string
  CountryName                                   string
  GPSAltitude                                   rational
  GPSLatitude                                   string
  GPSLongitude                                  string
  Identifier                                    string+
  LocationId                                    string+
  LocationName                                  lang-alt
  ProvinceState                                 string
  Sublocation                                   string
  WorldRegion                                   string

XMP PersonDetails Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  PersonCharacteristic                          CVTermDetails Struct+
  PersonDescription                             lang-alt
  PersonId                                      string+
  PersonName                                    lang-alt

XMP ProductDetails Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  ProductDescription                            lang-alt
  ProductGTIN                                   string
  ProductId                                     string
  ProductName                                   lang-alt

XMP PublicationEvent Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Date                                          date
  Identifier                                    string
  Name                                          string

XMP Rating Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  RatingRegion                                  LocationDetails Struct+
  RatingScaleMaxValue                           string
  RatingScaleMinValue                           string
  RatingSourceLink                              string
  RatingValue                                   string
  RatingValueLogoLink                           string

XMP Device Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  AttLensDescription                            string
  Manufacturer                                  string
  ModelName                                     string
  OwnersDeviceId                                string
  SerialNumber                                  string

XMP RegistryEntryDetails Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  RegEntryRole                                  string
  RegItemId                                     string
  RegOrgId                                      string

XMP Series Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Identifier                                    string
  Name                                          string

XMP LinkedImage Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  HeightPixels                                  integer
  ImageRole                                     string
  Link                                          string
  LinkQualifier                                 string+
  UsedVideoFrame                                Timecode Struct
  WidthPixels                                   integer
  Format                                        string

XMP Timecode Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  TimeFormat                                    string
  TimeValue                                     string
  Value                                         integer

XMP TemporalCoverage Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  TempCoverageFrom                              date
  TempCoverageTo                                date

XMP LImage Tags

Tags written by RED smartphones.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-LImage family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  MajorVersion                                  string
  MinorVersion                                  string
  RightAlbedo                                   string

XMP Lightroom Tags

Adobe Lightroom "lr" namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-lr family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  HierarchicalSubject                           string+
  PrivateRTKInfo                                string
  WeightedFlatSubject                           string+

XMP MediaPro Tags

iView MediaPro namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-mediapro family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CatalogSets                                   string+
  Event                                         string/
  Location                                      string/
  People                                        string+
  Status                                        string
  UserFields                                    string+

XMP panorama Tags

Adobe Photoshop Panorama-profile tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-panorama family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Transformation                                string
  VirtualFocalLength                            real
  VirtualImageXCenter                           real
  VirtualImageYCenter                           real

XMP pdf Tags

Adobe PDF namespace tags. The official XMP specification defines only Keywords, PDFVersion, Producer and Trapped. The other tags are included because they have been observed in PDF files, but some are avoided when writing due to name conflicts with other XMP namespaces.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-pdf family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Author                                        string
  Copyright                                     string/
  CreationDate                                  date
  Creator                                       string/
  Keywords                                      string
  Marked                                        boolean/
  ModDate                                       date
  PDFVersion                                    string
  Producer                                      string
  Subject                                       string/
  Title                                         string/
  Trapped                                       string

XMP pdfx Tags

PDF extension tags. This namespace is used to store application-defined PDF information, so there are no pre-defined tags. User-defined tags must be created to enable writing of XMP-pdfx information.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-pdfx family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  [no tags known]

XMP photoshop Tags

Adobe Photoshop namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-photoshop family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AuthorsPosition                               string
  CameraProfiles                                Camera Struct+
  CameraProfilesApertureValue                   real_+
  CameraProfilesAuthor                          string_+
  CameraProfilesAutoScale                       boolean_+
  CameraProfilesCameraPrettyName                string_+
  CameraProfilesCameraRawProfile                boolean_+
  CameraProfilesFocalLength                     real_+
  CameraProfilesFocusDistance                   real_+
  CameraProfilesLens                            string_+
  CameraProfilesLensPrettyName                  string_+
  CameraProfilesMake                            string_+
  CameraProfilesModel                           string_+
  CameraProfilesPerspectiveModel                PerspectiveModel Struct_+
  CameraProfilesPerspectiveModelImageXCenter    real_+
  CameraProfilesPerspectiveModelImageYCenter    real_+
  CameraProfilesPerspectiveModelRadialDistortParam1 real_+
  CameraProfilesPerspectiveModelRadialDistortParam2 real_+
  CameraProfilesPerspectiveModelRadialDistortParam3 real_+
  CameraProfilesPerspectiveModelScaleFactor     real_+
  CameraProfilesPerspectiveModelVersion         string_+
  CameraProfilesProfileName                     string_+
  CameraProfilesSensorFormatFactor              real_+
  CameraProfilesUniqueCameraModel               string_+
  CaptionWriter                                 string
  Category                                      string
  City                                          string
  ColorMode                                     integer
  Country                                       string
  Credit                                        string
  DateCreated                                   date
  DocumentAncestors                             string+
  EmbeddedXMPDigest                             string
  Headline                                      string
  History                                       string
  ICCProfileName                                string
  Instructions                                  string
  LegacyIPTCDigest                              string
  SidecarForExtension                           string
  Source                                        string
  State                                         string
  SupplementalCategories                        string+
  TextLayers                                    Layer Struct+
  TextLayerName                                 string_+
  TextLayerText                                 string_+
  TransmissionReference                         string
  Urgency                                       integer

XMP Camera Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  ApertureValue                                 real
  Author                                        string
  AutoScale                                     boolean
  CameraPrettyName                              string
  CameraRawProfile                              boolean
  FocalLength                                   real
  FocusDistance                                 real
  Lens                                          string
  LensPrettyName                                string
  Make                                          string
  Model                                         string
  PerspectiveModel                              PerspectiveModel Struct
  ProfileName                                   string
  SensorFormatFactor                            real
  UniqueCameraModel                             string

XMP PerspectiveModel Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  ImageXCenter                                  real
  ImageYCenter                                  real
  RadialDistortParam1                           real
  RadialDistortParam2                           real
  RadialDistortParam3                           real
  ScaleFactor                                   real
  Version                                       string

XMP Layer Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  LayerName                                     string
  LayerText                                     string

XMP PixelLive Tags

PixelLive namespace tags. These tags are not writable because they are very uncommon and I haven't been able to locate a reference which gives the namespace URI.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-PixelLive family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Author                                        no
  Comments                                      no
  Copyright                                     no
  Date                                          no
  Genre                                         no
  Title                                         no

XMP pmi Tags

PRISM Metadata for Images 3.0 namespace tags. (see

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-pmi family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Color                                         string/
  ContactInfo                                   string/
  DisplayName                                   string/
  DistributorProductID                          string/
  EventAlias                                    string/
  EventEnd                                      string/
  EventStart                                    string/
  EventSubtype                                  string/
  EventType                                     string/
  Field                                         string/
  Framing                                       string/
  Location                                      string/
  Make                                          string/
  Manufacturer                                  string/
  Model                                         string/
  ModelYear                                     string/
  ObjectDescription                             string/
  ObjectSubtype                                 string/
  ObjectType                                    string/
  Orientation                                   string/
  PositionDescriptor                            string/
  ProductID                                     string/
  ProductIDType                                 string/
  Season                                        string/
  SequenceName                                  string/
  SequenceNumber                                string/
  SequenceTotalNumber                           string/
  Setting                                       string/
  ShootID                                       string/
  SlideshowName                                 string/
  SlideshowNumber                               integer/
  SlideshowTotalNumber                          integer/
  Viewpoint                                     string/
  VisualTechnique                               string/

XMP prism Tags

Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata 3.0 namespace tags. (see

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-prism family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AcademicField                                 string/
  AggregateIssueNumber                          integer/
  AggregationType                               string/+
  AlternateTitle                                prismAlternateTitle Struct+
  AlternateTitleA-lang                          string/_+
  AlternateTitleA-platform                      string/_+
  AlternateTitleText                            string/_+
  BlogTitle                                     string/
  BlogURL                                       string/
  BookEdition                                   string/
  ByteCount                                     integer/
  Channel                                       prismChannel Struct+
  ChannelA-lang                                 string/_+
  ChannelChannel                                string/_+
  ChannelSubchannel1                            string/_+
  ChannelSubchannel2                            string/_+
  ChannelSubchannel3                            string/_+
  ChannelSubchannel4                            string/_+
  ComplianceProfile                             string/
  ContentType                                   string/
  CopyrightYear                                 string/
  CorporateEntity                               string/+
  CoverDate                                     date/
  CoverDisplayDate                              string/
  CreationDate                                  date/
  DateRecieved                                  date/
  Device                                        string/
  Distributor                                   string/
  DOI                                           string/
  Edition                                       string/
  EIssn                                         string/
  EndingPage                                    string/
  Event                                         string/+
  Genre                                         string/+
  HasAlternative                                string/+
  HasCorrection                                 prismHasCorrection Struct
  HasCorrectionA-lang                           string/_
  HasCorrectionA-platform                       string/_
  HasCorrectionText                             string/_
  HasTranslation                                string/+
  Industry                                      string/+
  IsAlternativeOf                               string/+
  ISBN                                          string/+
  IsCorrectionOf                                string/+
  ISSN                                          string/
  IssueIdentifier                               string/
  IssueName                                     string/
  IssueTeaser                                   string/
  IssueType                                     string/
  IsTranslationOf                               string/
  Keyword                                       string/+
  KillDate                                      prismKillDate Struct
  KillDateA-platform                            string/_
  KillDateDate                                  date/_
  Link                                          string/+
  Location                                      string/+
  ModificationDate                              date/
  NationalCatalogNumber                         string/
  Number                                        string/
  Object                                        string/+
  OffSaleDate                                   prismOffSaleDate Struct+
  OffSaleDateA-platform                         string/_+
  OffSaleDateDate                               date/_+
  OnSaleDate                                    prismOnSaleDate Struct+
  OnSaleDateA-platform                          string/_+
  OnSaleDateDate                                date/_+
  OnSaleDay                                     prismOnSaleDay Struct+
  OnSaleDayA-platform                           string/_+
  OnSaleDayDay                                  string/_+
  Organization                                  string/+
  OriginPlatform                                string/+
  PageCount                                     integer/
  PageProgressionDirection                      string/
  PageRange                                     string/+
  Person                                        string/
  Platform                                      string/
  ProductCode                                   string/
  Profession                                    string/
  PublicationDate                               prismPublicationDate Struct+
  PublicationDateA-platform                     string/_+
  PublicationDateDate                           date/_+
  PublicationDisplayDate                        prismPublicationDate Struct+
  PublicationDisplayDateA-platform              string/_+
  PublicationDisplayDateDate                    date/_+
  PublicationName                               string/
  PublishingFrequency                           string/
  Rating                                        string/
  SamplePageRange                               string/
  Section                                       string/
  SellingAgency                                 string/
  SeriesNumber                                  integer/
  SeriesTitle                                   string/
  Sport                                         string/
  StartingPage                                  string/
  Subsection1                                   string/
  Subsection2                                   string/
  Subsection3                                   string/
  Subsection4                                   string/
  Subtitle                                      string/
  SupplementDisplayID                           string/
  SupplementStartingPage                        string/
  SupplementTitle                               string/
  Teaser                                        string/+
  Ticker                                        string/+
  TimePeriod                                    string/
  URL                                           prismUrl Struct+
  URLA-platform                                 string/_+
  URLUrl                                        string/_+
  UspsNumber                                    string/
  VersionIdentifier                             string/
  Volume                                        string/
  WordCount                                     integer/

XMP prismAlternateTitle Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  A-lang                                        string
  A-platform                                    string
  Text                                          string

XMP prismChannel Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  A-lang                                        string
  Channel                                       string
  Subchannel1                                   string
  Subchannel2                                   string
  Subchannel3                                   string
  Subchannel4                                   string

XMP prismHasCorrection Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  A-lang                                        string
  A-platform                                    string
  Text                                          string

XMP prismKillDate Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  A-platform                                    string
  Date                                          date

XMP prismOffSaleDate Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  A-platform                                    string
  Date                                          date

XMP prismOnSaleDate Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  A-platform                                    string
  Date                                          date

XMP prismOnSaleDay Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  A-platform                                    string
  Day                                           string

XMP prismPublicationDate Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  A-platform                                    string
  Date                                          date

XMP prismUrl Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  A-platform                                    string
  Url                                           string

XMP prl Tags

PRISM Rights Language 2.1 namespace tags. These tags have been deprecated since the release of the PRISM Usage Rights 3.0. (see

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-prl family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Geography                                     string/+
  Industry                                      string/+
  Usage                                         string/+

XMP prm Tags

PRISM Recipe Metadata 3.0 namespace tags. (see

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-prm family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CookingEquipment                              string/
  CookingMethod                                 string/
  Course                                        string/
  Cuisine                                       string/
  DietaryNeeds                                  string/
  DishType                                      string/
  Duration                                      string/
  IngredientExclusion                           string/
  MainIngredient                                string/
  Meal                                          string/
  RecipeEndingPage                              string/
  RecipePageRange                               string/
  RecipeSource                                  string/
  RecipeStartingPage                            string/
  RecipeTitle                                   string/
  ServingSize                                   string/
  SkillLevel                                    string/
  SpecialOccasion                               string/
  Yield                                         string/

XMP pur Tags

PRISM Usage Rights 3.0 namespace tags. (see

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-pur family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AdultContentWarning                           string/+
  Agreement                                     string/+
  Copyright                                     lang-alt/
  CreditLine                                    string/+
  EmbargoDate                                   date/+
  ExclusivityEndDate                            date/+
  ExpirationDate                                date/+
  ImageSizeRestriction                          string/
  OptionEndDate                                 date/+
  Permissions                                   string/+
  Restrictions                                  string/+
  ReuseProhibited                               boolean/
  RightsAgent                                   string/
  RightsOwner                                   string/

XMP rdf Tags

Most RDF attributes are handled internally, but the "about" attribute is treated specially to allow it to be set to a specific value if required.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-rdf family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  About                                         string!

XMP swf Tags

Adobe SWF namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-swf family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  BackgroundAlpha                               integer
  ForwardLock                                   boolean
  MaxStorage                                    integer
  Type                                          string/

XMP tiff Tags

EXIF namespace for TIFF tags. See for the specification.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-tiff family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Artist                                        string
  BitsPerSample                                 integer+
  Compression                                   integer
  Copyright                                     lang-alt
  DateTime                                      date
  ImageDescription                              lang-alt
  ImageHeight                                   integer
  ImageWidth                                    integer
  Make                                          string
  Model                                         string
  NativeDigest                                  string/
  Orientation                                   integer
  PhotometricInterpretation                     integer
  PlanarConfiguration                           integer
  PrimaryChromaticities                         rational+
  ReferenceBlackWhite                           rational+
  ResolutionUnit                                integer
  SamplesPerPixel                               integer
  Software                                      string
  TransferFunction                              integer+
  WhitePoint                                    rational+
  XResolution                                   rational
  YCbCrCoefficients                             rational+
  YCbCrPositioning                              integer
  YCbCrSubSampling                              integer+
  YResolution                                   rational

XMP x Tags

The "x" namespace is used for the "xmpmeta" wrapper, and may contain an "xmptk" attribute that is extracted as the XMPToolkit tag. When writing, the XMPToolkit tag is generated automatically by ExifTool unless specifically set to another value.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-x family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  XMPToolkit                                    string!

XMP xmp Tags

XMP namespace tags. If the older "xap", "xapBJ", "xapMM" or "xapRights" namespace prefixes are found, they are translated to the newer "xmp", "xmpBJ", "xmpMM" and "xmpRights" prefixes for use in family 1 group names.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmp family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Advisory                                      string+
  Author                                        string/
  BaseURL                                       string
  CreateDate                                    date
  CreatorTool                                   string
  Description                                   lang-alt/
  Format                                        string/
  Identifier                                    string/+
  Keywords                                      string/
  Label                                         string
  MetadataDate                                  date
  ModifyDate                                    date
  Nickname                                      string
  PageInfo                                      PageInfo Struct+
  PageImageFormat                               string_+
  PageImageHeight                               integer_+
  PageImage                                     string_+
  PageImagePageNumber                           integer_+
  PageImageWidth                                integer_+
  Rating                                        real
  RatingPercent                                 real/
  Thumbnails                                    Thumbnail Struct+
  ThumbnailFormat                               string_+
  ThumbnailHeight                               integer_+
  ThumbnailImage                                string/_+
  ThumbnailWidth                                integer_+
  Title                                         lang-alt/

XMP PageInfo Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  PageNumber                                    integer
  Format                                        string
  Height                                        integer
  Image                                         string
  Width                                         integer

XMP Thumbnail Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Format                                        string
  Height                                        integer
  Image                                         string
  Width                                         integer

XMP xmpBJ Tags

XMP Basic Job Ticket namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpBJ family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  JobRef                                        JobRef Struct+
  JobRefId                                      string_+
  JobRefName                                    string_+
  JobRefUrl                                     string_+

XMP JobRef Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Id                                            string
  Name                                          string
  Url                                           string

XMP xmpDM Tags

XMP Dynamic Media namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpDM family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AbsPeakAudioFilePath                          string
  Album                                         string
  AltTapeName                                   string
  AltTimecode                                   Timecode Struct
  AltTimecodeTimeFormat                         string_
  AltTimecodeTimeValue                          string_
  AltTimecodeValue                              integer_
  Artist                                        string/
  AudioChannelType                              string
  AudioCompressor                               string
  AudioModDate                                  date
  AudioSampleRate                               integer
  AudioSampleType                               string
  BeatSpliceParams                              BeatSpliceStretch Struct
  BeatSpliceParamsRiseInDecibel                 real_
  BeatSpliceParamsRiseInTimeDuration            Time Struct_
  BeatSpliceParamsRiseInTimeDurationScale       rational_
  BeatSpliceParamsRiseInTimeDurationValue       integer_
  BeatSpliceParamsUseFileBeatsMarker            boolean_
  CameraAngle                                   string
  CameraLabel                                   string
  CameraModel                                   string
  CameraMove                                    string
  Client                                        string
  DMComment                                     string
  Composer                                      string
  ContributedMedia                              Media Struct+
  ContributedMediaDuration                      Time Struct_+
  ContributedMediaDurationScale                 rational_+
  ContributedMediaDurationValue                 integer_+
  ContributedMediaManaged                       boolean_+
  ContributedMediaPath                          string_+
  ContributedMediaStartTime                     Time Struct_+
  ContributedMediaStartTimeScale                rational_+
  ContributedMediaStartTimeValue                integer_+
  ContributedMediaTrack                         string_+
  ContributedMediaWebStatement                  string_+
  Copyright                                     string/
  Director                                      string
  DirectorPhotography                           string
  DiscNumber                                    string
  Duration                                      Time Struct
  DurationScale                                 rational_
  DurationValue                                 integer_
  Engineer                                      string
  FileDataRate                                  rational
  Genre                                         string
  Good                                          boolean
  Instrument                                    string
  IntroTime                                     Time Struct
  IntroTimeScale                                rational_
  IntroTimeValue                                integer_
  Key                                           string
  LogComment                                    string
  Loop                                          boolean
  Lyrics                                        string
  Markers                                       Marker Struct+
  MarkersComment                                string_+
  MarkersCuePointParams                         CuePointParam Struct_+
  MarkersCuePointParamsKey                      string_+
  MarkersCuePointParamsValue                    string_+
  MarkersCuePointType                           string_+
  MarkersDuration                               string_+
  MarkersLocation                               string_+
  MarkersName                                   string_+
  MarkersProbability                            real_+
  MarkersSpeaker                                string_+
  MarkersStartTime                              string_+
  MarkersTarget                                 string_+
  MarkersType                                   string_+
  MetadataModDate                               date
  NumberOfBeats                                 real
  OutCue                                        Time Struct
  OutCueScale                                   rational_
  OutCueValue                                   integer_
  PartOfCompilation                             boolean
  ProjectName                                   string
  ProjectRef                                    ProjectLink Struct
  ProjectRefPath                                string_
  ProjectRefType                                string_
  PullDown                                      string
  RelativePeakAudioFilePath                     string
  RelativeTimestamp                             Time Struct
  RelativeTimestampScale                        rational_
  RelativeTimestampValue                        integer_
  ReleaseDate                                   date
  ResampleParams                                ResampleStretch Struct
  ResampleParamsQuality                         string_
  ScaleType                                     string
  Scene                                         string/
  ShotDate                                      date
  ShotDay                                       string
  ShotLocation                                  string
  ShotName                                      string
  ShotNumber                                    string
  ShotSize                                      string
  SpeakerPlacement                              string
  StartTimecode                                 Timecode Struct
  StartTimecodeTimeFormat                       string_
  StartTimecodeTimeValue                        string_
  StartTimecodeValue                            integer_
  StartTimeSampleSize                           integer
  StartTimeScale                                string
  StretchMode                                   string
  TakeNumber                                    integer
  TapeName                                      string
  Tempo                                         real
  TimeScaleParams                               TimeScaleStretch Struct
  TimeScaleParamsFrameOverlappingPercentage     real_
  TimeScaleParamsFrameSize                      real_
  TimeScaleParamsQuality                        string_
  TimeSignature                                 string
  TrackNumber                                   integer
  Tracks                                        Track Struct+
  TracksFrameRate                               string_+
  TracksMarkers                                 Marker Struct_+
  TracksMarkersComment                          string_+
  TracksMarkersCuePointParams                   CuePointParam Struct_+
  TracksMarkersCuePointParamsKey                string_+
  TracksMarkersCuePointParamsValue              string_+
  TracksMarkersCuePointType                     string_+
  TracksMarkersDuration                         string_+
  TracksMarkersLocation                         string_+
  TracksMarkersName                             string_+
  TracksMarkersProbability                      real_+
  TracksMarkersSpeaker                          string_+
  TracksMarkersStartTime                        string_+
  TracksMarkersTarget                           string_+
  TracksMarkersType                             string_+
  TracksTrackName                               string_+
  TracksTrackType                               string_+
  VideoAlphaMode                                string
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColor                    Colorant Struct
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorA                   integer_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorB                   integer_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorBlack               real_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorBlue                integer_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorCyan                real_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorGray                integer_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorGreen               integer_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorL                   real_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorMagenta             real_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorMode                string_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorRed                 integer_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorSwatchName          string_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorTint                integer_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorType                string_
  VideoAlphaPremultipleColorYellow              real_
  VideoAlphaUnityIsTransparent                  boolean
  VideoColorSpace                               string
  VideoCompressor                               string
  VideoFieldOrder                               string
  VideoFrameRate                                real
  VideoFrameSize                                Dimensions Struct
  VideoFrameSizeH                               real_
  VideoFrameSizeUnit                            string_
  VideoFrameSizeW                               real_
  VideoModDate                                  date
  VideoPixelAspectRatio                         rational
  VideoPixelDepth                               string

XMP BeatSpliceStretch Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  RiseInDecibel                                 real
  RiseInTimeDuration                            Time Struct
  UseFileBeatsMarker                            boolean

XMP Time Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Scale                                         rational
  Value                                         integer

XMP Media Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Duration                                      Time Struct
  Managed                                       boolean
  Path                                          string
  StartTime                                     Time Struct
  Track                                         string
  WebStatement                                  string

XMP Marker Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Comment                                       string
  CuePointParams                                CuePointParam Struct+
  CuePointType                                  string
  Duration                                      string
  Location                                      string
  Name                                          string
  Probability                                   real
  Speaker                                       string
  StartTime                                     string
  Target                                        string
  Type                                          string

XMP CuePointParam Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Key                                           string
  Value                                         string
  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Path                                          string
  Type                                          string

XMP ResampleStretch Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Quality                                       string

XMP TimeScaleStretch Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  FrameOverlappingPercentage                    real
  FrameSize                                     real
  Quality                                       string

XMP Track Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  FrameRate                                     string
  Markers                                       Marker Struct+
  TrackName                                     string
  TrackType                                     string

XMP Colorant Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  A                                             integer
  B                                             integer
  L                                             real
  Black                                         real
  Blue                                          integer
  Cyan                                          real
  Gray                                          integer
  Green                                         integer
  Magenta                                       real
  Mode                                          string
  Red                                           integer
  SwatchName                                    string
  Tint                                          integer
  Type                                          string
  Yellow                                        real

XMP Dimensions Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  H                                             real
  Unit                                          string
  W                                             real

XMP xmpMM Tags

XMP Media Management namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpMM family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  DerivedFrom                                   ResourceRef Struct
  DerivedFromAlternatePaths                     string_+
  DerivedFromDocumentID                         string_
  DerivedFromFilePath                           string_
  DerivedFromFromPart                           string_
  DerivedFromInstanceID                         string_
  DerivedFromLastModifyDate                     date_
  DerivedFromLastURL                            string_
  DerivedFromLinkCategory                       string_
  DerivedFromLinkForm                           string_
  DerivedFromManager                            string_
  DerivedFromManagerVariant                     string_
  DerivedFromManageTo                           string_
  DerivedFromManageUI                           string_
  DerivedFromMaskMarkers                        string_
  DerivedFromOriginalDocumentID                 string_
  DerivedFromPartMapping                        string_
  DerivedFromPlacedResolutionUnit               string_
  DerivedFromPlacedXResolution                  string_
  DerivedFromPlacedYResolution                  string_
  DerivedFromRenditionClass                     string_
  DerivedFromRenditionParams                    string_
  DerivedFromToPart                             string_
  DerivedFromVersionID                          string_
  DocumentID                                    string
  History                                       ResourceEvent Struct+
  HistoryAction                                 string_+
  HistoryChanged                                string_+
  HistoryInstanceID                             string_+
  HistoryParameters                             string_+
  HistorySoftwareAgent                          string_+
  HistoryWhen                                   date_+
  Ingredients                                   ResourceRef Struct+
  IngredientsAlternatePaths                     string_+
  IngredientsDocumentID                         string_+
  IngredientsFilePath                           string_+
  IngredientsFromPart                           string_+
  IngredientsInstanceID                         string_+
  IngredientsLastModifyDate                     date_+
  IngredientsLastURL                            string_+
  IngredientsLinkCategory                       string_+
  IngredientsLinkForm                           string_+
  IngredientsManager                            string_+
  IngredientsManagerVariant                     string_+
  IngredientsManageTo                           string_+
  IngredientsManageUI                           string_+
  IngredientsMaskMarkers                        string_+
  IngredientsOriginalDocumentID                 string_+
  IngredientsPartMapping                        string_+
  IngredientsPlacedResolutionUnit               string_+
  IngredientsPlacedXResolution                  string_+
  IngredientsPlacedYResolution                  string_+
  IngredientsRenditionClass                     string_+
  IngredientsRenditionParams                    string_+
  IngredientsToPart                             string_+
  IngredientsVersionID                          string_+
  InstanceID                                    string
  LastURL                                       string
  ManagedFrom                                   ResourceRef Struct
  ManagedFromAlternatePaths                     string_+
  ManagedFromDocumentID                         string_
  ManagedFromFilePath                           string_
  ManagedFromFromPart                           string_
  ManagedFromInstanceID                         string_
  ManagedFromLastModifyDate                     date_
  ManagedFromLastURL                            string_
  ManagedFromLinkCategory                       string_
  ManagedFromLinkForm                           string_
  ManagedFromManager                            string_
  ManagedFromManagerVariant                     string_
  ManagedFromManageTo                           string_
  ManagedFromManageUI                           string_
  ManagedFromMaskMarkers                        string_
  ManagedFromOriginalDocumentID                 string_
  ManagedFromPartMapping                        string_
  ManagedFromPlacedResolutionUnit               string_
  ManagedFromPlacedXResolution                  string_
  ManagedFromPlacedYResolution                  string_
  ManagedFromRenditionClass                     string_
  ManagedFromRenditionParams                    string_
  ManagedFromToPart                             string_
  ManagedFromVersionID                          string_
  Manager                                       string
  ManagerVariant                                string
  ManageTo                                      string
  ManageUI                                      string
  Manifest                                      ManifestItem Struct+
  ManifestLinkForm                              string_+
  ManifestPlacedResolutionUnit                  string_+
  ManifestPlacedXResolution                     real_+
  ManifestPlacedYResolution                     real_+
  ManifestReference                             ResourceRef Struct_+
  ManifestReferenceAlternatePaths               string_+
  ManifestReferenceDocumentID                   string_+
  ManifestReferenceFilePath                     string_+
  ManifestReferenceFromPart                     string_+
  ManifestReferenceInstanceID                   string_+
  ManifestReferenceLastModifyDate               date_+
  ManifestReferenceLastURL                      string_+
  ManifestReferenceLinkCategory                 string_+
  ManifestReferenceLinkForm                     string_+
  ManifestReferenceManager                      string_+
  ManifestReferenceManagerVariant               string_+
  ManifestReferenceManageTo                     string_+
  ManifestReferenceManageUI                     string_+
  ManifestReferenceMaskMarkers                  string_+
  ManifestReferenceOriginalDocumentID           string_+
  ManifestReferencePartMapping                  string_+
  ManifestReferencePlacedResolutionUnit         string_+
  ManifestReferencePlacedXResolution            string_+
  ManifestReferencePlacedYResolution            string_+
  ManifestReferenceRenditionClass               string_+
  ManifestReferenceRenditionParams              string_+
  ManifestReferenceToPart                       string_+
  ManifestReferenceVersionID                    string_+
  OriginalDocumentID                            string
  Pantry                                        PantryItem Struct+
  PantryInstanceID                              string_
  PreservedFileName                             string
  RenditionClass                                string
  RenditionOf                                   ResourceRef Struct
  RenditionOfAlternatePaths                     string_+
  RenditionOfDocumentID                         string_
  RenditionOfFilePath                           string_
  RenditionOfFromPart                           string_
  RenditionOfInstanceID                         string_
  RenditionOfLastModifyDate                     date_
  RenditionOfLastURL                            string_
  RenditionOfLinkCategory                       string_
  RenditionOfLinkForm                           string_
  RenditionOfManager                            string_
  RenditionOfManagerVariant                     string_
  RenditionOfManageTo                           string_
  RenditionOfManageUI                           string_
  RenditionOfMaskMarkers                        string_
  RenditionOfOriginalDocumentID                 string_
  RenditionOfPartMapping                        string_
  RenditionOfPlacedResolutionUnit               string_
  RenditionOfPlacedXResolution                  string_
  RenditionOfPlacedYResolution                  string_
  RenditionOfRenditionClass                     string_
  RenditionOfRenditionParams                    string_
  RenditionOfToPart                             string_
  RenditionOfVersionID                          string_
  RenditionParams                               string
  SaveID                                        integer
  Subject                                       string/+
  VersionID                                     string
  Versions                                      Version Struct+
  VersionsComments                              string_+
  VersionsEvent                                 ResourceEvent Struct_+
  VersionsEventAction                           string_+
  VersionsEventChanged                          string_+
  VersionsEventInstanceID                       string_+
  VersionsEventParameters                       string_+
  VersionsEventSoftwareAgent                    string_+
  VersionsEventWhen                             date_+
  VersionsModifier                              string_+
  VersionsModifyDate                            date_+
  VersionsVersion                               string_+

XMP ResourceRef Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  AlternatePaths                                string+
  DocumentID                                    string
  FilePath                                      string
  FromPart                                      string
  InstanceID                                    string
  LastModifyDate                                date
  LastURL                                       string
  LinkCategory                                  string
  LinkForm                                      string
  ManageTo                                      string
  ManageUI                                      string
  Manager                                       string
  ManagerVariant                                string
  MaskMarkers                                   string
  OriginalDocumentID                            string
  PartMapping                                   string
  PlacedResolutionUnit                          string
  PlacedXResolution                             string
  PlacedYResolution                             string
  RenditionClass                                string
  RenditionParams                               string
  ToPart                                        string
  VersionID                                     string

XMP ResourceEvent Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Action                                        string
  Changed                                       string
  InstanceID                                    string
  Parameters                                    string
  SoftwareAgent                                 string
  When                                          date

XMP ManifestItem Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  LinkForm                                      string
  PlacedResolutionUnit                          string
  PlacedXResolution                             real
  PlacedYResolution                             real
  Reference                                     ResourceRef Struct

XMP PantryItem Struct

This structure must have an InstanceID field, but may also contain any other XMP properties.

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  InstanceID                                    string

XMP Version Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Comments                                      string
  Event                                         ResourceEvent Struct
  Modifier                                      string
  ModifyDate                                    date
  Version                                       string

XMP xmpNote Tags

XMP Note namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpNote family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  HasExtendedXMP                                string*

XMP xmpPLUS Tags

XMP Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) tags as written by some older Adobe applications. See PLUS XMP Tags for the current PLUS tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpPLUS family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CreditLineReq                                 boolean/
  ReuseAllowed                                  boolean/

XMP xmpRights Tags

XMP Rights Management namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpRights family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Certificate                                   string
  Marked                                        boolean
  Owner                                         string+
  UsageTerms                                    lang-alt
  WebStatement                                  string

XMP xmpTPg Tags

XMP Paged-Text namespace tags.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpTPg family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Colorants                                     Colorant Struct+
  ColorantA                                     integer_+
  ColorantB                                     integer_+
  ColorantBlack                                 real_+
  ColorantBlue                                  integer_+
  ColorantCyan                                  real_+
  ColorantGray                                  integer_+
  ColorantGreen                                 integer_+
  ColorantL                                     real_+
  ColorantMagenta                               real_+
  ColorantMode                                  string_+
  ColorantRed                                   integer_+
  ColorantSwatchName                            string_+
  ColorantTint                                  integer_+
  ColorantType                                  string_+
  ColorantYellow                                real_+
  Fonts                                         Font Struct+
  ChildFontFiles                                string_+
  FontComposite                                 boolean_+
  FontFace                                      string_+
  FontFamily                                    string_+
  FontFileName                                  string_+
  FontName                                      string_+
  FontType                                      string_+
  FontVersion                                   string_+
  HasVisibleOverprint                           boolean
  HasVisibleTransparency                        boolean
  MaxPageSize                                   Dimensions Struct
  MaxPageSizeH                                  real_
  MaxPageSizeUnit                               string_
  MaxPageSizeW                                  real_
  NPages                                        integer
  PlateNames                                    string+
  SwatchGroups                                  SwatchGroup Struct+
  SwatchGroupsColorants                         Colorant Struct_+
  SwatchColorantA                               integer_+
  SwatchColorantB                               integer_+
  SwatchColorantBlack                           real_+
  SwatchColorantBlue                            integer_+
  SwatchColorantCyan                            real_+
  SwatchColorantGray                            integer_+
  SwatchColorantGreen                           integer_+
  SwatchColorantL                               real_+
  SwatchColorantMagenta                         real_+
  SwatchColorantMode                            string_+
  SwatchColorantRed                             integer_+
  SwatchColorantSwatchName                      string_+
  SwatchColorantTint                            integer_+
  SwatchColorantType                            string_+
  SwatchColorantYellow                          real_+
  SwatchGroupName                               string_+
  SwatchGroupType                               integer_+

XMP Font Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  ChildFontFiles                                string+
  Composite                                     boolean
  FontFace                                      string
  FontFamily                                    string
  FontFileName                                  string
  FontName                                      string
  FontType                                      string
  VersionString                                 string

XMP SwatchGroup Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  Colorants                                     Colorant Struct+
  GroupName                                     string
  GroupType                                     integer


  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'dc'                 dc                       XMP dc
  'lastUpdate'         LastUpdate               no


SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image tags. By default, only the top-level SVG and Metadata tags are extracted from these images, but all graphics tags may be extracted by setting the Unknown option to 2 (-U on the command line). The SVG tags are not part of XMP as such, but are included with the XMP module for convenience. (see

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-svg family 1 group.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'height'             ImageHeight              no
  'id'                 ID                       no
  'metadataId'         MetadataID               no
  'version'            SVGVersion               no
  'width'              ImageWidth               no

GPS Tags

These GPS tags are part of the EXIF standard, and are stored in a separate IFD within the EXIF information.

ExifTool is very flexible about the input format when writing lat/long coordinates, and will accept from 1 to 3 floating point numbers (for decimal degrees, degrees and minutes, or degrees, minutes and seconds) separated by just about anything, and will format them properly according to the EXIF specification.

Some GPS tags have values which are fixed-length strings. For these, the indicated string lengths include a null terminator which is added automatically by ExifTool. Remember that the descriptive values are used when writing (eg. 'Above Sea Level', not '0') unless the print conversion is disabled (with '-n' on the command line or the PrintConv option in the API, or by suffixing the tag name with a # character).

When adding GPS information to an image, it is important to set all of the following tags: GPSLatitude, GPSLatitudeRef, GPSLongitude, GPSLongitudeRef, and GPSAltitude and GPSAltitudeRef if the altitude is known. ExifTool will write the required GPSVersionID tag automatically if new a GPS IFD is added to an image.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   GPSVersionID                         int8u[4]:
  0x0001   GPSLatitudeRef                       string[2]
  0x0002   GPSLatitude                          rational64u[3]
  0x0003   GPSLongitudeRef                      string[2]
  0x0004   GPSLongitude                         rational64u[3]
  0x0005   GPSAltitudeRef                       int8u
  0x0006   GPSAltitude                          rational64u
  0x0007   GPSTimeStamp                         rational64u[3]
  0x0008   GPSSatellites                        string
  0x0009   GPSStatus                            string[2]
  0x000a   GPSMeasureMode                       string[2]
  0x000b   GPSDOP                               rational64u
  0x000c   GPSSpeedRef                          string[2]
  0x000d   GPSSpeed                             rational64u
  0x000e   GPSTrackRef                          string[2]
  0x000f   GPSTrack                             rational64u
  0x0010   GPSImgDirectionRef                   string[2]
  0x0011   GPSImgDirection                      rational64u
  0x0012   GPSMapDatum                          string
  0x0013   GPSDestLatitudeRef                   string[2]
  0x0014   GPSDestLatitude                      rational64u[3]
  0x0015   GPSDestLongitudeRef                  string[2]
  0x0016   GPSDestLongitude                     rational64u[3]
  0x0017   GPSDestBearingRef                    string[2]
  0x0018   GPSDestBearing                       rational64u
  0x0019   GPSDestDistanceRef                   string[2]
  0x001a   GPSDestDistance                      rational64u
  0x001b   GPSProcessingMethod                  undef
  0x001c   GPSAreaInformation                   undef
  0x001d   GPSDateStamp                         string[11]
  0x001e   GPSDifferential                      int16u
  0x001f   GPSHPositioningError                 rational64u

GeoTiff Tags

ExifTool extracts the following tags from GeoTIFF images. See for the complete GeoTIFF specification. Also included in the table below are ChartTIFF tags (see GeoTIFF tags are not writable individually, but they may be copied en mass via the block tags GeoTiffDirectory, GeoTiffDoubleParams and GeoTiffAsciiParams.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   GeoTiffVersion                       no
  0x0400   GTModelType                          no
  0x0401   GTRasterType                         no
  0x0402   GTCitation                           no
  0x0800   GeographicType                       no
  0x0801   GeogCitation                         no
  0x0802   GeogGeodeticDatum                    no
  0x0803   GeogPrimeMeridian                    no
  0x0804   GeogLinearUnits                      no
  0x0805   GeogLinearUnitSize                   no
  0x0806   GeogAngularUnits                     no
  0x0807   GeogAngularUnitSize                  no
  0x0808   GeogEllipsoid                        no
  0x0809   GeogSemiMajorAxis                    no
  0x080a   GeogSemiMinorAxis                    no
  0x080b   GeogInvFlattening                    no
  0x080c   GeogAzimuthUnits                     no
  0x080d   GeogPrimeMeridianLong                no
  0x080e   GeogToWGS84                          no
  0x0c00   ProjectedCSType                      no
  0x0c01   PCSCitation                          no
  0x0c02   Projection                           no
  0x0c03   ProjCoordTrans                       no
  0x0c04   ProjLinearUnits                      no
  0x0c05   ProjLinearUnitSize                   no
  0x0c06   ProjStdParallel1                     no
  0x0c07   ProjStdParallel2                     no
  0x0c08   ProjNatOriginLong                    no
  0x0c09   ProjNatOriginLat                     no
  0x0c0a   ProjFalseEasting                     no
  0x0c0b   ProjFalseNorthing                    no
  0x0c0c   ProjFalseOriginLong                  no
  0x0c0d   ProjFalseOriginLat                   no
  0x0c0e   ProjFalseOriginEasting               no
  0x0c0f   ProjFalseOriginNorthing              no
  0x0c10   ProjCenterLong                       no
  0x0c11   ProjCenterLat                        no
  0x0c12   ProjCenterEasting                    no
  0x0c13   ProjCenterNorthing                   no
  0x0c14   ProjScaleAtNatOrigin                 no
  0x0c15   ProjScaleAtCenter                    no
  0x0c16   ProjAzimuthAngle                     no
  0x0c17   ProjStraightVertPoleLong             no
  0x0c18   ProjRectifiedGridAngle               no
  0x1000   VerticalCSType                       no
  0x1001   VerticalCitation                     no
  0x1002   VerticalDatum                        no
  0x1003   VerticalUnits                        no
  0xb799   ChartFormat                          no
  0xb79a   ChartSource                          no
  0xb79b   ChartSourceEdition                   no
  0xb79c   ChartSourceDate                      no
  0xb79d   ChartCorrDate                        no
  0xb79e   ChartCountryOrigin                   no
  0xb79f   ChartRasterEdition                   no
  0xb7a0   ChartSoundingDatum                   no
  0xb7a1   ChartDepthUnits                      no
  0xb7a2   ChartMagVar                          no
  0xb7a3   ChartMagVarYear                      no
  0xb7a4   ChartMagVarAnnChange                 no
  0xb7a5   ChartWGSNSShift                      no
  0xb7a7   InsetNWPixelX                        no
  0xb7a8   InsetNWPixelY                        no
  0xb7a9   ChartContourInterval                 no



PLUS (Picture Licensing Universal System) License Data Format 2.0.1 XMP tags. Note that all controlled-vocabulary tags in this table (ie. tags with a fixed set of values) have raw values which begin with "", but to reduce clutter this prefix has been removed from the values shown below, and from the values read and written with the -n option. See for the complete specification.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-plus family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AdultContentWarning                           string
  CopyrightOwner                                CopyrightOwner Struct+
  CopyrightOwnerID                              string_+
  CopyrightOwnerName                            string_+
  CopyrightOwnerImageID                         string
  CopyrightRegistrationNumber                   string
  CopyrightStatus                               string
  CreditLineRequired                            string
  Custom1                                       lang-alt+
  Custom10                                      lang-alt+
  Custom2                                       lang-alt+
  Custom3                                       lang-alt+
  Custom4                                       lang-alt+
  Custom5                                       lang-alt+
  Custom6                                       lang-alt+
  Custom7                                       lang-alt+
  Custom8                                       lang-alt+
  Custom9                                       lang-alt+
  DataMining                                    string
  EndUser                                       EndUser Struct+
  EndUserID                                     string_+
  EndUserName                                   string_+
  FileNameAsDelivered                           string
  FirstPublicationDate                          date
  ImageAlterationConstraints                    string+
  ImageCreator                                  ImageCreator Struct+
  ImageCreatorID                                string_+
  ImageCreatorName                              string_+
  ImageCreatorImageID                           string
  ImageDuplicationConstraints                   string
  ImageFileConstraints                          string+
  ImageFileFormatAsDelivered                    string
  ImageFileSizeAsDelivered                      string
  ImageSupplier                                 ImageSupplier Struct+
  ImageSupplierImageID                          string
  ImageSupplierID                               string_+
  ImageSupplierName                             string_+
  ImageType                                     string
  Licensee                                      Licensee Struct+
  LicenseeImageID                               string
  LicenseeImageNotes                            lang-alt
  LicenseeID                                    string_+
  LicenseeName                                  string_+
  LicenseEndDate                                date
  LicenseeProjectReference                      string+
  LicenseeTransactionID                         string+
  LicenseID                                     string
  LicenseStartDate                              date
  LicenseTransactionDate                        date
  Licensor                                      Licensor Struct+
  LicensorImageID                               string
  LicensorCity                                  string_+
  LicensorCountry                               string_+
  LicensorEmail                                 string_+
  LicensorExtendedAddress                       string_+
  LicensorID                                    string_+
  LicensorName                                  string_+
  LicensorPostalCode                            string_+
  LicensorRegion                                string_+
  LicensorStreetAddress                         string_+
  LicensorTelephone1                            string_+
  LicensorTelephone2                            string_+
  LicensorTelephoneType1                        string_+
  LicensorTelephoneType2                        string_+
  LicensorURL                                   string_+
  LicensorNotes                                 lang-alt
  LicensorTransactionID                         string+
  MediaConstraints                              lang-alt
  MediaSummaryCode                              string
  MinorModelAgeDisclosure                       string
  ModelReleaseID                                string+
  ModelReleaseStatus                            string
  OtherConditions                               lang-alt
  OtherConstraints                              lang-alt
  OtherImageInfo                                lang-alt
  OtherLicenseDocuments                         string+
  OtherLicenseInfo                              lang-alt
  OtherLicenseRequirements                      lang-alt
  ProductOrServiceConstraints                   lang-alt
  PropertyReleaseID                             string+
  PropertyReleaseStatus                         string
  RegionConstraints                             lang-alt
  Reuse                                         string
  TermsAndConditionsText                        lang-alt
  TermsAndConditionsURL                         string
  PLUSVersion                                   string

XMP CopyrightOwner Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  CopyrightOwnerID                              string
  CopyrightOwnerName                            string

XMP EndUser Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  EndUserID                                     string
  EndUserName                                   string

XMP ImageCreator Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  ImageCreatorID                                string
  ImageCreatorName                              string

XMP ImageSupplier Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  ImageSupplierID                               string
  ImageSupplierName                             string

XMP Licensee Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  LicenseeID                                    string
  LicenseeName                                  string

XMP Licensor Struct

  Field Name                                    Writable
  ----------                                    --------
  LicensorCity                                  string
  LicensorCountry                               string
  LicensorEmail                                 string
  LicensorExtendedAddress                       string
  LicensorID                                    string
  LicensorName                                  string
  LicensorPostalCode                            string
  LicensorRegion                                string
  LicensorStreetAddress                         string
  LicensorTelephone1                            string
  LicensorTelephone2                            string
  LicensorTelephoneType1                        string
  LicensorTelephoneType2                        string
  LicensorURL                                   string

Panasonic Tags

These tags are used in Panasonic/Leica cameras.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   ImageQuality                         int16u
  0x0002   FirmwareVersion                      undef
  0x0003   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x0007   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x000f   AFAreaMode                           int8u[2]
  0x001a   ImageStabilization                   int16u
  0x001c   MacroMode                            int16u
  0x001f   ShootingMode                         int16u
  0x0020   Audio                                int16u
  0x0021   DataDump                             no
  0x0023   WhiteBalanceBias                     int16s
  0x0024   FlashBias                            int16s
  0x0025   InternalSerialNumber                 undef[16]
  0x0026   PanasonicExifVersion                 undef
  0x0027   VideoFrameRate                       int16u
  0x0028   ColorEffect                          int16u
  0x0029   TimeSincePowerOn                     int32u
  0x002a   BurstMode                            int16u
  0x002b   SequenceNumber                       int32u
  0x002c   ContrastMode                         int16u
  0x002d   NoiseReduction                       int16u
  0x002e   SelfTimer                            int16u
  0x0030   Rotation                             int16u
  0x0031   AFAssistLamp                         int16u
  0x0032   ColorMode                            int16u
  0x0033   BabyAge                              string
  0x0034   OpticalZoomMode                      int16u
  0x0035   ConversionLens                       int16u
  0x0036   TravelDay                            int16u
  0x0038   BatteryLevel                         int16u
  0x0039   Contrast                             int16u
  0x003a   WorldTimeLocation                    int16u
  0x003b   TextStamp                            int16u
  0x003c   ProgramISO                           int16u
  0x003d   AdvancedSceneType                    int16u
  0x003e   TextStamp                            int16u
  0x003f   FacesDetected                        int16u
  0x0040   Saturation                           int16u
  0x0041   Sharpness                            int16u
  0x0042   FilmMode                             int16u
  0x0043   JPEGQuality                          int16u
  0x0044   ColorTempKelvin                      int16u
  0x0045   BracketSettings                      int16u
  0x0046   WBShiftAB                            int16u
  0x0047   WBShiftGM                            int16u
  0x0048   FlashCurtain                         int16u
  0x0049   LongExposureNoiseReduction           int16u
  0x004b   PanasonicImageWidth                  int32u
  0x004c   PanasonicImageHeight                 int32u
  0x004d   AFPointPosition                      rational64u[2]
  0x004e   FaceDetInfo                          Panasonic FaceDetInfo
  0x0051   LensType                             string
  0x0052   LensSerialNumber                     string
  0x0053   AccessoryType                        string
  0x0054   AccessorySerialNumber                string
  0x0059   Transform                            undef[4]
  0x005d   IntelligentExposure                  int16u
  0x0060   LensFirmwareVersion                  undef[4]
  0x0061   FaceRecInfo                          Panasonic FaceRecInfo
  0x0062   FlashWarning                         int16u
  0x0063   RecognizedFaceFlags?                 undef[4]
  0x0065   Title                                undef
  0x0066   BabyName                             undef
  0x0067   Location                             undef
  0x0069   Country                              undef
  0x006b   State                                undef
  0x006d   City                                 undef
  0x006f   Landmark                             undef
  0x0070   IntelligentResolution                int8u
  0x0076   MergedImages                         int16u
  0x0077   BurstSpeed                           int16u
  0x0079   IntelligentD-Range                   int16u
  0x007c   ClearRetouch                         int16u
  0x0080   City2                                undef
  0x0086   ManometerPressure                    int16u
  0x0089   PhotoStyle                           int16u
  0x008a   ShadingCompensation                  int16u
  0x008b   WBShiftIntelligentAuto               int16u
  0x008c   AccelerometerZ                       int16u
  0x008d   AccelerometerX                       int16u
  0x008e   AccelerometerY                       int16u
  0x008f   CameraOrientation                    int8u
  0x0090   RollAngle                            int16u
  0x0091   PitchAngle                           int16u
  0x0092   WBShiftCreativeControl               int8u
  0x0093   SweepPanoramaDirection               int8u
  0x0094   SweepPanoramaFieldOfView             int16u
  0x0096   TimerRecording                       int8u
  0x009d   InternalNDFilter                     rational64u
  0x009e   HDR                                  int16u
  0x009f   ShutterType                          int16u
  0x00a1   FilterEffect                         rational64u[0.5]
  0x00a3   ClearRetouchValue                    rational64u
  0x00a7   OutputLUT                            yes
  0x00ab   TouchAE                              int16u
  0x00ac   MonochromeFilterEffect               int16u
  0x00ad   HighlightShadow                      int16u[2]
  0x00af   TimeStamp                            string
  0x00b3   VideoBurstResolution                 int16u
  0x00b4   MultiExposure                        int16u
  0x00b9   RedEyeRemoval                        int16u
  0x00bb   VideoBurstMode                       int32u
  0x00bc   DiffractionCorrection                int16u
  0x00bd   FocusBracket                         int16u
  0x00be   LongExposureNRUsed                   int16u
  0x00bf   PostFocusMerging                     int32u[2]
  0x00c1   VideoPreburst                        int16u
  0x00c4   LensTypeMake                         int16u
  0x00c5   LensTypeModel                        int16u
  0x00ca   SensorType                           int16u
  0x00d1   ISO                                  int32u
  0x00d2   MonochromeGrainEffect                int16u
  0x00d6   NoiseReductionStrength               rational64s
  0x00e4   LensTypeModel                        int16u
  0x00e8   MinimumISO                           int32u
  0x00ee   DynamicRangeBoost                    int16u
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM
  0x2003   TimeInfo                             Panasonic TimeInfo
  0x8000   MakerNoteVersion                     undef
  0x8001   SceneMode                            int16u
  0x8002   HighlightWarning                     int16u
  0x8003   DarkFocusEnvironment                 int16u
  0x8004   WBRedLevel                           int16u
  0x8005   WBGreenLevel                         int16u
  0x8006   WBBlueLevel                          int16u
  0x8008   TextStamp                            int16u
  0x8009   TextStamp                            int16u
  0x8010   BabyAge                              string
  0x8012   Transform                            undef[4]

Panasonic DSA Tags

XMP Digital Shift Assistant tags written by some Leica cameras.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-xmpDSA family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  ApplyAutomatically                            boolean/
  CorrectionAlreadyApplied                      boolean/
  FocalLength35mm                               real/
  NormalizedCropCorners                         real/+
  PitchAngle                                    real/
  RollAngle                                     real/
  ScalingFactorHeight                           real/
  TargetAspectRatio                             real/
  ValidCropCorners                              boolean/
  Version                                       string/

Panasonic FaceDetInfo Tags

Face detection position information.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    NumFacePositions                     int16u
      1    Face1Position                        int16u[4]
      5    Face2Position                        int16u[4]
      9    Face3Position                        int16u[4]
     13    Face4Position                        int16u[4]
     17    Face5Position                        int16u[4]

Panasonic FaceRecInfo Tags

Tags written by cameras with facial recognition. These cameras not only detect faces in an image, but also recognize specific people based a user-supplied set of known faces.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FacesRecognized                      int16u
      4    RecognizedFace1Name                  string[20]
     24    RecognizedFace1Position              int16u[4]
     32    RecognizedFace1Age                   string[20]
     52    RecognizedFace2Name                  string[20]
     72    RecognizedFace2Position              int16u[4]
     80    RecognizedFace2Age                   string[20]
    100    RecognizedFace3Name                  string[20]
    120    RecognizedFace3Position              int16u[4]
    128    RecognizedFace3Age                   string[20]

Panasonic TimeInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PanasonicDateTime                    undef[8]
     16    TimeLapseShotNumber                  int32u

Panasonic Leica2 Tags

These tags are used by the Leica M8.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0300   Quality                              int16u
  0x0302   UserProfile                          int32u
  0x0303   SerialNumber                         int32u
  0x0304   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x0310   LensType                             int32u
  0x0311   ExternalSensorBrightnessValue        rational64s
  0x0312   MeasuredLV                           rational64s
  0x0313   ApproximateFNumber                   rational64u
  0x0320   CameraTemperature                    int32s
  0x0321   ColorTemperature                     int32u
  0x0322   WBRedLevel                           rational64u
  0x0323   WBGreenLevel                         rational64u
  0x0324   WBBlueLevel                          rational64u
  0x0325   UV-IRFilterCorrection                int32u
  0x0330   CCDVersion                           int32u
  0x0331   CCDBoardVersion                      int32u
  0x0332   ControllerBoardVersion               int32u
  0x0333   M16CVersion                          int32u
  0x0340   ImageIDNumber                        int32u

Panasonic Leica3 Tags

These tags are used by the Leica R8 and R9 digital backs.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x000b   SerialInfo                           Panasonic SerialInfo
  0x000d   WB_RGBLevels                         int16u[3]

Panasonic SerialInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    SerialNumber                         no

Panasonic Leica4 Tags

This information is written by the M9.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x3000   Subdir3000                           Panasonic Subdir
  0x3100   Subdir3100                           Panasonic Subdir
  0x3400   Subdir3400                           Panasonic Subdir
  0x3900   Subdir3900                           Panasonic Subdir

Panasonic Subdir Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x300a   Contrast                             int32u
  0x300b   Sharpening                           int32u
  0x300d   Saturation                           int32u
  0x3033   WhiteBalance                         int32u
  0x3034   JPEGQuality                          int32u
  0x3036   WB_RGBLevels                         rational64u[3]
  0x3038   UserProfile                          string
  0x303a   JPEGSize                             int32u
  0x3103   SerialNumber                         string
  0x3109   FirmwareVersion                      string
  0x312a   BaseISO                              int32u
  0x312b   SensorWidth                          int32u
  0x312c   SensorHeight                         int32u
  0x312d   SensorBitDepth                       int32u
  0x3402   CameraTemperature                    int32s
  0x3405   LensType                             int32u
  0x3406   ApproximateFNumber                   rational64u
  0x3407   MeasuredLV                           int32s
  0x3408   ExternalSensorBrightnessValue        int32s
  0x3901   Data1                                Panasonic Data1
  0x3902   Data2                                Panasonic Data2

Panasonic Data1 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     22    LensType                             int32u

Panasonic Data2 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Panasonic Leica5 Tags

This information is written by the X1, X2, X VARIO and T.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0303   LensType                             string
  0x0305   SerialNumber                         int32u
  0x0407   OriginalFileName                     string
  0x0408   OriginalDirectory                    string
  0x040a   FocusInfo                            Panasonic FocusInfo
  0x040d   ExposureMode                         int8u[4]
  0x0410   ShotInfo                             Panasonic ShotInfo
  0x0412   FilmMode                             string
  0x0413   WB_RGBLevels                         rational64u[3]
  0x0500   InternalSerialNumber                 undef
  0x05ff   CameraIFD                            PanasonicRaw CameraIFD

Panasonic FocusInfo Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FocusDistance                        int16u
      1    FocalLength                          int16u

Panasonic ShotInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FileIndex                            int16u

Panasonic Leica6 Tags

This information is written by the S2 and M (Typ 240), as a trailer in JPEG images.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0300   PreviewImage                         undef
  0x0301   UnknownBlock?                        no
  0x0303   LensType                             string
  0x0304   FocusDistance                        int32u
  0x0311   ExternalSensorBrightnessValue        rational64s
  0x0312   MeasuredLV                           rational64s
  0x0320   FirmwareVersion                      int8u[4]
  0x0321   LensSerialNumber                     int32u

Panasonic Leica9 Tags

This information is written by the Leica S (Typ 007) and M10 models.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0304   FocusDistance                        int32u
  0x0311   ExternalSensorBrightnessValue        rational64s
  0x0312   MeasuredLV                           rational64s
  0x034c   UserProfile                          string
  0x0359   ISOSelected                          int32s
  0x035a   FNumber                              int32s
  0x035b   CorrelatedColorTemp                  int16u
  0x035c   ColorTint                            int16s
  0x035d   WhitePoint                           rational64u[2]
  0x0370   LensProfileName                      string

Panasonic Type2 Tags

This type of maker notes is used by models such as the NV-DS65, PV-D2002, PV-DC3000, PV-DV203, PV-DV401, PV-DV702, PV-L2001, PV-SD4090, PV-SD5000 and iPalm.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    MakerNoteType                        no
      3    Gain                                 no

Panasonic PANA Tags

Tags extracted from the PANA and LEIC user data found in MP4 videos from various Panasonic and Leica models.

  Index1       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
          0    Make                             no
          4    Model                            no
         12    Model                            no
         16    JPEG-likeData                    EXIF
         22    Model                            no
         52    Version1                         no
         62    Version2                         no
         80    MakerNoteLeica5                  Panasonic Leica5
         88    ThumbnailWidth                   no
         90    ThumbnailHeight                  no
         92    ThumbnailImage                   no
       1334    ThumbnailWidth                   no
       1338    ThumbnailHeight                  no
       1342    ThumbnailLength                  no
       1350    ThumbnailImage                   no
       1358    ThumbnailWidth                   no
       1362    ThumbnailHeight                  no
       1366    ThumbnailLength                  no
       1374    ThumbnailImage                   no
      16488    ExifData                         EXIF
      16512    ExifData                         EXIF
  0x00200080   ExifData                         EXIF

Pentax Tags

These tags are used in Pentax/Asahi cameras.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   PentaxVersion                        int8u[4]
  0x0001   PentaxModelType                      int16u
  0x0002   PreviewImageSize                     int16u[2]
  0x0003   PreviewImageLength                   int32u*
  0x0004   PreviewImageStart                    int32u*
  0x0005   PentaxModelID                        int32u
  0x0006   Date                                 undef[4]
  0x0007   Time                                 undef[3]
  0x0008   Quality                              int16u
  0x0009   PentaxImageSize                      int16u
  0x000b   PictureMode                          int16u[n]
  0x000c   FlashMode                            int16u[n]
  0x000d   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x000e   AFPointSelected                      int16u
  0x000f   AFPointsInFocus                      int32u
           AFPointsInFocus                      int16u
  0x0010   FocusPosition                        int16u
  0x0012   ExposureTime                         int32u
  0x0013   FNumber                              int16u
  0x0014   ISO                                  int16u
  0x0015   LightReading                         int16u
  0x0016   ExposureCompensation                 int16u
           ExposureCompensation                 int16u[2]
  0x0017   MeteringMode                         int16u
  0x0018   AutoBracketing                       int16u[n]
  0x0019   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x001a   WhiteBalanceMode                     int16u
  0x001b   BlueBalance                          int16u
  0x001c   RedBalance                           int16u
  0x001d   FocalLength                          int32u
  0x001e   DigitalZoom                          int16u
  0x001f   Saturation                           int16u[n]
  0x0020   Contrast                             int16u[n]
  0x0021   Sharpness                            int16u[n]
  0x0022   WorldTimeLocation                    int16u
  0x0023   HometownCity                         int16u
  0x0024   DestinationCity                      int16u
  0x0025   HometownDST                          int16u
  0x0026   DestinationDST                       int16u
  0x0027   DSPFirmwareVersion                   undef
  0x0028   CPUFirmwareVersion                   undef
  0x0029   FrameNumber                          int32u
  0x002d   EffectiveLV                          int16u
           EffectiveLV                          int32u
  0x0032   ImageEditing                         undef[4]
  0x0033   PictureMode                          int8u[3]
  0x0034   DriveMode                            int8u[4]
  0x0035   SensorSize                           int16u[2]
  0x0037   ColorSpace                           int16u
  0x0038   ImageAreaOffset                      int16u[2]
  0x0039   RawImageSize                         int16u[2]~
  0x003c   AFPointsInFocus                      no
  0x003d   DataScaling                          int16u
  0x003e   PreviewImageBorders                  int8u[4]
  0x003f   LensRec                              Pentax LensRec
  0x0040   SensitivityAdjust                    int16u
  0x0041   ImageEditCount                       int16u
  0x0047   CameraTemperature                    int8s
  0x0048   AELock                               int16u
  0x0049   NoiseReduction                       int16u
  0x004d   FlashExposureComp                    int32s
           FlashExposureComp                    int8s[2]
  0x004f   ImageTone                            int16u
  0x0050   ColorTemperature                     int16u
  0x0053   ColorTempDaylight                    undef[4]
  0x0054   ColorTempShade                       undef[4]
  0x0055   ColorTempCloudy                      undef[4]
  0x0056   ColorTempTungsten                    undef[4]
  0x0057   ColorTempFluorescentD                undef[4]
  0x0058   ColorTempFluorescentN                undef[4]
  0x0059   ColorTempFluorescentW                undef[4]
  0x005a   ColorTempFlash                       undef[4]
  0x005c   ShakeReductionInfo                   Pentax SRInfo
                                                Pentax SRInfo2
  0x005d   ShutterCount                         undef[4]
  0x0060   FaceInfo                             Pentax FaceInfo
  0x0062   RawDevelopmentProcess                int16u
  0x0067   Hue                                  int16u
  0x0068   AWBInfo                              Pentax AWBInfo
  0x0069   DynamicRangeExpansion                undef[4]
  0x006b   TimeInfo                             Pentax TimeInfo
  0x006c   HighLowKeyAdj                        int16s[2]
  0x006d   ContrastHighlight                    int16s[2]
  0x006e   ContrastShadow                       int16s[2]
  0x006f   ContrastHighlightShadowAdj           int8u
  0x0070   FineSharpness                        int8u[n]
  0x0071   HighISONoiseReduction                int8u
  0x0072   AFAdjustment                         int16s
  0x0073   MonochromeFilterEffect               int16u
  0x0074   MonochromeToning                     int16u
  0x0076   FaceDetect                           int8u[2]
  0x0077   FaceDetectFrameSize                  int16u[2]
  0x0079   ShadowCorrection                     int8u[n]
  0x007a   ISOAutoMinSpeed                      int8u[2]
  0x007b   CrossProcess                         int8u
  0x007d   LensCorr                             Pentax LensCorr
  0x007e   WhiteLevel                           int32u
  0x007f   BleachBypassToning                   int16u
  0x0080   AspectRatio                          yes
  0x0082   BlurControl                          int8u[4]
  0x0085   HDR                                  int8u[4]
  0x0087   ShutterType                          int8u
  0x0088   NeutralDensityFilter                 int8u[n]
  0x008b   ISO                                  int32u
  0x0092   IntervalShooting                     int16u[2]
  0x0095   SkinToneCorrection                   int8s[2]
           SkinToneCorrection                   int8s[3]
  0x0096   ClarityControl                       int8s[2]
  0x0200   BlackPoint                           int16u[4]
  0x0201   WhitePoint                           int16u[4]
  0x0203   ColorMatrixA                         int16s[9]
  0x0204   ColorMatrixB                         int16s[9]
  0x0205   CameraSettings                       Pentax CameraSettings
           CameraSettingsUnknown                Pentax CameraSettingsUnknown
  0x0206   AEInfo                               Pentax AEInfo
           AEInfo2                              Pentax AEInfo2
           AEInfo3                              Pentax AEInfo3
           AEInfoUnknown                        Pentax AEInfoUnknown
  0x0207   LensInfo                             Pentax LensInfo
                                                Pentax LensInfo2
                                                Pentax LensInfo3
                                                Pentax LensInfo4
                                                Pentax LensInfo5
  0x0208   FlashInfo                            Pentax FlashInfo
           FlashInfoUnknown                     Pentax FlashInfoUnknown
  0x0209   AEMeteringSegments                   int8u[n]
  0x020a   FlashMeteringSegments                int8u[n]
  0x020b   SlaveFlashMeteringSegments           int8u[n]
  0x020d   WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16u[4]
  0x020e   WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16u[4]
  0x020f   WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16u[4]
  0x0210   WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16u[4]
  0x0211   WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentD            int16u[4]
  0x0212   WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentN            int16u[4]
  0x0213   WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentW            int16u[4]
  0x0214   WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16u[4]
  0x0215   CameraInfo                           Pentax CameraInfo
  0x0216   BatteryInfo                          Pentax BatteryInfo
  0x021b   SaturationInfo?                      no
  0x021c   ColorMatrixA2                        undef[18]
  0x021d   ColorMatrixB2                        undef[18]
  0x021f   AFInfo                               Pentax AFInfo
  0x0220   HuffmanTable?                        no
  0x0221   KelvinWB                             Pentax KelvinWB
  0x0222   ColorInfo                            Pentax ColorInfo
  0x0224   EVStepInfo                           Pentax EVStepInfo
  0x0226   ShotInfo                             Pentax ShotInfo
  0x0227   FacePos                              Pentax FacePos
  0x0228   FaceSize                             Pentax FaceSize
  0x0229   SerialNumber                         string
  0x022a   FilterInfo                           Pentax FilterInfo
                                                Pentax FilterInfo
  0x022b   LevelInfo                            Pentax LevelInfo
  0x022d   WBLevels                             Pentax WBLevels
  0x022e   Artist                               string
  0x022f   Copyright                            string
  0x0230   FirmwareVersion                      string
  0x0231   ContrastDetectAFArea                 int16u[4]
  0x0235   CrossProcessParams                   undef[10]
  0x0239   LensInfoQ                            Pentax LensInfoQ
  0x023f   Model                                string
  0x0243   PixelShiftInfo                       Pentax PixelShiftInfo
  0x0245   AFPointInfo                          Pentax AFPointInfo
  0x03fe   DataDump                             no
  0x03ff   TempInfo                             Pentax TempInfo
           UnknownInfo                          Pentax UnknownInfo
  0x0402   ToneCurve                            yes~
  0x0403   ToneCurves                           yes~
  0x0405   UnknownBlock?                        undef
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM

Pentax LensRec Tags

This record stores the LensType, plus one or two unknown bytes for some models.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    LensType                             int8u[2]
      3    ExtenderStatus                       int8u

Pentax SRInfo Tags

Shake reduction information.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    SRResult                             int8u
      1    ShakeReduction                       int8u
      2    SRHalfPressTime                      int8u
      3    SRFocalLength                        int8u

Pentax SRInfo2 Tags

Shake reduction information for the K-3.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    SRResult?                            int8u
      1    ShakeReduction                       int8u

Pentax FaceInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FacesDetected                        int8u
      2    FacePosition                         int8u[2]

Pentax AWBInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    WhiteBalanceAutoAdjustment           int8u
      1    TungstenAWB                          int8u

Pentax TimeInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    0.1    WorldTimeLocation                    int8u & 0x01
    0.2    HometownDST                          int8u & 0x02
    0.3    DestinationDST                       int8u & 0x04
      2    HometownCity                         int8u
      3    DestinationCity                      int8u

Pentax LensCorr Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    DistortionCorrection                 int8u
      1    ChromaticAberrationCorrection        int8u
      2    PeripheralIlluminationCorr           int8u
      3    DiffractionCorrection                int8u

Pentax CameraSettings Tags

Camera settings information written by Pentax DSLR cameras.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PictureMode2                         int8u
    1.1    ProgramLine                          int8u & 0x03
    1.2    EVSteps                              int8u & 0x20
    1.3    E-DialInProgram                      int8u & 0x40
    1.4    ApertureRingUse                      int8u & 0x80
      2    FlashOptions                         int8u & 0xf0
    2.1    MeteringMode2                        int8u & 0x0f
      3    AFPointMode                          int8u & 0xf0
    3.1    FocusMode2                           int8u & 0x0f
      4    AFPointSelected2                     int16u
      6    ISOFloor                             int8u
      7    DriveMode2                           int8u
      8    ExposureBracketStepSize              int8u
      9    BracketShotNumber                    int8u
     10    WhiteBalanceSet                      int8u & 0xf0
   10.1    MultipleExposureSet                  int8u & 0x0f
     13    RawAndJpgRecording                   int8u
   14.1    JpgRecordedPixels                    int8u & 0x03
   14.2    LinkAEToAFPoint                      int8u & 0x01
   14.3    SensitivitySteps                     int8u & 0x02
   14.4    ISOAuto                              int8u & 0x04
     16    FlashOptions2                        int8u & 0xf0
   16.1    MeteringMode3                        int8u & 0x0f
   17.1    SRActive                             int8u & 0x80
   17.2    Rotation                             int8u & 0x60
   17.3    ISOSetting                           int8u & 0x04
   17.4    SensitivitySteps                     int8u & 0x02
     18    TvExposureTimeSetting                int8u
     19    AvApertureSetting                    int8u
     20    SvISOSetting                         int8u
     21    BaseExposureCompensation             int8u

Pentax CameraSettingsUnknown Tags

This information has not yet been decoded for models such as the K-01.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Pentax AEInfo Tags

Auto-exposure information for most Pentax models.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    AEExposureTime                       int8u
      1    AEAperture                           int8u
      2    AE_ISO                               int8u
      3    AEXv                                 int8u
      4    AEBXv                                int8s
      5    AEMinExposureTime                    int8u
      6    AEProgramMode                        int8u
      7    AEFlags                              no
      8    AEApertureSteps                      int8u
      9    AEMaxAperture                        int8u
     10    AEMaxAperture2                       int8u
     11    AEMinAperture                        int8u
     12    AEMeteringMode                       int8u
     13    AEWhiteBalance                       int8u & 0xf0
   13.1    AEMeteringMode2                      int8u & 0x0f
     14    FlashExposureCompSet                 int8s
     21    LevelIndicator                       int8u

Pentax AEInfo2 Tags

Auto-exposure information for the K-01.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    AEExposureTime                       int8u
      3    AEAperture                           int8u
      4    AE_ISO                               int8u
      5    AEXv                                 int8u
      6    AEBXv                                int8s
      8    AEError                              int8s
     11    AEApertureSteps                      int8u
     15    SceneMode                            int8u
     16    AEMaxAperture                        int8u
     17    AEMaxAperture2                       int8u
     18    AEMinAperture                        int8u
     19    AEMinExposureTime                    int8u

Pentax AEInfo3 Tags

Auto-exposure information for the K-3, K-30, K-50 and K-500.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     16    AEExposureTime                       int8u
     17    AEAperture                           int8u
     18    AE_ISO                               int8u
     28    AEMaxAperture                        int8u
     29    AEMaxAperture2                       int8u
     30    AEMinAperture                        int8u
     31    AEMinExposureTime                    int8u

Pentax AEInfoUnknown Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Pentax LensInfo Tags

Pentax lens information structure for models such as the *istD.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    LensType                             int8u[2]
      3    LensData                             Pentax LensData

Pentax LensInfo2 Tags

Pentax lens information structure for models such as the K10D and K20D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    LensType                             int8u[4]
      4    LensData                             Pentax LensData

Pentax LensData Tags

Pentax lens data information. Some of these tags require interesting binary gymnastics to decode them into useful values.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    0.1    AutoAperture                         int8u & 0x01
    0.2    MinAperture                          int8u & 0x06
    0.3    LensFStops                           int8u & 0x70
      1    LensKind?                            int8u
      2    LC1?                                 int8u
      3    MinFocusDistance                     int8u & 0xf8
    3.1    FocusRangeIndex                      int8u & 0x07
      4    LC3?                                 int8u
      5    LC4?                                 int8u
      6    LC5?                                 int8u
      7    LC6?                                 int8u
      8    LC7?                                 int8u
      9    LensFocalLength                      int8u
           LC8?                                 int8u
     10    NominalMaxAperture                   int8u & 0xf0
   10.1    NominalMinAperture                   int8u & 0x0f
     11    LC10?                                int8u
     12    LC11?                                int8u
     13    LC12?                                int8u
   14.1    MaxAperture                          int8u & 0x7f
     15    LC14?                                int8u
     16    LC15?                                int8u

Pentax LensInfo3 Tags

Pentax lens information structure for 645D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    LensType                             int8u[4]
     13    LensData                             Pentax LensData

Pentax LensInfo4 Tags

Pentax lens information structure for models such as the K-5 and K-r.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    LensType                             int8u[4]
     12    LensData                             Pentax LensData

Pentax LensInfo5 Tags

Pentax lens information structure for the K-01 and newer models.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    LensType                             int8u[5]
     15    LensData                             Pentax LensData

Pentax FlashInfo Tags

Flash information tags for the K10D, K20D and K200D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FlashStatus                          int8u
      1    InternalFlashMode                    int8u
      2    ExternalFlashMode                    int8u
      3    InternalFlashStrength                int8u
      4    TTL_DA_AUp                           int8u
      5    TTL_DA_ADown                         int8u
      6    TTL_DA_BUp                           int8u
      7    TTL_DA_BDown                         int8u
   24.1    ExternalFlashGuideNumber             int8u & 0x1f
     25    ExternalFlashExposureComp            int8u
     26    ExternalFlashBounce                  int8u

Pentax FlashInfoUnknown Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Pentax CameraInfo Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PentaxModelID                        int32u
      1    ManufactureDate                      int32u
      2    ProductionCode                       int32u[2]
      4    InternalSerialNumber                 int32u

Pentax BatteryInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    0.1    PowerSource                          int8u & 0x0f
    1.1    BodyBatteryState                     int8u & 0xf0
    1.2    GripBatteryState                     int8u & 0x0f
           GripBatteryState?                    int8u & 0x0f
      2    BodyBatteryADNoLoad                  int8u
           BodyBatteryVoltage1                  int16u
      3    BodyBatteryADLoad                    int8u
      4    GripBatteryADNoLoad                  int8u
           BodyBatteryVoltage2                  int16u
      5    GripBatteryADLoad                    int8u
      6    BodyBatteryVoltage3                  int16u
      8    BodyBatteryVoltage4                  int16u

Pentax AFInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    AFPointsUnknown1?                    int16u
      2    AFPointsUnknown2?                    int16u
      4    AFPredictor                          int16s
      6    AFDefocus                            int8u
      7    AFIntegrationTime                    int8u
     11    AFPointsInFocus                      int8u
    509    AFHold                               int8u

Pentax KelvinWB Tags

White balance Blue/Red gains as a function of color temperature.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    KelvinWB_Daylight                    int16u[4]
      5    KelvinWB_01                          int16u[4]
      9    KelvinWB_02                          int16u[4]
     13    KelvinWB_03                          int16u[4]
     17    KelvinWB_04                          int16u[4]
     21    KelvinWB_05                          int16u[4]
     25    KelvinWB_06                          int16u[4]
     29    KelvinWB_07                          int16u[4]
     33    KelvinWB_08                          int16u[4]
     37    KelvinWB_09                          int16u[4]
     41    KelvinWB_10                          int16u[4]
     45    KelvinWB_11                          int16u[4]
     49    KelvinWB_12                          int16u[4]
     53    KelvinWB_13                          int16u[4]
     57    KelvinWB_14                          int16u[4]
     61    KelvinWB_15                          int16u[4]
     65    KelvinWB_16                          int16u[4]

Pentax ColorInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     16    WBShiftAB                            int8s
     17    WBShiftGM                            int8s

Pentax EVStepInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    EVSteps                              int8u
      1    SensitivitySteps                     int8u

Pentax ShotInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    CameraOrientation                    int8u

Pentax FacePos Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    Face1Position                        int16u[2]
      2    Face2Position                        int16u[2]
      4    Face3Position                        int16u[2]
      6    Face4Position                        int16u[2]
      8    Face5Position                        int16u[2]
     10    Face6Position                        int16u[2]
     12    Face7Position                        int16u[2]
     14    Face8Position                        int16u[2]
     16    Face9Position                        int16u[2]
     18    Face10Position                       int16u[2]
     20    Face11Position                       int16u[2]
     22    Face12Position                       int16u[2]
     24    Face13Position                       int16u[2]
     26    Face14Position                       int16u[2]
     28    Face15Position                       int16u[2]
     30    Face16Position                       int16u[2]
     32    Face17Position                       int16u[2]
     34    Face18Position                       int16u[2]
     36    Face19Position                       int16u[2]
     38    Face20Position                       int16u[2]
     40    Face21Position                       int16u[2]
     42    Face22Position                       int16u[2]
     44    Face23Position                       int16u[2]
     46    Face24Position                       int16u[2]
     48    Face25Position                       int16u[2]
     50    Face26Position                       int16u[2]
     52    Face27Position                       int16u[2]
     54    Face28Position                       int16u[2]
     56    Face29Position                       int16u[2]
     58    Face30Position                       int16u[2]
     60    Face31Position                       int16u[2]
     62    Face32Position                       int16u[2]

Pentax FaceSize Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    Face1Size                            int16u[2]
      2    Face2Size                            int16u[2]
      4    Face3Size                            int16u[2]
      6    Face4Size                            int16u[2]
      8    Face5Size                            int16u[2]
     10    Face6Size                            int16u[2]
     12    Face7Size                            int16u[2]
     14    Face8Size                            int16u[2]
     16    Face9Size                            int16u[2]
     18    Face10Size                           int16u[2]
     20    Face11Size                           int16u[2]
     22    Face12Size                           int16u[2]
     24    Face13Size                           int16u[2]
     26    Face14Size                           int16u[2]
     28    Face15Size                           int16u[2]
     30    Face16Size                           int16u[2]
     32    Face17Size                           int16u[2]
     34    Face18Size                           int16u[2]
     36    Face19Size                           int16u[2]
     38    Face20Size                           int16u[2]
     40    Face21Size                           int16u[2]
     42    Face22Size                           int16u[2]
     44    Face23Size                           int16u[2]
     46    Face24Size                           int16u[2]
     48    Face25Size                           int16u[2]
     50    Face26Size                           int16u[2]
     52    Face27Size                           int16u[2]
     54    Face28Size                           int16u[2]
     56    Face29Size                           int16u[2]
     58    Face30Size                           int16u[2]
     60    Face31Size                           int16u[2]
     62    Face32Size                           int16u[2]

Pentax FilterInfo Tags

The parameters associated with each type of digital filter are unique, and these settings are also extracted with the DigitalFilter tag. Information is not extracted for filters that are "Off" unless the Unknown option is used.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    SourceDirectoryIndex                 int16u
      2    SourceFileIndex                      int16u
      5    DigitalFilter01                      undef[17]
     22    DigitalFilter02                      undef[17]
     39    DigitalFilter03                      undef[17]
     56    DigitalFilter04                      undef[17]
     73    DigitalFilter05                      undef[17]
     90    DigitalFilter06                      undef[17]
    107    DigitalFilter07                      undef[17]
    124    DigitalFilter08                      undef[17]
    141    DigitalFilter09                      undef[17]
    158    DigitalFilter10                      undef[17]
    175    DigitalFilter11                      undef[17]
    192    DigitalFilter12                      undef[17]
    209    DigitalFilter13                      undef[17]
    226    DigitalFilter14                      undef[17]
    243    DigitalFilter15                      undef[17]
    260    DigitalFilter16                      undef[17]
    277    DigitalFilter17                      undef[17]
    294    DigitalFilter18                      undef[17]
    311    DigitalFilter19                      undef[17]
    328    DigitalFilter20                      undef[17]

Pentax LevelInfo Tags

Tags decoded from the electronic level information for the K-5. May not be valid for other models.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    LevelOrientation                     int8s & 0x0f
    0.1    CompositionAdjust                    int8s & 0xf0
      1    RollAngle                            int8s
      2    PitchAngle                           int8s
      5    CompositionAdjustX                   int8s
      6    CompositionAdjustY                   int8s
      7    CompositionAdjustRotation            int8s

Pentax WBLevels Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16u[4]
     11    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16u[4]
     20    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16u[4]
     29    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16u[4]
     38    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentD            int16u[4]
     47    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentN            int16u[4]
     56    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentW            int16u[4]
     65    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16u[4]
     74    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentL            int16u[4]
     83    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown?                int16u[4]
     92    WB_RGGBLevelsUserSelected            int16u[4]

Pentax LensInfoQ Tags

More lens information stored by the Pentax Q.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     12    LensModel                            string[30]
     42    LensInfo                             string[20]

Pentax PixelShiftInfo Tags

Pixel shift information stored by the K-3 II.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PixelShiftResolution                 int8u

Pentax AFPointInfo Tags

AF point information written by the K-1.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    NumAFPoints                          int16u
      4    AFPointsInFocus                      int8u[9]~
    4.1    AFPointsSelected                     int8u[9]~
    4.2    AFPointsSpecial                      int8u[9]~

Pentax TempInfo Tags

A number of additional temperature readings are extracted from this 256-byte binary-data block in images from models such as the K-01, K-3, K-5, K-50 and K-500. It is currently not known where the corresponding temperature sensors are located in the camera.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     12    SensorTemperature                    int16s
     14    SensorTemperature2                   int16s
     20    CameraTemperature4                   int16s
     22    CameraTemperature5                   int16s

Pentax UnknownInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Pentax Type2 Tags

These tags are used by the Pentax Optio 330 and 430, and are similar to the tags used by Casio.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   RecordingMode                        int16u
  0x0002   Quality                              int16u
  0x0003   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x0004   FlashMode                            int16u
  0x0007   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x000a   DigitalZoom                          int32u
  0x000b   Sharpness                            int16u
  0x000c   Contrast                             int16u
  0x000d   Saturation                           int16u
  0x0014   ISO                                  int16u
  0x0017   ColorFilter                          int16u
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM
  0x1000   HometownCityCode                     undef[4]
  0x1001   DestinationCityCode                  undef[4]

Pentax Type4 Tags

The following few tags are extracted from the wealth of information available in maker notes of the Optio E20 and E25. These maker notes are stored as ASCII text in a format very similar to some HP models.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'F/W Version'        FirmwareVersion          no

Pentax S1 Tags

Tags extracted from the maker notes of AVI videos from the Optio S1.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   MakerNoteVersion                     no

Pentax Junk Tags

Tags found in the JUNK chunk of AVI videos from the RS1000.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     12    Model                                no

Pentax Junk2 Tags

This information is found in AVI videos from the Optio RZ18.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     18    Make                                 no
     44    Model                                no
     94    FNumber                              no
    131    DateTime1                            no
    157    DateTime2                            no
    299    ThumbnailWidth                       no
    301    ThumbnailHeight                      no
    303    ThumbnailLength                      no
    307    ThumbnailImage                       no

Pentax AVI Tags

Pentax-specific RIFF tags found in AVI videos.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'hymn'   MakerNotes                           Pentax
  'mknt'   MakerNotes                           Pentax

Pentax PENT Tags

Tags found in the PENT atom of MOV videos from the Optio WG-2 GPS.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    Make                                 no
     26    Model                                no
     56    ExposureTime                         no
     60    FNumber                              no
     68    ExposureCompensation                 no
     84    FocalLength                          no
    113    DateTime1                            no
    139    DateTime2                            no
    167    ISO                                  no
    199    GPSVersionID                         no
    207    GPSLatitudeRef                       no
    209    GPSLatitude                          no
    233    GPSLongitudeRef                      no
    235    GPSLongitude                         no
    259    GPSAltitudeRef                       no
    260    GPSAltitude                          no
    284    GPSTimeStamp                         no
    308    GPSSatellites                        no
    311    GPSStatus                            no
    313    GPSMeasureMode                       no
    315    GPSMapDatum                          no
    322    GPSDateStamp                         no
    371    AudioCodecID                         no
   2003    PreviewImage                         no

Pentax PXTH Tags

Tags found in the PXTH atom of MOV videos from the K-01.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PreviewImageLength                   no
      4    PreviewImage                         no

Pentax MOV Tags

This information is found in MOV videos from cameras such as the Optio WP.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    Make                                 no
     38    ExposureTime                         no
     42    FNumber                              no
     50    ExposureCompensation                 no
     68    WhiteBalance                         no
     72    FocalLength                          no
    175    ISO                                  no

ICC_Profile Tags

ICC profile information is used in many different file types including JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PostScript, Photoshop, PNG, MIFF, PICT, QuickTime, XCF and some RAW formats. While the tags listed below are not individually writable, the entire profile itself can be accessed via the extra 'ICC_Profile' tag, but this tag is neither extracted nor written unless specified explicitly. See for the official ICC specification.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'A2B0'   AToB0                                no
  'A2B1'   AToB1                                no
  'A2B2'   AToB2                                no
  'A2B3'   AToB3                                no
  'A2M0'   AToM0                                no
  'B2A0'   BToA0                                no
  'B2A1'   BToA1                                no
  'B2A2'   BToA2                                no
  'B2A3'   BToA3                                no
  'B2D0'   BToD0                                no
  'B2D1'   BToD1                                no
  'B2D2'   BToD2                                no
  'B2D3'   BToD3                                no
  'CxF '   CXF                                  no
  'D2B0'   DToB0                                no
  'D2B1'   DToB1                                no
  'D2B2'   DToB2                                no
  'D2B3'   DToB3                                no
  'Header' ProfileHeader                        ICC_Profile Header
  'M2A0'   MToA0                                no
  'M2B0'   MToB0                                no
  'M2B1'   MToB1                                no
  'M2B2'   MToB2                                no
  'M2B3'   MToB3                                no
  'M2S0'   MToS0                                no
  'M2S1'   MToS1                                no
  'M2S2'   MToS2                                no
  'M2S3'   MToS3                                no
  'MS00'   WCSProfiles                          no
  'bAB0'   BRDFAToB0                            no
  'bAB1'   BRDFAToB1                            no
  'bAB2'   BRDFAToB2                            no
  'bAB3'   BRDFAToB3                            no
  'bBA0'   BRDFBToA0                            no
  'bBA1'   BRDFBToA1                            no
  'bBA2'   BRDFBToA2                            no
  'bBA3'   BRDFBToA3                            no
  'bBD0'   BRDFBToD0                            no
  'bBD1'   BRDFBToD1                            no
  'bBD2'   BRDFBToD2                            no
  'bBD3'   BRDFBToD3                            no
  'bDB0'   BRDFDToB0                            no
  'bDB1'   BRDFDToB1                            no
  'bDB2'   BRDFDToB2                            no
  'bDB3'   BRDFDToB3                            no
  'bMB0'   BRDFMToB0                            no
  'bMB1'   BRDFMToB1                            no
  'bMB2'   BRDFMToB2                            no
  'bMB3'   BRDFMToB3                            no
  'bMS0'   BRDFMToS0                            no
  'bMS1'   BRDFMToS1                            no
  'bMS2'   BRDFMToS2                            no
  'bMS3'   BRDFMToS3                            no
  'bTRC'   BlueTRC                              no
  'bXYZ'   BlueMatrixColumn                     no
  'bcp0'   BRDFColorimetricParam0               no
  'bcp1'   BRDFColorimetricParam1               no
  'bcp2'   BRDFColorimetricParam2               no
  'bcp3'   BRDFColorimetricParam3               no
  'bfd '   UCRBG                                no
  'bkpt'   MediaBlackPoint                      no
  'bsp0'   BRDFSpectralParam0                   no
  'bsp1'   BRDFSpectralParam1                   no
  'bsp2'   BRDFSpectralParam2                   no
  'bsp3'   BRDFSpectralParam3                   no
  'c2sp'   CustomToStandardPcc                  no
  'calt'   CalibrationDateTime                  no
  'cept'   ColorEncodingParams                  no
  'chad'   ChromaticAdaptation                  no
  'chrm'   Chromaticity                         ICC_Profile Chromaticity
  'ciis'   ColorimetricIntentImageState         no
  'clio'   ColorantInfoOut                      no
  'cloo'   ColorantOrderOut                     no
  'clot'   ColorantTableOut                     no
  'clro'   ColorantOrder                        no
  'clrt'   ColorantTable                        ICC_Profile ColorantTable
  'cprt'   ProfileCopyright                     no
  'crdi'   CRDInfo                              no
  'csnm'   ColorSpaceName                       no
  'dAB0'   DirectionalAToB0                     no
  'dAB1'   DirectionalAToB1                     no
  'dAB2'   DirectionalAToB2                     no
  'dAB3'   DirectionalAToB3                     no
  'dBA0'   DirectionalBToA0                     no
  'dBA1'   DirectionalBToA1                     no
  'dBA2'   DirectionalBToA2                     no
  'dBA3'   DirectionalBToA3                     no
  'dBD0'   DirectionalBToD0                     no
  'dBD1'   DirectionalBToD1                     no
  'dBD2'   DirectionalBToD2                     no
  'dBD3'   DirectionalBToD3                     no
  'dDB0'   DirectionalDToB0                     no
  'dDB1'   DirectionalDToB1                     no
  'dDB2'   DirectionalDToB2                     no
  'dDB3'   DirectionalDToB3                     no
  'desc'   ProfileDescription                   no
  'devs'   DeviceSettings                       no
  'dmdd'   DeviceModelDesc                      no
  'dmnd'   DeviceMfgDesc                        no
  'dscm'   ProfileDescriptionML                 no
  'fpce'   FocalPlaneColorimetryEstimates       no
  'gTRC'   GreenTRC                             no
  'gXYZ'   GreenMatrixColumn                    no
  'gamt'   Gamut                                no
  'gdb0'   GamutBoundaryDescription0            no
  'gdb1'   GamutBoundaryDescription1            no
  'gdb2'   GamutBoundaryDescription2            no
  'gdb3'   GamutBoundaryDescription3            no
  'kTRC'   GrayTRC                              no
  'lumi'   Luminance                            no
  'mcta'   MultiplexTypeArray                   no
  'mdv '   MultiplexDefaultValues               no
  'meas'   Measurement                          ICC_Profile Measurement
  'meta'   Metadata                             ICC_Profile Metadata
  'miin'   MeasurementInputInfo                 no
  'minf'   MeasurementInfo                      no
  'mmod'   MakeAndModel                         no
  'ncl2'   NamedColor2                          no
  'ncol'   NamedColor                           no
  'ndin'   NativeDisplayInfo                    no
  'nmcl'   NamedColor                           no
  'pre0'   Preview0                             no
  'pre1'   Preview1                             no
  'pre2'   Preview2                             no
  'ps2i'   PS2RenderingIntent                   no
  'ps2s'   PostScript2CSA                       no
  'psd0'   PostScript2CRD0                      no
  'psd1'   PostScript2CRD1                      no
  'psd2'   PostScript2CRD2                      no
  'psd3'   PostScript2CRD3                      no
  'pseq'   ProfileSequenceDesc                  no
  'psid'   ProfileSequenceIdentifier            no
  'psin'   ProfileSequenceInfo                  no
  'psvm'   PS2CRDVMSize                         no
  'rTRC'   RedTRC                               no
  'rXYZ'   RedMatrixColumn                      no
  'resp'   OutputResponse                       no
  'rfnm'   ReferenceName                        no
  'rhoc'   ReflectionHardcopyOrigColorimetry    no
  'rig0'   PerceptualRenderingIntentGamut       no
  'rig2'   SaturationRenderingIntentGamut       no
  'rpoc'   ReflectionPrintOutputColorimetry     no
  's2cp'   StandardToCustomPcc                  no
  'sape'   SceneAppearanceEstimates             no
  'scoe'   SceneColorimetryEstimates            no
  'scrd'   ScreeningDesc                        no
  'scrn'   Screening                            no
  'smap'   SurfaceMap                           no
  'svcn'   SpectralViewingConditions            no
  'swpt'   SpectralWhitePoint                   no
  'targ'   CharTarget                           no
  'tech'   Technology                           no
  'vcgt'   VideoCardGamma                       no
  'view'   ViewingConditions                    ICC_Profile ViewingConditions
  'vued'   ViewingCondDesc                      no
  'wtpt'   MediaWhitePoint                      no

ICC_Profile Header Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    ProfileCMMType                       no
      8    ProfileVersion                       no
     12    ProfileClass                         no
     16    ColorSpaceData                       no
     20    ProfileConnectionSpace               no
     24    ProfileDateTime                      no
     36    ProfileFileSignature                 no
     40    PrimaryPlatform                      no
     44    CMMFlags                             no
     48    DeviceManufacturer                   no
     52    DeviceModel                          no
     56    DeviceAttributes                     no
     64    RenderingIntent                      no
     68    ConnectionSpaceIlluminant            no
     80    ProfileCreator                       no
     84    ProfileID                            no

ICC_Profile Chromaticity Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      8    ChromaticityChannels                 no
     10    ChromaticityColorant                 no
     12    ChromaticityChannel1                 no
     20    ChromaticityChannel2                 no
     28    ChromaticityChannel3                 no
     36    ChromaticityChannel4                 no

ICC_Profile ColorantTable Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      8    ColorantCount                        no
     12    Colorant1Name                        no
     44    Colorant1Coordinates                 no
     50    Colorant2Name                        no
     82    Colorant2Coordinates                 no
     88    Colorant3Name                        no
    120    Colorant3Coordinates                 no

ICC_Profile Measurement Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      8    MeasurementObserver                  no
     12    MeasurementBacking                   no
     24    MeasurementGeometry                  no
     28    MeasurementFlare                     no
     32    MeasurementIlluminant                no

ICC_Profile Metadata Tags

Only these few tags have been pre-defined, but ExifTool will extract any Metadata tags that exist.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  CreatorApp                                    no
  ManufacturerName                              no
  MediaColor                                    no
  MediaWeight                                   no

ICC_Profile ViewingConditions Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      8    ViewingCondIlluminant                no
     20    ViewingCondSurround                  no
     32    ViewingCondIlluminantType            no

PrintIM Tags

The format of the PrintIM information is known, however no PrintIM tags have been decoded. Use the Unknown (-u) option to extract PrintIM information.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'PrintIMVersion'     PrintIMVersion           no

Photoshop Tags

Photoshop tags are found in PSD and PSB files, as well as inside embedded Photoshop information in many other file types (JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PNG to name a few).

Many Photoshop tags are marked as Unknown (indicated by a question mark after the tag name) because the information they provide is not very useful under normal circumstances. These unknown tags are not extracted unless the Unknown (-u) option is used. See for the official specification

Photoshop path tags (Tag ID's 0x7d0 to 0xbb5) are not defined by default, but a config file included in the full ExifTool distribution (config_files/photoshop_paths.config) contains the tag definitions to allow access to this information.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x03e8   Photoshop2Info?                      no
  0x03e9   MacintoshPrintInfo?                  no
  0x03ea   XMLData?                             no
  0x03eb   Photoshop2ColorTable?                no
  0x03ed   ResolutionInfo                       Photoshop Resolution
  0x03ee   AlphaChannelsNames                   no
  0x03ef   DisplayInfo?                         no
  0x03f0   PStringCaption?                      no
  0x03f1   BorderInformation?                   no
  0x03f2   BackgroundColor?                     no
  0x03f3   PrintFlags?                          no
  0x03f4   BW_HalftoningInfo?                   no
  0x03f5   ColorHalftoningInfo?                 no
  0x03f6   DuotoneHalftoningInfo?               no
  0x03f7   BW_TransferFunc?                     no
  0x03f8   ColorTransferFuncs?                  no
  0x03f9   DuotoneTransferFuncs?                no
  0x03fa   DuotoneImageInfo?                    no
  0x03fb   EffectiveBW?                         no
  0x03fc   ObsoletePhotoshopTag1?               no
  0x03fd   EPSOptions?                          no
  0x03fe   QuickMaskInfo?                       no
  0x03ff   ObsoletePhotoshopTag2?               no
  0x0400   TargetLayerID?                       no
  0x0401   WorkingPath?                         no
  0x0402   LayersGroupInfo?                     no
  0x0403   ObsoletePhotoshopTag3?               no
  0x0404   IPTCData                             IPTC
  0x0405   RawImageMode?                        no
  0x0406   JPEG_Quality                         Photoshop JPEG_Quality
  0x0408   GridGuidesInfo?                      no
  0x0409   PhotoshopBGRThumbnail                undef!
  0x040a   CopyrightFlag                        int8u
  0x040b   URL                                  string
  0x040c   PhotoshopThumbnail                   undef!
  0x040d   GlobalAngle                          int32u
  0x040e   ColorSamplersResource?               no
  0x040f   ICC_Profile                          ICC_Profile
  0x0410   Watermark?                           no
  0x0411   ICC_Untagged?                        no
  0x0412   EffectsVisible?                      no
  0x0413   SpotHalftone?                        no
  0x0414   IDsBaseValue?                        no
  0x0415   UnicodeAlphaNames?                   no
  0x0416   IndexedColorTableCount?              no
  0x0417   TransparentIndex?                    no
  0x0419   GlobalAltitude                       int32u
  0x041a   SliceInfo                            Photoshop SliceInfo
  0x041b   WorkflowURL                          no
  0x041c   JumpToXPEP?                          no
  0x041d   AlphaIdentifiers?                    no
  0x041e   URL_List                             no+
  0x0421   VersionInfo                          Photoshop VersionInfo
  0x0422   EXIFInfo                             EXIF
  0x0423   ExifInfo2?                           no
  0x0424   XMP                                  XMP
  0x0425   IPTCDigest                           string!
  0x0426   PrintScaleInfo                       Photoshop PrintScaleInfo
  0x0428   PixelInfo                            Photoshop PixelInfo
  0x0429   LayerComps?                          no
  0x042a   AlternateDuotoneColors?              no
  0x042b   AlternateSpotColors?                 no
  0x042d   LayerSelectionIDs?                   no
  0x042e   HDRToningInfo?                       no
  0x042f   PrintInfo?                           no
  0x0430   LayerGroupsEnabledID?                no
  0x0431   ColorSamplersResource2?              no
  0x0432   MeasurementScale?                    no
  0x0433   TimelineInfo?                        no
  0x0434   SheetDisclosure?                     no
  0x0435   DisplayInfo?                         no
  0x0436   OnionSkins?                          no
  0x0438   CountInfo?                           no
  0x043a   PrintInfo2?                          no
  0x043b   PrintStyle?                          no
  0x043c   MacintoshNSPrintInfo?                no
  0x043d   WindowsDEVMODE?                      no
  0x043e   AutoSaveFilePath?                    no
  0x043f   AutoSaveFormat?                      no
  0x0440   PathSelectionState?                  no
  0x0bb7   ClippingPathName                     no
  0x0bb8   OriginPathInfo?                      no
  0x1b58   ImageReadyVariables?                 no
  0x1b59   ImageReadyDataSets?                  no
  0x1f40   LightroomWorkflow?                   no
  0x2710   PrintFlagsInfo?                      no

Photoshop Resolution Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    XResolution                          int32u
      2    DisplayedUnitsX                      int16u
      4    YResolution                          int32u
      6    DisplayedUnitsY                      int16u

Photoshop JPEG_Quality Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PhotoshopQuality                     int16s
      1    PhotoshopFormat                      no
      2    ProgressiveScans                     no

Photoshop SliceInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     20    SlicesGroupName                      no
     24    NumSlices                            no

Photoshop VersionInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    HasRealMergedData                    no
      5    WriterName                           no
      9    ReaderName                           no

Photoshop PrintScaleInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PrintStyle                           no
      2    PrintPosition                        no
     10    PrintScale                           no

Photoshop PixelInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    PixelAspectRatio                     no

Photoshop DocumentData Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'Layr'   Layers                               Photoshop Layers
  'Lr16'   Layers                               Photoshop Layers

Photoshop Layers Tags

Tags extracted from Photoshop layer information.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  '_xbnd'  LayerBlendModes                      no+
  '_xcnt'  LayerCount                           no
  '_xnam'  LayerNames                           no+
  '_xopc'  LayerOpacities                       no+
  '_xrct'  LayerRectangles                      no+
  '_xvis'  LayerVisible                         no+
  'lclr'   LayerColors                          no+
  'lsct'   LayerSections                        no+
  'luni'   LayerUnicodeNames                    no+
  'lyid'   LayerIDs?                            no+
  'shmd'   LayerModifyDates                     no+

Photoshop Header Tags

This information is found in the PSD file header.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      6    NumChannels                          no
      7    ImageHeight                          no
      9    ImageWidth                           no
     11    BitDepth                             no
     12    ColorMode                            no

Photoshop ImageData Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    Compression                          no

Apple Tags

Tags extracted from the maker notes of iPhone images.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   MakerNoteVersion                     int32s
  0x0002   AEMatrix?                            no
  0x0003   RunTime                              Apple RunTime
  0x0004   AEStable                             int32s
  0x0005   AETarget                             int32s
  0x0006   AEAverage                            int32s
  0x0007   AFStable                             int32s
  0x0008   AccelerationVector                   rational64s[3]
  0x000a   HDRImageType                         int32s
  0x000b   BurstUUID                            string
  0x000c   FocusDistanceRange                   rational64s[2]
  0x000f   OISMode                              int32s
  0x0011   ContentIdentifier                    string
  0x0014   ImageCaptureType                     int32s
  0x0015   ImageUniqueID                        string
  0x0017   LivePhotoVideoIndex                  yes
  0x0019   ImageProcessingFlags?                int32s
  0x001a   QualityHint?                         string
  0x001d   LuminanceNoiseAmplitude              rational64s
  0x0020   ImageCaptureRequestID?               string
  0x0021   HDRHeadroom                          rational64s
  0x0025   SceneFlags?                          int32s
  0x0026   SignalToNoiseRatioType?              int32s
  0x0027   SignalToNoiseRatio                   rational64s
  0x002b   PhotoIdentifier                      string
  0x002f   FocusPosition                        int32s
  0x0030   HDRGain                              rational64s
  0x0038   AFMeasuredDepth                      int32s
  0x003d   AFConfidence                         int32s
  0x003e   ColorCorrectionMatrix?               no
  0x003f   GreenGhostMitigationStatus?          int32s
  0x0040   SemanticStyle                        no
  0x0041   SemanticStyleRenderingVer            no
  0x0042   SemanticStylePreset                  no
  0x0045   FrontFacingCamera                    int32s

Apple RunTime Tags

This PLIST-format information contains the elements of a CMTime structure representing the amount of time the phone has been running since the last boot, not including standby time.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'epoch'              RunTimeEpoch             no
  'flags'              RunTimeFlags             no
  'timescale'          RunTimeScale             no
  'value'              RunTimeValue             no

NikonSettings Tags

User settings for newer Nikon models. A number of the tags are marked as Unknown only to reduce the volume of the normal output.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   ISOAutoHiLimit                       no
  0x0002   ISOAutoFlashLimit                    no
  0x0003   ISOAutoShutterTime                   no
  0x000b   FlickerReductionShooting             no
  0x000c   FlickerReductionIndicator            no
  0x000d   MovieISOAutoHiLimit                  no
  0x000e   MovieISOAutoControlManualMode        no
  0x000f   MovieWhiteBalanceSameAsPhoto         no
  0x001d   AF-CPrioritySel                      no
  0x001e   AF-SPrioritySel                      no
  0x0020   AFPointSel                           no
  0x0022   AFActivation                         no
  0x0023   FocusPointWrap                       no
  0x0025   ManualFocusPointIllumination         no
  0x0026   AF-AssistIlluminator                 no
  0x0027   ManualFocusRingInAFMode              no
  0x0029   ISOStepSize                          no
  0x002a   ExposureControlStepSize              no
  0x002b   EasyExposureCompensation             no
  0x002c   MatrixMetering                       no
  0x002d   CenterWeightedAreaSize               no
  0x002f   FineTuneOptMatrixMetering            no
  0x0030   FineTuneOptCenterWeighted            no
  0x0031   FineTuneOptSpotMetering              no
  0x0032   FineTuneOptHighlightWeighted         no
  0x0033   ShutterReleaseButtonAE-L             no
  0x0034   StandbyMonitorOffTime                no
  0x0035   SelfTimerTime                        no
  0x0036   SelfTimerShotCount                   no
  0x0037   SelfTimerShotInterval                no
  0x0038   PlaybackMonitorOffTime               no
  0x0039   MenuMonitorOffTime                   no
  0x003a   ShootingInfoMonitorOffTime           no
  0x003b   ImageReviewMonitorOffTime            no
  0x003c   LiveViewMonitorOffTime               no
  0x003e   CLModeShootingSpeed                  no
  0x003f   MaxContinuousRelease                 no
  0x0040   ExposureDelayMode                    no
  0x0041   ElectronicFront-CurtainShutter       no
  0x0042   FileNumberSequence                   no
  0x0043   FramingGridDisplay                   no
  0x0045   LCDIllumination                      no
  0x0046   OpticalVR                            no
  0x0047   FlashSyncSpeed                       no
  0x0048   FlashShutterSpeed                    no
  0x0049   FlashExposureCompArea                no
  0x004a   AutoFlashISOSensitivity              no
  0x0051   AssignBktButton                      no
  0x0052   AssignMovieRecordButton              no
  0x0053   MultiSelectorShootMode               no
  0x0054   MultiSelectorPlaybackMode            no
  0x0056   MultiSelectorLiveView                no
  0x0058   CmdDialsReverseRotExposureComp?      no
  0x0059   CmdDialsChangeMainSubExposure?       no
  0x005a   CmdDialsChangeMainSub                no
  0x005b   CmdDialsMenuAndPlayback              no
  0x005c   SubDialFrameAdvance                  no
  0x005d   ReleaseButtonToUseDial               no
  0x005e   ReverseIndicators                    no
  0x0062   MovieShutterButton                   no
  0x0063   Language                             no
  0x006c   ShootingInfoDisplay                  no
  0x0074   FlickAdvanceDirection                no
  0x0075   HDMIOutputResolution                 no
  0x0077   HDMIOutputRange                      no
  0x0080   RemoteFuncButton                     no
  0x008b   CmdDialsReverseRotation              no
  0x008d   FocusPeakingHighlightColor           no
  0x008e   ContinuousModeDisplay                no
  0x008f   ShutterSpeedLock                     no
  0x0090   ApertureLock                         no
  0x0091   MovieHighlightDisplayThreshold       no
  0x0092   HDMIExternalRecorder                 no
  0x0093   BlockShotAFResponse                  no
  0x0094   SubjectMotion                        no
  0x0095   Three-DTrackingFaceDetection         no
  0x0097   StoreByOrientation                   no
  0x0099   DynamicAreaAFAssist                  no
  0x009a   ExposureCompStepSize                 no
  0x009b   SyncReleaseMode                      no
  0x009c   ModelingFlash                        no
  0x009d   AutoBracketModeM                     no
  0x009e   PreviewButton                        no
  0x00a0   Func1Button                          no
  0x00a2   Func2Button                          no
  0x00a3   AF-OnButton                          no
  0x00a4   SubSelector                          no
  0x00a5   SubSelectorCenter                    no
  0x00a7   LensFunc1Button                      no
  0x00a8   CmdDialsApertureSetting              no
  0x00a9   MultiSelector                        no
  0x00aa   LiveViewButtonOptions                no
  0x00ab   LightSwitch                          no
  0x00b1   MoviePreviewButton                   no
           MovieFunc1Button                     no
  0x00b3   MovieFunc1Button                     no
           MovieFunc2Button                     no
  0x00b5   MovieFunc2Button                     no
  0x00b6   AssignMovieSubselector               no
  0x00b8   LimitAFAreaModeSelD9?                no
  0x00b9   LimitAFAreaModeSelD25?               no
  0x00bc   LimitAFAreaModeSel3D?                no
  0x00bd   LimitAFAreaModeSelGroup?             no
  0x00be   LimitAFAreaModeSelAuto?              no
  0x00c1   LimitSelectableImageArea5To4?        no
  0x00c2   LimitSelectableImageArea1To1?        no
  0x00d4   PhotoShootingMenuBank                no
  0x00d5   CustomSettingsBank                   no
  0x00d6   LimitAF-AreaModeSelPinpoint?         no
  0x00d7   LimitAF-AreaModeSelDynamic?          no
  0x00d8   LimitAF-AreaModeSelWideAF_S?         no
  0x00d9   LimitAF-AreaModeSelWideAF_L?         no
  0x00da   LowLightAF                           no
  0x00db   LimitSelectableImageAreaDX?          no
  0x00dc   LimitSelectableImageArea5To4?        no
  0x00dd   LimitSelectableImageArea1To1?        no
  0x00de   LimitSelectableImageArea16To9?       no
  0x00df   ApplySettingsToLiveView              no
  0x00e0   FocusPeakingLevel                    no
  0x00ea   LensControlRing                      no
  0x00ed   MovieMultiSelector                   no
  0x00ee   MovieAFSpeed                         no
  0x00ef   MovieAFSpeedApply                    no
  0x00f0   MovieAFTrackingSensitivity           no
  0x00f1   MovieHighlightDisplayPattern         no
  0x00f2   SubDialFrameAdvanceRating5?          no
  0x00f3   SubDialFrameAdvanceRating4?          no
  0x00f4   SubDialFrameAdvanceRating3?          no
  0x00f5   SubDialFrameAdvanceRating2?          no
  0x00f6   SubDialFrameAdvanceRating1?          no
  0x00f7   SubDialFrameAdvanceRating0?          no
  0x00f9   MovieAF-OnButton                     no
  0x00fb   SecondarySlotFunction                no
  0x00fc   SilentPhotography                    no
  0x00fd   ExtendedShutterSpeeds                no
  0x0102   HDMIBitDepth                         no
  0x0103   HDMIOutputHDR                        no
  0x0104   HDMIViewAssist                       no
  0x0109   BracketSet                           no
  0x010a   BracketProgram                       no
  0x010b   BracketIncrement                     no
  0x010c   BracketIncrement                     no
  0x010e   MonitorBrightness                    no
  0x0116   GroupAreaC1                          no
  0x0117   AutoAreaAFStartingPoint              no
  0x0118   FocusPointPersistence                no
  0x0119   LimitAFAreaModeSelD49?               no
  0x011a   LimitAFAreaModeSelD105?              no
  0x011b   LimitAFAreaModeSelGroupC1?           no
  0x011c   LimitAFAreaModeSelGroupC2?           no
  0x011d   AutoFocusModeRestrictions            no
  0x011e   FocusPointBrightness                 no
  0x011f   CHModeShootingSpeed                  no
  0x0120   CLModeShootingSpeed                  no
  0x0121   QuietShutterShootingSpeed            no
  0x0122   LimitReleaseModeSelCL?               no
  0x0123   LimitReleaseModeSelCH?               no
  0x0124   LimitReleaseModeSelQ?                no
  0x0125   LimitReleaseModeSelTimer?            no
  0x0126   LimitReleaseModeSelMirror-Up?        no
  0x0127   LimitSelectableImageArea16To9?       no
  0x0128   RearControPanelDisplay               no
  0x0129   FlashBurstPriority                   no
  0x012a   RecallShootFuncExposureMode          no
  0x012b   RecallShootFuncShutterSpeed          no
  0x012c   RecallShootFuncAperture              no
  0x012d   RecallShootFuncExposureComp          no
  0x012e   RecallShootFuncISO                   no
  0x012f   RecallShootFuncMeteringMode          no
  0x0130   RecallShootFuncWhiteBalance          no
  0x0131   RecallShootFuncAFAreaMode            no
  0x0132   RecallShootFuncFocusTracking         no
  0x0133   RecallShootFuncAF-On                 no
  0x0134   VerticalFuncButton                   no
  0x0135   Func3Button                          no
  0x0136   VerticalAF-OnButton                  no
  0x0137   VerticalMultiSelector                no
  0x0138   MeteringButton                       no
  0x0139   PlaybackFlickUp                      no
  0x013a   PlaybackFlickUpRating                no
  0x013b   PlaybackFlickDown                    no
  0x013c   PlaybackFlickDownRating              no
  0x013d   MovieFunc3Button                     no
  0x0150   ShutterType                          no
  0x0151   LensFunc2Button                      no
  0x0158   USBPowerDelivery                     no
  0x0159   EnergySavingMode                     no
  0x015c   BracketingBurstOptions               no
  0x015e   PrimarySlot                          no
  0x015f   ReverseFocusRing                     no
  0x0160   VerticalFuncButton                   no
  0x0161   VerticalAFOnButton                   no
  0x0162   VerticalMultiSelector                no
  0x0164   VerticalMovieFuncButton              no
  0x0165   VerticalMovieAFOnButton              no
  0x0169   LimitAF-AreaModeSelAutoPeople?       no
  0x016a   LimitAF-AreaModeSelAutoAnimals?      no
  0x016b   LimitAF-AreaModeSelWideLPeople?      no
  0x016c   LimitAF-AreaModeSelWideLAnimals?     no
  0x016d   SaveFocus                            no
  0x016e   AFAreaMode                           no
  0x016f   MovieAFAreaMode                      no
  0x0170   PreferSubSelectorCenter              no
  0x0171   KeepExposureWithTeleconverter        no
  0x0174   FocusPointSelectionSpeed             no

Canon Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   CanonCameraSettings                  Canon CameraSettings
  0x0002   CanonFocalLength                     Canon FocalLength
  0x0003   CanonFlashInfo?                      no
  0x0004   CanonShotInfo                        Canon ShotInfo
  0x0005   CanonPanorama                        Canon Panorama
  0x0006   CanonImageType                       string
  0x0007   CanonFirmwareVersion                 string
  0x0008   FileNumber                           int32u
  0x0009   OwnerName                            string
  0x000a   UnknownD30                           Canon UnknownD30
  0x000c   SerialNumber                         int32u
  0x000d   CanonCameraInfo1D                    Canon CameraInfo1D
           CanonCameraInfo1DmkII                Canon CameraInfo1DmkII
           CanonCameraInfo1DmkIIN               Canon CameraInfo1DmkIIN
           CanonCameraInfo1DmkIII               Canon CameraInfo1DmkIII
           CanonCameraInfo1DmkIV                Canon CameraInfo1DmkIV
           CanonCameraInfo1DX                   Canon CameraInfo1DX
           CanonCameraInfo5D                    Canon CameraInfo5D
           CanonCameraInfo5DmkII                Canon CameraInfo5DmkII
           CanonCameraInfo5DmkIII               Canon CameraInfo5DmkIII
           CanonCameraInfo6D                    Canon CameraInfo6D
           CanonCameraInfo7D                    Canon CameraInfo7D
           CanonCameraInfo40D                   Canon CameraInfo40D
           CanonCameraInfo50D                   Canon CameraInfo50D
           CanonCameraInfo60D                   Canon CameraInfo60D
           CanonCameraInfo70D                   Canon CameraInfo70D
           CanonCameraInfo80D                   Canon CameraInfo80D
           CanonCameraInfo450D                  Canon CameraInfo450D
           CanonCameraInfo500D                  Canon CameraInfo500D
           CanonCameraInfo550D                  Canon CameraInfo550D
           CanonCameraInfo600D                  Canon CameraInfo600D
           CanonCameraInfo650D                  Canon CameraInfo650D
           CanonCameraInfo700D                  Canon CameraInfo650D
           CanonCameraInfo750D                  Canon CameraInfo750D
           CanonCameraInfo760D                  Canon CameraInfo750D
           CanonCameraInfo1000D                 Canon CameraInfo1000D
           CanonCameraInfo1100D                 Canon CameraInfo600D
           CanonCameraInfo1200D                 Canon CameraInfo60D
           CanonCameraInfoR6                    Canon CameraInfoR6
           CanonCameraInfoG5XII                 Canon CameraInfoG5XII
           CanonCameraInfoPowerShot             Canon CameraInfoPowerShot
           CanonCameraInfoPowerShot2            Canon CameraInfoPowerShot2
           CanonCameraInfoUnknown32             Canon CameraInfoUnknown32
           CanonCameraInfoUnknown16             Canon CameraInfoUnknown16
           CanonCameraInfoUnknown               Canon CameraInfoUnknown
  0x000e   CanonFileLength                      int32u
  0x000f   CustomFunctions1D                    CanonCustom Functions1D
           CustomFunctions5D                    CanonCustom Functions5D
           CustomFunctions10D                   CanonCustom Functions10D
           CustomFunctions20D                   CanonCustom Functions20D
           CustomFunctions30D                   CanonCustom Functions30D
           CustomFunctions350D                  CanonCustom Functions350D
           CustomFunctions400D                  CanonCustom Functions400D
           CustomFunctionsD30                   CanonCustom FunctionsD30
           CustomFunctionsD60                   CanonCustom FunctionsD30
           CustomFunctionsUnknown               CanonCustom FuncsUnknown
  0x0010   CanonModelID                         int32u
  0x0011   MovieInfo                            Canon MovieInfo
  0x0012   CanonAFInfo                          Canon AFInfo
  0x0013   ThumbnailImageValidArea              int16u[4]
  0x0015   SerialNumberFormat                   int32u
  0x001a   SuperMacro                           int16u
  0x001c   DateStampMode                        int16u
  0x001d   MyColors                             Canon MyColors
  0x001e   FirmwareRevision                     int32u
  0x0023   Categories                           int32u[2]
  0x0024   FaceDetect1                          Canon FaceDetect1
  0x0025   FaceDetect2                          Canon FaceDetect2
  0x0026   CanonAFInfo2                         Canon AFInfo2
  0x0027   ContrastInfo                         Canon ContrastInfo
  0x0028   ImageUniqueID                        int8u
  0x0029   WBInfo                               Canon WBInfo
  0x002f   FaceDetect3                          Canon FaceDetect3
  0x0035   TimeInfo                             Canon TimeInfo
  0x0038   BatteryType                          undef
  0x003c   AFInfo3                              Canon AFInfo2
  0x0081   RawDataOffset                        no
  0x0082   RawDataLength                        no
  0x0083   OriginalDecisionDataOffset           int32u*
  0x0090   CustomFunctions1D                    CanonCustom Functions1D
  0x0091   PersonalFunctions                    CanonCustom PersonalFuncs
  0x0092   PersonalFunctionValues               CanonCustom PersonalFuncValues
  0x0093   CanonFileInfo                        Canon FileInfo
  0x0094   AFPointsInFocus1D                    no
  0x0095   LensModel                            string
  0x0096   SerialInfo                           Canon SerialInfo
           InternalSerialNumber                 string
  0x0097   DustRemovalData                      undef!
  0x0098   CropInfo                             Canon CropInfo
  0x0099   CustomFunctions2                     CanonCustom Functions2
  0x009a   AspectInfo                           Canon AspectInfo
  0x00a0   ProcessingInfo                       Canon Processing
  0x00a1   ToneCurveTable                       no
  0x00a2   SharpnessTable                       no
  0x00a3   SharpnessFreqTable                   no
  0x00a4   WhiteBalanceTable                    no
  0x00a9   ColorBalance                         Canon ColorBalance
  0x00aa   MeasuredColor                        Canon MeasuredColor
  0x00ae   ColorTemperature                     int16u
  0x00b0   CanonFlags                           Canon Flags
  0x00b1   ModifiedInfo                         Canon ModifiedInfo
  0x00b2   ToneCurveMatching                    no
  0x00b3   WhiteBalanceMatching                 no
  0x00b4   ColorSpace                           int16u
  0x00b6   PreviewImageInfo                     Canon PreviewImageInfo
  0x00d0   VRDOffset                            int32u*
  0x00e0   SensorInfo                           Canon SensorInfo
  0x4001   ColorData1                           Canon ColorData1
           ColorData2                           Canon ColorData2
           ColorData3                           Canon ColorData3
           ColorData4                           Canon ColorData4
           ColorData5                           Canon ColorData5
           ColorData6                           Canon ColorData6
           ColorData7                           Canon ColorData7
           ColorData8                           Canon ColorData8
           ColorData9                           Canon ColorData9
           ColorData10                          Canon ColorData10
           ColorData11                          Canon ColorData11
           ColorDataUnknown                     Canon ColorDataUnknown
  0x4002   CRWParam?                            no
  0x4003   ColorInfo                            Canon ColorInfo
  0x4005   Flavor?                              no
  0x4008   PictureStyleUserDef                  [Values 0-2]
                                                Canon PictureStyle
  0x4009   PictureStylePC                       [Values 0-2]
                                                Canon PictureStyle
  0x4010   CustomPictureStyleFileName           string
  0x4013   AFMicroAdj                           Canon AFMicroAdj
  0x4015   VignettingCorr                       Canon VignettingCorr
           VignettingCorrUnknown1               Canon VignettingCorrUnknown
           VignettingCorrUnknown2               Canon VignettingCorrUnknown
  0x4016   VignettingCorr2                      Canon VignettingCorr2
  0x4018   LightingOpt                          Canon LightingOpt
  0x4019   LensInfo                             Canon LensInfo
  0x4020   AmbienceInfo                         Canon Ambience
  0x4021   MultiExp                             Canon MultiExp
  0x4024   FilterInfo                           Canon FilterInfo
  0x4025   HDRInfo                              Canon HDRInfo
  0x4026   LogInfo                              Canon LogInfo
  0x4028   AFConfig                             Canon AFConfig
  0x403f   RawBurstModeRoll                     Canon RawBurstInfo

Canon CameraSettings Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    MacroMode                            int16s
      2    SelfTimer                            int16s
      3    Quality                              int16s
      4    CanonFlashMode                       int16s
      5    ContinuousDrive                      int16s
      7    FocusMode                            int16s
      9    RecordMode                           int16s
     10    CanonImageSize                       int16s
     11    EasyMode                             int16s
     12    DigitalZoom                          int16s
     13    Contrast                             int16s
     14    Saturation                           int16s
     15    Sharpness                            int16s
     16    CameraISO                            int16s
     17    MeteringMode                         int16s
     18    FocusRange                           int16s
     19    AFPoint                              int16s
     20    CanonExposureMode                    int16s
     22    LensType                             int16u
     23    MaxFocalLength                       int16u
     24    MinFocalLength                       int16u
     25    FocalUnits                           int16s
     26    MaxAperture                          int16s
     27    MinAperture                          int16s
     28    FlashActivity                        int16s
     29    FlashBits                            int16s
     32    FocusContinuous                      int16s
     33    AESetting                            int16s
     34    ImageStabilization                   int16s
     35    DisplayAperture                      int16s
     36    ZoomSourceWidth                      int16s
     37    ZoomTargetWidth                      int16s
     39    SpotMeteringMode                     int16s
     40    PhotoEffect                          int16s
     41    ManualFlashOutput                    int16s
     42    ColorTone                            int16s
     46    SRAWQuality                          int16s

Canon FocalLength Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FocalType                            int16u
      1    FocalLength                          int16u
      2    FocalPlaneXSize                      int16u
           FocalPlaneXUnknown?                  int16u
      3    FocalPlaneYSize                      int16u
           FocalPlaneYUnknown?                  int16u

Canon ShotInfo Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    AutoISO                              int16s
      2    BaseISO                              int16s
      3    MeasuredEV                           int16s
      4    TargetAperture                       int16s
      5    TargetExposureTime                   int16s
      6    ExposureCompensation                 int16s
      7    WhiteBalance                         int16s
      8    SlowShutter                          int16s
      9    SequenceNumber                       int16s
     10    OpticalZoomCode                      int16s
     12    CameraTemperature                    int16s
     13    FlashGuideNumber                     int16s
     14    AFPointsInFocus                      int16s
     15    FlashExposureComp                    int16s
     16    AutoExposureBracketing               int16s
     17    AEBBracketValue                      int16s
     18    ControlMode                          int16s
     19    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16u
     20    FocusDistanceLower                   int16u
     21    FNumber                              int16s
     22    ExposureTime                         int16s
     23    MeasuredEV2                          int16s
     24    BulbDuration                         int16s
     26    CameraType                           int16s
     27    AutoRotate                           int16s
     28    NDFilter                             int16s
     29    SelfTimer2                           int16s
     33    FlashOutput                          int16s

Canon Panorama Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    PanoramaFrameNumber                  int16s
      5    PanoramaDirection                    int16s

Canon UnknownD30 Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Canon CameraInfo1D Tags

Information in the "CameraInfo" records is tricky to decode because the encodings are very different than in other Canon records (even sometimes switching endianness between values within a single camera), plus there is considerable variation in format from model to model. The first table below lists CameraInfo tags for the 1D and 1DS.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
     10    FocalLength                          int16u
     13    LensType                             int16uRev
     14    MinFocalLength                       int16u
     16    MaxFocalLength                       int16u
     65    SharpnessFrequency                   int8u
     66    Sharpness                            int8s
     68    WhiteBalance                         int8u
     71    SharpnessFrequency                   int8u
     72    ColorTemperature                     int16u
           Sharpness                            int8s
     74    WhiteBalance                         int8u
     75    PictureStyle                         int8u
     78    ColorTemperature                     int16u
     81    PictureStyle                         int8u

Canon CameraInfo1DmkII Tags

CameraInfo tags for the 1DmkII and 1DSmkII.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      9    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     12    LensType                             int16uRev
     17    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
     19    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
     45    FocalType                            int8u
     54    WhiteBalance                         int8u
     55    ColorTemperature                     int16uRev
     57    CanonImageSize                       int16u
    102    JPEGQuality                          int8u
    108    PictureStyle                         int8u
    110    Saturation                           int8s
    111    ColorTone                            int8s
    114    Sharpness                            int8s
    115    Contrast                             int8s
    117    ISO                                  string[5]

Canon CameraInfo1DmkIIN Tags

CameraInfo tags for the 1DmkIIN.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      9    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     12    LensType                             int16uRev
     17    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
     19    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
     54    WhiteBalance                         int8u
     55    ColorTemperature                     int16uRev
    115    PictureStyle                         int8u
    116    Sharpness                            int8s
    117    Contrast                             int8s
    118    Saturation                           int8s
    119    ColorTone                            int8s
    121    ISO                                  string[5]

Canon CameraInfo1DmkIII Tags

CameraInfo tags for the 1DmkIII and 1DSmkIII.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
     24    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     27    MacroMagnification                   int8u
     29    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     48    CameraOrientation                    int8u
     67    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
     69    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
     94    WhiteBalance                         int16u
     98    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    134    PictureStyle                         int8u
    273    LensType                             int16uRev
    275    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    277    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    310    FirmwareVersion                      string[6]
    370    FileIndex                            int32u
    374    ShutterCount                         int32u
    382    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    682    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo
   1114    TimeStamp1                           int32u
   1118    TimeStamp                            int32u

Canon PSInfo Tags

Custom picture style information for various models.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ContrastStandard                     int32s
      4    SharpnessStandard                    int32s
      8    SaturationStandard                   int32s
     12    ColorToneStandard                    int32s
     16    FilterEffectStandard?                int32s
     20    ToningEffectStandard?                int32s
     24    ContrastPortrait                     int32s
     28    SharpnessPortrait                    int32s
     32    SaturationPortrait                   int32s
     36    ColorTonePortrait                    int32s
     40    FilterEffectPortrait?                int32s
     44    ToningEffectPortrait?                int32s
     48    ContrastLandscape                    int32s
     52    SharpnessLandscape                   int32s
     56    SaturationLandscape                  int32s
     60    ColorToneLandscape                   int32s
     64    FilterEffectLandscape?               int32s
     68    ToningEffectLandscape?               int32s
     72    ContrastNeutral                      int32s
     76    SharpnessNeutral                     int32s
     80    SaturationNeutral                    int32s
     84    ColorToneNeutral                     int32s
     88    FilterEffectNeutral?                 int32s
     92    ToningEffectNeutral?                 int32s
     96    ContrastFaithful                     int32s
    100    SharpnessFaithful                    int32s
    104    SaturationFaithful                   int32s
    108    ColorToneFaithful                    int32s
    112    FilterEffectFaithful?                int32s
    116    ToningEffectFaithful?                int32s
    120    ContrastMonochrome                   int32s
    124    SharpnessMonochrome                  int32s
    128    SaturationMonochrome?                int32s
    132    ColorToneMonochrome?                 int32s
    136    FilterEffectMonochrome               int32s
    140    ToningEffectMonochrome               int32s
    144    ContrastUserDef1                     int32s
    148    SharpnessUserDef1                    int32s
    152    SaturationUserDef1                   int32s
    156    ColorToneUserDef1                    int32s
    160    FilterEffectUserDef1                 int32s
    164    ToningEffectUserDef1                 int32s
    168    ContrastUserDef2                     int32s
    172    SharpnessUserDef2                    int32s
    176    SaturationUserDef2                   int32s
    180    ColorToneUserDef2                    int32s
    184    FilterEffectUserDef2                 int32s
    188    ToningEffectUserDef2                 int32s
    192    ContrastUserDef3                     int32s
    196    SharpnessUserDef3                    int32s
    200    SaturationUserDef3                   int32s
    204    ColorToneUserDef3                    int32s
    208    FilterEffectUserDef3                 int32s
    212    ToningEffectUserDef3                 int32s
    216    UserDef1PictureStyle                 int16u
    218    UserDef2PictureStyle                 int16u
    220    UserDef3PictureStyle                 int16u

Canon CameraInfo1DmkIV Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 1D Mark IV. Indices shown are for firmware versions 1.0.x, but they may be different for other firmware versions.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
      7    HighlightTonePriority                int8u
      8    MeasuredEV2                          int8u
      9    MeasuredEV3                          int8u
     21    FlashMeteringMode                    int8u
     25    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     30    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     53    CameraOrientation                    int8u
     84    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
     86    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    120    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    124    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    335    LensType                             int16uRev
    337    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    339    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    493    FirmwareVersion                      no
    556    FileIndex                            int32u
    568    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    872    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo

Canon CameraInfo1DX Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 1D X. Indices shown are for firmware version 1.0.2, but they may be different for other firmware versions.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
     27    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     35    FocalLength                          int16uRev
    125    CameraOrientation                    int8u
    140    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
    142    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    188    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    192    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    244    PictureStyle                         int8u
    423    LensType                             int16uRev
    425    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    427    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    640    FirmwareVersion                      no
    720    FileIndex                            int32u
    732    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
   1012    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo2

Canon PSInfo2 Tags

Custom picture style information for the EOS 5DmkIII, 60D, 600D and 1100D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ContrastStandard                     int32s
      4    SharpnessStandard                    int32s
      8    SaturationStandard                   int32s
     12    ColorToneStandard                    int32s
     16    FilterEffectStandard?                int32s
     20    ToningEffectStandard?                int32s
     24    ContrastPortrait                     int32s
     28    SharpnessPortrait                    int32s
     32    SaturationPortrait                   int32s
     36    ColorTonePortrait                    int32s
     40    FilterEffectPortrait?                int32s
     44    ToningEffectPortrait?                int32s
     48    ContrastLandscape                    int32s
     52    SharpnessLandscape                   int32s
     56    SaturationLandscape                  int32s
     60    ColorToneLandscape                   int32s
     64    FilterEffectLandscape?               int32s
     68    ToningEffectLandscape?               int32s
     72    ContrastNeutral                      int32s
     76    SharpnessNeutral                     int32s
     80    SaturationNeutral                    int32s
     84    ColorToneNeutral                     int32s
     88    FilterEffectNeutral?                 int32s
     92    ToningEffectNeutral?                 int32s
     96    ContrastFaithful                     int32s
    100    SharpnessFaithful                    int32s
    104    SaturationFaithful                   int32s
    108    ColorToneFaithful                    int32s
    112    FilterEffectFaithful?                int32s
    116    ToningEffectFaithful?                int32s
    120    ContrastMonochrome                   int32s
    124    SharpnessMonochrome                  int32s
    128    SaturationMonochrome?                int32s
    132    ColorToneMonochrome?                 int32s
    136    FilterEffectMonochrome               int32s
    140    ToningEffectMonochrome               int32s
    144    ContrastAuto                         int32s
    148    SharpnessAuto                        int32s
    152    SaturationAuto                       int32s
    156    ColorToneAuto                        int32s
    160    FilterEffectAuto                     int32s
    164    ToningEffectAuto                     int32s
    168    ContrastUserDef1                     int32s
    172    SharpnessUserDef1                    int32s
    176    SaturationUserDef1                   int32s
    180    ColorToneUserDef1                    int32s
    184    FilterEffectUserDef1                 int32s
    188    ToningEffectUserDef1                 int32s
    192    ContrastUserDef2                     int32s
    196    SharpnessUserDef2                    int32s
    200    SaturationUserDef2                   int32s
    204    ColorToneUserDef2                    int32s
    208    FilterEffectUserDef2                 int32s
    212    ToningEffectUserDef2                 int32s
    216    ContrastUserDef3                     int32s
    220    SharpnessUserDef3                    int32s
    224    SaturationUserDef3                   int32s
    228    ColorToneUserDef3                    int32s
    232    FilterEffectUserDef3                 int32s
    236    ToningEffectUserDef3                 int32s
    240    UserDef1PictureStyle                 int16u
    242    UserDef2PictureStyle                 int16u
    244    UserDef3PictureStyle                 int16u

Canon CameraInfo5D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 5D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
     12    LensType                             int16uRev
     23    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     27    MacroMagnification                   int8s
     39    CameraOrientation                    int8s
     40    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     56    AFPointsInFocus5D                    int16uRev
     84    WhiteBalance                         int16u
     88    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    108    PictureStyle                         int8u
    147    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    149    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    151    LensType                             int16uRev
    164    FirmwareRevision                     string[8]
    172    ShortOwnerName                       string[16]
    204    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    208    FileIndex                            int16u
    232    ContrastStandard                     int8s
    233    ContrastPortrait                     int8s
    234    ContrastLandscape                    int8s
    235    ContrastNeutral                      int8s
    236    ContrastFaithful                     int8s
    237    ContrastMonochrome                   int8s
    238    ContrastUserDef1                     int8s
    239    ContrastUserDef2                     int8s
    240    ContrastUserDef3                     int8s
    241    SharpnessStandard                    int8s
    242    SharpnessPortrait                    int8s
    243    SharpnessLandscape                   int8s
    244    SharpnessNeutral                     int8s
    245    SharpnessFaithful                    int8s
    246    SharpnessMonochrome                  int8s
    247    SharpnessUserDef1                    int8s
    248    SharpnessUserDef2                    int8s
    249    SharpnessUserDef3                    int8s
    250    SaturationStandard                   int8s
    251    SaturationPortrait                   int8s
    252    SaturationLandscape                  int8s
    253    SaturationNeutral                    int8s
    254    SaturationFaithful                   int8s
    255    FilterEffectMonochrome               int8s
    256    SaturationUserDef1                   int8s
    257    SaturationUserDef2                   int8s
    258    SaturationUserDef3                   int8s
    259    ColorToneStandard                    int8s
    260    ColorTonePortrait                    int8s
    261    ColorToneLandscape                   int8s
    262    ColorToneNeutral                     int8s
    263    ColorToneFaithful                    int8s
    264    ToningEffectMonochrome               int8s
    265    ColorToneUserDef1                    int8s
    266    ColorToneUserDef2                    int8s
    267    ColorToneUserDef3                    int8s
    268    UserDef1PictureStyle                 int16u
    270    UserDef2PictureStyle                 int16u
    272    UserDef3PictureStyle                 int16u
    284    TimeStamp                            int32u

Canon CameraInfo5DmkII Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 5D Mark II. Indices shown are for firmware version 1.0.6, but they may be different for other firmware versions.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
      7    HighlightTonePriority                int8u
     21    FlashMeteringMode                    int8u
     25    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     27    MacroMagnification                   int8u
     30    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     49    CameraOrientation                    int8u
     80    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
     82    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    111    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    115    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    167    PictureStyle                         int8u
    189    HighISONoiseReduction                int8u
    191    AutoLightingOptimizer                int8u
    230    LensType                             int16uRev
    232    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    234    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    382    FirmwareVersion                      no
    443    FileIndex                            int32u
    455    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    759    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo

Canon CameraInfo5DmkIII Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 5D Mark III. Indices shown are for firmware versions 1.0.x, but they may be different for other firmware versions.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
     27    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     35    FocalLength                          int16uRev
    125    CameraOrientation                    int8u
    140    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
    142    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    188    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    192    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    244    PictureStyle                         int8u
    339    LensType                             int16uRev
    341    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    343    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    356    LensSerialNumber                     undef[5]
    572    FirmwareVersion                      no
    652    FileIndex                            int32u
    656    FileIndex2                           int32u
    664    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    668    DirectoryIndex2                      int32u
    944    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo2

Canon CameraInfo6D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 6D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
     27    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     35    FocalLength                          int16uRev
    131    CameraOrientation                    int8u
    146    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
    148    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    194    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    198    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    250    PictureStyle                         int8u
    353    LensType                             int16uRev
    355    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    357    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    598    FirmwareVersion                      no
    682    FileIndex                            int32u
    694    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    966    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo2

Canon CameraInfo7D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 7D. Indices shown are for firmware versions 1.0.x, but they may be different for other firmware versions.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
      7    HighlightTonePriority                int8u
      8    MeasuredEV2                          int8u
      9    MeasuredEV                           int8u
     21    FlashMeteringMode                    int8u
     25    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     30    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     53    CameraOrientation                    int8u
     84    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
     86    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    119    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    123    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    175    CameraPictureStyle                   int8u
    201    HighISONoiseReduction                int8u
    274    LensType                             int16uRev
    276    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    278    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    428    FirmwareVersion                      no
    491    FileIndex                            int32u
    503    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    807    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo

Canon CameraInfo40D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 40D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
     21    FlashMeteringMode                    int8u
     24    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     27    MacroMagnification                   int8u
     29    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     48    CameraOrientation                    int8u
     67    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
     69    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    111    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    115    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    214    LensType                             int16uRev
    216    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    218    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    255    FirmwareVersion                      string[6]
    307    FileIndex                            int32u
    319    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    603    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo
   2347    LensModel                            string[64]

Canon CameraInfo50D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 50D. Indices shown are for firmware versions 1.0.x, but they may be different for other firmware versions.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
      7    HighlightTonePriority                int8u
     21    FlashMeteringMode                    int8u
     25    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     30    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     49    CameraOrientation                    int8u
     80    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
     82    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    111    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    115    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    167    PictureStyle                         int8u
    189    HighISONoiseReduction                int8u
    191    AutoLightingOptimizer                int8u
    234    LensType                             int16uRev
    236    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    238    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    350    FirmwareVersion                      no
    411    FileIndex                            int32u
    423    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    727    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo

Canon CameraInfo60D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 60D and 1200D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
     25    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     30    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     54    CameraOrientation                    int8u
     58    CameraOrientation                    int8u
     85    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
     87    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    125    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    232    LensType                             int16uRev
    234    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    236    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    409    FirmwareVersion                      no
    473    FileIndex                            int32u
    485    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    761    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo2
    801    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo2

Canon CameraInfo70D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 70D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
     27    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     35    FocalLength                          int16uRev
    132    CameraOrientation                    int8u
    147    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
    149    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    199    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    358    LensType                             int16uRev
    360    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    362    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    606    FirmwareVersion                      no
    691    FileIndex                            int32u
    703    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    975    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo2

Canon CameraInfo80D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 80D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
     27    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     35    FocalLength                          int16uRev
    150    CameraOrientation                    int8u
    165    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
    167    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    314    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    393    LensType                             int16uRev
    395    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    397    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
   1114    FirmwareVersion                      no
   1198    FileIndex                            int32u
   1210    DirectoryIndex                       int32u

Canon CameraInfo450D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 450D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
     21    FlashMeteringMode                    int8u
     24    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     27    MacroMagnification                   int8u
     29    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     48    CameraOrientation                    int8u
     67    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
     69    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    111    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    115    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    222    LensType                             int16uRev
    263    FirmwareVersion                      string[6]
    271    OwnerName                            string[32]
    307    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    319    FileIndex                            int32u
    611    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo
   2355    LensModel                            string[64]

Canon CameraInfo500D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 500D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
      7    HighlightTonePriority                int8u
     21    FlashMeteringMode                    int8u
     25    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     30    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     49    CameraOrientation                    int8u
     80    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
     82    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    115    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    119    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    171    PictureStyle                         int8u
    188    HighISONoiseReduction                int8u
    190    AutoLightingOptimizer                int8u
    246    LensType                             int16uRev
    248    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    250    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    400    FirmwareVersion                      no
    467    FileIndex                            int32u
    479    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    779    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo

Canon CameraInfo550D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 550D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
      7    HighlightTonePriority                int8u
     21    FlashMeteringMode                    int8u
     25    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     30    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     53    CameraOrientation                    int8u
     84    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
     86    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    120    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    124    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    176    PictureStyle                         int8u
    255    LensType                             int16uRev
    257    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    259    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    420    FirmwareVersion                      no
    484    FileIndex                            int32u
    496    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    796    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo

Canon CameraInfo600D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 600D and 1100D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
      7    HighlightTonePriority                int8u
     21    FlashMeteringMode                    int8u
     25    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     30    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     56    CameraOrientation                    int8u
     87    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
     89    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    123    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    127    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    179    PictureStyle                         int8u
    234    LensType                             int16uRev
    236    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    238    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    411    FirmwareVersion                      no
    475    FileIndex                            int32u
    487    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    763    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo2

Canon CameraInfo650D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 650D and 700D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
     27    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     35    FocalLength                          int16uRev
    125    CameraOrientation                    int8u
    140    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
    142    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    188    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    192    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    244    PictureStyle                         int8u
    295    LensType                             int16uRev
    297    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    299    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    539    FirmwareVersion                      no
    544    FirmwareVersion                      no
    624    FileIndex                            int32u
    628    FileIndex                            int32u
    636    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    640    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    912    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo2

Canon CameraInfo750D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 750D and 760D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
     27    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     35    FocalLength                          int16uRev
    150    CameraOrientation                    int8u
    165    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
    167    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    305    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    309    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    361    PictureStyle                         int8u
    388    LensType                             int16uRev
    390    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    392    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
   1085    FirmwareVersion                      no
   1097    FirmwareVersion                      no

Canon CameraInfo1000D Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS 1000D.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FNumber                              int8u
      4    ExposureTime                         int8u
      6    ISO                                  int8u
     21    FlashMeteringMode                    int8u
     24    CameraTemperature                    int8u
     27    MacroMagnification                   int8u
     29    FocalLength                          int16uRev
     48    CameraOrientation                    int8u
     67    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16uRev
     69    FocusDistanceLower                   int16uRev
    111    WhiteBalance                         int16u
    115    ColorTemperature                     int16u
    226    LensType                             int16uRev
    228    MinFocalLength                       int16uRev
    230    MaxFocalLength                       int16uRev
    267    FirmwareVersion                      string[6]
    311    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
    323    FileIndex                            int32u
    615    PictureStyleInfo                     Canon PSInfo
   2359    LensModel                            string[64]

Canon CameraInfoR6 Tags

CameraInfo tags for the EOS R6.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
   2801    ShutterCount                         int32u

Canon CameraInfoG5XII Tags

CameraInfo tags for the PowerShot G5 X Mark II.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    659    ShutterCount                         int32u
   2849    DirectoryIndex                       int32u
   2861    FileIndex                            int32u

Canon CameraInfoPowerShot Tags

CameraInfo tags for PowerShot models such as the A450, A460, A550, A560, A570, A630, A640, A650, A710, A720, G7, G9, S5, SD40, SD750, SD800, SD850, SD870, SD900, SD950, SD1000, SX100 and TX1.

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ISO                                  int32s
      5    FNumber                              int32s
      6    ExposureTime                         int32s
     23    Rotation                             int32s
    135    CameraTemperature                    int32s
    145    CameraTemperature                    int32s

Canon CameraInfoPowerShot2 Tags

CameraInfo tags for PowerShot models such as the A470, A480, A490, A495, A580, A590, A1000, A1100, A2000, A2100, A3000, A3100, D10, E1, G10, G11, S90, S95, SD770, SD780, SD790, SD880, SD890, SD940, SD960, SD970, SD980, SD990, SD1100, SD1200, SD1300, SD1400, SD3500, SD4000, SD4500, SX1, SX10, SX20, SX110, SX120, SX130, SX200 and SX210.

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    ISO                                  int32s
      6    FNumber                              int32s
      7    ExposureTime                         int32s
     24    Rotation                             int32s
    153    CameraTemperature                    int32s
    159    CameraTemperature                    int32s
    164    CameraTemperature                    int32s
    168    CameraTemperature                    int32s
    261    CameraTemperature                    int32s

Canon CameraInfoUnknown32 Tags

Unknown CameraInfo tags are divided into 3 tables based on format size.

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     71    CameraTemperature                    int32s
     83    CameraTemperature                    int32s
     91    CameraTemperature                    int32s
     92    CameraTemperature                    int32s
    100    CameraTemperature                    int32s
     -3    CameraTemperature                    int32s

Canon CameraInfoUnknown16 Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Canon CameraInfoUnknown Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    363    LensSerialNumber                     undef[5]
   1473    FirmwareVersion                      no

Canon MovieInfo Tags

Tags written by some Canon cameras when recording video.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    FrameRate                            int16u
      2    FrameCount                           int16u
      4    FrameCount                           int32u
      6    FrameRate                            rational32u
    106    Duration                             int32u
    108    AudioBitrate                         int32u
    110    AudioSampleRate                      int32u
    112    AudioChannels                        int32u
    116    VideoCodec                           undef[4]

Canon AFInfo Tags

Auto-focus information used by many older Canon models. The values in this record are sequential, and some have variable sizes based on the value of NumAFPoints (which may be 1,5,7,9,15,45 or 53). The AFArea coordinates are given in a system where the image has dimensions given by AFImageWidth and AFImageHeight, and 0,0 is the image center. The direction of the Y axis depends on the camera model, with positive Y upwards for EOS models, but apparently downwards for PowerShot models.

  Sequence Tag Name                             Writable
  -------- --------                             --------
      0    NumAFPoints                          no
      1    ValidAFPoints                        no
      2    CanonImageWidth                      no
      3    CanonImageHeight                     no
      4    AFImageWidth                         no
      5    AFImageHeight                        no
      6    AFAreaWidth                          no
      7    AFAreaHeight                         no
      8    AFAreaXPositions                     no
      9    AFAreaYPositions                     no
     10    AFPointsInFocus                      no
     11    PrimaryAFPoint                       no
           Canon_AFInfo_0x000b?                 no
     12    PrimaryAFPoint                       no

Canon MyColors Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    MyColorMode                          int16u

Canon FaceDetect1 Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    FacesDetected                        int16u
      3    FaceDetectFrameSize                  int16u[2]
      8    Face1Position                        int16s[2]
     10    Face2Position                        int16s[2]
     12    Face3Position                        int16s[2]
     14    Face4Position                        int16s[2]
     16    Face5Position                        int16s[2]
     18    Face6Position                        int16s[2]
     20    Face7Position                        int16s[2]
     22    Face8Position                        int16s[2]
     24    Face9Position                        int16s[2]

Canon FaceDetect2 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    FaceWidth                            int8u
      2    FacesDetected                        int8u

Canon AFInfo2 Tags

Newer version of the AFInfo record containing much of the same information (and coordinate confusion) as the older version. In this record, NumAFPoints may be 7, 9, 11, 19, 31, 45 or 61, depending on the camera model.

  Sequence Tag Name                             Writable
  -------- --------                             --------
      0    AFInfoSize?                          no
      1    AFAreaMode                           no
      2    NumAFPoints                          no
      3    ValidAFPoints                        no
      4    CanonImageWidth                      no
      5    CanonImageHeight                     no
      6    AFImageWidth                         no
      7    AFImageHeight                        no
      8    AFAreaWidths                         no
      9    AFAreaHeights                        no
     10    AFAreaXPositions                     no
     11    AFAreaYPositions                     no
     12    AFPointsInFocus                      no
     13    AFPointsSelected                     no
           Canon_AFInfo2_0x000d?                no
     14    PrimaryAFPoint                       no

Canon ContrastInfo Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    IntelligentContrast                  int16u

Canon WBInfo Tags

WB tags for the Canon G9.

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    WB_GRBGLevelsAuto                    int32s[4]
     10    WB_GRBGLevelsDaylight                int32s[4]
     18    WB_GRBGLevelsCloudy                  int32s[4]
     26    WB_GRBGLevelsTungsten                int32s[4]
     34    WB_GRBGLevelsFluorescent             int32s[4]
     42    WB_GRBGLevelsFluorHigh               int32s[4]
     50    WB_GRBGLevelsFlash                   int32s[4]
     58    WB_GRBGLevelsUnderwater              int32s[4]
     66    WB_GRBGLevelsCustom1                 int32s[4]
     74    WB_GRBGLevelsCustom2                 int32s[4]

Canon FaceDetect3 Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    FacesDetected                        int16u

Canon TimeInfo Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    TimeZone                             int32s
      2    TimeZoneCity                         int32s
      3    DaylightSavings                      int32s

Canon FileInfo Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    FileNumber                           int32u
           ShutterCount                         int32u
      3    BracketMode                          int16s
      4    BracketValue                         int16s
      5    BracketShotNumber                    int16s
      6    RawJpgQuality                        int16s
      7    RawJpgSize                           int16s
      8    LongExposureNoiseReduction2          int16s
      9    WBBracketMode                        int16s
     12    WBBracketValueAB                     int16s
     13    WBBracketValueGM                     int16s
     14    FilterEffect                         int16s
     15    ToningEffect                         int16s
     16    MacroMagnification                   int16s
     19    LiveViewShooting                     int16s
     20    FocusDistanceUpper                   int16u
     21    FocusDistanceLower                   int16u
     23    ShutterMode                          int16s
     25    FlashExposureLock                    int16s
     61    RFLensType                           int16u

Canon SerialInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      9    InternalSerialNumber                 string

Canon CropInfo Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    CropLeftMargin                       int16u
      1    CropRightMargin                      int16u
      2    CropTopMargin                        int16u
      3    CropBottomMargin                     int16u

Canon AspectInfo Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    AspectRatio                          int32u
      1    CroppedImageWidth                    int32u
      2    CroppedImageHeight                   int32u
      3    CroppedImageLeft                     int32u
      4    CroppedImageTop                      int32u

Canon Processing Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    ToneCurve                            int16s
      2    Sharpness                            int16s
      3    SharpnessFrequency                   int16s
      4    SensorRedLevel                       int16s
      5    SensorBlueLevel                      int16s
      6    WhiteBalanceRed                      int16s
      7    WhiteBalanceBlue                     int16s
      8    WhiteBalance                         int16s
      9    ColorTemperature                     int16s
     10    PictureStyle                         int16s
     11    DigitalGain                          int16s
     12    WBShiftAB                            int16s
     13    WBShiftGM                            int16s

Canon ColorBalance Tags

These tags are used by the 10D and 300D.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16s[4]
      5    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16s[4]
      9    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16s[4]
     13    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16s[4]
     17    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16s[4]
     21    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16s[4]
     25    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16s[4]
     29    WB_RGGBLevelsCustom                  int16s[4]
           BlackLevels                          int16s[4]
     33    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16s[4]
     37    WB_RGGBBlackLevels                   int16s[4]

Canon MeasuredColor Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    MeasuredRGGB                         int16u[4]

Canon Flags Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    ModifiedParamFlag                    int16s

Canon ModifiedInfo Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    ModifiedToneCurve                    int16s
      2    ModifiedSharpness                    int16s
      3    ModifiedSharpnessFreq                int16s
      4    ModifiedSensorRedLevel               int16s
      5    ModifiedSensorBlueLevel              int16s
      6    ModifiedWhiteBalanceRed              int16s
      7    ModifiedWhiteBalanceBlue             int16s
      8    ModifiedWhiteBalance                 int16s
      9    ModifiedColorTemp                    int16s
     10    ModifiedPictureStyle                 int16s
     11    ModifiedDigitalGain                  int16s

Canon PreviewImageInfo Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    PreviewQuality                       int32u
      2    PreviewImageLength                   int32u*
      3    PreviewImageWidth                    int32u
      4    PreviewImageHeight                   int32u
      5    PreviewImageStart                    int32u*

Canon SensorInfo Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    SensorWidth                          no
      2    SensorHeight                         no
      5    SensorLeftBorder                     no
      6    SensorTopBorder                      no
      7    SensorRightBorder                    no
      8    SensorBottomBorder                   no
      9    BlackMaskLeftBorder                  no
     10    BlackMaskTopBorder                   no
     11    BlackMaskRightBorder                 no
     12    BlackMaskBottomBorder                no

Canon ColorData1 Tags

These tags are used by the 20D and 350D.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     25    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16s[4]
     29    ColorTempAsShot                      int16s
     30    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16s[4]
     34    ColorTempAuto                        int16s
     35    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16s[4]
     39    ColorTempDaylight                    int16s
     40    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16s[4]
     44    ColorTempShade                       int16s
     45    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16s[4]
     49    ColorTempCloudy                      int16s
     50    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16s[4]
     54    ColorTempTungsten                    int16s
     55    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16s[4]
     59    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16s
     60    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16s[4]
     64    ColorTempFlash                       int16s
     65    WB_RGGBLevelsCustom1                 int16s[4]
     69    ColorTempCustom1                     int16s
     70    WB_RGGBLevelsCustom2                 int16s[4]
     74    ColorTempCustom2                     int16s
     75    ColorCalib?                          Canon ColorCalib

Canon ColorCalib Tags

Camera color calibration data. For the 20D, 350D, 1DmkII and 1DSmkII the order of the coefficients is A, B, C, Temperature, but for newer models it is B, C, A, Temperature. These tags are extracted only when the Unknown option is used.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    CameraColorCalibration01?            int16s[4]
      4    CameraColorCalibration02?            int16s[4]
      8    CameraColorCalibration03?            int16s[4]
     12    CameraColorCalibration04?            int16s[4]
     16    CameraColorCalibration05?            int16s[4]
     20    CameraColorCalibration06?            int16s[4]
     24    CameraColorCalibration07?            int16s[4]
     28    CameraColorCalibration08?            int16s[4]
     32    CameraColorCalibration09?            int16s[4]
     36    CameraColorCalibration10?            int16s[4]
     40    CameraColorCalibration11?            int16s[4]
     44    CameraColorCalibration12?            int16s[4]
     48    CameraColorCalibration13?            int16s[4]
     52    CameraColorCalibration14?            int16s[4]
     56    CameraColorCalibration15?            int16s[4]

Canon ColorData2 Tags

These tags are used by the 1DmkII and 1DSmkII.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     24    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16s[4]
     28    ColorTempAuto                        int16s
     29    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown?                int16s[4]
     33    ColorTempUnknown?                    int16s
     34    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16s[4]
     38    ColorTempAsShot                      int16s
     39    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16s[4]
     43    ColorTempDaylight                    int16s
     44    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16s[4]
     48    ColorTempShade                       int16s
     49    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16s[4]
     53    ColorTempCloudy                      int16s
     54    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16s[4]
     58    ColorTempTungsten                    int16s
     59    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16s[4]
     63    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16s
     64    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16s[4]
     68    ColorTempKelvin                      int16s
     69    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16s[4]
     73    ColorTempFlash                       int16s
     74    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown2?               int16s[4]
     78    ColorTempUnknown2?                   int16s
     79    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown3?               int16s[4]
     83    ColorTempUnknown3?                   int16s
     84    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown4?               int16s[4]
     88    ColorTempUnknown4?                   int16s
     89    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown5?               int16s[4]
     93    ColorTempUnknown5?                   int16s
     94    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown6?               int16s[4]
     98    ColorTempUnknown6?                   int16s
     99    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown7?               int16s[4]
    103    ColorTempUnknown7?                   int16s
    104    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown8?               int16s[4]
    108    ColorTempUnknown8?                   int16s
    109    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown9?               int16s[4]
    113    ColorTempUnknown9?                   int16s
    114    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown10?              int16s[4]
    118    ColorTempUnknown10?                  int16s
    119    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown11?              int16s[4]
    123    ColorTempUnknown11?                  int16s
    124    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown12?              int16s[4]
    128    ColorTempUnknown12?                  int16s
    129    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown13?              int16s[4]
    133    ColorTempUnknown13?                  int16s
    134    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown14?              int16s[4]
    138    ColorTempUnknown14?                  int16s
    139    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown15?              int16s[4]
    143    ColorTempUnknown15?                  int16s
    144    WB_RGGBLevelsPC1                     int16s[4]
    148    ColorTempPC1                         int16s
    149    WB_RGGBLevelsPC2                     int16s[4]
    153    ColorTempPC2                         int16s
    154    WB_RGGBLevelsPC3                     int16s[4]
    158    ColorTempPC3                         int16s
    159    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown16?              int16s[4]
    163    ColorTempUnknown16?                  int16s
    164    ColorCalib?                          Canon ColorCalib
    618    RawMeasuredRGGB                      int32u[4]

Canon ColorData3 Tags

These tags are used by the 1DmkIIN, 5D, 30D and 400D.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ColorDataVersion                     int16s
     63    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16s[4]
     67    ColorTempAsShot                      int16s
     68    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16s[4]
     72    ColorTempAuto                        int16s
     73    WB_RGGBLevelsMeasured                int16s[4]
     77    ColorTempMeasured                    int16s
     78    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16s[4]
     82    ColorTempDaylight                    int16s
     83    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16s[4]
     87    ColorTempShade                       int16s
     88    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16s[4]
     92    ColorTempCloudy                      int16s
     93    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16s[4]
     97    ColorTempTungsten                    int16s
     98    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16s[4]
    102    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16s
    103    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16s[4]
    107    ColorTempKelvin                      int16s
    108    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16s[4]
    112    ColorTempFlash                       int16s
    113    WB_RGGBLevelsPC1                     int16s[4]
    117    ColorTempPC1                         int16s
    118    WB_RGGBLevelsPC2                     int16s[4]
    122    ColorTempPC2                         int16s
    123    WB_RGGBLevelsPC3                     int16s[4]
    127    ColorTempPC3                         int16s
    128    WB_RGGBLevelsCustom                  int16s[4]
    132    ColorTempCustom                      int16s
    133    ColorCalib?                          Canon ColorCalib
    196    PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16u[4]
    584    FlashOutput                          int16s
    585    FlashBatteryLevel                    int16s
    586    ColorTempFlashData                   int16s
    647    MeasuredRGGBData                     int32u[4]

Canon ColorData4 Tags

These tags are used by the 1DmkIII, 1DSmkIII, 1DmkIV, 5DmkII, 7D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 1000D and 1100D.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ColorDataVersion                     int16s
     63    ColorCoefs                           Canon ColorCoefs
    168    ColorCalib?                          Canon ColorCalib
    231    AverageBlackLevel                    int16u[4]
    640    RawMeasuredRGGB                      int32u[4]
    692    PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16u[4]
    696    NormalWhiteLevel                     int16u
    697    SpecularWhiteLevel                   int16u
    698    LinearityUpperMargin                 int16u
    715    PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16u[4]
    719    NormalWhiteLevel                     int16u
           PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16u[4]
    720    SpecularWhiteLevel                   int16u
    721    LinearityUpperMargin                 int16u
    723    NormalWhiteLevel                     int16u
    724    SpecularWhiteLevel                   int16u
    725    LinearityUpperMargin                 int16u

Canon ColorCoefs Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16s[4]
      4    ColorTempAsShot                      int16s
      5    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16s[4]
      9    ColorTempAuto                        int16s
     10    WB_RGGBLevelsMeasured                int16s[4]
     14    ColorTempMeasured                    int16s
     15    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown?                int16s[4]
     19    ColorTempUnknown?                    int16s
     20    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16s[4]
     24    ColorTempDaylight                    int16s
     25    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16s[4]
     29    ColorTempShade                       int16s
     30    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16s[4]
     34    ColorTempCloudy                      int16s
     35    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16s[4]
     39    ColorTempTungsten                    int16s
     40    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16s[4]
     44    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16s
     45    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16s[4]
     49    ColorTempKelvin                      int16s
     50    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16s[4]
     54    ColorTempFlash                       int16s
     55    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown2?               int16s[4]
     59    ColorTempUnknown2?                   int16s
     60    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown3?               int16s[4]
     64    ColorTempUnknown3?                   int16s
     65    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown4?               int16s[4]
     69    ColorTempUnknown4?                   int16s
     70    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown5?               int16s[4]
     74    ColorTempUnknown5?                   int16s
     75    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown6?               int16s[4]
     79    ColorTempUnknown6?                   int16s
     80    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown7?               int16s[4]
     84    ColorTempUnknown7?                   int16s
     85    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown8?               int16s[4]
     89    ColorTempUnknown8?                   int16s
     90    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown9?               int16s[4]
     94    ColorTempUnknown9?                   int16s
     95    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown10?              int16s[4]
     99    ColorTempUnknown10?                  int16s
    100    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown11?              int16s[4]
    104    ColorTempUnknown11?                  int16s
    105    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown12?              int16s[4]
    109    ColorTempUnknown12?                  int16s
    110    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown13?              int16s[4]
    114    ColorTempUnknown13?                  int16s

Canon ColorData5 Tags

These tags are used by many EOS M and PowerShot models.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ColorDataVersion                     int16s
     71    ColorCoefs                           Canon ColorCoefs
           ColorCoefs2                          Canon ColorCoefs2
    186    ColorCalib2?                         Canon ColorCalib2
    255    ColorCalib2?                         Canon ColorCalib2
    264    PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16s[4]
    333    PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16s[4]
    662    SpecularWhiteLevel                   int16u
   1385    NormalWhiteLevel                     int16u
   1386    SpecularWhiteLevel                   int16u

Canon ColorCoefs2 Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16s[4]
      7    ColorTempAsShot                      int16s
      8    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16s[4]
     15    ColorTempAuto                        int16s
     16    WB_RGGBLevelsMeasured                int16s[4]
     23    ColorTempMeasured                    int16s
     24    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown?                int16s[4]
     31    ColorTempUnknown?                    int16s
     32    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16s[4]
     39    ColorTempDaylight                    int16s
     40    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16s[4]
     47    ColorTempShade                       int16s
     48    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16s[4]
     55    ColorTempCloudy                      int16s
     56    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16s[4]
     63    ColorTempTungsten                    int16s
     64    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16s[4]
     71    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16s
     72    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16s[4]
     79    ColorTempKelvin                      int16s
     80    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16s[4]
     87    ColorTempFlash                       int16s
     88    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown2?               int16s[4]
     95    ColorTempUnknown2?                   int16s
     96    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown3?               int16s[4]
    103    ColorTempUnknown3?                   int16s
    104    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown4?               int16s[4]
    111    ColorTempUnknown4?                   int16s
    112    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown5?               int16s[4]
    119    ColorTempUnknown5?                   int16s
    120    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown6?               int16s[4]
    127    ColorTempUnknown6?                   int16s
    128    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown7?               int16s[4]
    135    ColorTempUnknown7?                   int16s
    136    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown8?               int16s[4]
    143    ColorTempUnknown8?                   int16s
    144    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown9?               int16s[4]
    151    ColorTempUnknown9?                   int16s
    152    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown10?              int16s[4]
    159    ColorTempUnknown10?                  int16s
    160    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown11?              int16s[4]
    167    ColorTempUnknown11?                  int16s
    168    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown12?              int16s[4]
    175    ColorTempUnknown12?                  int16s
    176    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown13?              int16s[4]
    183    ColorTempUnknown13?                  int16s

Canon ColorCalib2 Tags

B, C, A, D, Temperature.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    CameraColorCalibration01?            int16s[5]
      5    CameraColorCalibration02?            int16s[5]
     10    CameraColorCalibration03?            int16s[5]
     15    CameraColorCalibration04?            int16s[5]
     20    CameraColorCalibration05?            int16s[5]
     25    CameraColorCalibration06?            int16s[5]
     30    CameraColorCalibration07?            int16s[5]
     35    CameraColorCalibration08?            int16s[5]
     40    CameraColorCalibration09?            int16s[5]
     45    CameraColorCalibration10?            int16s[5]
     50    CameraColorCalibration11?            int16s[5]
     55    CameraColorCalibration12?            int16s[5]
     60    CameraColorCalibration13?            int16s[5]
     65    CameraColorCalibration14?            int16s[5]
     70    CameraColorCalibration15?            int16s[5]

Canon ColorData6 Tags

These tags are used by the EOS 600D and 1200D.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ColorDataVersion                     int16s
     63    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16s[4]
     67    ColorTempAsShot                      int16s
     68    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16s[4]
     72    ColorTempAuto                        int16s
     73    WB_RGGBLevelsMeasured                int16s[4]
     77    ColorTempMeasured                    int16s
     78    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown?                int16s[4]
     82    ColorTempUnknown?                    int16s
     83    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown2?               int16s[4]
     87    ColorTempUnknown2?                   int16s
     88    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown3?               int16s[4]
     92    ColorTempUnknown3?                   int16s
     93    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown4?               int16s[4]
     97    ColorTempUnknown4?                   int16s
     98    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown5?               int16s[4]
    102    ColorTempUnknown5?                   int16s
    103    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16s[4]
    107    ColorTempDaylight                    int16s
    108    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16s[4]
    112    ColorTempShade                       int16s
    113    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16s[4]
    117    ColorTempCloudy                      int16s
    118    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16s[4]
    122    ColorTempTungsten                    int16s
    123    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16s[4]
    127    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16s
    128    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16s[4]
    132    ColorTempKelvin                      int16s
    133    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16s[4]
    137    ColorTempFlash                       int16s
    138    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown6?               int16s[4]
    142    ColorTempUnknown6?                   int16s
    143    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown7?               int16s[4]
    147    ColorTempUnknown7?                   int16s
    148    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown8?               int16s[4]
    152    ColorTempUnknown8?                   int16s
    153    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown9?               int16s[4]
    157    ColorTempUnknown9?                   int16s
    158    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown10?              int16s[4]
    162    ColorTempUnknown10?                  int16s
    163    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown11?              int16s[4]
    167    ColorTempUnknown11?                  int16s
    168    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown12?              int16s[4]
    172    ColorTempUnknown12?                  int16s
    173    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown13?              int16s[4]
    177    ColorTempUnknown13?                  int16s
    178    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown14?              int16s[4]
    182    ColorTempUnknown14?                  int16s
    183    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown15?              int16s[4]
    187    ColorTempUnknown15?                  int16s
    188    ColorCalib?                          Canon ColorCalib
    251    AverageBlackLevel                    int16u[4]
    404    RawMeasuredRGGB                      int32u[4]
    479    PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16u[4]
    483    NormalWhiteLevel                     int16u
    484    SpecularWhiteLevel                   int16u
    485    LinearityUpperMargin                 int16u

Canon ColorData7 Tags

These tags are used by the EOS 1DX, 5DmkIII, 6D, 7DmkII, 100D, 650D, 700D, 8000D, M and M2.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ColorDataVersion                     int16s
     63    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16s[4]
     67    ColorTempAsShot                      int16s
     68    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16s[4]
     72    ColorTempAuto                        int16s
     73    WB_RGGBLevelsMeasured                int16s[4]
     77    ColorTempMeasured                    int16s
     78    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown?                int16s[4]
     82    ColorTempUnknown?                    int16s
     83    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown2?               int16s[4]
     87    ColorTempUnknown2?                   int16s
     88    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown3?               int16s[4]
     92    ColorTempUnknown3?                   int16s
     93    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown4?               int16s[4]
     97    ColorTempUnknown4?                   int16s
     98    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown5?               int16s[4]
    102    ColorTempUnknown5?                   int16s
    103    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown6?               int16s[4]
    107    ColorTempUnknown6?                   int16s
    108    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown7?               int16s[4]
    112    ColorTempUnknown7?                   int16s
    113    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown8?               int16s[4]
    117    ColorTempUnknown8?                   int16s
    118    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown9?               int16s[4]
    122    ColorTempUnknown9?                   int16s
    123    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown10?              int16s[4]
    127    ColorTempUnknown10?                  int16s
    128    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16s[4]
    132    ColorTempDaylight                    int16s
    133    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16s[4]
    137    ColorTempShade                       int16s
    138    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16s[4]
    142    ColorTempCloudy                      int16s
    143    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16s[4]
    147    ColorTempTungsten                    int16s
    148    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16s[4]
    152    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16s
    153    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16s[4]
    157    ColorTempKelvin                      int16s
    158    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16s[4]
    162    ColorTempFlash                       int16s
    163    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown11?              int16s[4]
    167    ColorTempUnknown11?                  int16s
    168    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown12?              int16s[4]
    172    ColorTempUnknown12?                  int16s
    173    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown13?              int16s[4]
    177    ColorTempUnknown13?                  int16s
    178    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown14?              int16s[4]
    182    ColorTempUnknown14?                  int16s
    183    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown15?              int16s[4]
    187    ColorTempUnknown15?                  int16s
    188    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown16?              int16s[4]
    192    ColorTempUnknown16?                  int16s
    193    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown17?              int16s[4]
    197    ColorTempUnknown17?                  int16s
    198    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown18?              int16s[4]
    202    ColorTempUnknown18?                  int16s
    203    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown19?              int16s[4]
    207    ColorTempUnknown19?                  int16s
    208    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown20?              int16s[4]
    212    ColorTempUnknown20?                  int16s
    213    ColorCalib?                          Canon ColorCalib
    276    AverageBlackLevel                    int16u[4]
    429    RawMeasuredRGGB                      int32u[4]
    504    PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16u[4]
    508    NormalWhiteLevel                     int16u
    509    SpecularWhiteLevel                   int16u
    510    LinearityUpperMargin                 int16u
    619    RawMeasuredRGGB                      int32u[4]
    728    PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16u[4]
    732    NormalWhiteLevel                     int16u
    733    SpecularWhiteLevel                   int16u
    734    LinearityUpperMargin                 int16u

Canon ColorData8 Tags

These tags are used by the EOS 1DXmkII, 5DS, 5DSR, 5DmkIV, 6DmkII, 77D, 80D, 200D, 800D, 1300D, 2000D, 4000D and 9000D.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ColorDataVersion                     int16s
     63    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16s[4]
     67    ColorTempAsShot                      int16s
     68    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16s[4]
     72    ColorTempAuto                        int16s
     73    WB_RGGBLevelsMeasured                int16s[4]
     77    ColorTempMeasured                    int16s
     78    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown?                int16s[4]
     82    ColorTempUnknown?                    int16s
     83    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown2?               int16s[4]
     87    ColorTempUnknown2?                   int16s
     88    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown3?               int16s[4]
     92    ColorTempUnknown3?                   int16s
     93    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown4?               int16s[4]
     97    ColorTempUnknown4?                   int16s
     98    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown5?               int16s[4]
    102    ColorTempUnknown5?                   int16s
    103    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown6?               int16s[4]
    107    ColorTempUnknown6?                   int16s
    108    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown7?               int16s[4]
    112    ColorTempUnknown7?                   int16s
    113    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown8?               int16s[4]
    117    ColorTempUnknown8?                   int16s
    118    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown9?               int16s[4]
    122    ColorTempUnknown9?                   int16s
    123    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown10?              int16s[4]
    127    ColorTempUnknown10?                  int16s
    128    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown11?              int16s[4]
    132    ColorTempUnknown11?                  int16s
    133    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16s[4]
    137    ColorTempDaylight                    int16s
    138    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16s[4]
    142    ColorTempShade                       int16s
    143    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16s[4]
    147    ColorTempCloudy                      int16s
    148    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16s[4]
    152    ColorTempTungsten                    int16s
    153    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16s[4]
    157    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16s
    158    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16s[4]
    162    ColorTempKelvin                      int16s
    163    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16s[4]
    167    ColorTempFlash                       int16s
    168    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown12?              int16s[4]
    172    ColorTempUnknown12?                  int16s
    173    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown13?              int16s[4]
    177    ColorTempUnknown13?                  int16s
    178    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown14?              int16s[4]
    182    ColorTempUnknown14?                  int16s
    183    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown15?              int16s[4]
    187    ColorTempUnknown15?                  int16s
    188    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown16?              int16s[4]
    192    ColorTempUnknown16?                  int16s
    193    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown17?              int16s[4]
    197    ColorTempUnknown17?                  int16s
    198    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown18?              int16s[4]
    202    ColorTempUnknown18?                  int16s
    203    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown19?              int16s[4]
    207    ColorTempUnknown19?                  int16s
    208    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown20?              int16s[4]
    212    ColorTempUnknown20?                  int16s
    213    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown21?              int16s[4]
    217    ColorTempUnknown21?                  int16s
    218    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown22?              int16s[4]
    222    ColorTempUnknown22?                  int16s
    223    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown23?              int16s[4]
    227    ColorTempUnknown23?                  int16s
    228    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown24?              int16s[4]
    232    ColorTempUnknown24?                  int16s
    233    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown25?              int16s[4]
    237    ColorTempUnknown25?                  int16s
    238    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown26?              int16s[4]
    242    ColorTempUnknown26?                  int16s
    243    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown27?              int16s[4]
    247    ColorTempUnknown27?                  int16s
    248    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown28?              int16s[4]
    252    ColorTempUnknown28?                  int16s
    253    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown29?              int16s[4]
    257    ColorTempUnknown29?                  int16s
    258    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown30?              int16s[4]
    262    ColorTempUnknown30?                  int16s
    263    ColorCalib?                          Canon ColorCalib
    326    AverageBlackLevel                    int16u[4]
    556    PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16u[4]
    560    NormalWhiteLevel                     int16u
    561    SpecularWhiteLevel                   int16u
    562    LinearityUpperMargin                 int16u
    778    PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16u[4]
    782    NormalWhiteLevel                     int16u
    783    SpecularWhiteLevel                   int16u
    784    LinearityUpperMargin                 int16u

Canon ColorData9 Tags

These tags are used by the M6mkII, M50, M200, EOS R, RP, 90D, 250D and 850D

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ColorDataVersion                     int16s
     71    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16s[4]
     75    ColorTempAsShot                      int16s
     76    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16s[4]
     80    ColorTempAuto                        int16s
     81    WB_RGGBLevelsMeasured                int16s[4]
     85    ColorTempMeasured                    int16s
     86    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown?                int16s[4]
     90    ColorTempUnknown?                    int16s
     91    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown2?               int16s[4]
     95    ColorTempUnknown2?                   int16s
     96    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown3?               int16s[4]
    100    ColorTempUnknown3?                   int16s
    101    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown4?               int16s[4]
    105    ColorTempUnknown4?                   int16s
    106    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown5?               int16s[4]
    110    ColorTempUnknown5?                   int16s
    111    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown6?               int16s[4]
    115    ColorTempUnknown6?                   int16s
    116    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown7?               int16s[4]
    120    ColorTempUnknown7?                   int16s
    121    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown8?               int16s[4]
    125    ColorTempUnknown8?                   int16s
    126    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown9?               int16s[4]
    130    ColorTempUnknown9?                   int16s
    131    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown10?              int16s[4]
    135    ColorTempUnknown10?                  int16s
    136    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16s[4]
    140    ColorTempDaylight                    int16s
    141    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16s[4]
    145    ColorTempShade                       int16s
    146    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16s[4]
    150    ColorTempCloudy                      int16s
    151    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16s[4]
    155    ColorTempTungsten                    int16s
    156    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16s[4]
    160    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16s
    161    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16s[4]
    165    ColorTempKelvin                      int16s
    166    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16s[4]
    170    ColorTempFlash                       int16s
    171    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown11?              int16s[4]
    175    ColorTempUnknown11?                  int16s
    176    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown12?              int16s[4]
    180    ColorTempUnknown12?                  int16s
    181    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown13?              int16s[4]
    185    ColorTempUnknown13?                  int16s
    186    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown14?              int16s[4]
    190    ColorTempUnknown14?                  int16s
    191    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown15?              int16s[4]
    195    ColorTempUnknown15?                  int16s
    196    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown16?              int16s[4]
    200    ColorTempUnknown16?                  int16s
    201    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown17?              int16s[4]
    205    ColorTempUnknown17?                  int16s
    206    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown18?              int16s[4]
    210    ColorTempUnknown18?                  int16s
    211    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown19?              int16s[4]
    215    ColorTempUnknown19?                  int16s
    216    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown20?              int16s[4]
    220    ColorTempUnknown20?                  int16s
    221    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown21?              int16s[4]
    225    ColorTempUnknown21?                  int16s
    226    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown22?              int16s[4]
    230    ColorTempUnknown22?                  int16s
    231    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown23?              int16s[4]
    235    ColorTempUnknown23?                  int16s
    236    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown24?              int16s[4]
    240    ColorTempUnknown24?                  int16s
    241    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown25?              int16s[4]
    245    ColorTempUnknown25?                  int16s
    246    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown26?              int16s[4]
    250    ColorTempUnknown26?                  int16s
    251    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown27?              int16s[4]
    255    ColorTempUnknown27?                  int16s
    256    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown28?              int16s[4]
    260    ColorTempUnknown28?                  int16s
    261    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown29?              int16s[4]
    265    ColorTempUnknown29?                  int16s
    266    ColorCalib?                          Canon ColorCalib
    329    PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16u[4]
    796    NormalWhiteLevel                     int16u
    797    SpecularWhiteLevel                   int16u
    798    LinearityUpperMargin                 int16u

Canon ColorData10 Tags

These tags are used by the R5, R5 and EOS 1DXmkIII.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ColorDataVersion                     int16s
     85    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16s[4]
     89    ColorTempAsShot                      int16s
     90    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16s[4]
     94    ColorTempAuto                        int16s
     95    WB_RGGBLevelsMeasured                int16s[4]
     99    ColorTempMeasured                    int16s
    100    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown?                int16s[4]
    104    ColorTempUnknown?                    int16s
    105    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown2?               int16s[4]
    109    ColorTempUnknown2?                   int16s
    110    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown3?               int16s[4]
    114    ColorTempUnknown3?                   int16s
    115    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown4?               int16s[4]
    119    ColorTempUnknown4?                   int16s
    120    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown5?               int16s[4]
    124    ColorTempUnknown5?                   int16s
    125    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown6?               int16s[4]
    129    ColorTempUnknown6?                   int16s
    130    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown7?               int16s[4]
    134    ColorTempUnknown7?                   int16s
    135    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown8?               int16s[4]
    139    ColorTempUnknown8?                   int16s
    140    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown9?               int16s[4]
    144    ColorTempUnknown9?                   int16s
    145    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown10?              int16s[4]
    149    ColorTempUnknown10?                  int16s
    150    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16s[4]
    154    ColorTempDaylight                    int16s
    155    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16s[4]
    159    ColorTempShade                       int16s
    160    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16s[4]
    164    ColorTempCloudy                      int16s
    165    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16s[4]
    169    ColorTempTungsten                    int16s
    170    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16s[4]
    174    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16s
    175    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16s[4]
    179    ColorTempKelvin                      int16s
    180    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16s[4]
    184    ColorTempFlash                       int16s
    185    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown11?              int16s[4]
    189    ColorTempUnknown11?                  int16s
    190    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown12?              int16s[4]
    194    ColorTempUnknown12?                  int16s
    195    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown13?              int16s[4]
    199    ColorTempUnknown13?                  int16s
    200    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown14?              int16s[4]
    204    ColorTempUnknown14?                  int16s
    205    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown15?              int16s[4]
    209    ColorTempUnknown15?                  int16s
    210    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown16?              int16s[4]
    214    ColorTempUnknown16?                  int16s
    215    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown17?              int16s[4]
    219    ColorTempUnknown17?                  int16s
    220    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown18?              int16s[4]
    224    ColorTempUnknown18?                  int16s
    225    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown19?              int16s[4]
    229    ColorTempUnknown19?                  int16s
    230    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown20?              int16s[4]
    234    ColorTempUnknown20?                  int16s
    235    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown21?              int16s[4]
    239    ColorTempUnknown21?                  int16s
    240    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown22?              int16s[4]
    244    ColorTempUnknown22?                  int16s
    245    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown23?              int16s[4]
    249    ColorTempUnknown23?                  int16s
    250    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown24?              int16s[4]
    254    ColorTempUnknown24?                  int16s
    255    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown25?              int16s[4]
    259    ColorTempUnknown25?                  int16s
    260    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown26?              int16s[4]
    264    ColorTempUnknown26?                  int16s
    265    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown27?              int16s[4]
    269    ColorTempUnknown27?                  int16s
    270    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown28?              int16s[4]
    274    ColorTempUnknown28?                  int16s
    275    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown29?              int16s[4]
    279    ColorTempUnknown29?                  int16s
    280    ColorCalib?                          Canon ColorCalib
    343    PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16u[4]
    810    NormalWhiteLevel                     int16u
    811    SpecularWhiteLevel                   int16u
    812    LinearityUpperMargin                 int16u

Canon ColorData11 Tags

These tags are used by the EOS R3, R7 and R6mkII

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ColorDataVersion                     int16s
    105    WB_RGGBLevelsAsShot                  int16s[4]
    109    ColorTempAsShot                      int16s
    110    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int16s[4]
    114    ColorTempAuto                        int16s
    115    WB_RGGBLevelsMeasured                int16s[4]
    119    ColorTempMeasured                    int16s
    120    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown?                int16s[4]
    124    ColorTempUnknown?                    int16s
    125    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown2?               int16s[4]
    129    ColorTempUnknown2?                   int16s
    130    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown3?               int16s[4]
    134    ColorTempUnknown3?                   int16s
    135    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown4?               int16s[4]
    139    ColorTempUnknown4?                   int16s
    140    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown5?               int16s[4]
    144    ColorTempUnknown5?                   int16s
    145    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown6?               int16s[4]
    149    ColorTempUnknown6?                   int16s
    150    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown7?               int16s[4]
    154    ColorTempUnknown7?                   int16s
    155    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown8?               int16s[4]
    159    ColorTempUnknown8?                   int16s
    160    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown9?               int16s[4]
    164    ColorTempUnknown9?                   int16s
    165    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown10?              int16s[4]
    169    ColorTempUnknown10?                  int16s
    170    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown11?              int16s[4]
    174    ColorTempUnknown11?                  int16s
    175    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown11?              int16s[4]
    179    ColorTempUnknown11?                  int16s
    180    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown12?              int16s[4]
    184    ColorTempUnknown12?                  int16s
    185    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown13?              int16s[4]
    189    ColorTempUnknown13?                  int16s
    190    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown14?              int16s[4]
    194    ColorTempUnknown14?                  int16s
    195    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown15?              int16s[4]
    199    ColorTempUnknown15?                  int16s
    200    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown16?              int16s[4]
    204    ColorTempUnknown16?                  int16s
    205    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int16s[4]
    209    ColorTempDaylight                    int16s
    210    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int16s[4]
    214    ColorTempShade                       int16s
    215    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int16s[4]
    219    ColorTempCloudy                      int16s
    220    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int16s[4]
    224    ColorTempTungsten                    int16s
    225    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescent             int16s[4]
    229    ColorTempFluorescent                 int16s
    230    WB_RGGBLevelsKelvin                  int16s[4]
    234    ColorTempKelvin                      int16s
    235    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int16s[4]
    239    ColorTempFlash                       int16s
    240    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown17?              int16s[4]
    244    ColorTempUnknown17?                  int16s
    245    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown18?              int16s[4]
    249    ColorTempUnknown18?                  int16s
    250    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown19?              int16s[4]
    254    ColorTempUnknown19?                  int16s
    255    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown20?              int16s[4]
    259    ColorTempUnknown20?                  int16s
    260    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown21?              int16s[4]
    264    ColorTempUnknown21?                  int16s
    265    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown22?              int16s[4]
    269    ColorTempUnknown22?                  int16s
    270    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown23?              int16s[4]
    274    ColorTempUnknown23?                  int16s
    275    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown24?              int16s[4]
    279    ColorTempUnknown24?                  int16s
    280    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown25?              int16s[4]
    284    ColorTempUnknown25?                  int16s
    285    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown26?              int16s[4]
    289    ColorTempUnknown26?                  int16s
    290    WB_RGGBLevelsUnknown27?              int16s[4]
    294    ColorTempUnknown27?                  int16s
    300    ColorCalib?                          Canon ColorCalib
    363    PerChannelBlackLevel                 int16u[4]
    640    NormalWhiteLevel                     int16u
    641    SpecularWhiteLevel                   int16u
    642    LinearityUpperMargin                 int16u

Canon ColorDataUnknown Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ColorDataVersion                     no

Canon ColorInfo Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    Saturation                           int16s
      2    ColorTone                            int16s
      3    ColorSpace                           int16s

Canon AFMicroAdj Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    AFMicroAdjMode                       int32s
      2    AFMicroAdjValue                      rational64s

Canon VignettingCorr Tags

This information is found in images from newer EOS models.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    VignettingCorrVersion                no
      2    PeripheralLighting                   int16s
      3    DistortionCorrection                 int16s
      4    ChromaticAberrationCorr              int16s
      5    ChromaticAberrationCorr              int16s
      6    PeripheralLightingValue              int16s
      9    DistortionCorrectionValue            int16s
     11    OriginalImageWidth                   int16s
     12    OriginalImageHeight                  int16s

Canon VignettingCorrUnknown Tags

Vignetting correction from PowerShot models.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    VignettingCorrVersion                no

Canon VignettingCorr2 Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      5    PeripheralLightingSetting            int32s
      6    ChromaticAberrationSetting           int32s
      7    DistortionCorrectionSetting          int32s
      9    DigitalLensOptimizerSetting          int32s

Canon LightingOpt Tags

This information is new in images from the EOS 7D.

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    PeripheralIlluminationCorr           int32s
      2    AutoLightingOptimizer                int32s
      3    HighlightTonePriority                int32s
      4    LongExposureNoiseReduction           int32s
      5    HighISONoiseReduction                int32s
     10    DigitalLensOptimizer                 int32s
     11    DualPixelRaw                         int32s

Canon LensInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    LensSerialNumber                     undef[5]

Canon Ambience Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    AmbienceSelection                    int32s

Canon MultiExp Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    MultiExposure                        int32s
      2    MultiExposureControl                 int32s
      3    MultiExposureShots                   int32s

Canon FilterInfo Tags

Information about creative filter settings.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0101   GrainyBWFilter                       no
  0x0201   SoftFocusFilter                      no
  0x0301   ToyCameraFilter                      no
  0x0401   MiniatureFilter                      no
  0x0402   MiniatureFilterOrientation           no
  0x0403   MiniatureFilterPosition              no
  0x0404   MiniatureFilterParameter             no
  0x0501   FisheyeFilter                        no
  0x0601   PaintingFilter                       no
  0x0701   WatercolorFilter                     no

Canon HDRInfo Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    HDR                                  int32s
      2    HDREffect                            int32s

Canon LogInfo Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    CompressionFormat                    int32s
      6    Sharpness                            int32s
      7    Saturation                           int32s
      8    ColorTone                            int32s
      9    ColorSpace2                          int32s
     10    ColorMatrix                          int32s
     11    CanonLogVersion                      int32s

Canon AFConfig Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    AFConfigTool                         int32s
      2    AFTrackingSensitivity                int32s
      3    AFAccelDecelTracking                 int32s
      4    AFPointSwitching                     int32s
      5    AIServoFirstImage                    int32s
      6    AIServoSecondImage                   int32s
      7    USMLensElectronicMF                  int32s
      8    AFAssistBeam                         int32s
      9    OneShotAFRelease                     int32s
     10    AutoAFPointSelEOSiTRAF               int32s
     11    LensDriveWhenAFImpossible            int32s
     12    SelectAFAreaSelectionMode            int32s
     13    AFAreaSelectionMethod                int32s
     14    OrientationLinkedAF                  int32s
     15    ManualAFPointSelPattern              int32s
     16    AFPointDisplayDuringFocus            int32s
     17    VFDisplayIllumination                int32s
     18    AFStatusViewfinder                   int32s
     19    InitialAFPointInServo                int32s

Canon RawBurstInfo Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    RawBurstImageNum                     int32u
      2    RawBurstImageCount                   int32u

Canon CTMD Tags

Canon Timed MetaData tags found in CR3 images. The ExtractEmbedded option is automatically applied when reading CR3 files to be able to extract this information.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   TimeStamp                            no
  0x0004   FocalInfo                            Canon FocalInfo
  0x0005   ExposureInfo                         Canon ExposureInfo
  0x0007   ExifInfo7                            Canon ExifInfo
  0x0008   ExifInfo8                            Canon ExifInfo
  0x0009   ExifInfo9                            Canon ExifInfo

Canon FocalInfo Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FocalLength                          no

Canon ExposureInfo Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FNumber                              no
      1    ExposureTime                         no
      2    ISO                                  no

Canon ExifInfo Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x8769   ExifIFD                              EXIF
  0x927c   MakerNoteCanon                       Canon

Canon CDI1 Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'IAD1'   IAD1                                 Canon IAD1

Canon IAD1 Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Canon CMP1 Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      8    ImageWidth                           no
     10    ImageHeight                          no

Canon CNOP Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Canon CNTH Tags

Canon-specific QuickTime tags found in the CNTH atom of MOV/MP4 videos from some cameras.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'CNDA'   ThumbnailImage                       undef

Canon uuid Tags

Tags extracted from the uuid atom of MP4 videos from cameras such as the SX280, and CR3 images from cameras such as the EOS M50.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'CCTP'   CanonCCTP                            Canon CCTP
  'CMT1'   IFD0                                 EXIF
  'CMT2'   ExifIFD                              EXIF
  'CMT3'   MakerNoteCanon                       Canon
  'CMT4'   GPSInfo                              GPS
  'CNCV'   CompressorVersion                    no
  'CNOP'   CanonCNOP                            Canon CNOP
  'CNTH'   CanonCNTH                            Canon CNTH
  'THMB'   ThumbnailImage                       no

Canon CCTP Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Canon Skip Tags

Information found in the "skip" atom of Canon MOV videos.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'CNDB'   Unknown_CNDB?                        no

Canon uuid2 Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'CNOP'   CanonVRD                             CanonVRD

CanonCustom Tags

CanonCustom Functions1D Tags

These custom functions are used by all 1D models up to but not including the Mark III.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FocusingScreen                       int8u
      1    FinderDisplayDuringExposure          int8u
      2    ShutterReleaseNoCFCard               int8u
      3    ISOSpeedExpansion                    int8u
      4    ShutterAELButton                     int8u
      5    ManualTv                             int8u
      6    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      7    USMLensElectronicMF                  int8u
      8    LCDPanels                            int8u
      9    AEBSequenceAutoCancel                int8u
     10    AFPointIllumination                  int8u
     11    AFPointSelection                     int8u
     12    MirrorLockup                         int8u
     13    AFPointSpotMetering                  int8u
     14    FillFlashAutoReduction               int8u
     15    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
     16    SafetyShiftInAvOrTv                  int8u
     17    AFPointActivationArea                int8u
     18    SwitchToRegisteredAFPoint            int8u
     19    LensAFStopButton                     int8u
     20    AIServoTrackingSensitivity           int8u
     21    AIServoContinuousShooting            int8u

CanonCustom Functions5D Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FocusingScreen                       int8u
      1    SetFunctionWhenShooting              int8u
      2    LongExposureNoiseReduction           int8u
      3    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      4    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      5    AFAssistBeam                         int8u
      6    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      7    FlashFiring                          int8u
      8    ISOExpansion                         int8u
      9    AEBSequenceAutoCancel                int8u
     10    SuperimposedDisplay                  int8u
     11    MenuButtonDisplayPosition            int8u
     12    MirrorLockup                         int8u
     13    AFPointSelectionMethod               int8u
     14    ETTLII                               int8u
     15    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
     16    SafetyShiftInAvOrTv                  int8u
     17    AFPointActivationArea                int8u
     18    LCDDisplayReturnToShoot              int8u
     19    LensAFStopButton                     int8u
     20    AddOriginalDecisionData              int8u

CanonCustom Functions10D Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    SetButtonWhenShooting                int8u
      2    ShutterReleaseNoCFCard               int8u
      3    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      4    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      5    AFAssist                             int8u
      6    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      7    AFPointRegistration                  int8u
      8    RawAndJpgRecording                   int8u
      9    AEBSequenceAutoCancel                int8u
     10    SuperimposedDisplay                  int8u
     11    MenuButtonDisplayPosition            int8u
     12    MirrorLockup                         int8u
     13    AssistButtonFunction                 int8u
     14    FillFlashAutoReduction               int8u
     15    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
     16    SafetyShiftInAvOrTv                  int8u
     17    LensAFStopButton                     int8u

CanonCustom Functions20D Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    SetFunctionWhenShooting              int8u
      1    LongExposureNoiseReduction           int8u
      2    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      3    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      4    AFAssistBeam                         int8u
      5    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      6    FlashFiring                          int8u
      7    ISOExpansion                         int8u
      8    AEBSequenceAutoCancel                int8u
      9    SuperimposedDisplay                  int8u
     10    MenuButtonDisplayPosition            int8u
     11    MirrorLockup                         int8u
     12    AFPointSelectionMethod               int8u
     13    ETTLII                               int8u
     14    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
     15    SafetyShiftInAvOrTv                  int8u
     16    LensAFStopButton                     int8u
     17    AddOriginalDecisionData              int8u

CanonCustom Functions30D Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    SetFunctionWhenShooting              int8u
      2    LongExposureNoiseReduction           int8u
      3    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      4    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      5    AFAssistBeam                         int8u
      6    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      7    FlashFiring                          int8u
      8    ISOExpansion                         int8u
      9    AEBSequenceAutoCancel                int8u
     10    SuperimposedDisplay                  int8u
     11    MenuButtonDisplayPosition            int8u
     12    MirrorLockup                         int8u
     13    AFPointSelectionMethod               int8u
     14    ETTLII                               int8u
     15    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
     16    SafetyShiftInAvOrTv                  int8u
     17    MagnifiedView                        int8u
     18    LensAFStopButton                     int8u
     19    AddOriginalDecisionData              int8u

CanonCustom Functions350D Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    SetButtonCrossKeysFunc               int8u
      1    LongExposureNoiseReduction           int8u
      2    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      3    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      4    AFAssistBeam                         int8u
      5    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      6    MirrorLockup                         int8u
      7    ETTLII                               int8u
      8    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u

CanonCustom Functions400D Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    SetButtonCrossKeysFunc               int8u
      1    LongExposureNoiseReduction           int8u
      2    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      3    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      4    AFAssistBeam                         int8u
      5    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      6    MirrorLockup                         int8u
      7    ETTLII                               int8u
      8    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
      9    MagnifiedView                        int8u
     10    LCDDisplayAtPowerOn                  int8u

CanonCustom FunctionsD30 Tags

Custom functions for the EOS D30 and D60.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    LongExposureNoiseReduction           int8u
      2    Shutter-AELock                       int8u
      3    MirrorLockup                         int8u
      4    ExposureLevelIncrements              int8u
      5    AFAssist                             int8u
      6    FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int8u
      7    AEBSequenceAutoCancel                int8u
      8    ShutterCurtainSync                   int8u
      9    LensAFStopButton                     int8u
     10    FillFlashAutoReduction               int8u
     11    MenuButtonReturn                     int8u
     12    SetButtonWhenShooting                int8u
     13    SensorCleaning                       int8u
     14    SuperimposedDisplay                  int8u
     15    ShutterReleaseNoCFCard               int8u

CanonCustom FuncsUnknown Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

CanonCustom PersonalFuncs Tags

Personal function settings for the EOS-1D.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    PF0CustomFuncRegistration            int16u
      2    PF1DisableShootingModes              int16u
      3    PF2DisableMeteringModes              int16u
      4    PF3ManualExposureMetering            int16u
      5    PF4ExposureTimeLimits                int16u
      6    PF5ApertureLimits                    int16u
      7    PF6PresetShootingModes               int16u
      8    PF7BracketContinuousShoot            int16u
      9    PF8SetBracketShots                   int16u
     10    PF9ChangeBracketSequence             int16u
     11    PF10RetainProgramShift               int16u
     14    PF13DrivePriority                    int16u
     15    PF14DisableFocusSearch               int16u
     16    PF15DisableAFAssistBeam              int16u
     17    PF16AutoFocusPointShoot              int16u
     18    PF17DisableAFPointSel                int16u
     19    PF18EnableAutoAFPointSel             int16u
     20    PF19ContinuousShootSpeed             int16u
     21    PF20LimitContinousShots              int16u
     22    PF21EnableQuietOperation             int16u
     24    PF23SetTimerLengths                  int16u
     25    PF24LightLCDDuringBulb               int16u
     26    PF25DefaultClearSettings             int16u
     27    PF26ShortenReleaseLag                int16u
     28    PF27ReverseDialRotation              int16u
     29    PF28NoQuickDialExpComp               int16u
     30    PF29QuickDialSwitchOff               int16u
     31    PF30EnlargementMode                  int16u
     32    PF31OriginalDecisionData             int16u

CanonCustom PersonalFuncValues Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    PF1Value                             int16u
      2    PF2Value                             int16u
      3    PF3Value                             int16u
      4    PF4ExposureTimeMin                   int16u
      5    PF4ExposureTimeMax                   int16u
      6    PF5ApertureMin                       int16u
      7    PF5ApertureMax                       int16u
      8    PF8BracketShots                      int16u
      9    PF19ShootingSpeedLow                 int16u
     10    PF19ShootingSpeedHigh                int16u
     11    PF20MaxContinousShots                int16u
     12    PF23ShutterButtonTime                int16u
     13    PF23FELockTime                       int16u
     14    PF23PostReleaseTime                  int16u
     15    PF25AEMode                           int16u
     16    PF25MeteringMode                     int16u
     17    PF25DriveMode                        int16u
     18    PF25AFMode                           int16u
     19    PF25AFPointSel                       int16u
     20    PF25ImageSize                        int16u
     21    PF25WBMode                           int16u
     22    PF25Parameters                       int16u
     23    PF25ColorMatrix                      int16u
     24    PF27Value                            int16u

CanonCustom Functions2 Tags

Beginning with the EOS 1D Mark III, Canon finally created a set of custom function tags which are (reasonably) consistent across models. The EOS 1D Mark III has 57 custom function tags divided into four main groups: 1. Exposure (0x0101-0x010f), 2. Image (0x0201-0x0203), Flash Exposure (0x0304-0x0306) and Display (0x0407-0x0409), 3. Auto Focus (0x0501-0x050e) and Drive (0x060f-0x0611), and 4. Operation (0x0701-0x070a) and Others (0x080b-0x0810). The table below lists tags used by the EOS 1D Mark III, as well as newer tags and values added by later models.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0101   ExposureLevelIncrements              int32s
  0x0102   ISOSpeedIncrements                   int32s
  0x0103   ISOSpeedRange                        int32s[3]
           ISOExpansion                         int32s
  0x0104   AEBAutoCancel                        int32s
  0x0105   AEBSequence                          int32s
  0x0106   AEBShotCount                         int32s
           AEBShotCount                         int32s[2]
  0x0107   SpotMeterLinkToAFPoint               int32s
  0x0108   SafetyShift                          int32s
  0x0109   UsableShootingModes                  int32s
           UsableShootingModes                  int32s[2]
  0x010a   UsableMeteringModes                  int32s
           UsableMeteringModes                  int32s[2]
  0x010b   ExposureModeInManual                 int32s
  0x010c   ShutterSpeedRange                    int32s[3]
           ShutterSpeedRange                    int32s[4]
  0x010d   ApertureRange                        int32s[3]
           ApertureRange                        int32s[4]
  0x010e   ApplyShootingMeteringMode            int32s[8]
  0x010f   FlashSyncSpeedAv                     int32s
  0x0110   AEMicroadjustment                    int32s[3]
  0x0111   FEMicroadjustment                    int32s[3]
  0x0112   SameExposureForNewAperture           int32s
  0x0113   ExposureCompAutoCancel               int32s
  0x0114   AELockMeterModeAfterFocus            int32s
  0x0201   LongExposureNoiseReduction           int32s
  0x0202   HighISONoiseReduction                int32s
  0x0203   HighlightTonePriority                int32s
  0x0204   AutoLightingOptimizer                int32s
  0x0304   ETTLII                               int32s
  0x0305   ShutterCurtainSync                   int32s
  0x0306   FlashFiring                          int32s
  0x0407   ViewInfoDuringExposure               int32s
  0x0408   LCDIlluminationDuringBulb            int32s
  0x0409   InfoButtonWhenShooting               int32s
  0x040a   ViewfinderWarnings                   int32s
  0x040b   LVShootingAreaDisplay                int32s
  0x040c   LVShootingAreaDisplay                int32s
  0x0501   USMLensElectronicMF                  int32s
  0x0502   AIServoTrackingSensitivity           int32s
  0x0503   AIServoImagePriority                 int32s
  0x0504   AIServoTrackingMethod                int32s
  0x0505   LensDriveNoAF                        int32s
  0x0506   LensAFStopButton                     int32s
  0x0507   AFMicroadjustment                    int32s[5]
  0x0508   AFPointAreaExpansion                 int32s
  0x0509   SelectableAFPoint                    int32s
  0x050a   SwitchToRegisteredAFPoint            int32s
  0x050b   AFPointAutoSelection                 int32s
  0x050c   AFPointDisplayDuringFocus            int32s
  0x050d   AFPointBrightness                    int32s
  0x050e   AFAssistBeam                         int32s
  0x050f   AFPointSelectionMethod               int32s
  0x0510   VFDisplayIllumination                int32s
           SuperimposedDisplay                  int32s
  0x0511   AFDuringLiveView                     int32s
  0x0512   SelectAFAreaSelectMode               int32s
  0x0513   ManualAFPointSelectPattern           int32s
  0x0514   DisplayAllAFPoints                   int32s
  0x0515   FocusDisplayAIServoAndMF             int32s
  0x0516   OrientationLinkedAFPoint             int32s
  0x0517   MultiControllerWhileMetering         int32s
  0x0518   AccelerationTracking                 int32s
  0x0519   AIServoFirstImagePriority            int32s
  0x051a   AIServoSecondImagePriority           int32s
  0x051b   AFAreaSelectMethod                   int32s
  0x051c   AutoAFPointColorTracking             int32s
  0x051d   VFDisplayIllumination                int32s
  0x051e   InitialAFPointAIServoAF              int32s
  0x060f   MirrorLockup                         int32s
  0x0610   ContinuousShootingSpeed              int32s[6]
           ContinuousShootingSpeed              int32s[5]
           ContinuousShootingSpeed              int32s[3]
  0x0611   ContinuousShotLimit                  int32s[2]
  0x0612   RestrictDriveModes                   int32s
           RestrictDriveModes                   int32s[2]
  0x0701   Shutter-AELock                       int32s
           AFAndMeteringButtons                 int32s
           ShutterButtonAFOnButton              int32s
  0x0702   AFOnAELockButtonSwitch               int32s
  0x0703   QuickControlDialInMeter              int32s
  0x0704   SetButtonWhenShooting                int32s
  0x0705   ManualTv                             int32s
  0x0706   DialDirectionTvAv                    int32s
  0x0707   AvSettingWithoutLens                 int32s
  0x0708   WBMediaImageSizeSetting              int32s
  0x0709   LockMicrophoneButton                 int32s
  0x070a   ButtonFunctionControlOff             int32s
  0x070b   AssignFuncButton                     int32s
  0x070c   CustomControls                       int32s
  0x070d   StartMovieShooting                   int32s
  0x070e   FlashButtonFunction                  int32s
  0x070f   MultiFunctionLock                    int32s
  0x0710   TrashButtonFunction                  int32s
  0x0711   ShutterReleaseWithoutLens            int32s
  0x0712   ControlRingRotation                  int32s
  0x0713   FocusRingRotation                    int32s
  0x0714   RFLensMFFocusRingSensitivity         int32s
  0x0715   CustomizeDials                       int32s
  0x080b   FocusingScreen                       int32s
  0x080c   TimerLength                          int32s[3]
           TimerLength                          int32s[4]
  0x080d   ShortReleaseTimeLag                  int32s
  0x080e   AddAspectRatioInfo                   int32s
  0x080f   AddOriginalDecisionData              int32s
  0x0810   LiveViewExposureSimulation           int32s
  0x0811   LCDDisplayAtPowerOn                  int32s
  0x0812   MemoAudioQuality                     int32s
  0x0813   DefaultEraseOption                   int32s
  0x0814   RetractLensOnPowerOff                int32s
  0x0815   AddIPTCInformation                   int32s
  0x0816   AudioCompression                     int32s

CanonVRD Tags

Canon Digital Photo Professional writes VRD (Recipe Data) information as a trailer record to JPEG, TIFF, CRW and CR2 images, or as stand-alone VRD or DR4 files. The tags listed below represent information found in these records. The complete VRD/DR4 data record may be accessed as a block using the Extra 'CanonVRD' or 'CanonDR4' tag, but this tag is not extracted or copied unless specified explicitly.

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  0xffff00f4   EditData                         CanonVRD Edit
  0xffff00f5   IHLData                          CanonVRD IHL
  0xffff00f6   XMP                              XMP
  0xffff00f7   Edit4Data                        CanonVRD Edit4

CanonVRD Edit Tags

Canon VRD edit information.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    VRD1                                 CanonVRD Ver1
      1    VRDStampTool                         CanonVRD StampTool
      2    VRD2                                 CanonVRD Ver2

CanonVRD Ver1 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    VRDVersion                           no
      6    WBAdjRGGBLevels                      int16u[4]
     24    WhiteBalanceAdj                      int16u
     26    WBAdjColorTemp                       int16u
     36    WBFineTuneActive                     int16u
     40    WBFineTuneSaturation                 int16u
     44    WBFineTuneTone                       int16u
     46    RawColorAdj                          int16u
     48    RawCustomSaturation                  int32s
     52    RawCustomTone                        int32s
     56    RawBrightnessAdj                     int32s
     60    ToneCurveProperty                    int16u
    122    DynamicRangeMin                      int16u
    124    DynamicRangeMax                      int16u
    272    ToneCurveActive                      int16u
    275    ToneCurveMode                        int8u
    276    BrightnessAdj                        int8s
    277    ContrastAdj                          int8s
    278    SaturationAdj                        int16s
    286    ColorToneAdj                         int32s
    294    LuminanceCurvePoints                 int16u[21]
    336    LuminanceCurveLimits                 int16u[4]
    345    ToneCurveInterpolation               int8u
    352    RedCurvePoints                       int16u[21]
    394    RedCurveLimits                       int16u[4]
    410    GreenCurvePoints                     int16u[21]
    452    GreenCurveLimits                     int16u[4]
    468    BlueCurvePoints                      int16u[21]
    510    BlueCurveLimits                      int16u[4]
    526    RGBCurvePoints                       int16u[21]
    568    RGBCurveLimits                       int16u[4]
    580    CropActive                           int16u
    582    CropLeft                             int16u
    584    CropTop                              int16u
    586    CropWidth                            int16u
    588    CropHeight                           int16u
    602    SharpnessAdj                         int16u
    608    CropAspectRatio                      int16u
    610    ConstrainedCropWidth                 float
    614    ConstrainedCropHeight                float
    618    CheckMark                            int16u
    622    Rotation                             int16u
    624    WorkColorSpace                       int16u

CanonVRD StampTool Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    StampToolCount                       no

CanonVRD Ver2 Tags

Tags added in DPP version 2.0 and later.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    PictureStyle                         int16s
      3    IsCustomPictureStyle                 int16s
     13    StandardRawColorTone                 int16s
     14    StandardRawSaturation                int16s
     15    StandardRawContrast                  int16s
     16    StandardRawLinear                    int16s
     17    StandardRawSharpness                 int16s
     18    StandardRawHighlightPoint            int16s
     19    StandardRawShadowPoint               int16s
     20    StandardOutputHighlightPoint         int16s
     21    StandardOutputShadowPoint            int16s
     22    PortraitRawColorTone                 int16s
     23    PortraitRawSaturation                int16s
     24    PortraitRawContrast                  int16s
     25    PortraitRawLinear                    int16s
     26    PortraitRawSharpness                 int16s
     27    PortraitRawHighlightPoint            int16s
     28    PortraitRawShadowPoint               int16s
     29    PortraitOutputHighlightPoint         int16s
     30    PortraitOutputShadowPoint            int16s
     31    LandscapeRawColorTone                int16s
     32    LandscapeRawSaturation               int16s
     33    LandscapeRawContrast                 int16s
     34    LandscapeRawLinear                   int16s
     35    LandscapeRawSharpness                int16s
     36    LandscapeRawHighlightPoint           int16s
     37    LandscapeRawShadowPoint              int16s
     38    LandscapeOutputHighlightPoint        int16s
     39    LandscapeOutputShadowPoint           int16s
     40    NeutralRawColorTone                  int16s
     41    NeutralRawSaturation                 int16s
     42    NeutralRawContrast                   int16s
     43    NeutralRawLinear                     int16s
     44    NeutralRawSharpness                  int16s
     45    NeutralRawHighlightPoint             int16s
     46    NeutralRawShadowPoint                int16s
     47    NeutralOutputHighlightPoint          int16s
     48    NeutralOutputShadowPoint             int16s
     49    FaithfulRawColorTone                 int16s
     50    FaithfulRawSaturation                int16s
     51    FaithfulRawContrast                  int16s
     52    FaithfulRawLinear                    int16s
     53    FaithfulRawSharpness                 int16s
     54    FaithfulRawHighlightPoint            int16s
     55    FaithfulRawShadowPoint               int16s
     56    FaithfulOutputHighlightPoint         int16s
     57    FaithfulOutputShadowPoint            int16s
     58    MonochromeFilterEffect               int16s
     59    MonochromeToningEffect               int16s
     60    MonochromeContrast                   int16s
     61    MonochromeLinear                     int16s
     62    MonochromeSharpness                  int16s
     63    MonochromeRawHighlightPoint          int16s
     64    MonochromeRawShadowPoint             int16s
     65    MonochromeOutputHighlightPoint       int16s
     66    MonochromeOutputShadowPoint          int16s
     69    UnknownContrast?                     int16s
     70    UnknownLinear?                       int16s
     71    UnknownSharpness?                    int16s
     72    UnknownRawHighlightPoint?            int16s
     73    UnknownRawShadowPoint?               int16s
     74    UnknownOutputHighlightPoint?         int16s
     75    UnknownOutputShadowPoint?            int16s
     76    CustomColorTone                      int16s
     77    CustomSaturation                     int16s
     78    CustomContrast                       int16s
     79    CustomLinear                         int16s
     80    CustomSharpness                      int16s
     81    CustomRawHighlightPoint              int16s
     82    CustomRawShadowPoint                 int16s
     83    CustomOutputHighlightPoint           int16s
     84    CustomOutputShadowPoint              int16s
     88    CustomPictureStyleData               no
     94    ChrominanceNoiseReduction            int16s
     95    LuminanceNoiseReduction              int16s
     96    ChrominanceNR_TIFF_JPEG              int16s
     98    ChromaticAberrationOn                int16s
     99    DistortionCorrectionOn               int16s
    100    PeripheralIlluminationOn             int16s
    101    ColorBlur                            int16s
    102    ChromaticAberration                  int16s
    103    DistortionCorrection                 int16s
    104    PeripheralIllumination               int16s
    105    AberrationCorrectionDistance         int16s
    106    ChromaticAberrationRed               int16s
    107    ChromaticAberrationBlue              int16s
    109    LuminanceNR_TIFF_JPEG                int16s
    110    AutoLightingOptimizerOn              int16s
    111    AutoLightingOptimizer                int16s
    117    StandardRawHighlight                 int16s
    118    PortraitRawHighlight                 int16s
    119    LandscapeRawHighlight                int16s
    120    NeutralRawHighlight                  int16s
    121    FaithfulRawHighlight                 int16s
    122    MonochromeRawHighlight               int16s
    123    UnknownRawHighlight?                 int16s
    124    CustomRawHighlight                   int16s
    126    StandardRawShadow                    int16s
    127    PortraitRawShadow                    int16s
    128    LandscapeRawShadow                   int16s
    129    NeutralRawShadow                     int16s
    130    FaithfulRawShadow                    int16s
    131    MonochromeRawShadow                  int16s
    132    UnknownRawShadow?                    int16s
    133    CustomRawShadow                      int16s
    139    AngleAdj                             int32s
    142    CheckMark2                           int16u
    144    UnsharpMask                          int16s
    146    StandardUnsharpMaskStrength          int16s
    148    StandardUnsharpMaskFineness          int16s
    150    StandardUnsharpMaskThreshold         int16s
    152    PortraitUnsharpMaskStrength          int16s
    154    PortraitUnsharpMaskFineness          int16s
    156    PortraitUnsharpMaskThreshold         int16s
    158    LandscapeUnsharpMaskStrength         int16s
    160    LandscapeUnsharpMaskFineness         int16s
    162    LandscapeUnsharpMaskThreshold        int16s
    164    NeutraUnsharpMaskStrength            int16s
    166    NeutralUnsharpMaskFineness           int16s
    168    NeutralUnsharpMaskThreshold          int16s
    170    FaithfulUnsharpMaskStrength          int16s
    172    FaithfulUnsharpMaskFineness          int16s
    174    FaithfulUnsharpMaskThreshold         int16s
    176    MonochromeUnsharpMaskStrength        int16s
    178    MonochromeUnsharpMaskFineness        int16s
    180    MonochromeUnsharpMaskThreshold       int16s
    182    CustomUnsharpMaskStrength            int16s
    184    CustomUnsharpMaskFineness            int16s
    186    CustomUnsharpMaskThreshold           int16s
    188    CustomDefaultUnsharpStrength         int16s
    190    CustomDefaultUnsharpFineness         int16s
    192    CustomDefaultUnsharpThreshold        int16s
    214    CropCircleActive                     int16s
    215    CropCircleX                          int16s
    216    CropCircleY                          int16s
    217    CropCircleRadius                     int16s
    220    DLOOn                                int16s
    221    DLOSetting                           int16s
    222    DLOShootingDistance                  int16s
    223    DLODataLength                        no
    224    DLOInfo                              CanonVRD DLOInfo
    225    CameraRawColorTone                   int16s
    226    CameraRawSaturation                  int16s
    227    CameraRawContrast                    int16s
    228    CameraRawLinear                      int16s
    229    CameraRawSharpness                   int16s
    230    CameraRawHighlightPoint              int16s
    231    CameraRawShadowPoint                 int16s
    232    CameraRawOutputHighlightPoint        int16s
    233    CameraRawOutputShadowPoint           int16s

CanonVRD DLOInfo Tags

Tags added when DLO (Digital Lens Optimizer) is on.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    DLOSettingApplied                    int16s
      5    DLOVersion                           string[10]
     10    DLOData                              no

CanonVRD IHL Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   IHL_EXIF                             EXIF
           IHL_EXIF?                            no
  0x0003   ThumbnailImage                       no
  0x0004   PreviewImage                         no
  0x0005   RawCodecVersion                      no
  0x0006   CRCDevelParams?                      no

CanonVRD Edit4 Tags

Canon DPP version 4 edit information.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    DR4                                  CanonVRD DR4

CanonVRD DR4 Tags

Tags written by Canon DPP version 4 in CanonVRD trailers and DR4 files. Each tag has three associated flag words which are stored with the directory entry, some of which are extracted as a separate tag, indicated in the table below by a decimal appended to the tag ID (.0, .1 or .2).

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  'header'     DR4Header                        CanonVRD DR4Header
  0x10002      Rotation                         yes
  0x10003      AngleAdj                         yes
  0x10021      CustomPictureStyle               yes
  0x10101      CheckMark                        yes
  0x10200      WorkColorSpace                   yes
  0x20001      RawBrightnessAdj                 yes
  0x20101      WhiteBalanceAdj                  yes
  0x20102      WBAdjColorTemp                   yes
  0x20105      WBAdjMagentaGreen                yes
  0x20106      WBAdjBlueAmber                   yes
  0x20125      WBAdjRGGBLevels                  yes
  0x20200      GammaLinear                      yes
  0x20301      PictureStyle                     yes
  0x20303      ContrastAdj                      yes
  0x20304      ColorToneAdj                     yes
  0x20305      ColorSaturationAdj               yes
  0x20306      MonochromeToningEffect           yes
  0x20307      MonochromeFilterEffect           yes
  0x20308      UnsharpMaskStrength              yes
  0x20309      UnsharpMaskFineness              yes
  0x2030a      UnsharpMaskThreshold             yes
  0x2030b      ShadowAdj                        yes
  0x2030c      HighlightAdj                     yes
  0x20310      SharpnessAdj                     yes
  0x20310.0    SharpnessAdjOn                   yes
  0x20311      SharpnessStrength                yes
  0x20400      ToneCurve                        CanonVRD ToneCurve
  0x20400.1    ToneCurveOriginal                yes
  0x20410      ToneCurveBrightness              yes
  0x20411      ToneCurveContrast                yes
  0x20500      AutoLightingOptimizer            yes
  0x20500.0    AutoLightingOptimizerOn          yes
  0x20600      LuminanceNoiseReduction          yes
  0x20601      ChrominanceNoiseReduction        yes
  0x20670      ColorMoireReduction              yes
  0x20670.0    ColorMoireReductionOn            yes
  0x20701      ShootingDistance                 yes
  0x20702      PeripheralIllumination           yes
  0x20702.0    PeripheralIlluminationOn         yes
  0x20703      ChromaticAberration              yes
  0x20703.0    ChromaticAberrationOn            yes
  0x20704      ColorBlurOn                      yes
  0x20705      DistortionCorrection             yes
  0x20705.0    DistortionCorrectionOn           yes
  0x20706      DLOSetting                       yes
  0x20706.0    DLOOn                            yes
  0x20707      ChromaticAberrationRed           yes
  0x20708      ChromaticAberrationBlue          yes
  0x20709      DistortionEffect                 yes
  0x2070b      DiffractionCorrectionOn          yes
  0x20900      ColorHue                         yes
  0x20901      SaturationAdj                    yes
  0x20910      RedHSL                           yes
  0x20911      OrangeHSL                        yes
  0x20912      YellowHSL                        yes
  0x20913      GreenHSL                         yes
  0x20914      AquaHSL                          yes
  0x20915      BlueHSL                          yes
  0x20916      PurpleHSL                        yes
  0x20917      MagentaHSL                       yes
  0x20a00      GammaInfo                        CanonVRD GammaInfo
  0x30101      CropAspectRatio                  yes
  0x30102      CropAspectRatioCustom            yes
  0xf0100      CropInfo                         CanonVRD CropInfo
  0xf0500      CustomPictureStyleData           yes
  0xf0510      StampInfo                        CanonVRD StampInfo
  0xf0511      DustInfo                         CanonVRD DustInfo
  0xf0512      LensFocalLength                  yes

CanonVRD DR4Header Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      3    DR4CameraModel                       int32u

CanonVRD ToneCurve Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ToneCurveColorSpace                  int32u
      1    ToneCurveShape                       int32u
      3    ToneCurveInputRange                  int32u[2]
      5    ToneCurveOutputRange                 int32u[2]
      7    RGBCurvePoints                       int32u[21]
     10    ToneCurveX                           int32u
     11    ToneCurveY                           int32u
     45    RedCurvePoints                       int32u[21]
     83    GreenCurvePoints                     int32u[21]
    121    BlueCurvePoints                      int32u[21]

CanonVRD GammaInfo Tags

  Index8   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    GammaContrast                        double
      3    GammaColorTone                       double
      4    GammaSaturation                      double
      5    GammaUnsharpMaskStrength             double
      6    GammaUnsharpMaskFineness             double
      7    GammaUnsharpMaskThreshold            double
      8    GammaSharpnessStrength               double
      9    GammaShadow                          double
     10    GammaHighlight                       double
     12    GammaBlackPoint                      double
     13    GammaWhitePoint                      double
     14    GammaMidPoint                        double
     15    GammaCurveOutputRange                double[2]

CanonVRD CropInfo Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    CropActive                           int32s
      1    CropRotatedOriginalWidth             int32s
      2    CropRotatedOriginalHeight            int32s
      3    CropX                                int32s
      4    CropY                                int32s
      5    CropWidth                            int32s
      6    CropHeight                           int32s
      8    CropRotation                         double
     10    CropOriginalWidth                    int32s
     11    CropOriginalHeight                   int32s

CanonVRD StampInfo Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    StampToolCount                       no

CanonVRD DustInfo Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    DustDeleteApplied                    no

Casio Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   RecordingMode                        int16u
  0x0002   Quality                              int16u
  0x0003   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x0004   FlashMode                            int16u
  0x0005   FlashIntensity                       int16u
  0x0006   ObjectDistance                       int32u
  0x0007   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x000a   DigitalZoom                          int32u
  0x000b   Sharpness                            int16u
  0x000c   Contrast                             int16u
  0x000d   Saturation                           int16u
  0x0014   ISO                                  int16u
  0x0015   FirmwareDate                         string[18]
  0x0016   Enhancement                          int16u
  0x0017   ColorFilter                          int16u
  0x0018   AFPoint                              int16u
  0x0019   FlashIntensity                       int16u
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM

Casio Type2 Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0002   PreviewImageSize                     int16u[2]
  0x0003   PreviewImageLength                   int32u*
  0x0004   PreviewImageStart                    int32u*
  0x0008   QualityMode                          int16u
  0x0009   CasioImageSize                       int16u
  0x000d   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x0014   ISO                                  int16u
  0x0019   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x001d   FocalLength                          rational64u
  0x001f   Saturation                           int16u
  0x0020   Contrast                             int16u
  0x0021   Sharpness                            int16u
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM
  0x2000   PreviewImage                         undef
  0x2001   FirmwareDate                         string[18]
  0x2011   WhiteBalanceBias                     int16u[2]
  0x2012   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x2021   AFPointPosition                      int16u[4]~
  0x2022   ObjectDistance                       int32u
  0x2034   FlashDistance                        int16u
  0x2076   SpecialEffectMode                    int8u[3]
  0x2089   FaceInfo1                            Casio FaceInfo1
           FaceInfo2                            Casio FaceInfo2
           FaceInfoUnknown?                     yes
  0x211c   FacesDetected                        int8u
  0x3000   RecordMode                           int16u
  0x3001   ReleaseMode                          int16u
  0x3002   Quality                              int16u
  0x3003   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x3006   HometownCity                         string
  0x3007   BestShotMode                         int16u
  0x3008   AutoISO                              int16u
  0x3009   AFMode                               int16u
  0x3011   Sharpness                            undef[2]
  0x3012   Contrast                             undef[2]
  0x3013   Saturation                           undef[2]
  0x3014   ISO                                  int16u
  0x3015   ColorMode                            int16u
  0x3016   Enhancement                          int16u
  0x3017   ColorFilter                          int16u
  0x301b   ArtMode                              int16u
  0x301c   SequenceNumber                       int16u
  0x301d   BracketSequence                      int16u[2]
  0x3020   ImageStabilization                   int16u
  0x302a   LightingMode                         int16u
  0x302b   PortraitRefiner                      int16u
  0x3030   SpecialEffectLevel                   int16u
  0x3031   SpecialEffectSetting                 int16u
  0x3103   DriveMode                            int16u
  0x310b   ArtModeParameters                    int8u[3]
  0x4001   CaptureFrameRate                     int16u[n]
  0x4003   VideoQuality                         int16u

Casio FaceInfo1 Tags

Face-detect tags extracted from models such as the EX-H5.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FacesDetected                        int8u
      1    FaceDetectFrameSize                  int16u[2]
     13    Face1Position                        int16u[4]
    124    Face2Position                        int16u[4]
    235    Face3Position                        int16u[4]
    346    Face4Position                        int16u[4]
    457    Face5Position                        int16u[4]
    568    Face6Position                        int16u[4]
    679    Face7Position                        int16u[4]
    790    Face8Position                        int16u[4]
    901    Face9Position                        int16u[4]
   1012    Face10Position                       int16u[4]

Casio FaceInfo2 Tags

Face-detect tags extracted from models such as the EX-H20G and EX-ZR100.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      2    FacesDetected                        int8u
      4    FaceDetectFrameSize                  int16u[2]
      8    FaceOrientation                      int8u
     24    Face1Position                        int16u[4]
     76    Face2Position                        int16u[4]
    128    Face3Position                        int16u[4]
    180    Face4Position                        int16u[4]
    232    Face5Position                        int16u[4]
    284    Face6Position                        int16u[4]
    336    Face7Position                        int16u[4]
    388    Face8Position                        int16u[4]
    440    Face9Position                        int16u[4]
    492    Face10Position                       int16u[4]

Casio QVCI Tags

This information is found in the APP1 QVCI segment of JPEG images from the Casio QV-7000SX.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     44    CasioQuality                         no
     55    FocalRange?                          no
     77    DateTimeOriginal                     no
     98    ModelType                            no
    114    ManufactureIndex                     no
    124    ManufactureCode                      no

Casio AVI Tags

This information is found in Casio GV-10 AVI videos.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    Software                             no

DJI Tags

This table lists tags found in the maker notes of images from some DJI Phantom drones.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   Make                                 string
  0x0003   SpeedX                               float
  0x0004   SpeedY                               float
  0x0005   SpeedZ                               float
  0x0006   Pitch                                float
  0x0007   Yaw                                  float
  0x0008   Roll                                 float
  0x0009   CameraPitch                          float
  0x000a   CameraYaw                            float
  0x000b   CameraRoll                           float


XMP tags used by DJI for images from drones.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-drone-dji family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  AbsoluteAltitude                              real
  CalibratedFocalLength                         real
  CalibratedOpticalCenterX                      real
  CalibratedOpticalCenterY                      real
  CamReverse                                    string
  DewarpData                                    string
  DewarpFlag                                    string
  FlightPitchDegree                             real
  FlightRollDegree                              real
  FlightXSpeed                                  real
  FlightYSpeed                                  real
  FlightYawDegree                               real
  FlightZSpeed                                  real
  GPSLatitude                                   real/
  GPSLongitude                                  real/
  GPSLongtitude                                 real/
  GimbalPitchDegree                             real
  GimbalReverse                                 string
  GimbalRollDegree                              real
  GimbalYawDegree                               real
  Latitude                                      real
  Longitude                                     real
  RelativeAltitude                              real
  RtkFlag                                       string
  RtkStdHgt                                     real
  RtkStdLat                                     real
  RtkStdLon                                     real
  SelfData                                      string

DJI Info Tags

Tags written by some DJI drones.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'FlightDegree(Y,P,R)' FlightDegree            no
  'FlightSpeed(X,Y,Z)' FlightSpeed              no
  'GimbalDegree(Y,P,R)' GimbalDegree            no
  'adj_dbg_info'       ADJDebugInfo             no
  'ae_dbg_info'        AEDebugInfo              no
  'ae_histogram_info'  AEHistogramInfo          no
                       AELiveViewHistogramInfo  no
                       AELiveViewLocalHistogram no
  'ae_local_histogram' AELocalHistogram         no
  'af_dbg_info'        AFDebugInfo              no
  'awb_dbg_info'       AWBDebugInfo             no
  'hiso'               Histogram                no
  'hyperlapse_dbg_info' HyperlapsDebugInfo      no
  'sensor_id'          SensorID                 no
  'xidiri'             Xidiri                   no

DJI ThermalParams Tags

Thermal parameters extracted from APP4 of DJI RJPEG files from the ZH20T.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     36    K1                                   no
     40    K2                                   no
     44    K3                                   no
     48    K4                                   no
     52    KF                                   no
     56    B1                                   no
     60    B2                                   no
     68    ObjectDistance                       no
     70    RelativeHumidity                     no
     72    Emissivity                           no
     74    Reflection                           no
     76    AmbientTemperature                   no
     80    D2                                   no
     84    KJ                                   no
     86    DB                                   no
     88    KK                                   no

DJI ThermalParams2 Tags

Thermal parameters extracted from APP4 of DJI M3T RJPEG files.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    AmbientTemperature                   no
      4    ObjectDistance                       no
      8    Emissivity                           no
     12    RelativeHumidity                     no
     16    ReflectedTemperature                 no
    101    IDString                             no

DJI ThermalParams3 Tags

Thermal parameters extracted from APP4 of some DJI RJPEG files.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    RelativeHumidity                     no
      6    ObjectDistance                       no
      8    Emissivity                           no
     10    ReflectedTemperature                 no


Information extracted from the maker notes of JPEG images from thermal imaging cameras by FLIR Systems Inc.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   ImageTemperatureMax                  rational64u
  0x0002   ImageTemperatureMin                  rational64u
  0x0003   Emissivity                           rational64u
  0x0004   UnknownTemperature?                  rational64u
  0x0005   CameraTemperatureRangeMax?           rational64u
  0x0006   CameraTemperatureRangeMin?           rational64u


Information extracted from FLIR FFF images and the APP1 FLIR segment of JPEG images. These tags may also be extracted from the first frame of an FLIR SEQ file, or all frames if the ExtractEmbedded option is used. Setting ExtractEmbedded to 2 also the raw thermal data from all frames.

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  '_header'    FFFHeader                        FLIR Header
  0x0001       RawData                          FLIR RawData
  0x0005       GainDeadData                     FLIR GainDeadData
  0x0006       CoarseData                       FLIR CoarseData
  0x000e       EmbeddedImage                    FLIR EmbeddedImage
  0x0020       CameraInfo                       FLIR CameraInfo
  0x0021       MeasurementInfo                  FLIR MeasInfo
  0x0022       PaletteInfo                      FLIR PaletteInfo
  0x0023       TextInfo                         FLIR TextInfo
  0x0024       EmbeddedAudioFile                no
  0x0028       PaintData                        FLIR PaintData
  0x002a       PiP                              FLIR PiP
  0x002b       GPSInfo                          FLIR GPSInfo
  0x002c       MeterLink                        FLIR MeterLink
  0x002e       ParameterInfo                    FLIR ParamInfo

FLIR Header Tags

Tags extracted from the FLIR FFF/AFF header.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    CreatorSoftware                      no

FLIR RawData Tags

The thermal image data may be stored either as raw data, or in PNG format. If stored as raw data, ExifTool adds a TIFF header to allow the data to be viewed as a TIFF image. If stored in PNG format, the PNG image is extracted as-is. Note that most FLIR cameras using the PNG format seem to write the 16-bit raw image data in the wrong byte order.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    RawThermalImageWidth                 no
      2    RawThermalImageHeight                no
     16    RawThermalImageType                  no
   16.1    RawThermalImage                      no

FLIR GainDeadData Tags

Information found in FFF-format .GAN calibration image files.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    GainDeadMapImageWidth                no
      2    GainDeadMapImageHeight               no
     16    GainDeadMapImageType                 no
   16.1    GainDeadMapImage                     no

FLIR CoarseData Tags

Information found in FFF-format .CRS correction image files.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    CoarseMapImageWidth                  no
      2    CoarseMapImageHeight                 no
     16    CoarseMapImageType                   no
   16.1    CoarseMapImage                       no

FLIR EmbeddedImage Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    EmbeddedImageWidth                   no
      2    EmbeddedImageHeight                  no
     16    EmbeddedImageType                    no
   16.1    EmbeddedImage                        no

FLIR CameraInfo Tags

FLIR camera information. The Planck tags are variables used in the temperature calculation. See for details.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     32    Emissivity                           no
     36    ObjectDistance                       no
     40    ReflectedApparentTemperature         no
     44    AtmosphericTemperature               no
     48    IRWindowTemperature                  no
     52    IRWindowTransmission                 no
     60    RelativeHumidity                     no
     88    PlanckR1                             no
     92    PlanckB                              no
     96    PlanckF                              no
    112    AtmosphericTransAlpha1               no
    116    AtmosphericTransAlpha2               no
    120    AtmosphericTransBeta1                no
    124    AtmosphericTransBeta2                no
    128    AtmosphericTransX                    no
    144    CameraTemperatureRangeMax            no
    148    CameraTemperatureRangeMin            no
    152    CameraTemperatureMaxClip             no
    156    CameraTemperatureMinClip             no
    160    CameraTemperatureMaxWarn             no
    164    CameraTemperatureMinWarn             no
    168    CameraTemperatureMaxSaturated        no
    172    CameraTemperatureMinSaturated        no
    212    CameraModel                          no
    244    CameraPartNumber                     no
    260    CameraSerialNumber                   no
    276    CameraSoftware                       no
    368    LensModel                            no
    400    LensPartNumber                       no
    416    LensSerialNumber                     no
    436    FieldOfView                          no
    492    FilterModel                          no
    508    FilterPartNumber                     no
    540    FilterSerialNumber                   no
    776    PlanckO                              no
    780    PlanckR2                             no
    784    RawValueRangeMin                     no
    786    RawValueRangeMax                     no
    824    RawValueMedian                       no
    828    RawValueRange                        no
    900    DateTimeOriginal                     no
    912    FocusStepCount                       no
   1116    FocusDistance                        no
   1124    FrameRate                            no

FLIR MeasInfo Tags

Tags listed below are only for the first measurement tool, however multiple measurements may be added, and information is extracted for all of them. Tags for subsequent measurements are generated as required with the prefixes "Meas2", "Meas3", etc.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Meas1Label                                    no
  Meas1Params                                   no
  Meas1Type                                     no

FLIR PaletteInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PaletteColors                        no
      6    AboveColor                           no
      9    BelowColor                           no
     12    OverflowColor                        no
     15    UnderflowColor                       no
     18    Isotherm1Color                       no
     21    Isotherm2Color                       no
     26    PaletteMethod                        no
     27    PaletteStretch                       no
     48    PaletteFileName                      no
     80    PaletteName                          no
    112    Palette                              no

FLIR TextInfo Tags

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Label0                                        no
  Label1                                        no
  Label2                                        no
  Label3                                        no
  Value0                                        no
  Value1                                        no
  Value2                                        no
  Value3                                        no

FLIR PaintData Tags

Information generated by FLIR Tools "Paint colors" tool.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      5    PaintImageWidth                      no
      6    PaintImageHeight                     no
     20    PaintImageType                       no
   20.1    PaintImage                           no


FLIR Picture in Picture tags.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    Real2IR                              no
      2    OffsetX                              no
      3    OffsetY                              no
      4    PiPX1                                no
      5    PiPX2                                no
      6    PiPY1                                no
      7    PiPY2                                no


  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    GPSValid                             no
      4    GPSVersionID                         no
      8    GPSLatitudeRef                       no
     10    GPSLongitudeRef                      no
     16    GPSLatitude                          no
     24    GPSLongitude                         no
     32    GPSAltitude                          no
     64    GPSDOP                               no
     68    GPSSpeedRef                          no
     70    GPSTrackRef                          no
     72    GPSImgDirectionRef                   no
     76    GPSSpeed                             no
     80    GPSTrack                             no
     84    GPSImgDirection                      no
     88    GPSMapDatum                          no

Tags containing Meterlink humidity meter information.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     26    Reading1Units                        no
     28    Reading1Description                  no
     32    Reading1Device                       no
     96    Reading1Value                        no
    126    Reading2Units                        no
    128    Reading2Description                  no
    132    Reading2Device                       no
    196    Reading2Value                        no
    226    Reading3Units                        no
    228    Reading3Description                  no
    232    Reading3Device                       no
    296    Reading3Value                        no
    326    Reading4Units                        no
    328    Reading4Description                  no
    332    Reading4Device                       no
    396    Reading4Value                        no

FLIR ParamInfo Tags

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  DateTimeGenerated                             no
  Param0                                        no
  Param1                                        no
  Param2                                        no
  Param3                                        no

FLIR UserData Tags

Tags written by some FLIR cameras in a top-level (!) "udta" atom of MP4 videos.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'uuid'   FLIR_Parts                           FLIR Parts
           FLIR_Serial                          FLIR SerialNums
           FLIR_Params                          FLIR Params
           FLIR_UnknownUUID                     FLIR UnknownUUID
           FLIR_GPS                             FLIR GPS_UUID
           FLIR_MoreInfo                        FLIR MoreInfo
           SoftwareComponents?                  no
           FLIR_Unknown?                        no
           Units                                no+
           ThumbnailImage                       no

FLIR Parts Tags

Tags extracted from the "uuid" box with ID 43c3993b0f94424b82056b66513f485d in FLIR MP4 videos.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    BAHPVer                              no
           BALPVer                              no
           Battery                              no
           BAVPVer                              no
           CamCore                              no
           DetectorBoard                        no
           Detector                             no
           GIDCVer                              no
           GIDPVer                              no
           GIPC_CPLD                            no
           GIPCVer                              no
           GIXIVer                              no
           MainBoard                            no
           Optics                               no
           PartNumber                           no

FLIR SerialNums Tags

Tags extracted from the "uuid" box with ID 57f5b93e51e448afa0d9c3ef1b37f712 in FLIR MP4 videos.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     12    UnknownSerial1?                      no
     45    UnknownSerial2?                      no
     78    UnknownSerial3?                      no
    111    UnknownSerial4?                      no
    123    UnknownNumber?                       no
    126    CameraSerialNumber                   no

FLIR Params Tags

Tags extracted from the "uuid" box with ID 41e5dcf9e80a41ceadfe7f0c58082c19 in FLIR MP4 videos.

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    ReflectedApparentTemperature         no
      2    AtmosphericTemperature               no
      3    Emissivity                           no
      4    ObjectDistance                       no
      5    RelativeHumidity                     no
      6    EstimatedAtmosphericTrans            no
      7    IRWindowTemperature                  no
      8    IRWindowTransmission                 no

FLIR UnknownUUID Tags

Tags extracted from the "uuid" box with ID 574520502cbb44adae5415e9b839d903 in FLIR MP4 videos.

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]


Tags extracted from the "uuid" box with ID 7f2e21008b464918afb1de709a74f6f5 in FLIR MP4 videos.

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    GPSLatitude                          no
      2    GPSLongitude                         no
      3    GPSAltitude                          no

FLIR MoreInfo Tags

Tags extracted from the "uuid" box with ID 2b452fdc74354094baee22a6b23a7cf8 in FLIR MP4 videos.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      5    LensModel                            no
     11    UnknownTemperature1?                 no
     15    UnknownTemperature2?                 no


Tags extracted from FLIR "AFF" SEQ images.

  Tag ID       Tag Name                         Writable
  ------       --------                         --------
  '_header'    AFFHeader                        FLIR Header
  0x0001       AFF1                             FLIR AFF1
  0x0005       AFF5                             FLIR AFF5


  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    SensorWidth                          no
      2    SensorHeight                         no


  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     19    SensorWidth                          no
     20    SensorHeight                         no


Tags extracted from FLIR Public image Format (FPF) files.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     32    FPFVersion                           no
     36    ImageDataOffset                      no
     40    ImageType                            no
     42    ImagePixelFormat                     no
     44    ImageWidth                           no
     46    ImageHeight                          no
     48    ExternalTriggerCount                 no
     52    SequenceFrameNumber                  no
    120    CameraModel                          no
    152    CameraPartNumber                     no
    184    CameraSerialNumber                   no
    216    CameraTemperatureRangeMin            no
    220    CameraTemperatureRangeMax            no
    224    LensModel                            no
    256    LensPartNumber                       no
    288    LensSerialNumber                     no
    320    FilterModel                          no
    336    FilterPartNumber                     no
    384    FilterSerialNumber                   no
    480    Emissivity                           no
    484    ObjectDistance                       no
    488    ReflectedApparentTemperature         no
    492    AtmosphericTemperature               no
    496    RelativeHumidity                     no
    500    ComputedAtmosphericTrans             no
    504    EstimatedAtmosphericTrans            no
    508    ReferenceTemperature                 no
    512    IRWindowTemperature                  no
    516    IRWindowTransmission                 no
    584    DateTimeOriginal                     no
    676    CameraScaleMin                       no
    680    CameraScaleMax                       no
    684    CalculatedScaleMin                   no
    688    CalculatedScaleMax                   no
    692    ActualScaleMin                       no
    696    ActualScaleMax                       no

FujiFilm Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   Version                              undef
  0x0010   InternalSerialNumber                 string
  0x1000   Quality                              string
  0x1001   Sharpness                            int16u
  0x1002   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x1003   Saturation                           int16u
  0x1004   Contrast                             int16u
  0x1005   ColorTemperature                     int16u
  0x1006   Contrast                             int16u
  0x100a   WhiteBalanceFineTune                 int32s[2]
  0x100b   NoiseReduction                       int16u
  0x100e   NoiseReduction                       int16u
  0x100f   Clarity                              int32s
  0x1010   FujiFlashMode                        int16u
  0x1011   FlashExposureComp                    rational64s
  0x1020   Macro                                int16u
  0x1021   FocusMode                            int16u
  0x1022   AFMode                               int16u
  0x1023   FocusPixel                           int16u[2]
  0x102b   PrioritySettings                     FujiFilm PrioritySettings
  0x102d   FocusSettings                        FujiFilm FocusSettings
  0x102e   AFCSettings                          FujiFilm AFCSettings
  0x1030   SlowSync                             int16u
  0x1031   PictureMode                          int16u
  0x1032   ExposureCount                        int16u
  0x1033   EXRAuto                              int16u
  0x1034   EXRMode                              int16u
  0x1040   ShadowTone                           int32s
  0x1041   HighlightTone                        int32s
  0x1044   DigitalZoom                          int32u
  0x1045   LensModulationOptimizer              int32u
  0x1047   GrainEffectRoughness                 int32s
  0x1048   ColorChromeEffect                    int32s
  0x1049   BWAdjustment                         int8s
  0x104b   BWMagentaGreen                       int8s
  0x104c   GrainEffectSize                      int16u
  0x104d   CropMode                             int16u
  0x104e   ColorChromeFXBlue                    int32s
  0x1050   ShutterType                          int16u
  0x1100   AutoBracketing                       int16u
  0x1101   SequenceNumber                       int16u
  0x1103   DriveSettings                        FujiFilm DriveSettings
  0x1105   PixelShiftShots                      int16u
  0x1106   PixelShiftOffset                     rational64s[2]
  0x1153   PanoramaAngle                        int16u
  0x1154   PanoramaDirection                    int16u
  0x1201   AdvancedFilter                       int32u
  0x1210   ColorMode                            int16u
  0x1300   BlurWarning                          int16u
  0x1301   FocusWarning                         int16u
  0x1302   ExposureWarning                      int16u
  0x1304   GEImageSize                          string
  0x1400   DynamicRange                         int16u
  0x1401   FilmMode                             int16u
  0x1402   DynamicRangeSetting                  int16u
  0x1403   DevelopmentDynamicRange              int16u
  0x1404   MinFocalLength                       rational64s
  0x1405   MaxFocalLength                       rational64s
  0x1406   MaxApertureAtMinFocal                rational64s
  0x1407   MaxApertureAtMaxFocal                rational64s
  0x140b   AutoDynamicRange                     int16u
  0x1422   ImageStabilization                   int16u[3]
  0x1425   SceneRecognition                     int16u
  0x1431   Rating                               int32u
  0x1436   ImageGeneration                      int16u
  0x1438   ImageCount                           int16u
  0x1443   DRangePriority                       int16u
  0x1444   DRangePriorityAuto                   int16u
  0x1445   DRangePriorityFixed                  int16u
  0x1446   FlickerReduction                     int32u
  0x1447   FujiModel                            string
  0x1448   FujiModel2                           string
  0x144d   RollAngle                            rational64s
  0x3803   VideoRecordingMode                   int32u
  0x3804   PeripheralLighting                   int16u
  0x3806   VideoCompression                     int16u
  0x3820   FrameRate                            int16u
  0x3821   FrameWidth                           int16u
  0x3822   FrameHeight                          int16u
  0x3824   FullHDHighSpeedRec                   int32u
  0x4005   FaceElementSelected                  int16u[4]
  0x4100   FacesDetected                        int16u
  0x4103   FacePositions                        int16u[n]
  0x4200   NumFaceElements                      int16u
  0x4201   FaceElementTypes                     int8u[n]
  0x4203   FaceElementPositions                 int16u[n]
  0x4282   FaceRecInfo                          FujiFilm FaceRecInfo
  0x8000   FileSource                           string
  0x8002   OrderNumber                          int32u
  0x8003   FrameNumber                          int16u
  0xb211   Parallax                             rational64s

FujiFilm PrioritySettings Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    0.1    AF-SPriority                         int16u & 0x0f
    0.2    AF-CPriority                         int16u & 0xf0

FujiFilm FocusSettings Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    0.1    FocusMode2                           int32u & 0x0f
    0.2    PreAF                                int32u & 0xf0
    0.3    AFAreaMode                           int32u & 0xf00
    0.4    AFAreaPointSize                      int32u & 0xf000
    0.5    AFAreaZoneSize                       int32u & 0xf0000

FujiFilm AFCSettings Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    AF-CSetting                          int32u
    0.1    AF-CTrackingSensitivity              int32u & 0x0f
    0.2    AF-CSpeedTrackingSensitivity         int32u & 0xf0
    0.3    AF-CZoneAreaSwitching                int32u & 0xf00

FujiFilm DriveSettings Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    0.1    DriveMode                            int32u & 0xff
    0.2    DriveSpeed                           int32u & 0xff000000

FujiFilm FaceRecInfo Tags

Face recognition information.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  Face1Birthday                                 no
  Face1Category                                 no
  Face1Name                                     no
  Face2Birthday                                 no
  Face2Category                                 no
  Face2Name                                     no
  Face3Birthday                                 no
  Face3Category                                 no
  Face3Name                                     no
  Face4Birthday                                 no
  Face4Category                                 no
  Face4Name                                     no
  Face5Birthday                                 no
  Face5Category                                 no
  Face5Name                                     no
  Face6Birthday                                 no
  Face6Category                                 no
  Face6Name                                     no
  Face7Birthday                                 no
  Face7Category                                 no
  Face7Name                                     no
  Face8Birthday                                 no
  Face8Category                                 no
  Face8Name                                     no

FujiFilm RAF Tags

FujiFilm RAF images contain meta information stored in a proprietary FujiFilm RAF format, as well as EXIF information stored inside an embedded JPEG preview image. The table below lists tags currently decoded from the RAF-format information.

  Tag ID  Tag Name                              Writable
  ------  --------                              --------
  0x0100  RawImageFullSize                      no
  0x0110  RawImageCropTopLeft                   no
  0x0111  RawImageCroppedSize                   no
  0x0115  RawImageAspectRatio                   no
  0x0121  RawImageSize                          no
  0x0130  FujiLayout                            no
  0x0131  XTransLayout                          no
  0x2000  WB_GRGBLevelsAuto                     no
  0x2100  WB_GRGBLevelsDaylight                 no
  0x2200  WB_GRGBLevelsCloudy                   no
  0x2300  WB_GRGBLevelsDaylightFluor            no
  0x2301  WB_GRGBLevelsDayWhiteFluor            no
  0x2302  WB_GRGBLevelsWhiteFluorescent         no
  0x2310  WB_GRGBLevelsWarmWhiteFluor           no
  0x2311  WB_GRGBLevelsLivingRoomWarmWhiteFluor no
  0x2400  WB_GRGBLevelsTungsten                 no
  0x2ff0  WB_GRGBLevels                         no
  0x9200  RelativeExposure                      no
  0x9650  RawExposureBias                       no
  0xc000  RAFData                               FujiFilm RAFData

FujiFilm RAFData Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    RawImageWidth                        no
      4    RawImageWidth                        no
           RawImageHeight                       no
      8    RawImageWidth                        no
           RawImageHeight                       no
     12    RawImageHeight                       no

FujiFilm IFD Tags

Tags found in the FujiIFD information of RAF images from some models.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0xf000   FujiIFD                              FujiFilm IFD
  0xf001   RawImageFullWidth                    no
  0xf002   RawImageFullHeight                   no
  0xf003   BitsPerSample                        no
  0xf007   StripOffsets                         no
  0xf008   StripByteCounts                      no
  0xf00a   BlackLevel                           no
  0xf00b   GeometricDistortionParams            no
  0xf00c   WB_GRBLevelsStandard                 no
  0xf00d   WB_GRBLevelsAuto                     no
  0xf00e   WB_GRBLevels                         no
  0xf00f   ChromaticAberrationParams            no
  0xf010   VignettingParams                     no

FujiFilm MRAW Tags

Tags extracted from the M-RAW header of multi-image RAF files. The family 1 group name for these tags is "M-RAW".

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   RawImageNumber                       no
  0x0005   ExposureTime                         no
  0x0006   FNumber                              no
  0x0007   ISO                                  no

FujiFilm FFMV Tags

Information found in the FFMV atom of MOV videos.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    MovieStreamName                      no

FujiFilm MOV Tags

This information is found in MOV videos from some FujiFilm cameras.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    Make                                 no
     24    Model                                no
     46    ExposureTime                         no
     50    FNumber                              no
     58    ExposureCompensation                 no

GE Tags

This table lists tags found in the maker notes of some General Imaging camera models.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0202   Macro                                int16u
  0x0207   GEModel                              string
  0x0300   GEMake                               string

HP Tags

These tables list tags found in the maker notes of some Hewlett-Packard camera models.

The first table lists tags found in the EXIF-format maker notes of the PhotoSmart 720 (also used by the Vivitar ViviCam 3705, 3705B and 3715).

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM

HP Type2 Tags

These tags are used by the PhotoSmart E427.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Lens Shading'       LensShading              no
  'PreviewImage'       PreviewImage             no
  'Serial Number'      SerialNumber             no

HP Type4 Tags

These tags are used by the PhotoSmart M627.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     12    MaxAperture                          no
     16    ExposureTime                         no
     20    CameraDateTime                       no
     52    ISO                                  no
     92    SerialNumber                         no

HP Type6 Tags

These tags are used by the PhotoSmart M425, M525 and M527.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     12    FNumber                              no
     16    ExposureTime                         no
     20    CameraDateTime                       no
     52    ISO                                  no
     88    SerialNumber                         no


These tags are extracted from the APP6 "TDHD" segment of Photosmart R837 JPEG images. Many other unknown tags exist in is data, and can be seen with the Unknown (-u) option.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'CMSN'   SerialNumber                         no
  'FWRV'   FirmwareVersion                      no
  'LSLV'   LSLV                                 HP TDHD
  'TDHD'   TDHD                                 HP TDHD

JVC Tags

JVC EXIF maker note tags.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0002   CPUVersions                          no
  0x0003   Quality                              no

JVC Text Tags

JVC/Victor text-based maker note tags.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'QTY'    Quality                              no
  'VER'    MakerNoteVersion                     no

Kodak Tags

Many Kodak models don't store the maker notes in standard IFD format, and these formats vary with different models. Some information has been decoded, but much of the Kodak information remains unknown.

The table below contains the most common set of Kodak tags. The following Kodak camera models have been tested and found to use these tags: C360, C663, C875, CX6330, CX6445, CX7330, CX7430, CX7525, CX7530, DC4800, DC4900, DX3500, DX3600, DX3900, DX4330, DX4530, DX4900, DX6340, DX6440, DX6490, DX7440, DX7590, DX7630, EasyShare-One, LS420, LS443, LS633, LS743, LS753, V530, V550, V570, V603, V610, V705, Z650, Z700, Z710, Z730, Z740, Z760 and Z7590.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    KodakModel                           string[8]
      9    Quality                              int8u
     10    BurstMode                            int8u
     12    KodakImageWidth                      int16u
     14    KodakImageHeight                     int16u
     16    YearCreated                          int16u
     18    MonthDayCreated                      int8u[2]
     20    TimeCreated                          int8u[4]
     24    BurstMode2?                          int16u
     27    ShutterMode                          int8u
     28    MeteringMode                         int8u
     29    SequenceNumber                       int8u
     30    FNumber                              int16u
     32    ExposureTime                         int32u
     36    ExposureCompensation                 int16s
     38    VariousModes?                        int16u
     40    Distance1?                           int32u
     44    Distance2?                           int32u
     48    Distance3?                           int32u
     52    Distance4?                           int32u
     56    FocusMode                            int8u
     58    VariousModes2?                       int16u
     60    PanoramaMode?                        int16u
     62    SubjectDistance?                     int16u
     64    WhiteBalance                         int8u
     92    FlashMode                            int8u
     93    FlashFired                           int8u
     94    ISOSetting                           int16u
     96    ISO                                  int16u
     98    TotalZoom                            int16u
    100    DateTimeStamp                        int16u
    102    ColorMode                            int16u
    104    DigitalZoom                          int16u
    107    Sharpness                            int8s

Kodak IFD Tags

These tags are found in a separate IFD of JPEG, TIFF, DCR and KDC images from some older Kodak models such as the DC50, DC120, DCS760C, DCS Pro 14N, 14nx, SLR/n, Pro Back and Canon EOS D2000.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   KodakVersion                         int8u[4]
  0x0001   UnknownEV?                           rational64u
  0x0003   ExposureValue                        rational64u
  0x03e9   OriginalFileName                     string
  0x03ea   KodakTag                             int32u
  0x03eb   SensorLeftBorder                     int16u
  0x03ec   SensorTopBorder                      int16u
  0x03ed   SensorImageWidth                     int16u
  0x03ee   SensorImageHeight                    int16u
  0x03ef   BlackLevelTop                        int16u
  0x03f0   BlackLevelBottom                     int16u
  0x03f1   TextualInfo                          Kodak TextualInfo
  0x03f2   FlashMode?                           int16u
  0x03f3   FlashCompensation                    rational64s
  0x03f4   WindMode?                            int16u
  0x03f5   FocusMode?                           int16u
  0x03f8   MinAperture                          rational64u
  0x03f9   MaxAperture                          rational64u
  0x03fa   WhiteBalanceMode?                    int16u
  0x03fb   WhiteBalanceDetected?                int16u
  0x03fc   WhiteBalance                         int16u
  0x03fd   Processing                           Kodak Processing
           ProcessingParameters                 no
  0x03fe   ImageAbsoluteX                       int16s
  0x03ff   ImageAbsoluteY                       int16s
  0x0400   ApplicationKeyString                 string
  0x0401   Time                                 string
  0x0402   GPSString                            string
  0x0403   EventLogCapture?                     no
  0x0404   ComponentTable?                      no
  0x0405   CustomIlluminant?                    int16u
  0x0406   CameraTemperature                    rational64s
           CameraTemperature                    no
  0x0407   AdapterVoltage                       rational64u
  0x0408   BatteryVoltage                       rational64u
  0x0409   DacVoltages                          no
  0x040a   IlluminantDetectorData?              no
  0x040b   PixelClockFrequency                  int32u
  0x040c   CenterPixel                          int16u[3]
  0x040d   BurstCount                           int16u
  0x040e   BlackLevelRough                      int16u
  0x040f   OffsetMapHorizontal?                 no
  0x0410   OffsetMapVertical?                   no
  0x0411   Histogram?                           no
  0x0412   VerticalClockOverlaps                int16u[2]
  0x0413   SensorTemperature                    no
  0x0414   XilinxVersion                        string
  0x0415   FirmwareVersion                      int32u
  0x0416   BlackLevelRoughAfter                 int16u
  0x0417   BrightRowsTop                        no
  0x0418   EventLogProcess                      no
  0x0419   DacVoltagesFlush                     no
  0x041a   FlashUsed                            no
  0x041b   FlashType                            no
  0x041c   SelfTimer                            no
  0x041d   AFMode                               no
  0x041e   LensType                             no
  0x041f   ImageCropX                           int16s
  0x0420   ImageCropY                           int16s
  0x0421   AdjustedTbnImageWidth                no
  0x0422   AdjustedTbnImageHeight               no
  0x0423   IntegrationTime                      int32u
  0x0424   BracketingMode                       no
  0x0425   BracketingStep                       no
  0x0426   BracketingCounter                    no
  0x042e   HuffmanTableLength                   no
  0x042f   HuffmanTableValue                    no
  0x0438   MainBoardVersion                     int32u
  0x0439   ImagerBoardVersion                   int32u
  0x044c   FocusEdgeMap                         no
  0x05e6   IdleTiming                           no
  0x05e7   FlushTiming                          no
  0x05e8   IntegrateTiming                      no
  0x05e9   RegisterReadTiming                   no
  0x05ea   FirstLineTransferTiming              no
  0x05eb   ShiftTiming                          no
  0x05ec   NormalLineTransferTiming             no
  0x05ed   TestTransferTiming                   no
  0x05fa   MinimumFlushRows                     no
  0x05fd   ImagerPowerOnDelayMsec               int32u
  0x05fe   ImagerInitialTimingCode              no
  0x05ff   ImagerLogicProgram                   no
  0x0600   ImagerBiasSettlingDelayMsec          int32u
  0x0604   IdleSequence                         no
  0x0605   FirstFlushSequence                   no
  0x0606   FinalFlushSequence                   no
  0x0607   SampleBlackSequence                  no
  0x0608   TransferSequence                     no
  0x060e   DacCountsPerVolt                     no
  0x060f   BlackDacChannel                      no
  0x0610   BlackAdCountsPerDacVolt              no
  0x0611   BlackTarget                          no
  0x0612   BlackDacSettlingMsec                 no
  0x07d0   StandardMatrixDaylight               rational64s[9]
  0x07d1   StandardMatrixTungsten               rational64s[9]
  0x07d2   StandardMatrixFluorescent            rational64s[9]
  0x07d3   StandardMatrixFlash                  rational64s[9]
  0x07d4   StandardMatrixCustom                 rational64s[9]
  0x07da   DeviantMatrixDaylight                rational64s[9]
  0x07db   DeviantMatrixTungsten                rational64s[9]
  0x07dc   DeviantMatrixFluorescent             rational64s[9]
  0x07dd   DeviantMatrixFlash                   rational64s[9]
  0x07de   DeviantMatrixCustom                  rational64s[9]
  0x07e4   UniqueMatrixDaylight                 rational64s[9]
  0x07e5   UniqueMatrixTungsten                 rational64s[9]
  0x07e6   UniqueMatrixFluorescent              rational64s[9]
  0x07e7   UniqueMatrixFlash                    rational64s[9]
  0x07e8   UniqueMatrixCustom                   rational64s[9]
  0x07e9   UniqueMatrixAuto                     rational64s[9]
  0x0834   StandardWhiteDaylight                rational64s[3]
  0x0835   StandardWhiteTungsten                rational64s[3]
  0x0836   StandardWhiteFluorescent             rational64s[3]
  0x0837   StandardWhiteFlash                   rational64s[3]
  0x0838   StandardWhiteCustom                  rational64s[3]
  0x083e   DeviantWhiteDaylight                 rational64s[3]
  0x083f   DeviantWhiteTungsten                 rational64s[3]
  0x0840   DeviantWhiteFluorescent              rational64s[3]
  0x0841   DeviantWhiteFlash                    rational64s[3]
  0x0842   DeviantWhiteCustom                   rational64s[3]
  0x0846   ColorTemperature                     int16u
  0x0847   WB_RGBLevelsAsShot                   no
  0x0848   WB_RGBLevelsDaylight                 no
  0x0849   WB_RGBLevelsTungsten                 no
  0x084a   WB_RGBLevelsFluorescent              no
  0x084b   WB_RGBLevelsFlash                    no
  0x084c   WB_RGBLevelsCustom                   no
  0x084d   WB_RGBLevelsAuto                     no
  0x0852   WB_RGBMulDaylight                    rational64u[3]
  0x0853   WB_RGBMulTungsten                    rational64u[3]
  0x0854   WB_RGBMulFluorescent                 rational64u[3]
  0x0855   WB_RGBMulFlash                       rational64u[3]
  0x085c   WB_RGBCoeffsDaylight                 no
  0x085d   WB_RGBCoeffsTungsten                 no
  0x085e   WB_RGBCoeffsFluorescent              no
  0x085f   WB_RGBCoeffsFlash                    no
  0x0898   ExposureGainDaylight                 rational64s
  0x0899   ExposureGainTungsten                 rational64s
  0x089a   ExposureGainFluorescent              rational64s
  0x089b   ExposureGainFlash                    rational64s
  0x089c   ExposureGainCustom                   rational64s
  0x089d   AnalogISOTable                       rational64u[3]
  0x089e   AnalogCaptureISO                     int32u
  0x089f   ISOCalibrationGain                   rational64u
  0x08a0   ISOCalibrationGainTable              no
  0x08a1   ExposureHeadroomFactor               no
  0x08ab   LinearitySplineTags                  no
  0x08fc   MonitorMatrix                        rational64s[9]
  0x08fd   TonScaleTable                        no
  0x08fe   Gamma                                rational64u
  0x08ff   LogLinTable                          no
  0x0900   LinLogTable                          no
  0x0901   GammaTable                           no
  0x0902   LogScale                             rational64u
  0x0903   BaseISO                              rational64u
  0x0904   LinLogCoring                         int16u
  0x0905   PatternGainConversionTable           no
  0x0906   DefectCount                          no
  0x0907   DefectList                           no
  0x0908   DefectListPacked                     no
  0x0909   ImageSpace                           int16u
  0x090a   ThumbnailCompressionTable            no
  0x090b   ThumbnailExpansionTable              no
  0x090c   ImageCompressionTable                no
  0x090d   ImageExpansionTable                  no
  0x090e   EighteenPercentPoint                 no
  0x090f   DefectIsoCode                        int16u
  0x0910   BaseISODaylight                      rational64u
  0x0911   BaseISOTungsten                      rational64u
  0x0912   BaseISOFluorescent                   rational64u
  0x0913   BaseISOFlash                         rational64u
  0x091a   MatrixSelectThreshold                int16s
  0x091b   MatrixSelectK                        rational64u
  0x091c   IlluminantDetectTable                no
  0x091d   RGTable                              no
  0x091e   MatrixSelectThreshold1               int16s
  0x091f   MatrixSelectThreshold2               int16s
  0x0924   PortraitMatrix                       no
  0x0925   PortraitToneScaleTable               no
  0x092e   EnableSharpening                     int16u
  0x092f   SharpeningKernel                     int16s[25]
  0x0930   EdgeMapSlope                         int16u
  0x0931   EdgeMapX1                            int16u
  0x0932   EdgeMapX2                            int16u
  0x0933   KernelDenominators                   int16u[3]
  0x0934   EdgeMapX3                            int16u
  0x0935   EdgeMapX4                            int16u
  0x0936   SharpenForThumbnail                  no
  0x0937   EdgeSpline                           no
  0x0938   DownSampleBy2Hor                     no
  0x0939   DownSampleBy2Ver                     no
  0x093a   DownSampleBy4Hor                     no
  0x093b   DownSampleBy4Ver                     no
  0x093c   DownSampleBy3Hor                     no
  0x093d   DownSampleBy3Ver                     no
  0x093e   DownSampleBy6Hor                     no
  0x093f   DownSampleBy6Ver                     no
  0x0940   DownSampleBy2Hor3MPdcr               no
  0x0941   DownSampleBy2Ver3MPdcr               no
  0x0942   ThumbnailResizeRatio                 no
  0x0943   AtCaptureUserCrop                    int32u[4]
  0x0944   ImageResolution                      int32u
  0x0945   ImageResolutionJpg                   int32u
  0x094c   USMParametersLow                     no
  0x094d   USMParametersMed                     no
  0x094e   USMParametersHigh                    no
  0x094f   USMParametersHost                    no
  0x0950   EdgeSplineLow                        no
  0x0951   EdgeSplineMed                        no
  0x0952   EdgeSplineHigh                       no
  0x0953   USMParametersHost6MP                 no
  0x0954   USMParametersHost3MP                 no
  0x0960   PatternImagerWidth                   int16u
  0x0961   PatternImagerHeight                  int16u
  0x0962   PatternAreaWidth                     int16u
  0x0963   PatternAreaHeight                    int16u
  0x0964   PatternCorrectionGains               no
  0x0965   PatternCorrectionOffsets             no
  0x0966   PatternX                             int16u
  0x0967   PatternY                             int16u
  0x0968   PatternCorrectionFactors             no
  0x0969   PatternCorrectionFactorScale         int16u
  0x096a   PatternCropRows1                     int16u
  0x096b   PatternCropRows2                     int16u
  0x096c   PatternCropCols1                     int16u
  0x096d   PatternCropCols2                     int16u
  0x096e   PixelCorrectionGains                 no
  0x096f   StitchRows                           no
  0x0970   StitchColumns                        no
  0x0971   PixelCorrectionScale                 int16u
  0x0972   PixelCorrectionOffset                int16u
  0x0988   LensTableIndex                       no
  0x0992   DiffTileGains602832                  no
  0x0993   DiffTileGains24t852822               no
  0x099c   TileGainDeterminationTable           no
  0x099d   NemoBlurKernel                       no
  0x099e   NemoTileSize                         no
  0x099f   NemoGainFactors                      no
  0x09a0   NemoDarkLimit                        no
  0x09a1   NemoHighlight12Limit                 no
  0x09c4   ImagerFileProductionLevel            int16u
  0x09c5   ImagerFileDateCreated                int32u
  0x09c6   CalibrationVersion                   string
  0x09c7   ImagerFileTagsVersionStandard        int16u
  0x09c8   IFCameraModel                        string
  0x09c9   CalibrationHistory                   string
  0x09ca   CalibrationLog                       no
  0x09ce   SensorSerialNumber                   string
  0x09f6   DefectConcealArtCorrectThres         no
  0x09f7   SglColDCACThres1                     no
  0x09f8   SglColDCACThres2                     no
  0x09f9   SglColDCACTHres3                     no
  0x0a01   DblColDCACThres1                     no
  0x0a02   DblColDCACThres2                     no
  0x0a0a   DefectConcealThresTable              no
  0x0a28   MonoUniqueMatrix                     no
  0x0a29   MonoMonitorMatrix                    no
  0x0a2a   MonoToneScaleTable                   no
  0x0a5a   OmenInitialScaling                   no
  0x0a5b   OmenInitialRows                      no
  0x0a5c   OmenInitialColumns                   no
  0x0a5d   OmenInitialIPFStrength               int32s[4]
  0x0a5e   OmenEarlyStrength                    int32s[4]
  0x0a5f   OmenAutoStrength                     int32s[4]
  0x0a60   OmenAtCaptureStrength                int32s[4]
  0x0a61   OmenAtCaptureMode                    no
  0x0a62   OmenFocalLengthLimit                 int16s
  0x0a64   OmenSurfaceIndex                     int16s
  0x0a65   OmenPercentToRationalLimitsRed       no
  0x0a66   OmenPercentToRationalLimitsGoR       no
  0x0a67   OmenPercentToRationalLimitsBlue      no
  0x0a68   OmenPercentToRationalLimitsGoB       no
  0x0a6e   OmenEarlyGoBSurface                  no
  0x0a6f   OmenEarlyGoBRows                     no
  0x0a70   OmenEarlyGoBColumns                  no
  0x0a73   OmenSmoothingKernel                  no
  0x0a74   OmenGradientOffset                   no
  0x0a75   OmenGradientKernel                   no
  0x0a76   OmenGradientKernelTaps               no
  0x0a77   OmenRatioClipFactors                 no
  0x0a78   OmenRatioExclusionFactors            no
  0x0a79   OmenGradientExclusionLimits          no
  0x0a7a   OmenROICoordinates                   no
  0x0a7b   OmenROICoefficients                  no
  0x0a7c   OmenRangeWeighting                   no
  0x0a7d   OmenMeanToStrength                   no
  0x0bb8   FactoryWhiteGainsDaylight            no
  0x0bb9   FactoryWhiteOffsetsDaylight          no
  0x0bba   DacGainsCoarse                       no
  0x0bbb   DacGainsFine                         no
  0x0bbc   DigitalExposureGains                 no
  0x0bbd   DigitalExposureBiases                no
  0x0bbe   BlackClamp                           no
  0x0bbf   ChannelCoarseGainAdjust              no
  0x0bc0   BlackClampOffset                     no
  0x0bf4   DMPixelThresholdFactor               no
  0x0bf5   DMWindowThresholdFactor              no
  0x0bf6   DMTrimFraction                       no
  0x0bf7   DMSmoothRejThresh                    no
  0x0bf8   DMFillRejThresh                      no
  0x0bf9   VMWsize                              no
  0x0bfa   DMErodeRadius                        no
  0x0bfb   DMNumPatches                         no
  0x0bfc   DMNoiseScale                         no
  0x0bfe   BrightDefectThreshold                no
  0x0bff   BrightDefectIntegrationMS            no
  0x0c00   BrightDefectIsoCode                  no
  0x0c03   TopDarkRow1                          no
  0x0c04   TopDarkRow2                          no
  0x0c05   BottomDarkRow1                       no
  0x0c06   BottomDarkRow2                       no
  0x0c07   LeftDarkCol1                         no
  0x0c08   LeftDarkCol2                         no
  0x0c09   RightDarkCol1                        no
  0x0c0a   RightDarkCol2                        no
  0x0c0b   HMPixThresh                          no
  0x0c0c   HMColThresh                          no
  0x0c0d   HMWsize                              no
  0x0c0e   HMColRejThresh                       no
  0x0c0f   VMPixThresh                          no
  0x0c10   VMColThresh                          no
  0x0c11   VMNbands                             no
  0x0c12   VMColDropThresh                      no
  0x0c13   VMPatchResLimit                      no
  0x0c14   MapScale                             no
  0x0c1c   Klut                                 no
  0x0c1d   RimNonlinearity                      no
  0x0c1e   InverseRimNonlinearity               no
  0x0c1f   RembrandtToneScale                   no
  0x0c20   RimToNifColorTransform               no
  0x0c21   RimToNifScaleFactor                  no
  0x0c22   NifNonlinearity                      no
  0x0c23   SBALogTransform                      no
  0x0c24   InverseSBALogTransform               no
  0x0c25   SBABlack                             int16u
  0x0c26   SBAGray                              int16u
  0x0c27   SBAWhite                             int16u
  0x0c28   GaussianWeights                      no
  0x0c29   SfsBoundary                          no
  0x0c2a   CoringTableBest                      no
  0x0c2b   CoringTableBetter                    no
  0x0c2c   CoringTableGood                      no
  0x0c2d   ExposureReferenceGain                no
  0x0c2e   ExposureReferenceOffset              no
  0x0c2f   SBARedBalanceLut                     no
  0x0c30   SBAGreenBalanceLut                   no
  0x0c31   SBABlueBalanceLut                    no
  0x0c32   SBANeutralBAL                        int32s
  0x0c33   SBAGreenMagentaBAL                   int32s
  0x0c34   SBAIlluminantBAL                     int32s
  0x0c35   SBAAnalysisComplete                  int8u
  0x0c36   JPEGQTableBest                       no
  0x0c37   JPEGQTableBetter                     no
  0x0c38   JPEGQTableGood                       no
  0x0c39   RembrandtPortraitToneScale           no
  0x0c3a   RembrandtConsumerToneScale           no
  0x0c3b   CFAGreenThreshold1                   no
  0x0c3c   CFAGreenThreshold2                   no
  0x0c3d   QTableLarge50Pct                     no
  0x0c3e   QTableLarge67Pct                     no
  0x0c3f   QTableLarge100Pct                    no
  0x0c40   QTableMedium50Pct                    no
  0x0c41   QTableMedium67Pct                    no
  0x0c42   QTableMedium100Pct                   no
  0x0c43   QTableSmall50Pct                     no
  0x0c44   QTableSmall67Pct                     no
  0x0c45   QTableSmall100Pct                    no
  0x0c46   SBAHighGray                          int16u
  0x0c47   SBALowGray                           int16u
  0x0c48   CaptureLook                          int16u
  0x0c49   SBAIllOffset                         int16s
  0x0c4a   SBAGmOffset                          int16s
  0x0c4b   NifNonlinearity12Bit                 no
  0x0c4c   SharpeningOn                         no
  0x0c4d   NifNonlinearity16Bit                 no
  0x0c4e   RawHistogram                         no
  0x0c4f   RawCFAComponentAverages              no
  0x0c50   DisableFlagsPresent                  no
  0x0c51   DelayCols                            no
  0x0c52   DummyColsLeft                        no
  0x0c53   TrashColsRight                       no
  0x0c54   BlackColsRight                       no
  0x0c55   DummyColsRight                       no
  0x0c56   OverClockColsRight                   no
  0x0c57   UnusedBlackRowsTopOut                no
  0x0c58   TrashRowsBottom                      no
  0x0c59   BlackRowsBottom                      no
  0x0c5a   OverClockRowsBottom                  no
  0x0c5b   BlackColsLeft                        no
  0x0c5c   BlackRowsTop                         no
  0x0c5d   PartialActiveColsLeft                no
  0x0c5e   PartialActiveColsRight               no
  0x0c5f   PartialActiveRowsTop                 no
  0x0c60   PartialActiveRowsBottom              no
  0x0c61   ProcessBorderColsLeft                int16u
  0x0c62   ProcessBorderColsRight               int16u
  0x0c63   ProcessBorderRowsTop                 int16u
  0x0c64   ProcessBorderRowsBottom              int16u
  0x0c65   ActiveCols                           no
  0x0c66   ActiveRows                           no
  0x0c67   FirstLines                           no
  0x0c68   UnusedBlackRowsTopIn                 no
  0x0c69   UnusedBlackRowsBottomIn              no
  0x0c6a   UnusedBlackRowsBottomOut             no
  0x0c6b   UnusedBlackColsLeftOut               no
  0x0c6c   UnusedBlackColsLeftIn                no
  0x0c6d   UnusedBlackColsRightIn               no
  0x0c6e   UnusedBlackColsRightOut              no
  0x0c6f   CFAOffsetRows                        int32u
  0x0c70   ShiftCols                            int16s
  0x0c71   CFAOffsetCols                        int32u
  0x0c76   DarkMapScale                         no
  0x0c77   HMapHandling                         no
  0x0c78   VMapHandling                         no
  0x0c79   DarkThreshold                        no
  0x0c7a   DMDitherMatrix                       int16u
  0x0c7b   DMDitherMatrixWidth                  int16u
  0x0c7c   DMDitherMatrixHeight                 int16u
  0x0c7d   MaxPixelValueThreshold               int16u
  0x0c7e   HoleFillDeltaThreshold               int16u
  0x0c7f   DarkPedestal                         int16u
  0x0c80   ImageProcessingFileTagsVersionNumber int16u
  0x0c81   ImageProcessingFileDateCreated       string
  0x0c82   DoublingMicrovolts                   int32s
  0x0c83   DarkFrameShortExposure               int32u
  0x0c84   DarkFrameLongExposure                int32u
  0x0c85   DarkFrameCountFactor                 rational64u
  0x0c88   HoleFillDarkDeltaThreshold           int16u
  0x0c89   FarkleWhiteThreshold                 no
  0x0c8a   ColumnResetOffsets                   no
  0x0c8b   ColumnGainFactors                    no
  0x0c8c   Channel0LagKernel                    no
  0x0c8d   Channel1LagKernel                    no
  0x0c8e   Channel2LagKernel                    no
  0x0c8f   Channel3LagKernel                    no
  0x0c90   BluegrassTable                       no
  0x0c91   BluegrassScale1                      no
  0x0c92   BluegrassScale2                      no
  0x0ce4   FinishedFileProcessingRequest        no
  0x0ce5   FirmwareVersion                      string
  0x0ce6   HostSoftwareExportVersion            no
  0x0ce7   HostSoftwareRendering                int32u
  0x0dac   DCS3XXProcessingInfoIFD              no
  0x0dad   DCS3XXProcessingInfo                 no
  0x0dae   IPAVersion                           int32u
  0x0db6   FinishIPAVersion                     no
  0x0db7   FinishIPFVersion                     no
  0x0db8   FinishFileType                       int32u
  0x0db9   FinishResolution                     int32u
  0x0dba   FinishNoise                          int32u
  0x0dbb   FinishSharpening                     int32u
  0x0dbc   FinishLook                           int32u
  0x0dbd   FinishExposure                       int32u
  0x0e0b   SigmaScalingFactorLowRes             rational64u
  0x0e0c   SigmaScalingFactorCamera             rational64u
  0x0e0d   SigmaImpulseParameters               int16u[n]
  0x0e0e   SigmaNoiseThreshTableV2              no
  0x0e0f   SigmaSizeTable                       int16u[n]
  0x0e10   DacGainsCoarseAdjPreIF41             no
  0x0e11   SigmaNoiseFilterCalTableV1           no
  0x0e12   SigmaNoiseFilterTableV1              no
  0x0e13   Lin12ToKlut8                         no
  0x0e14   SigmaNoiseFilterTableV1Version       no
  0x0e15   Lin12ToKlut12                        no
  0x0e16   Klut12ToLin12                        no
  0x0e17   NifNonlinearity12To16                no
  0x0e18   SBALog12Transform                    no
  0x0e19   InverseSBALog12Transform             no
  0x0e1a   ToneScale0                           no
  0x0e1b   ToneScale1                           no
  0x0e1c   ToneScale2                           no
  0x0e1d   ToneScale3                           no
  0x0e1e   ToneScale4                           no
  0x0e1f   ToneScale5                           no
  0x0e20   ToneScale6                           no
  0x0e21   ToneScale7                           no
  0x0e22   ToneScale8                           no
  0x0e23   ToneScale9                           no
  0x0e24   DayMat0                              no
  0x0e25   DayMat1                              no
  0x0e26   DayMat2                              no
  0x0e27   DayMat3                              no
  0x0e28   DayMat4                              no
  0x0e29   DayMat5                              no
  0x0e2a   DayMat6                              no
  0x0e2b   DayMat7                              no
  0x0e2c   DayMat8                              no
  0x0e2d   DayMat9                              no
  0x0e2e   TungMat0                             no
  0x0e2f   TungMat1                             no
  0x0e30   TungMat2                             no
  0x0e31   TungMat3                             no
  0x0e32   TungMat4                             no
  0x0e33   TungMat5                             no
  0x0e34   TungMat6                             no
  0x0e35   TungMat7                             no
  0x0e36   TungMat8                             no
  0x0e37   TungMat9                             no
  0x0e38   FluorMat0                            no
  0x0e39   FluorMat1                            no
  0x0e3a   FluorMat2                            no
  0x0e3b   FluorMat3                            no
  0x0e3c   FluorMat4                            no
  0x0e3d   FluorMat5                            no
  0x0e3e   FluorMat6                            no
  0x0e3f   FluorMat7                            no
  0x0e40   FluorMat8                            no
  0x0e41   FluorMat9                            no
  0x0e42   FlashMat0                            no
  0x0e43   FlashMat1                            no
  0x0e44   FlashMat2                            no
  0x0e45   FlashMat3                            no
  0x0e46   FlashMat4                            no
  0x0e47   FlashMat5                            no
  0x0e48   FlashMat6                            no
  0x0e49   FlashMat7                            no
  0x0e4a   FlashMat8                            no
  0x0e4b   FlashMat9                            no
  0x0e4c   KodakLook                            string
  0x0e4d   IPFCameraModel                       string
  0x0e4e   AH2GreenInterpolationThreshold       int16u
  0x0e4f   ResamplingKernelDenominators067      int16u[3]
  0x0e50   ResamplingKernelDenominators050      int16u[3]
  0x0e51   ResamplingKernelDenominators100      int16u[3]
  0x0e56   LookMat0                             no
  0x0e57   LookMat1                             no
  0x0e58   LookMat2                             no
  0x0e59   LookMat3                             no
  0x0e5a   LookMat4                             no
  0x0e5b   LookMat5                             no
  0x0e5c   LookMat6                             no
  0x0e5d   LookMat7                             no
  0x0e5e   LookMat8                             no
  0x0e5f   LookMat9                             no
  0x0e60   CFAInterpolationAlgorithm            int16u
  0x0e61   CFAInterpolationMetric               int16u
  0x0e62   CFAZipperFixThreshold                int16u
  0x0e63   NoiseReductionParametersKhufuRGB     int16u[9]
  0x0e64   NoiseReductionParametersKhufu6MP     int16u[9]
  0x0e65   NoiseReductionParametersKhufu3MP     int16u[9]
  0x0e6a   ChromaNoiseHighFThresh               int32u[2]
  0x0e6b   ChromaNoiseLowFThresh                int32u[2]
  0x0e6c   ChromaNoiseEdgeMapThresh             int32u
  0x0e6d   ChromaNoiseColorSpace                int32u
  0x0e6e   EnableChromaNoiseReduction           int16u
  0x0e6f   NoiseReductionParametersHostRGB      int16u[9]
  0x0e70   NoiseReductionParametersHost6MP      int16u[9]
  0x0e71   NoiseReductionParametersHost3MP      int16u[9]
  0x0e72   NoiseReductionParametersCamera       int16u[6]
  0x0e73   NoiseReductionParametersAtCapture    int16u[6]
  0x0e74   LCDMatrix                            rational64s[9]
  0x0e75   LCDMatrixChickFix                    rational64s[9]
  0x0e76   LCDMatrixMarvin                      rational64s[9]
  0x0e7c   LCDGammaTableChickFix                no
  0x0e7d   LCDGammaTableMarvin                  no
  0x0e7e   LCDGammaTable                        no
  0x0e7f   LCDSharpeningF1                      no
  0x0e80   LCDSharpeningF2                      no
  0x0e81   LCDSharpeningF3                      no
  0x0e82   LCDSharpeningF4                      no
  0x0e83   LCDEdgeMapX1                         no
  0x0e84   LCDEdgeMapX2                         no
  0x0e85   LCDEdgeMapX3                         no
  0x0e86   LCDEdgeMapX4                         no
  0x0e87   LCDEdgeMapSlope                      no
  0x0e88   YCrCbMatrix                          no
  0x0e89   LCDEdgeSpline                        no
  0x0e92   Fac18Per                             int16u
  0x0e93   Fac170Per                            int16u
  0x0e94   Fac100Per                            int16u
  0x0e9b   ExtraTickLocations                   no
  0x0e9c   RGBtoeV0                             no
  0x0e9d   RGBtoeV1                             no
  0x0e9e   RGBtoeV2                             no
  0x0e9f   RGBtoeV3                             no
  0x0ea0   RGBtoeV4                             no
  0x0ea1   RGBtoeV5                             no
  0x0ea2   RGBtoeV6                             no
  0x0ea3   RGBtoeV7                             no
  0x0ea4   RGBtoeV8                             no
  0x0ea5   RGBtoeV9                             no
  0x0ea6   LCDHistLUT0                          no
  0x0ea7   LCDHistLUT1                          no
  0x0ea8   LCDHistLUT2                          no
  0x0ea9   LCDHistLUT3                          no
  0x0eaa   LCDHistLUT4                          no
  0x0eab   LCDHistLUT5                          no
  0x0eac   LCDHistLUT6                          no
  0x0ead   LCDHistLUT7                          no
  0x0eae   LCDHistLUT8                          no
  0x0eaf   LCDHistLUT9                          no
  0x0eb0   LCDLinearClipValue                   no
  0x0ece   LCDStepYvalues                       no
  0x0ecf   LCDStepYvaluesChickFix               no
  0x0ed0   LCDStepYvaluesMarvin                 no
  0x0ed8   InterpolationCoefficients            no
  0x0ed9   InterpolationCoefficients6MP         no
  0x0eda   InterpolationCoefficients3MP         no
  0x0f00   NoiseReductionParametersHostNormal   no
  0x0f01   NoiseReductionParametersHostStrong   no
  0x0f02   NoiseReductionParametersHostLow      no
  0x0f0a   MariahTextureThreshold               int16u
  0x0f0b   MariahMapLoThreshold                 int16u
  0x0f0c   MariahMapHiThreshold                 int16u
  0x0f0d   MariahChromaBlurSize                 int16u
  0x0f0e   MariahSigmaThreshold                 int16u
  0x0f0f   MariahThresholds                     no
  0x0f10   MariahThresholdsNormal               no
  0x0f11   MariahThresholdsStrong               no
  0x0f12   MariahThresholdsLow                  no
  0x0f14   KhufuLinearRedMixingCoefficient      no
  0x0f15   KhufuLinearGreenMixingCoefficient    no
  0x0f16   KhufuLinearBlueMixingCoefficient     no
  0x0f17   KhufuUSpaceC2MixingCoefficient       no
  0x0f18   KhufuSigmaGaussianWeights            no
  0x0f19   KhufuSigmaScalingFactors6MP          no
  0x0f1a   KhufuSigmaScalingFactors3MP          no
  0x0f1b   KhufuSigmaScalingFactors14MP         no
  0x0f32   KhufuI0Thresholds                    no
  0x0f33   KhufuI1Thresholds                    no
  0x0f34   KhufuI2Thresholds                    no
  0x0f35   KhufuI3Thresholds                    no
  0x0f36   KhufuI4Thresholds                    no
  0x0f37   KhufuI5Thresholds                    no
  0x0f3c   CondadoDayBVThresh                   int16u
  0x0f3d   CondadoNeuRange                      int16u
  0x0f3e   CondadoBVFactor                      int16s
  0x0f3f   CondadoIllFactor                     int16s
  0x0f40   CondadoTunThresh                     int16s
  0x0f41   CondadoFluThresh                     int16s
  0x0f42   CondadoDayOffsets                    int16s[2]
  0x0f43   CondadoTunOffsets                    int16s[2]
  0x0f44   CondadoFluOffsets                    int16s[2]
  0x0f5a   ERIMMToCRGB0Spline                   no
  0x0f5b   ERIMMToCRGB1Spline                   no
  0x0f5c   ERIMMToCRGB2Spline                   no
  0x0f5d   ERIMMToCRGB3Spline                   no
  0x0f5e   ERIMMToCRGB4Spline                   no
  0x0f5f   ERIMMToCRGB5Spline                   no
  0x0f60   ERIMMToCRGB6Spline                   no
  0x0f61   ERIMMToCRGB7Spline                   no
  0x0f62   ERIMMToCRGB8Spline                   no
  0x0f63   ERIMMToCRGB9Spline                   no
  0x0f64   CRGBToERIMM0Spline                   no
  0x0f65   CRGBToERIMM1Spline                   no
  0x0f66   CRGBToERIMM2Spline                   no
  0x0f67   CRGBToERIMM3Spline                   no
  0x0f68   CRGBToERIMM4Spline                   no
  0x0f69   CRGBToERIMM5Spline                   no
  0x0f6a   CRGBToERIMM6Spline                   no
  0x0f6b   CRGBToERIMM7Spline                   no
  0x0f6c   CRGBToERIMM8Spline                   no
  0x0f6d   CRGBToERIMM9Spline                   no
  0x0f6e   ERIMMNonLinearitySpline              no
  0x0f6f   Delta12To8Spline                     no
  0x0f70   Delta8To12Spline                     no
  0x0f71   InverseMonitorMatrix                 no
  0x0f72   NifNonlinearityExt                   no
  0x0f73   InvNifNonLinearity                   no
  0x0f74   RIMM13ToERIMM12Spline                no
  0x0f78   ToneScale0Spline                     no
  0x0f79   ToneScale1Spline                     no
  0x0f7a   ToneScale2Spline                     no
  0x0f7b   ToneScale3Spline                     no
  0x0f7c   ToneScale4Spline                     no
  0x0f7d   ToneScale5Spline                     no
  0x0f7e   ToneScale6Spline                     no
  0x0f7f   ToneScale7Spline                     no
  0x0f80   ToneScale8Spline                     no
  0x0f81   ToneScale9Spline                     no
  0x0f82   ERIMMToneScale0Spline                no
  0x0f83   ERIMMToneScale1Spline                no
  0x0f84   ERIMMToneScale2Spline                no
  0x0f85   ERIMMToneScale3Spline                no
  0x0f86   ERIMMToneScale4Spline                no
  0x0f87   ERIMMToneScale5Spline                no
  0x0f88   ERIMMToneScale6Spline                no
  0x0f89   ERIMMToneScale7Spline                no
  0x0f8a   ERIMMToneScale8Spline                no
  0x0f8b   ERIMMToneScale9Spline                no
  0x0f8c   RIMMToCRGB0Spline                    no
  0x0f8d   RIMMToCRGB1Spline                    no
  0x0f8e   RIMMToCRGB2Spline                    no
  0x0f8f   RIMMToCRGB3Spline                    no
  0x0f90   RIMMToCRGB4Spline                    no
  0x0f91   RIMMToCRGB5Spline                    no
  0x0f92   RIMMToCRGB6Spline                    no
  0x0f93   RIMMToCRGB7Spline                    no
  0x0f94   RIMMToCRGB8Spline                    no
  0x0f95   RIMMToCRGB9Spline                    no
  0x0fa0   QTableLarge25Pct                     no
  0x0fa1   QTableMedium25Pct                    no
  0x0fa2   QTableSmall25Pct                     no
  0x1130   NoiseReductionKernel                 no
  0x1388   UserMetaData                         no
  0x1389   InputProfile                         undef
  0x138a   KodakLookProfile                     undef
  0x138b   OutputProfile                        undef
  0x1390   SourceProfilePrefix                  string
  0x1391   ToneCurveProfileName                 string
  0x1392   InputProfile                         ICC_Profile
  0x1393   ProcessParametersV2                  no
  0x1394   ReservedBlob2                        no
  0x1395   ReservedBlob3                        no
  0x1396   ReservedBlob4                        no
  0x1397   ReservedBlob5                        no
  0x1398   ReservedBlob6                        no
  0x1399   ReservedBlob7                        no
  0x139a   ReservedBlob8                        no
  0x139b   ReservedBlob9                        no
  0x1770   ScriptVersion                        int32u
  0x177a   ImagerTimingData                     no
  0x1784   ISO                                  int32u
  0x17a2   Scav11Cols                           no
  0x17a3   Scav12Cols                           no
  0x17a4   Scav21Cols                           no
  0x17a5   Scav22Cols                           no
  0x17a6   ActiveCTEMonitor1Cols                no
  0x17a7   ActiveCTEMonitor2Cols                no
  0x17a8   ActiveCTEMonitorRows                 no
  0x17a9   ActiveBuf1Cols                       no
  0x17aa   ActiveBuf2Cols                       no
  0x17ab   ActiveBuf1Rows                       no
  0x17ac   ActiveBuf2Rows                       no
  0x17c0   HRNoiseLines                         no
  0x17c1   RNoiseLines                          no
  0x17c2   ANoiseLines                          no
  0x17d4   ImagerCols                           int16u
  0x17de   ImagerRows                           int16u
  0x17e8   PartialActiveCols1                   int32u
  0x17f2   PartialActiveCols2                   int32u
  0x17fc   PartialActiveRows1                   int32u
  0x1806   PartialActiveRows2                   int32u
  0x1810   ElectricalBlackColumns               int32u
  0x181a   ResetBlackSegRows                    int32u
  0x1838   CaptureWidthNormal                   int32u
  0x1839   CaptureHeightNormal                  int32u
  0x183a   CaptureWidthResetBlackSegNormal      no
  0x183b   CaptureHeightResetBlackSegNormal     no
  0x183c   DarkRefOffsetNormal                  no
  0x1842   CaptureWidthTest                     int32u
  0x1843   CaptureHeightTest                    no
  0x1844   CaptureWidthResetBlackSegTest        no
  0x1845   CaptureHeightResetBlackSegTest       no
  0x1846   DarkRefOffsetTest                    no
  0x184c   ImageSegmentStartLine                int32u
  0x184d   ImageSegmentLines                    int32u
  0x184e   SkipLineTime                         int32u
  0x1860   FastResetLineTime                    int32u
  0x186a   NormalLineTime                       int32u
  0x1874   MinIntegrationRows                   int32u
  0x187e   PreReadFastResetCount                int32u
  0x1888   TransferTimeNormal                   int32u
  0x1889   TransferTimeTest                     int32u
  0x188a   QuietTime                            int32u
  0x189c   OverClockCols                        int16u
  0x18a6   H2ResetBlackPixels                   int32u
  0x18b0   H3ResetBlackPixels                   int32u
  0x18ba   BlackAcquireRows                     int32u
  0x18c4   OverClockRows                        int16u
  0x18ce   H3ResetBlackColumns                  int32u
  0x18d8   DarkBlackSegRows                     int32u
  0x1900   CrossbarEnable                       no
  0x1901   FifoenOnePixelDelay                  int32u
  0x1902   ReadoutTypeRequested                 int32u
  0x1903   ReadoutTypeActual                    int32u
  0x190a   OffsetDacValue                       int32u
  0x1914   TempAmpGainX100                      int32u
  0x191e   VarrayDacNominalValues               int32u[3]
  0x1928   VddimDacNominalValues                no
  0x1964   C14Configuration                     int32u
  0x196e   TDA1Offset                           int32u[3]
  0x196f   TDA1Bandwidth                        int32u
  0x1970   TDA1Gain                             int32u[3]
  0x1971   TDA1EdgePolarity                     int32u
  0x1978   TDA2Offset                           int32u[3]
  0x1979   TDA2Bandwidth                        int32u
  0x197a   TDA2Gain                             int32u[3]
  0x197b   TDA2EdgePolarity                     int32u
  0x1982   TDA3Offset                           int32u[3]
  0x1983   TDA3Bandwidth                        int32u
  0x1984   TDA3Gain                             int32u[3]
  0x1985   TDA3EdgePolarity                     int32u
  0x198c   TDA4Offset                           int32u[3]
  0x198d   TDA4Bandwidth                        int32u
  0x198e   TDA4Gain                             int32u[3]
  0x198f   TDA4EdgePolarity                     int32u
  0xfde8   ComLenBlkSize                        int16u

Kodak TextualInfo Tags

Below is a list of tags which have been observed in the Kodak TextualInfo data, however ExifTool will extract information from any tags found here.

  Tag ID                Tag Name                Writable
  ------                --------                --------
  'AF Function'         AFMode                  no
  'Actual Compensation' ActualCompensation      no
  'Aperture'            Aperture                no
  'Auto Bracket'        AutoBracket             no
  'Brightness Value'    BrightnessValue         no
  'Camera'              CameraModel             no
  'Camera body'         CameraBody              no
  'Compensation'        ExposureCompensation    no
  'Date'                Date                    no
  'Exposure Bias'       ExposureBias            no
  'Exposure Mode'       ExposureMode            no
  'Firmware Version'    FirmwareVersion         no
  'Flash Compensation'  FlashExposureComp       no
  'Flash Fired'         FlashFired              no
  'Flash Sync Mode'     FlashSyncMode           no
  'Focal Length'        FocalLength             no
  'Height'              KodakImageHeight        no
  'ISO'                 ISO                     no
  'ISO Speed'           ISO                     no
  'Image Number'        ImageNumber             no
  'Lens'                Lens                    no
  'Max Aperture'        MaxAperture             no
  'Meter Mode'          MeterMode               no
  'Min Aperture'        MinAperture             no
  'Popup Flash'         PopupFlash              no
  'Serial Number'       SerialNumber            no
  'Shooting Mode'       ShootingMode            no
  'Shutter'             ShutterSpeed            no
  'Temperature'         Temperature             no
  'Time'                Time                    no
  'White balance'       WhiteBalance            no
  'Width'               KodakImageWidth         no
  '_other_info'         OtherInfo               no

Kodak Processing Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     20    WB_RGBLevels                         no

Kodak Type2 Tags

These tags are used by the Kodak DC220, DC260, DC265 and DC290, Hewlett-Packard PhotoSmart 618, C500 and C912, Pentax EI-200 and EI-2000, and Minolta EX1500Z.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      8    KodakMaker                           string[32]
     40    KodakModel                           string[32]
    108    KodakImageWidth                      int32u
    112    KodakImageHeight                     int32u

Kodak Type3 Tags

These tags are used by the DC240, DC280, DC3400 and DC5000.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     12    YearCreated                          int16u
     14    MonthDayCreated                      int8u[2]
     16    TimeCreated                          int8u[4]
     30    OpticalZoom                          int16u
     55    Sharpness                            int8s
     56    ExposureTime                         int32u
     60    FNumber                              int16u
     78    ISO                                  int16u

Kodak Type4 Tags

These tags are used by the DC200 and DC215.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     32    OriginalFileName                     string[12]

Kodak Type5 Tags

These tags are used by the CX4200, CX4210, CX4230, CX4300, CX4310, CX6200 and CX6230.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     20    ExposureTime                         int32u
     26    WhiteBalance                         int8u
     28    FNumber                              int16u
     30    ISO                                  int16u
     32    OpticalZoom                          int16u
     34    DigitalZoom                          int16u
     39    FlashMode                            int8u
     42    ImageRotated                         int8u
     43    Macro                                int8u

Kodak Type6 Tags

These tags are used by the DX3215 and DX3700.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     16    ExposureTime                         int32u
     20    ISOSetting?                          int32u
     24    FNumber                              int16u
     26    ISO                                  int16u
     28    OpticalZoom                          int16u
     30    DigitalZoom                          int16u
     34    Flash                                int16u

Kodak Type7 Tags

The maker notes of models such as the C340, C433, CC533, LS755, V803 and V1003 seem to start with the camera serial number. The C310, C315, C330, C643, C743, CD33, CD43, CX7220 and CX7300 maker notes are also decoded using this table, although the strings for these cameras don't conform to the usual Kodak serial number format, and instead have the model name followed by 8 digits.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    SerialNumber                         string[16]

Kodak Type8 Tags

Kodak models such as the ZD710, P712, P850, P880, V1233, V1253, V1275, V1285, Z612, Z712, Z812, Z885 use standard TIFF IFD format for the maker notes. In keeping with Kodak's strategy of inconsistent makernotes, models such as the M380, M1033, M1093, V1073, V1273, Z1012, Z1085 and Z8612 also use these tags, but these makernotes begin with a TIFF header instead of an IFD entry count and use relative instead of absolute offsets. There is a large amount of information stored in these maker notes (apparently with much duplication), but relatively few tags have so far been decoded.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0xfc00   SubIFD0                              Kodak SubIFD0
                                                Kodak SubIFD0
  0xfc01   SubIFD1                              Kodak SubIFD1
                                                Kodak SubIFD1
  0xfc02   SubIFD2                              Kodak SubIFD2
                                                Kodak SubIFD2
  0xfc03   SubIFD3                              Kodak SubIFD3
                                                Kodak SubIFD3
  0xfc04   SubIFD4                              Kodak SubIFD4
                                                Kodak SubIFD4
  0xfc05   SubIFD5                              Kodak SubIFD5
                                                Kodak SubIFD5
  0xfc06   SubIFD6                              Kodak SubIFD6
                                                Kodak SubIFD6
  0xfcff   SubIFD255                            Kodak SubIFD0
  0xff00   CameraInfo                           Kodak CameraInfo

Kodak SubIFD0 Tags

SubIFD0 through SubIFD5 tags are written a number of newer Kodak models.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0xfa02   SceneMode                            int16u
  0xfa19   SerialNumber                         string
  0xfa1d   KodakImageWidth                      int16u
  0xfa1e   KodakImageHeight                     int16u
  0xfa20   SensorWidth                          int16u
  0xfa21   SensorHeight                         int16u
  0xfa23   FNumber                              int16u
  0xfa24   ExposureTime                         int32u
  0xfa2e   ISO                                  int16u
  0xfa3d   OpticalZoom                          int16u
  0xfa46   ISO                                  int16u
  0xfa51   KodakImageWidth                      int16u
  0xfa52   KodakImageHeight                     int16u
  0xfa54   ThumbnailWidth                       int16u
  0xfa55   ThumbnailHeight                      int16u
  0xfa57   PreviewImageWidth                    int16u
  0xfa58   PreviewImageHeight                   int16u

Kodak SubIFD1 Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0027   ISO                                  int16u
  0x0028   ISO                                  int16u

Kodak SubIFD2 Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x6002   SceneModeUsed                        int32u
  0x6006   OpticalZoom                          int32u
  0x6103   MaxAperture                          int32u
  0xf002   SceneModeUsed                        int32u
  0xf006   OpticalZoom                          int32u
  0xf103   FNumber                              int32u
  0xf104   ExposureTime                         int32u
  0xf105   ISO                                  int32u

Kodak SubIFD3 Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x1000   OpticalZoom                          int16u

Kodak SubIFD4 Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Kodak SubIFD5 Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x000f   OpticalZoom                          int16u

Kodak SubIFD6 Tags

SubIFD6 is written by the M580.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Kodak CameraInfo Tags

These tags are used by the P712, P850 and P880.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0xf900   SensorWidth                          int16u
  0xf901   SensorHeight                         int16u
  0xf902   BayerPattern                         string
  0xf903   SensorFullWidth                      int16u
  0xf904   SensorFullHeight                     int16u
  0xf907   KodakImageWidth                      int16u
  0xf908   KodakImageHeight                     int16u
  0xfa00   KodakInfoType                        string
  0xfa04   SerialNumber                         string
  0xfd04   FNumber                              int16u
  0xfd05   ExposureTime                         int32u
  0xfd06   ISO                                  int16u

Kodak Type9 Tags

These tags are used by the Kodak C140, C180, C913, C1013, M320, M340 and M550, as well as various cameras marketed by other manufacturers.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     12    FNumber                              int16u
     16    ExposureTime                         int32u
     20    DateTimeOriginal                     string[20]
     52    ISO                                  int16u
     87    FirmwareVersion                      string[16]
    168    UnknownNumber                        no
    196    UnknownNumber                        no

Kodak Type10 Tags

Another variation of the IFD-format type, this time with just a byte order indicator instead of a full TIFF header. These tags are used by the Z980.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0002   PreviewImageSize                     int16u[2]
  0x0012   ExposureTime                         int32u
  0x0013   FNumber                              int16u
  0x0014   ISO                                  int16u
  0x001d   FocalLength                          int32u

Kodak Type11 Tags

These tags are found in models such as the PixPro S-1. They are not writable because the inconsistency of Kodak maker notes is beginning to get on my nerves.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0104   FirmwareVersion                      no
  0x0203   PictureEffect                        no
  0x0207   KodakModel                           no
  0x0300   KodakMake                            no
  0x0308   LensSerialNumber                     no
  0x0309   LensModel                            no
  0x030d   LevelMeter?                          no
  0x0311   Pitch                                no
  0x0312   Yaw                                  no
  0x0313   Roll                                 no
  0x0314   CX?                                  no
  0x0315   CY?                                  no
  0x0316   Rads?                                no

Kodak Unknown Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Kodak Meta Tags

These tags are found in the APP3 "Meta" segment of JPEG images from Kodak cameras such as the DC280, DC3400, DC5000, MC3, M580, Z950 and Z981. The structure of this segment is similar to the APP1 "Exif" segment, but a different set of tags is used.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0xc350   FilmProductCode                      no
  0xc351   ImageSourceEK                        no
  0xc352   CaptureConditionsPAR                 no
  0xc353   CameraOwner                          undef
  0xc354   SerialNumber                         undef
  0xc355   UserSelectGroupTitle                 no
  0xc356   DealerIDNumber                       no
  0xc357   CaptureDeviceFID                     no
  0xc358   EnvelopeNumber                       no
  0xc359   FrameNumber                          no
  0xc35a   FilmCategory                         no
  0xc35b   FilmGencode                          no
  0xc35c   ModelAndVersion                      no
  0xc35d   FilmSize                             no
  0xc35e   SBA_RGBShifts                        no
  0xc35f   SBAInputImageColorspace              no
  0xc360   SBAInputImageBitDepth                no
  0xc361   SBAExposureRecord                    no
  0xc362   UserAdjSBA_RGBShifts                 no
  0xc363   ImageRotationStatus                  no
  0xc364   RollGuidElements                     no
  0xc365   MetadataNumber                       no
  0xc366   EditTagArray                         no
  0xc367   Magnification                        no
  0xc36c   NativeXResolution                    no
  0xc36d   NativeYResolution                    no
  0xc36e   KodakEffectsIFD                      Kodak SpecialEffects
  0xc36f   KodakBordersIFD                      Kodak Borders
  0xc37a   NativeResolutionUnit                 no
  0xc418   SourceImageDirectory                 no
  0xc419   SourceImageFileName                  no
  0xc41a   SourceImageVolumeName                no
  0xc46c   PrintQuality                         no
  0xc46e   ImagePrintStatus                     no

Kodak SpecialEffects Tags

The Kodak SpecialEffects and Borders tags are found in sub-IFD's within the Kodak JPEG APP3 "Meta" segment.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   DigitalEffectsVersion                no
  0x0001   DigitalEffectsName                   no
  0x0002   DigitalEffectsType                   no

Kodak Borders Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   BordersVersion                       no
  0x0001   BorderName                           no
  0x0002   BorderID                             no
  0x0003   BorderLocation                       no
  0x0004   BorderType                           no
  0x0008   WatermarkType                        no

Kodak KDC_IFD Tags

These tags are found in a separate IFD of KDC images from some newer Kodak models such as the P880 and Z1015IS.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0xfa00   SerialNumber                         string
  0xfa0d   WhiteBalance                         int8u
  0xfa25   WB_RGBLevelsAuto                     no
  0xfa27   WB_RGBLevelsTungsten                 no
  0xfa28   WB_RGBLevelsFluorescent              no
  0xfa29   WB_RGBLevelsDaylight                 no
  0xfa2a   WB_RGBLevelsShade                    no

Kodak frea Tags

Information stored in the "frea" atom of Kodak PixPro SP360 MP4 videos.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'scra'   PreviewImage                         no
  'thma'   ThumbnailImage                       no
  'tima'   Duration                             no
  'ver '   KodakVersion                         no

Kodak Free Tags

Information stored in the "free" atom of Kodak MP4 videos. (VERY bad form for Kodak to store useful information in an atom intended for unused space!)

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'AprV'   ApertureValue                        no
  'BrtV'   BrightnessValue                      no
  'Expc'   ExposureCompensation                 no
  'Expo'   ExposureTime                         no
  'FL35'   FocalLengthIn35mmFormat              no
  'FNum'   FNumber                              no
  'FoLn'   FocalLength                          no
  'ISOS'   ISO                                  no
  'SVer'   FirmwareVersion                      no
  'Scrn'   PreviewInfo                          Kodak Scrn
  'Seri'   SerialNumber                         no
  'StSV'   ShutterSpeedValue                    no

Kodak Scrn Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PreviewImageWidth                    no
      1    PreviewImageHeight                   no
      2    PreviewImageLength                   no
      4    PreviewImage                         no

Kodak DcMD Tags

Metadata directory found in MOV and MP4 videos from some Kodak cameras.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  'CMbo'   CameraByteOrder                      no
  'Cmbo'   CameraByteOrder                      no
  'DcEM'   DcEM                                 Kodak DcEM
  'DcME'   DcME                                 Kodak DcME

Kodak DcEM Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Kodak DcME Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Kodak MOV Tags

This information is found in the TAGS atom of MOV videos from Kodak models such as the P880.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    Make                                 no
     22    Model                                no
     64    ModelType                            no
     78    ExposureTime                         no
     82    FNumber                              no
     90    ExposureCompensation                 no
    112    FocalLength                          no

Kodak pose Tags

Streamed orientation information from the PixPro 4KVR360, extracted as sub-documents when the Duplicates option is used.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Accelerometer'      Accelerometer            no
  'AngularVelocity'    AngularVelocity          no

Leaf Tags

These tags are found in .MOS images from Leaf digital camera backs as written by Creo Leaf Capture. They exist within the Leaf-specific directory structure of EXIF tag 0x8606. The tables below list observed Leaf tags, however ExifTool will extract any tags found in the Leaf directories even if they don't appear in these tables.

  Tag ID                          Tag Name      Writable
  ------                          --------      --------
  'JPEG_preview_data'             PreviewImage  no
  'JPEG_preview_info'             PreviewInfo   no
  'PDA_histogram_data'            PDAHistogram  no
  'back_serial_number'            BackSerial    no
  'camera_profile'                CameraProfile Leaf CameraProfile
  'icc_camera_profile'            ICC_Profile   ICC_Profile
  'icc_camera_to_tone_matrix'     ToneMatrix    no
  'icc_camera_to_tone_space_flow' ToneSpaceFlow no
  'icc_rgb_ws_profile'            RGB_Profile   ICC_Profile
  'image_offset'                  ImageOffset   no
  'pattern_ratation_angle'        PatternAngle  no

Leaf CameraProfile Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'CamProf_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          CameraBackType           no
  'capture_profile'    CaptureProfile           Leaf CaptureProfile
  'image_profile'      ImageProfile             Leaf ImageProfile
  'name'               CameraName               no
  'type'               CameraType               no
  'version'            CameraProfileVersion     no

Leaf CaptureProfile Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'CaptProf_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID                 Tag Name               Writable
  ------                 --------               --------
  'CCD_rect'             CCDRect                no
  'CCD_valid_rect'       CCDValidRect           no
  'CCD_video_rect'       CCDVideoRect           no
  'back_type'            CaptProfBackType       no
  'center_dark_rect'     CenterDarkRect         no
  'color_averages'       ColorAverages          no
  'color_matrix'         ColorMatrix            no
  'dark_correction_type' DarkCorrectionType     no
  'image_bounds'         ImageBounds            no
  'image_fields'         ImageFields            no
  'image_offset'         ImageOffset            no
  'left_dark_rect'       LeftDarkRect           no
  'luminance_consts'     LuminanceConsts        no
  'mosaic_pattern'       MosaicPattern          no
  'name'                 CaptProfName           no
  'number_of_planes'     NumberOfPlanes         no
  'raw_data_rotation'    RawDataRotation        no
  'reconstruction_type'  ReconstructionType     no
  'right_dark_rect'      RightDarkRect          no
  'serial_number'        CaptureSerial          no
  'type'                 CaptProfType           no
  'version'              CaptProfVersion        no
  'xy_offset_info'       XYOffsetInfo           no

Leaf ImageProfile Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'ImgProf_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          ImgProfBackType          no
  'image_status'       ImageStatus              no
  'name'               ImgProfName              no
  'rotation_angle'     RotationAngle            no
  'shoot_setup'        ShootSetup               Leaf ShootSetup
  'type'               ImgProfType              no
  'version'            ImgProfVersion           no

Leaf ShootSetup Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'ShootObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          ShootObjBackType         no
  'camera_setup'       CameraSetup              Leaf CameraSetup
  'capture_setup'      CaptureSetup             Leaf CaptureSetup
  'color_setup'        ColorSetup               Leaf ColorSetup
  'look_header'        LookHeader               Leaf LookHeader
  'name'               ShootObjName             no
  'save_setup'         SaveSetup                Leaf SaveSetup
  'type'               ShootObjType             no
  'version'            ShootObjVersion          no

Leaf CameraSetup Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'CameraObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'ISO_speed'          ISOSpeed                 no
  'back_type'          CameraObjBackType        no
  'camera_type'        CameraType               no
  'lens_ID'            LensID                   no
  'lens_type'          LensType                 no
  'name'               CameraObjName            no
  'strobe'             Strobe                   no
  'type'               CameraObjType            no
  'version'            CameraObjVersion         no

Leaf CaptureSetup Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'CaptureObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'Multi_quality'      MultiQuality             no
  'back_type'          CaptureObjBackType       no
  'name'               CaptureObjName           no
  'neutals'            Neutals                  Leaf Neutrals
  'selection'          Selection                Leaf Selection
  'sharpness'          Sharpness                Leaf Sharpness
  'single_quality'     SingleQuality            no
  'tone_curve'         ToneCurve                Leaf ToneCurve
  'type'               CaptureObjType           no
  'version'            CaptureObjVersion        no

Leaf Neutrals Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'NeutObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID                 Tag Name               Writable
  ------                 --------               --------
  'back_type'            NeutObjBackType        no
  'color_casts'          ColorCasts             no
  'highlight_end_points' HighlightEndPoints     no
  'name'                 NeutObjName            no
  'neutrals'             Neutrals               no
  'shadow_end_points'    ShadowEndPoints        no
  'type'                 NeutObjType            no
  'version'              NeutObjVersion         no

Leaf Selection Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'SelObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          SelObjBackType           no
  'locks'              Locks                    no
  'name'               SelObjName               no
  'orientation'        Orientation              no
  'rect'               Rect                     no
  'resolution'         Resolution               no
  'scale'              Scale                    no
  'type'               SelObjType               no
  'version'            SelObjVersion            no

Leaf Sharpness Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'SharpObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          SharpObjBackType         no
  'data_len'           DataLen                  no
  'name'               SharpObjName             no
  'sharp_info'         SharpInfo                no
  'sharp_method'       SharpMethod              no
  'type'               SharpObjType             no
  'version'            SharpObjVersion          no

Leaf ToneCurve Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'ToneObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          ToneObjBackType          no
  'gamma'              Gamma                    no
  'name'               ToneObjName              no
  'npts'               Npts                     no
  'tones'              Tones                    no
  'type'               ToneObjType              no
  'version'            ToneObjVersion           no

Leaf ColorSetup Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'ColorObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          ColorObjBackType         no
  'color_mode'         ColorMode                no
  'color_type'         ColorType                no
  'has_ICC'            HasICC                   no
  'input_profile'      InputProfile             no
  'name'               ColorObjName             no
  'output_profile'     OutputProfile            no
  'type'               ColorObjType             no
  'version'            ColorObjVersion          no

Leaf LookHeader Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'LookHead_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID               Tag Name                 Writable
  ------               --------                 --------
  'back_type'          LookHeadBackType         no
  'name'               LookHeadName             no
  'type'               LookHeadType             no
  'version'            LookHeadVersion          no

Leaf SaveSetup Tags

All Tag ID's in the following table have a leading 'SaveObj_' which has been removed.

  Tag ID                  Tag Name              Writable
  ------                  --------              --------
  'back_type'             SaveObjBackType       no
  'leaf_auto_active'      LeafAutoActive        no
  'leaf_auto_base_name'   LeafAutoBaseName      no
  'leaf_hot_folder'       LeafHotFolder         no
  'leaf_open_proc_HDR'    LeafOpenProcHDR       no
  'leaf_output_file_type' LeafOutputFileType    no
  'leaf_save_selection'   LeafSaveSelection     no
  'name'                  SaveObjName           no
  'std_auto_active'       StdAutoActive         no
  'std_base_name'         StdBaseName           no
  'std_hot_folder'        StdHotFolder          no
  'std_open_in_photoshop' StdOpenInPhotoshop    no
  'std_output_bit_depth'  StdOutputBitDepth     no
  'std_output_color_mode' StdOutputColorMode    no
  'std_output_file_type'  StdOutputFileType     no
  'std_oxygen'            StdOxygen             no
  'std_save_selection'    StdSaveSelection      no
  'std_scaled_output'     StdScaledOutput       no
  'std_sharpen_output'    StdSharpenOutput      no
  'type'                  SaveObjType           no
  'version'               SaveObjVersion        no

Leaf SubIFD Tags

Leaf writes a TIFF-format sub-IFD inside IFD0 of a MOS image. No tags in this sub-IFD are currently known, except for tags 0x8602 and 0x8606 which really shouldn't be here anyway (so they don't appear in the table below) because they duplicate references to the same data from tags with the same ID in IFD0.

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  [no tags known]

Minolta Tags

These tags are used by Minolta, Konica/Minolta as well as some Sony cameras. Minolta doesn't make things easy for decoders because the meaning of some tags and the location where some information is stored is different for different camera models. (Take MinoltaQuality for example, which may be located in 5 different places.)

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0000   MakerNoteVersion                     undef[4]
  0x0001   MinoltaCameraSettingsOld             Minolta CameraSettings
  0x0003   MinoltaCameraSettings                Minolta CameraSettings
  0x0004   MinoltaCameraSettings7D              Minolta CameraSettings7D
  0x0010   CameraInfoA100                       Minolta CameraInfoA100
  0x0018   ISInfoA100                           Minolta ISInfoA100
           ImageStabilization                   no
  0x0020   WBInfoA100                           Minolta WBInfoA100
  0x0040   CompressedImageSize                  int32u
  0x0081   PreviewImage                         undef
  0x0088   PreviewImageStart                    int32u*
  0x0089   PreviewImageLength                   int32u*
  0x0100   SceneMode                            int32u
  0x0101   ColorMode                            int32u
  0x0102   MinoltaQuality                       int32u
  0x0103   MinoltaQuality                       int32u
           MinoltaImageSize                     int32u
  0x0104   FlashExposureComp                    rational64s
  0x0105   Teleconverter                        int32u
  0x0107   ImageStabilization                   int32u
  0x0109   RawAndJpgRecording                   int32u
  0x010a   ZoneMatching                         int32u
  0x010b   ColorTemperature                     int32u
  0x010c   LensType                             int32u
  0x0111   ColorCompensationFilter              int32s
  0x0112   WhiteBalanceFineTune                 int32u
  0x0113   ImageStabilization                   int32u
  0x0114   MinoltaCameraSettings5D              Minolta CameraSettings5D
           CameraSettingsA100                   Minolta CameraSettingsA100
  0x0115   WhiteBalance                         int32u
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM
  0x0f00   MinoltaCameraSettings2               no

Minolta CameraSettings Tags

There is some variability in CameraSettings information between different models (and sometimes even between different firmware versions), so this information may not be as reliable as it should be. Because of this, tags in the following tables are set to lower priority to prevent them from superseding the values of same-named tags in other locations when duplicate tags are disabled.

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    ExposureMode                         int32u
      2    FlashMode                            int32u
      3    WhiteBalance                         int32u~
      4    MinoltaImageSize                     int32u
      5    MinoltaQuality                       int32u
      6    DriveMode                            int32u
      7    MeteringMode                         int32u
      8    ISO                                  int32u
      9    ExposureTime                         int32u
     10    FNumber                              int32u
     11    MacroMode                            int32u
     12    DigitalZoom                          int32u
     13    ExposureCompensation                 int32u
     14    BracketStep                          int32u
     16    IntervalLength                       int32u
     17    IntervalNumber                       int32u
     18    FocalLength                          int32u
     19    FocusDistance                        int32u
     20    FlashFired                           int32u
     21    MinoltaDate                          int32u
     22    MinoltaTime                          int32u
     23    MaxAperture                          int32u
     26    FileNumberMemory                     int32u
     27    LastFileNumber                       int32u
     28    ColorBalanceRed                      int32u
     29    ColorBalanceGreen                    int32u
     30    ColorBalanceBlue                     int32u
     31    Saturation                           int32u
     32    Contrast                             int32u
     33    Sharpness                            int32u
     34    SubjectProgram                       int32u
     35    FlashExposureComp                    int32u
     36    ISOSetting                           int32u
     37    MinoltaModelID                       int32u
     38    IntervalMode                         int32u
     39    FolderName                           int32u
     40    ColorMode                            int32u
     41    ColorFilter                          int32u
     42    BWFilter                             int32u
     43    InternalFlash                        int32u
     44    Brightness                           int32u
     45    SpotFocusPointX                      int32u
     46    SpotFocusPointY                      int32u
     47    WideFocusZone                        int32u
     48    FocusMode                            int32u
     49    FocusArea                            int32u
     50    DECPosition                          int32u
     51    ColorProfile                         int32u
     52    DataImprint                          int32u
     63    FlashMetering                        int32u

Minolta CameraSettings7D Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ExposureMode                         int16u
      2    MinoltaImageSize                     int16u
      3    MinoltaQuality                       int16u
      4    WhiteBalance                         int16u
     14    FocusMode                            int16u
     16    AFPoints                             int16u
     21    Flash                                int16u
     22    FlashMode                            int16u
     28    ISOSetting                           int16u
     30    ExposureCompensation                 int16s
     37    ColorSpace                           int16u
     38    Sharpness                            int16u
     39    Contrast                             int16u
     40    Saturation                           int16u
     45    FreeMemoryCardImages                 int16u
     63    ColorTemperature                     int16s
     64    HueAdjustment                        int16u
     70    Rotation                             int16u
     71    FNumber                              int16u
     72    ExposureTime                         int16u
     74    FreeMemoryCardImages                 int16u
     94    ImageNumber                          int16u
     96    NoiseReduction                       int16u
     98    ImageNumber2                         int16u
    113    ImageStabilization                   int16u
    117    ZoneMatchingOn                       int16u

Minolta CameraInfoA100 Tags

Camera information for the Sony DSLR-A100.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    AFSensorActive                       int8u
      2    AFStatusActiveSensor                 int16s
      4    AFStatusTop-right                    int16s
      6    AFStatusBottom-right                 int16s
      8    AFStatusBottom                       int16s
     10    AFStatusMiddleHorizontal             int16s
     12    AFStatusCenterVertical               int16s
     14    AFStatusTop                          int16s
     16    AFStatusTop-left                     int16s
     18    AFStatusBottom-left                  int16s
     20    FocusLocked                          int8u
     21    AFPoint                              int8u
     22    AFMode                               int8u
     45    AFStatusLeft                         int16s
     47    AFStatusCenterHorizontal             int16s
     49    AFStatusRight                        int16s
     51    AFAreaMode                           int8u

Minolta ISInfoA100 Tags

Image stabilization information for the Sony DSLR-A100.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ImageStabilization                   int16u

Minolta WBInfoA100 Tags

White balance information for the Sony DSLR-A100.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     14    DriveMode                            int8u
     16    Rotation                             int8u
     20    ImageStabilizationSetting            int8u
     21    DynamicRangeOptimizerMode            int8u
     42    ExposureCompensationMode             int8u
     43    WBBracketShotNumber                  int8u
     44    WhiteBalanceBracketing               int8u
     45    ExposureBracketShotNumber            int8u
     49    FlashFunction                        int16u
     52    ExposureMode                         int16u
     54    ColorMode                            int16u
     56    AverageLV                            int16u
     60    FrameNumber                          int8u
    150    WB_RGBLevels                         int16u[3]
    174    WB_GBRGLevels                        int16u[4]
    192    WB_RedLevelsTungsten                 int16u[7]
    206    WB_BlueLevelsTungsten                int16u[7]
    220    WB_RedLevelsDaylight                 int16u[7]
    234    WB_BlueLevelsDaylight                int16u[7]
    248    WB_RedLevelsCloudy                   int16u[7]
    262    WB_BlueLevelsCloudy                  int16u[7]
    276    WB_RedLevelsFlash                    int16u[7]
    290    WB_BlueLevelsFlash                   int16u[7]
    332    WB_RedLevelsFluorescent              int16u[7]
    346    WB_BlueLevelsFluorescent             int16u[7]
    360    WB_RedLevelsShade                    int16u[7]
    374    WB_BlueLevelsShade                   int16u[7]
    392    WB_RedLevel6500K                     int16u
    394    WB_BlueLevel6500K                    int16u
    396    WB_RedLevelCustom                    int16u
    398    WB_BlueLevelCustom                   int16u
    408    WB_RedLevel3500K                     int16u
    410    WB_BlueLevel3500K                    int16u
    446    WB_RedLevelsKelvin                   int16u[75]
    596    WB_BlueLevelsKelvin                  int16u[75]
    772    WB_RBLevelsFlash                     int16u[2]
    776    WB_RBLevelsCoolWhiteF                int16u[2]
   1000    WB_RBLevelsTungsten                  int16u[2]
   1004    WB_RBLevelsDaylight                  int16u[2]
   1008    WB_RBLevelsCloudy                    int16u[2]
   1012    WB_RBLevelsFlash                     int16u[2]
   1020    WB_RedLevelsFluorescent              int16u[7]
   1034    WB_BlueLevelsFluorescent             int16u[7]
   1048    WB_RBLevelsShade                     int16u[2]
   1056    WB_RBLevels6500K                     int16u[2]
   1060    WB_RBLevelsCustom                    int16u[2]
   1072    WB_RBLevels3500K                     int16u[2]
   1320    WB_RBLevelsDaylight                  int16u[2]
   1350    WB_RGBLevels                         int16u[3]
   1576    AEMeteringSegments                   int8u[40]
   1680    MeasuredLV                           int8u
   1681    BrightnessValue                      int8u
   4172    TiffMeteringImage                    no
  18872    ExposureTime                         int8u
  18874    ISO                                  int8u
  18875    FocusDistance                        int8u
  18877    LensType                             int16uRev
  18880    ExposureCompensation                 int8s
  18881    FlashExposureComp                    int8s
  18882    ImageStabilization                   int8u
  18883    BrightnessValue                      int8u
  18885    MaxAperture                          int8u
  18887    FNumber                              int8u
  18908    InternalSerialNumber                 string[12]

Minolta CameraSettings5D Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     10    ExposureMode                         int16u
     12    MinoltaImageSize                     int16u
     13    MinoltaQuality                       int16u
     14    WhiteBalance                         int16u
     31    Flash                                int16u
     32    FlashMode                            int16u
     37    MeteringMode                         int16u
     38    ISOSetting                           int16u
     47    ColorSpace                           int16u
     48    Sharpness                            int16u
     49    Contrast                             int16u
     50    Saturation                           int16u
     53    ExposureTime                         int16u
     54    FNumber                              int16u
     55    FreeMemoryCardImages                 int16u
     73    ColorTemperature                     int16s
     74    HueAdjustment                        int16u
     80    Rotation                             int16u
     83    ExposureCompensation                 int16u
     84    FreeMemoryCardImages                 int16u
    101    Rotation                             int16u
    110    ColorTemperature                     int16s
    113    PictureFinish                        int16u
    174    ImageNumber                          int16u
    176    NoiseReduction                       int16u
    189    ImageStabilization                   int16u

Minolta CameraSettingsA100 Tags

Camera settings information for the Sony DSLR-A100.

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ExposureMode                         int16u
      1    ExposureCompensationSetting          int16u
      5    HighSpeedSync                        int16u
      6    ShutterSpeedSetting                  int16u
      7    ApertureSetting                      int16u
      8    ExposureTime                         int16u
      9    FNumber                              int16u
     10    DriveMode2                           int16u
     11    WhiteBalance                         int16u
     12    FocusMode                            int16u
     13    AFPointSelected                      int16u
     14    AFAreaMode                           int16u
     15    FlashMode                            int16u
     16    FlashExposureCompSet                 int16u
     18    MeteringMode                         int16u
     19    ISOSetting                           int16u
     20    ZoneMatchingMode                     int16u
     21    DynamicRangeOptimizer                int16u
     22    ColorMode                            int16u
     23    ColorSpace                           int16u
     24    Sharpness                            int16u
     25    Contrast                             int16u
     26    Saturation                           int16u
     28    FlashMetering                        int16u
     29    PrioritySetupShutterRelease          int16u
     30    DriveMode                            int16u
     31    SelfTimerTime                        int16u
     32    ContinuousBracketing                 int16u
     33    SingleFrameBracketing                int16u
     34    WhiteBalanceBracketing               int16u
     35    WhiteBalanceSetting                  int16u
     36    PresetWhiteBalance                   int16u
     37    ColorTemperatureSetting              int16u
     38    CustomWBSetting                      int16u
     39    DynamicRangeOptimizerSetting         int16u
     50    FreeMemoryCardImages                 int16u
     52    CustomWBRedLevel                     int16u
     53    CustomWBGreenLevel                   int16u
     54    CustomWBBlueLevel                    int16u
     55    CustomWBError                        int16u
     56    WhiteBalanceFineTune                 int16s
     57    ColorTemperature                     int16u
     58    ColorCompensationFilter              int16s
     59    SonyImageSize                        int16u
     60    SonyQuality                          int16u
     61    InstantPlaybackTime                  int16u
     62    InstantPlaybackSetup                 int16u
     63    NoiseReduction                       int16u
     64    EyeStartAF                           int16u
     65    RedEyeReduction                      int16u
     66    FlashDefault                         int16u
     67    AutoBracketOrder                     int16u
     68    FocusHoldButton                      int16u
     69    AELButton                            int16u
     70    ControlDialSet                       int16u
     71    ExposureCompensationMode             int16u
     72    AFAssist                             int16u
     73    CardShutterLock                      int16u
     74    LensShutterLock                      int16u
     75    AFAreaIllumination                   int16u
     76    MonitorDisplayOff                    int16u
     77    RecordDisplay                        int16u
     78    PlayDisplay                          int16u
     80    ExposureIndicator                    int16u
     81    AELExposureIndicator                 int16u
     82    ExposureBracketingIndicatorLast      int16u
     83    MeteringOffScaleIndicator            int16u
     84    FlashExposureIndicator               int16u
     85    FlashExposureIndicatorNext           int16u
     86    FlashExposureIndicatorLast           int16u
     87    ImageStabilization                   int16u
     88    FocusModeSwitch                      int16u
     89    FlashType                            int16u
     90    Rotation                             int16u
     91    AELock                               int16u
     94    ColorTemperature                     int16u
     95    ColorCompensationFilter              int16s
     96    BatteryState                         int16u

Minolta MMA Tags

This information is found in MOV videos from Minolta models such as the DiMAGE A2, S414 and 7Hi.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    Make                                 no
     20    SoftwareVersion                      no

Minolta MOV1 Tags

This information is found in MOV videos from some Konica Minolta models such as the DiMage Z10 and X50.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    Make                                 no
     32    ModelType                            no
     46    ExposureTime                         no
     50    FNumber                              no
     58    ExposureCompensation                 no
     80    FocalLength                          no

Minolta MOV2 Tags

This information is found in MOV videos from some Minolta models such as the DiMAGE X and Xt.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    Make                                 no
     24    ModelType                            no
     38    ExposureTime                         no
     42    FNumber                              no
     50    ExposureCompensation                 no
     72    FocalLength                          no

Motorola Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x5500   BuildNumber                          string
  0x5501   SerialNumber                         string
  0x6420   CustomRendered                       string
  0x64d0   DriveMode                            string
  0x665e   Sensor                               string
  0x6705   ManufactureDate                      string

Nikon Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x0001   MakerNoteVersion                     undef[4]
  0x0002   ISO                                  int16u[2]
  0x0003   ColorMode                            string
  0x0004   Quality                              string
  0x0005   WhiteBalance                         string
  0x0006   Sharpness                            string
  0x0007   FocusMode                            string
  0x0008   FlashSetting                         string
  0x0009   FlashType                            string
  0x000b   WhiteBalanceFineTune                 int16s[n]
  0x000c   WB_RBLevels                          rational64u[4]
  0x000d   ProgramShift                         undef[4]
  0x000e   ExposureDifference                   undef[4]
  0x000f   ISOSelection                         string
  0x0010   DataDump                             no
  0x0011   PreviewIFD                           Nikon PreviewIFD
  0x0012   FlashExposureComp                    undef[4]
  0x0013   ISOSetting                           int16u[2]
  0x0014   ColorBalanceA                        Nikon ColorBalanceA
           NRWData                              Nikon ColorBalanceB
                                                Nikon ColorBalanceC
  0x0016   ImageBoundary                        int16u[4]
  0x0017   ExternalFlashExposureComp            undef[4]
  0x0018   FlashExposureBracketValue            undef[4]
  0x0019   ExposureBracketValue                 rational64s
  0x001a   ImageProcessing                      string
  0x001b   CropHiSpeed                          int16u[7]
  0x001c   ExposureTuning                       undef[3]
  0x001d   SerialNumber                         string!
  0x001e   ColorSpace                           int16u
  0x001f   VRInfo                               Nikon VRInfo
  0x0020   ImageAuthentication                  int8u
  0x0021   FaceDetect                           Nikon FaceDetect
  0x0022   ActiveD-Lighting                     int16u
  0x0023   PictureControlData                   Nikon PictureControl
                                                Nikon PictureControl2
                                                Nikon PictureControl3
                                                Nikon PictureControlUnknown
  0x0024   WorldTime                            Nikon WorldTime
  0x0025   ISOInfo                              Nikon ISOInfo
  0x002a   VignetteControl                      int16u
  0x002b   DistortInfo                          Nikon DistortInfo
  0x002c   UnknownInfo                          Nikon UnknownInfo
  0x0032   UnknownInfo2                         Nikon UnknownInfo2
  0x0034   ShutterMode                          int16u
  0x0035   HDRInfo                              Nikon HDRInfo
           HDRInfo2                             Nikon HDRInfo2
  0x0037   MechanicalShutterCount               int32u
  0x0039   LocationInfo                         Nikon LocationInfo
  0x003d   BlackLevel                           int16u[4]
  0x003e   ImageSizeRAW                         yes
  0x003f   WhiteBalanceFineTune                 rational64s[2]
  0x0044   JPGCompression                       yes
  0x0045   CropArea                             int16u[4]
  0x004e   NikonSettings                        NikonSettings
  0x004f   ColorTemperatureAuto                 int16u
  0x0080   ImageAdjustment                      string
  0x0081   ToneComp                             string
  0x0082   AuxiliaryLens                        string
  0x0083   LensType                             int8u
  0x0084   Lens                                 rational64u[4]
  0x0085   ManualFocusDistance                  rational64u
  0x0086   DigitalZoom                          rational64u
  0x0087   FlashMode                            int8u
  0x0088   AFInfo                               Nikon AFInfo
                                                Nikon AFInfo
  0x0089   ShootingMode                         int16u~
  0x008b   LensFStops                           undef[4]
  0x008c   ContrastCurve                        undef!
  0x008d   ColorHue                             string
  0x008f   SceneMode                            string
  0x0090   LightSource                          string
  0x0091   ShotInfoD40                          Nikon ShotInfoD40
           ShotInfoD80                          Nikon ShotInfoD80
           ShotInfoD90                          Nikon ShotInfoD90
           ShotInfoD3a                          Nikon ShotInfoD3a
           ShotInfoD3b                          Nikon ShotInfoD3b
           ShotInfoD3X                          Nikon ShotInfoD3X
           ShotInfoD3S                          Nikon ShotInfoD3S
           ShotInfoD300a                        Nikon ShotInfoD300a
           ShotInfoD300b                        Nikon ShotInfoD300b
           ShotInfoD300S                        Nikon ShotInfoD300S
           ShotInfoD700                         Nikon ShotInfoD700
           ShotInfoD780                         Nikon ShotInfoD780
           ShotInfoD7500                        Nikon ShotInfoD7500
           ShotInfoD800                         Nikon ShotInfoD800
           ShotInfoD810                         Nikon ShotInfoD810
           ShotInfoD850                         Nikon ShotInfoD850
           ShotInfoD5000                        Nikon ShotInfoD5000
           ShotInfoD5100                        Nikon ShotInfoD5100
           ShotInfoD5200                        Nikon ShotInfoD5200
           ShotInfoD7000                        Nikon ShotInfoD7000
           ShotInfoD4                           Nikon ShotInfoD4
           ShotInfoD4S                          Nikon ShotInfoD4S
           ShotInfoD500                         Nikon ShotInfoD500
           ShotInfoD6                           Nikon ShotInfoD6
           ShotInfoD610                         Nikon ShotInfoD610
           ShotInfoZ7II                         Nikon ShotInfoZ7II
           ShotInfoZ8                           Nikon ShotInfoZ8
           ShotInfoZ9                           Nikon ShotInfoZ9
           ShotInfo02xx                         Nikon ShotInfo
           ShotInfoUnknown                      Nikon ShotInfo
  0x0092   HueAdjustment                        int16s
  0x0093   NEFCompression                       int16u
  0x0094   SaturationAdj                        int16s
  0x0095   NoiseReduction                       string
  0x0096   NEFLinearizationTable                undef!
  0x0097   ColorBalance0100                     Nikon ColorBalance1
           ColorBalance0102                     Nikon ColorBalance2
           ColorBalance0103                     Nikon ColorBalance3
           ColorBalance0205                     Nikon ColorBalance2
           ColorBalance0209                     Nikon ColorBalance4
           ColorBalance02                       Nikon ColorBalance2
           ColorBalance0211                     Nikon ColorBalance4
           ColorBalance0213                     Nikon ColorBalance2
           ColorBalance0215                     Nikon ColorBalance4
           ColorBalance0219                     Nikon ColorBalance2
           ColorBalanceUnknown1                 Nikon ColorBalanceUnknown
           ColorBalanceUnknown2                 Nikon ColorBalanceUnknown2
           ColorBalanceUnknown                  Nikon ColorBalanceUnknown
  0x0098   LensData0100                         Nikon LensData00
           LensData0101                         Nikon LensData01
           LensData0201                         Nikon LensData01
           LensData0204                         Nikon LensData0204
           LensData0400                         Nikon LensData0400
           LensData0402                         Nikon LensData0402
           LensData0403                         Nikon LensData0403
           LensData0800                         Nikon LensData0800
           LensDataUnknown                      Nikon LensDataUnknown
  0x0099   RawImageCenter                       int16u[2]
  0x009a   SensorPixelSize                      rational64u[2]
  0x009c   SceneAssist                          string
  0x009d   DateStampMode                        int16u
  0x009e   RetouchHistory                       int16u[10]
  0x00a0   SerialNumber                         string
  0x00a2   ImageDataSize                        int32u
  0x00a5   ImageCount                           int32u
  0x00a6   DeletedImageCount                    int32u
  0x00a7   ShutterCount                         int32u!
  0x00a8   FlashInfo0100                        Nikon FlashInfo0100
           FlashInfo0102                        Nikon FlashInfo0102
           FlashInfo0103                        Nikon FlashInfo0103
           FlashInfo0106                        Nikon FlashInfo0106
           FlashInfo0107                        Nikon FlashInfo0107
           FlashInfo0300                        Nikon FlashInfo0300
           FlashInfoUnknown                     Nikon FlashInfoUnknown
  0x00a9   ImageOptimization                    string
  0x00aa   Saturation                           string
  0x00ab   VariProgram                          string
  0x00ac   ImageStabilization                   string
  0x00ad   AFResponse                           string
  0x00b0   MultiExposure                        Nikon MultiExposure
           MultiExposure2                       Nikon MultiExposure
                                                Nikon MultiExposure2
  0x00b1   HighISONoiseReduction                int16u
  0x00b3   ToningEffect                         string
  0x00b6   PowerUpTime                          undef
  0x00b7   AFInfo2                              Nikon AFInfo2V0400
                                                Nikon AFInfo2
  0x00b8   FileInfo                             Nikon FileInfo
                                                Nikon FileInfo
  0x00b9   AFTune                               Nikon AFTune
  0x00bb   RetouchInfo                          Nikon RetouchInfo
  0x00bd   PictureControlData                   Nikon PictureControl
  0x00bf   SilentPhotography                    yes
  0x00c3   BarometerInfo                        Nikon BarometerInfo
  0x0e00   PrintIM                              PrintIM
  0x0e01   NikonCaptureData                     NikonCapture
  0x0e09   NikonCaptureVersion                  string^
  0x0e0e   NikonCaptureOffsets                  Nikon CaptureOffsets
  0x0e10   NikonScanIFD                         Nikon Scan
  0x0e13   NikonCaptureEditVersions             NikonCapture
           NikonCaptureEditVersions             undef!^
  0x0e1d   NikonICCProfile                      ICC_Profile
  0x0e1e   NikonCaptureOutput                   Nikon CaptureOutput
  0x0e22   NEFBitDepth                          int16u[4]!

Nikon ast Tags

Tags used by Nikon NX Studio in Nikon NKSC sidecar files and trailers.

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-ast family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  About                                         no
  GPSAltitude                                   no
  GPSAltitudeRef                                no
  GPSImgDirection                               no
  GPSImgDirectionRef                            no
  GPSLatitude                                   no
  GPSLatitudeRef                                no
  GPSLongitude                                  no
  GPSLongitudeRef                               no
  GPSMapDatum                                   no
  GPSVersionID                                  no
  IPTC                                          IPTC
  Version                                       no
  XMLPackets                                    XMP

Nikon nine Tags

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-nine family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  About                                         no
  Label                                         no
  NineEdits                                     Nikon NineEdits
  Rating                                        no
  Trim                                          no
  Version                                       no

Nikon NineEdits Tags

XML-based tags used to store editing information.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  FilterParametersBinary                        no
  FilterParametersCustomCustomData              no
  FilterParametersExportExportData              no

Nikon sdc Tags

These tags belong to the ExifTool XMP-sdc family 1 group.

  Tag Name                                      Writable
  --------                                      --------
  About                                         no
  AppName                                       no
  AppVersion                                    no
  Version                                       no

Nikon PreviewIFD Tags

  Tag ID   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
  0x00fe   SubfileType                          no
  0x0103   Compression                          no
  0x011a   XResolution                          no
  0x011b   YResolution                          no
  0x0128   ResolutionUnit                       no
  0x0201   PreviewImageStart                    int32u*
  0x0202   PreviewImageLength                   int32u*
  0x0213   YCbCrPositioning                     no

Nikon ColorBalanceA Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    624    WB_RBLevels                          int16u[2]!
    626    WB_RBLevelsAuto                      int16u[2]!
    628    WB_RBLevelsDaylight                  int16u[14]!
    642    WB_RBLevelsIncandescent              int16u[14]!
    656    WB_RBLevelsFluorescent               int16u[6]!
    662    WB_RBLevelsCloudy                    int16u[14]!
    676    WB_RBLevelsFlash                     int16u[14]!
    690    WB_RBLevelsShade                     int16u[14]!

Nikon ColorBalanceB Tags

Color balance tags used by the P6000.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    ColorBalanceVersion                  undef[4]
   5096    WB_RGGBLevels                        int32u[4]!
   5112    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int32u[4]!
   5128    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int32u[4]!
   5160    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int32u[4]!
   5176    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentW            int32u[4]!
   5192    WB_RGGBLevelsFlash                   int32u[4]!
   5224    WB_RGGBLevelsCustom                  int32u[4]!
   5240    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int32u[4]!

Nikon ColorBalanceC Tags

Color balance tags used by the P1000, P7000, P7100 and B700.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    ColorBalanceVersion                  undef[4]
     32    BlackLevel                           int16u
     56    WB_RGGBLevels                        int32u[4]!
     76    WB_RGGBLevelsDaylight                int32u[4]!
     96    WB_RGGBLevelsCloudy                  int32u[4]!
    116    WB_RGGBLevelsShade                   int32u[4]!
    136    WB_RGGBLevelsTungsten                int32u[4]!
    156    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentW            int32u[4]!
    176    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentN            int32u[4]!
    196    WB_RGGBLevelsFluorescentD            int32u[4]!
    216    WB_RGGBLevelsHTMercury               int32u[4]!
    256    WB_RGGBLevelsCustom                  int32u[4]!
    276    WB_RGGBLevelsAuto                    int32u[4]!

Nikon VRInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    VRInfoVersion                        no
      4    VibrationReduction                   int8u
      6    VRMode                               int8u
      8    VRType                               int8u

Nikon FaceDetect Tags

  Index2   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      1    FaceDetectFrameSize                  int16u[2]
      3    FacesDetected                        int16u
      4    Face1Position                        int16u[4]
      8    Face2Position                        int16u[4]
     12    Face3Position                        int16u[4]
     16    Face4Position                        int16u[4]
     20    Face5Position                        int16u[4]
     24    Face6Position                        int16u[4]
     28    Face7Position                        int16u[4]
     32    Face8Position                        int16u[4]
     36    Face9Position                        int16u[4]
     40    Face10Position                       int16u[4]
     44    Face11Position                       int16u[4]
     48    Face12Position                       int16u[4]

Nikon PictureControl Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PictureControlVersion                no
      4    PictureControlName                   string[20]
     24    PictureControlBase                   string[20]
     48    PictureControlAdjust                 int8u
     49    PictureControlQuickAdjust            int8u
     50    Sharpness                            int8u
     51    Contrast                             int8u
     52    Brightness                           int8u
     53    Saturation                           int8u
     54    HueAdjustment                        int8u
     55    FilterEffect                         int8u
     56    ToningEffect                         int8u
     57    ToningSaturation                     int8u

Nikon PictureControl2 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PictureControlVersion                no
      4    PictureControlName                   string[20]
     24    PictureControlBase                   string[20]
     48    PictureControlAdjust                 int8u
     49    PictureControlQuickAdjust            int8u
     51    Sharpness                            int8u
     53    Clarity                              int8u
     55    Contrast                             int8u
     57    Brightness                           int8u
     59    Saturation                           int8u
     61    Hue                                  int8u
     63    FilterEffect                         int8u
     64    ToningEffect                         int8u
     65    ToningSaturation                     int8u

Nikon PictureControl3 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PictureControlVersion                no
      8    PictureControlName                   string[20]
     28    PictureControlBase                   string[20]
     54    PictureControlAdjust                 int8u
     55    PictureControlQuickAdjust            int8u
     57    Sharpness                            int8u
     59    MidRangeSharpness                    int8u
     61    Clarity                              int8u
     63    Contrast                             int8u
     65    Brightness                           int8u
     67    Saturation                           int8u
     69    Hue                                  int8u
     71    FilterEffect                         int8u
     72    ToningEffect                         int8u
     73    ToningSaturation                     int8u

Nikon PictureControlUnknown Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PictureControlVersion                no

Nikon WorldTime Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    TimeZone                             int16s
      2    DaylightSavings                      int8u
      3    DateDisplayFormat                    int8u

Nikon ISOInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    ISO                                  int8u
      4    ISOExpansion                         int16u
      6    ISO2                                 int8u
     10    ISOExpansion2                        int16u

Nikon DistortInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    DistortionVersion?                   no
      4    AutoDistortionControl                int8u

Nikon UnknownInfo Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    UnknownInfoVersion?                  no

Nikon UnknownInfo2 Tags

  Index4   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    UnknownInfo2Version?                 no

Nikon HDRInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    HDRInfoVersion                       no
      4    HDR                                  int8u
      5    HDRLevel                             int8u
      6    HDRSmoothing                         int8u
      7    HDRLevel2                            int8u

Nikon HDRInfo2 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    HDRInfoVersion                       no
      4    HDR                                  int8u
      5    HDRLevel                             int8u

Nikon LocationInfo Tags

Tags written by some Nikon GPS-equipped cameras like the AW100.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    LocationInfoVersion                  undef[4]
      4    TextEncoding                         int8u
      5    CountryCode                          undef[3]
      8    POILevel                             int8u
      9    Location                             undef[70]

Nikon MakerNotes0x51 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FirmwareVersion51                    no
     10    NEFCompression                       int16u[0.5]

Nikon MakerNotes0x56 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    FirmwareVersion                      no
      4    BurstGroupID                         int16u

Nikon AFInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    AFAreaMode                           int8u
      1    AFPoint                              int8u
      2    AFPointsInFocus                      int16u

Nikon ShotInfoD40 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in D40 and D40X images.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
    582    ShutterCount                         int32u
  586.1    VibrationReduction                   int8u & 0x08
    729    CustomSettingsD40                    NikonCustom SettingsD40

Nikon ShotInfoD80 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in D80 images.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
    586    ShutterCount                         int32u
  590.1    Rotation                             int8u & 0x07
  590.2    VibrationReduction                   int8u & 0x18
  590.3    FlashFired                           int8u & 0xe0
    708    NikonImageSize                       int8u & 0xf0
  708.1    ImageQuality                         int8u & 0x0f
    748    CustomSettingsD80                    NikonCustom SettingsD80

Nikon ShotInfoD90 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D90 with firmware 1.00.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
    693    ISO2                                 int8u
    725    ShutterCount                         int32u
    884    CustomSettingsD90                    NikonCustom SettingsD90

Nikon ShotInfoD3a Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D3 with firmware 1.00 and earlier.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
    598    ISO2                                 int8u
    630    ShutterCount                         int32u
  723.1    NikonImageSize                       int8u & 0x18
  723.2    ImageQuality                         int8u & 0x07
    769    CustomSettingsD3                     NikonCustom SettingsD3

Nikon ShotInfoD3b Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D3 with firmware 1.10, 2.00, 2.01 and 2.02.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
     16    ImageArea                            int8u
    605    ISO2                                 int8u
    637    ShutterCount                         int32u
    639    ShutterCount                         int32u
    650    PreFlashReturnStrength               int8u
  732.1    NikonImageSize                       int8u & 0x18
  732.2    ImageQuality                         int8u & 0x07
    778    CustomSettingsD3                     NikonCustom SettingsD3

Nikon ShotInfoD3X Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D3X with firmware 1.00.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
    605    ISO2                                 int8u
    640    ShutterCount                         int32u
    779    CustomSettingsD3X                    NikonCustom SettingsD3

Nikon ShotInfoD3S Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D3S with firmware 1.00 and earlier.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
     16    ImageArea                            int8u
    545    ISO2                                 int8u
    578    ShutterCount                         int32u
  671.1    JPGCompression                       int8u & 0x40
    718    CustomSettingsD3S                    NikonCustom SettingsD3

Nikon ShotInfoD300a Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D300 with firmware 1.00 and earlier.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
    604    ISO2                                 int8u
    633    ShutterCount                         int32u
    721    AFFineTuneAdj                        int16u
    790    CustomSettingsD300                   NikonCustom SettingsD3

Nikon ShotInfoD300b Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D300 with firmware 1.10.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
    613    ISO2                                 int8u
    644    ShutterCount                         int32u
    732    AFFineTuneAdj                        int16u
    802    CustomSettingsD300                   NikonCustom SettingsD3

Nikon ShotInfoD300S Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D300S with firmware 1.00.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
    613    ISO2                                 int8u
    646    ShutterCount                         int32u
    804    CustomSettingsD300S                  NikonCustom SettingsD3

Nikon ShotInfoD700 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D700 with firmware 1.02f.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
    613    ISO2                                 int8u
    647    ShutterCount                         int32u
    804    CustomSettingsD700                   NikonCustom SettingsD700

Nikon ShotInfoD780 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D780.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
    156    OrientOffset                         Nikon OrientationInfo

Nikon OrientationInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    RollAngle                            fixed32u
      4    PitchAngle                           fixed32u
      8    YawAngle                             fixed32u

Nikon ShotInfoD7500 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D7500.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
    160    OrientOffset                         Nikon OrientationInfo

Nikon ShotInfoD800 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D800.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
   1216    RepeatingFlashOutputExternal         int8u
   1218    RepeatingFlashRateExternal           int8u
   1219    RepeatingFlashCountExternal          int8u
   1234    FlashExposureComp2                   int8s
   1242    RepeatingFlashRateBuilt-in           int8u
   1243    RepeatingFlashCountBuilt-in          int8u
   1308    SequenceNumber                       int8u
   1531    ShutterCount                         int32u
   1772    CustomSettingsD800                   NikonCustom SettingsD800

Nikon ShotInfoD810 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D810.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
     16    SettingsOffset                       Nikon SettingsInfoD810
     36    BracketingOffset                     Nikon BracketingInfoD810
     56    ISOAutoOffset                        Nikon ISOAutoInfoD810
     64    CustomSettingsOffset                 NikonCustom SettingsD810
    132    OrientationOffset                    Nikon OrientationInfo

Nikon SettingsInfoD810 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    316    SecondarySlotFunction                int8u & 0x03

Nikon BracketingInfoD810 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     15    AEBracketingSteps                    int8u & 0xff
     16    WBBracketingSteps                    int8u & 0xff
     23    NikonMeteringMode                    int8u & 0x03

Nikon ISOAutoInfoD810 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      4    ISOAutoShutterTime                   int8u & 0x3f
      5    ISOAutoHiLimit                       int8u & 0xff

Nikon ShotInfoD850 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D850.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
     16    MenuSettingsOffset                   Nikon MenuSettingsD850
     76    MoreSettingsOffset                   Nikon MoreSettingsD850
     88    CustomSettingsOffset                 NikonCustom SettingsD850
    160    OrientationOffset                    Nikon OrientationInfo

Nikon MenuSettingsD850 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
   1757    PhotoShootingMenuBankImageArea       int8u & 0x07

Nikon MoreSettingsD850 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     36    PhotoShootingMenuBank                int8u & 0x03
     37    PrimarySlot                          int8u & 0x80

Nikon ShotInfoD5000 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D5000 with firmware 1.00.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
    693    ISO2                                 int8u
    726    ShutterCount                         int32u
    888    CustomSettingsD5000                  NikonCustom SettingsD5000

Nikon ShotInfoD5100 Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
    801    ShutterCount                         int32u
   1031    CustomSettingsD5100                  NikonCustom SettingsD5100

Nikon ShotInfoD5200 Tags

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
   3032    ShutterCount                         int32u
   3285    CustomSettingsD5200                  NikonCustom SettingsD5200

Nikon ShotInfoD7000 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D7000 with firmware 1.01b.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
    800    ShutterCount                         int32u
   1028    CustomSettingsD7000                  NikonCustom SettingsD7000

Nikon ShotInfoD4 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D4.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
   1873    CustomSettingsD4                     NikonCustom SettingsD4

Nikon ShotInfoD4S Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D4S.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
    464    SecondarySlotFunction                int8u & 0x03
   5964    AEBracketingSteps                    int8u & 0xff
   5965    WBBracketingSteps                    int8u & 0xff
   6221    ReleaseMode                          int8u & 0xff
   6301    CustomSettingsD4S                    NikonCustom SettingsD4
   6338    MultiSelectorLiveViewMode            int8u & 0xc0
   6378    ISOAutoShutterTime                   int8u & 0x3f
   6379    ISOAutoHiLimit                       int8u & 0xff
   6461    CustomSettingsD4S                    NikonCustom SettingsD4
  13579    OrientationInfo                      Nikon OrientationInfo
  13971    Rotation                             int8u & 0x30

Nikon ShotInfoD500 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D5 and D500.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
     16    RotationInfoOffset                   Nikon RotationInfoD500
     20    JPGInfoOffset                        Nikon JPGInfoD500
     44    BracketingOffset                     Nikon BracketingInfoD500
     80    ShootingMenuOffset                   Nikon ShootingMenuD500
     88    CustomSettingsOffset                 Nikon CustomSettingsD500
    160    OrientationOffset                    Nikon OrientationInfo
    168    OtherOffset                          Nikon OtherInfoD500

Nikon RotationInfoD500 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     26    Rotation                             int8u & 0x03
     32    Interval                             int8u~
     36    IntervalFrame                        int8u~
   1330    FlickerReductionIndicator            int8u & 0x01

Nikon JPGInfoD500 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     36    JPGCompression                       int8u & 0x01

Nikon BracketingInfoD500 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     15    AEBracketingSteps                    int8u & 0xff
     16    WBBracketingSteps                    int8u & 0xff
     23    ADLBracketingStep                    int8u & 0xf0
     24    ADLBracketingType                    int8u & 0x0f

Nikon ShootingMenuD500 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    PhotoShootingMenuBank                int8u & 0x03
      2    PrimarySlot                          int8u & 0x80
      4    ISOAutoShutterTime                   int8u & 0x3f
      5    ISOAutoHiLimit                       int8u & 0xff
      7    FlickerReduction                     int8u & 0x20
    7.1    PhotoShootingMenuBankImageArea       int8u & 0x07

Nikon CustomSettingsD500 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    CustomSettingsD5                     NikonCustom SettingsD5
           CustomSettingsD500                   NikonCustom SettingsD500

Nikon OtherInfoD500 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    532    NikonMeteringMode                    int8u & 0x03

Nikon ShotInfoD6 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D6.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
     48    SequenceOffset                       Nikon SeqInfoD6
    156    OrientationOffset                    Nikon OrientationInfo
    164    IntervalOffset                       Nikon IntervalInfoD6

Nikon SeqInfoD6 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     36    IntervalShooting                     int16u~
     43    ImageArea                            int8u

Nikon IntervalInfoD6 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    380    Intervals                            int32u
    384    ShotsPerInterval                     int32u
    388    IntervalExposureSmoothing            int8u
    390    IntervalPriority                     int8u
    424    FocusShiftNumberShots                int8u
    428    FocusShiftStepWidth                  int8u
    432    FocusShiftInterval                   int8u~
    436    FocusShiftExposureLock               int8u
    526    DiffractionCompensation              int8u
    532    FlashControlMode                     int8u
    538    FlashGNDistance?                     no
    542    FlashOutput?                         int8u
    552    FlashRemoteControl?                  int8u
    556    FlashMasterControlMode               int8u
    558    FlashMasterCompensation?             int8s
    562    FlashMasterOutput?                   int8u
    564    FlashWirelessOption?                 int8u
    714    MovieType?                           int8u

Nikon ShotInfoD610 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the D610.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
   1999    CustomSettingsD610                   NikonCustom SettingsD610

Nikon ShotInfoZ7II Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the Z7II.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
     48    IntervalOffset                       Nikon IntervalInfoZ7II
     56    PortraitOffset                       Nikon PortraitInfoZ7II
    136    OrientationOffset                    Nikon OrientationInfo
    152    OrientationOffset                    Nikon OrientationInfo
    160    MenuOffset                           Nikon MenuInfoZ7II

Nikon IntervalInfoZ7II Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     36    IntervalShooting                     int16u~
     43    ImageArea                            int8u

Nikon PortraitInfoZ7II Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    160    PortraitImpressionBalance            int8u[2]~

Nikon MenuInfoZ7II Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     16    MenuSettingsOffsetZ7II               Nikon MenuSettingsZ7II

Nikon MenuSettingsZ7II Tags

These tags are used by the Z5, Z6, Z7, Z6II, Z7II, Z50, Zfc and Zf.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     92    ReleaseMode                          no
    160    IntervalDurationHours                int32u
    164    IntervalDurationMinutes              int32u
    168    IntervalDurationSeconds              int32u
    176    Intervals                            int32u
    180    ShotsPerInterval                     int32u
    184    IntervalExposureSmoothing            int8u
    186    IntervalPriority                     int8u
    220    FocusShiftNumberShots                int8u
    224    FocusShiftStepWidth                  int8u
    228    FocusShiftInterval                   int8u~
    232    FocusShiftExposureLock               int8u
    322    DiffractionCompensation              int8u
    323    AutoDistortionControl                int8u
    326    NikonMeteringMode                    int8u
    328    FlashControlMode                     int8u
    334    FlashGNDistance?                     no
    338    FlashOutput?                         int8u
    346    FlashWirelessOption?                 int8u
    348    FlashRemoteControl?                  int8u
    352    FlashMasterControlMode               int8u
    354    FlashMasterCompensation?             int8s
    358    FlashMasterOutput?                   int8u
    502    MovieFrameSize?                      int8u
    504    MovieFrameRate?                      int8u
    506    MovieSlowMotion?                     int8u
    510    MovieType?                           int8u
    516    MovieISOAutoManualMode?              int16u
    568    MovieActiveD-Lighting?               int8u
    572    MovieHighISONoiseReduction?          int8u
    574    MovieVignetteControl?                int8u
    576    MovieVignetteControlSameAsPhoto?     int8u
    577    MovieDiffractionCompensation?        int8u
    578    MovieAutoDistortionControl?          int8u
    584    MovieFocusMode?                      int8u
    590    MovieVibrationReduction?             int8u
    591    MovieVibrationReductionSameAsPhoto?  int8u
    858    HDMIOutputN-Log?                     int8u

Nikon ShotInfoZ8 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the Z8.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
     48    SequenceOffset                       Nikon SeqInfoZ9
    132    OrientOffset                         Nikon OrientationInfo
    140    MenuOffset                           Nikon MenuInfoZ8

Nikon SeqInfoZ9 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     32    FocusShiftShooting                   int8u~
     40    IntervalShooting                     int16u~

Nikon MenuInfoZ8 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     16    MenuSettingsOffsetZ8                 Nikon MenuSettingsZ8

Nikon MenuSettingsZ8 Tags

These tags are used by the Z8 firmware 1.00.

  Index1 Tag Name                               Writable
  ---------------                               --------
   72    HighFrameRate                          int8u
  152    MultipleExposureMode                   int8u
  154    MultiExposureShots                     int8u
  184    IntervalDurationHours                  int32u
  188    IntervalDurationMinutes                int32u
  192    IntervalDurationSeconds                int32u
  200    Intervals                              int32u
  204    ShotsPerInterval                       int32u
  208    IntervalExposureSmoothing              int8u
  210    IntervalPriority                       int8u
  244    FocusShiftNumberShots                  int8u
  248    FocusShiftStepWidth                    int8u
  252    FocusShiftInterval                     int8u~
  256    FocusShiftExposureLock?                int8u
  286    PhotoShootingMenuBank                  int8u
  288    ExtendedMenuBanks                      int8u
  324    PhotoShootingMenuBankImageArea         int8u
  338    AutoISO                                int8u
  340    ISOAutoHiLimit?                        int16u
  342    ISOAutoFlashLimit?                     int16u
  350    ISOAutoShutterTime                     no
  432    MovieVignetteControl?                  int8u
  434    DiffractionCompensation                int8u
  436    FlickerReductionShooting               int8u
  440    FlashControlMode                       int8u
  548    AFAreaMode                             int8u
  550    VRMode                                 int8u
  554    BracketSet                             int8u
  556    BracketProgram                         int8u
  558    BracketIncrement                       int8u
  570    HDR                                    int8u
  576    SecondarySlotFunction                  int8u
  582    HDRLevel                               int8u
  586    Slot2JpgSize?                          int8u
  592    DXCropAlert                            int8u
  594    SubjectDetection                       int8u
  596    DynamicAFAreaSize                      int8u
  618    ToneMap?                               int8u
  622    PortraitImpressionBalance              int8u
  636    HighFrequencyFlickerReductionShooting? int8u
  730    MovieImageArea?                        int8u & 0x01
  740    MovieType?                             int8u
  742    MovieISOAutoHiLimit?                   int16u
  744    MovieISOAutoControlManualMode?         int8u
  746    MovieISOAutoManualMode?                int16u
  820    MovieActiveD-Lighting?                 int8u
  822    MovieHighISONoiseReduction?            int8u
  828    MovieFlickerReduction                  int8u
  830    MovieMeteringMode?                     int8u
  832    MovieFocusMode?                        int8u
  834    MovieAFAreaMode                        int8u
  836    MovieVRMode?                           int8u
  840    MovieElectronicVR?                     int8u
  842    MovieSoundRecording?                   int8u
  844    MicrophoneSensitivity?                 int8u
  846    MicrophoneAttenuator?                  int8u
  848    MicrophoneFrequencyResponse?           int8u
  850    WindNoiseReduction?                    int8u
  882    MovieFrameSize?                        int8u
  884    MovieFrameRate?                        int8u
  886    MicrophoneJackPower?                   int8u
  887    MovieDXCropAlert?                      int8u
  888    MovieSubjectDetection?                 int8u
  896    MovieHighResZoom?                      int8u
  943    CustomSettingsZ8                       NikonCustom SettingsZ8
  1682   Language?                              int8u
  1684   TimeZone                               int8u
  1690   MonitorBrightness?                     int8u
  1712   AFFineTune?                            int8u
  1716   NonCPULens1FocalLength?                int16u~
  1718   NonCPULens2FocalLength?                int16u~
  1720   NonCPULens3FocalLength?                int16u~
  1722   NonCPULens4FocalLength?                int16u~
  1724   NonCPULens5FocalLength?                int16u~
  1726   NonCPULens6FocalLength?                int16u~
  1728   NonCPULens7FocalLength?                int16u~
  1730   NonCPULens8FocalLength?                int16u~
  1732   NonCPULens9FocalLength?                int16u~
  1734   NonCPULens10FocalLength?               int16u~
  1736   NonCPULens11FocalLength?               int16u~
  1738   NonCPULens12FocalLength?               int16u~
  1740   NonCPULens13FocalLength?               int16u~
  1742   NonCPULens14FocalLength?               int16u~
  1744   NonCPULens15FocalLength?               int16u~
  1746   NonCPULens16FocalLength?               int16u~
  1748   NonCPULens17FocalLength?               int16u~
  1750   NonCPULens18FocalLength?               int16u~
  1752   NonCPULens19FocalLength?               int16u~
  1754   NonCPULens20FocalLength?               int16u~
  1756   NonCPULens1MaxAperture?                int16u
  1758   NonCPULens2MaxAperture?                int16u
  1760   NonCPULens3MaxAperture?                int16u
  1762   NonCPULens4MaxAperture?                int16u
  1764   NonCPULens5MaxAperture?                int16u
  1766   NonCPULens6MaxAperture?                int16u
  1768   NonCPULens7MaxAperture?                int16u
  1770   NonCPULens8MaxAperture?                int16u
  1772   NonCPULens9MaxAperture?                int16u
  1774   NonCPULens10MaxAperture?               int16u
  1776   NonCPULens11MaxAperture?               int16u
  1778   NonCPULens12MaxAperture?               int16u
  1780   NonCPULens13MaxAperture?               int16u
  1782   NonCPULens14MaxAperture?               int16u
  1784   NonCPULens15MaxAperture?               int16u
  1786   NonCPULens16MaxAperture?               int16u
  1788   NonCPULens17MaxAperture?               int16u
  1790   NonCPULens18MaxAperture?               int16u
  1792   NonCPULens19MaxAperture?               int16u
  1794   NonCPULens20MaxAperture?               int16u
  1808   HDMIOutputResolution                   int8u
  1826   AirplaneMode?                          int8u
  1827   EmptySlotRelease?                      int8u
  1862   EnergySavingMode?                      int8u
  1890   USBPowerDelivery?                      int8u
  1899   SensorShield?                          int8u

Nikon ShotInfoZ9 Tags

These tags are extracted from encrypted data in images from the Z9.

   Index   Tag Name                             Writable
   -----   --------                             --------
      0    ShotInfoVersion                      no
      4    FirmwareVersion                      no
     48    SequenceOffset                       Nikon SeqInfoZ9
     88    Offset13                             Nikon Offset13InfoZ9
    128    AutoCaptureOffset                    Nikon AutoCaptureInfo
    132    OrientOffset                         Nikon OrientationInfo
    140    MenuOffset                           Nikon MenuInfoZ9

Nikon Offset13InfoZ9 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
   3048    AFAreaInitialXPosition               int8s~
   3049    AFAreaInitialYPosition               int8s~
   3050    AFAreaInitialWidth                   int8u
   3051    AFAreaInitialHeight                  int8u

Nikon AutoCaptureInfo Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
      0    AutoCapturedFrame                    int8u
      1    AutoCaptureCriteria                  int8u~
     55    AutoCaptureRecordingTime             int8u
     56    AutoCaptureWaitTime                  int8u
     74    AutoCaptureDistanceFar               int8u~
     78    AutoCaptureDistanceNear              int8u~
     95    AutoCaptureCriteriaMotionDirection   int8u~
     99    AutoCaptureCriteriaMotionSpeed       int8u
    100    AutoCaptureCriteriaMotionSize        int8u
    105    AutoCaptureCriteriaSubjectSize       int8u
    106    AutoCaptureCriteriaSubjectType       int8u

Nikon MenuInfoZ9 Tags

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
     16    MenuSettingsOffsetZ9                 Nikon MenuSettingsZ9
           MenuSettingsOffsetZ9v3               -
           MenuSettingsOffsetZ9v4               Nikon MenuSettingsZ9v3
                                                Nikon MenuSettingsZ9v4

Nikon MenuSettingsZ9 Tags

These tags are used by the Z9.

  Index1   Tag Name                             Writable
  ------   --------                             --------
    140    MultipleExposureMode                 int8u
    142    MultiExposureShots                   int8u
    188    Intervals                            int32u
    192    ShotsPerInterval                     int32u
    232    FocusShiftNumberShots                int8u
    236    FocusShiftStepWidth                  int8u
    240    FocusShiftInterval                   int8u~
    244    FocusShiftExposureLock?              int8u
    274    PhotoShootingMenuBank                int8u
    276    ExtendedMenuBanks                    int8u
    308    PhotoShootingMenuBankImageArea       int8u
    322    AutoISO                              int8u
    324    ISOAutoHiLimit?                      int16u
    326    ISOAutoFlashLimit?                   int16u
    334    ISOAutoShutterTime                   no
    416    MovieVignetteControl?                int8u
    418    DiffractionCompensation              int8u
    420    FlickerReductionShooting             int8u
    424    FlashControlMode                     int8u
    426    FlashMasterCompensation?             int8s
    430    FlashGNDistance?                     no
    434    FlashOutput?                         int8u
    444    FlashRemoteControl?                  int8u
    456    FlashWirelessOption?                 int8u
    528    AFAreaMode                           int8u
    530    VRMode                               int8u
    534    BracketSet                           int8u
    536    BracketProgram                       int8u
    538    BracketIncrement                     int8u
    556    SecondarySlotFunction                int8u
    572    DXCropAlert                          int8u
    574    SubjectDetection                     int8u
    576    DynamicAFAreaSize                    int8u
    604    MovieImageArea?                      int8u & 0x01
    614    MovieType?                           int8u
    616    MovieISOAutoHiLimit?                 int16u
    618    MovieISOAutoControlManualMode?       int8u
    620    MovieISOAutoManualMode?              int16u
    696    MovieActiveD-Lighting?               int8u
    698    MovieHighISONoiseReduction?          int8u
    704    MovieFlickerReduction                int8u
    706    MovieMeteringMode?                   int8u
    708    MovieFocusMode?                      int8u
    710    MovieAFAreaMode                      int8u
    712    MovieVRMode?                         int8u
    716    MovieElectronicVR?                   int8u
    718    MovieSoundRecording?                 int8u
    720    MicrophoneSensitivity?               int8u
    722    MicrophoneAttenuator?                int8u
    724    MicrophoneFrequencyResponse?         int8u
    726    WindNoiseReduction?                  int8u
    748    MovieToneMap?                        int8u
    754    MovieFrameSize?                      int8u
    756    MovieFrameRate?                      int8u
    762    MicrophoneJackPower?                 int8u
    763    MovieDXCropAlert?                    int8u
    764    MovieSubjectDetection?               int8u
    799    CustomSettingsZ9                     NikonCustom SettingsZ9
   1426    Language?                            int8u
   1428    TimeZone                             int8u
   1434    MonitorBrightness?                   no
   1456    AFFineTune?                          int8u
   1552    HDMIOutputResolution                 int8u
   1565    SetClockFromLocationData?            int8u
   1572    AirplaneMode?                        int8u
   1573    EmptySlotRelease?                    int8u
   1608    EnergySavingMode?                    int8u
   1632    RecordLocationData?                  int8u
   1636    USBPowerDelivery?                    int8u
   1645    SensorShield?                        int8u

Nikon MenuSettingsZ9v3 Tags

These tags are used by the Z9 firmware 3.00.

  Index1 Tag Name                               Writable
  ---------------                               --------
   72    HighFrameRate                          int8u
  154    MultipleExposureMode                   int8u
  156    MultiExposureShots                     int8u
  204    Intervals                              int32u
  208    ShotsPerInterval                       int32u
  248    FocusShiftNumberShots                  int8u
  252    FocusShiftStepWidth                    int8u
  256    FocusShiftInterval                     int8u~
  260    FocusShiftExposureLock?                int8u
  290    PhotoShootingMenuBank                  int8u
  292    ExtendedMenuBanks                      int8u
  328    PhotoShootingMenuBankImageArea         int8u
  342    AutoISO                                int8u
  344    ISOAutoHiLimit?                        int16u
  346    ISOAutoFlashLimit?                     int16u
  354    ISOAutoShutterTime                     no
  436    MovieVignetteControl?                  int8u
  438    DiffractionCompensation                int8u
  440    FlickerReductionShooting               int8u
  444    FlashControlMode                       int8u
  446    FlashMasterCompensation?               int8s
  450    FlashGNDistance?                       no
  454    FlashOutput?                           int8u
  548    AFAreaMode                             int8u
  550    VRMode                                 int8u
  554    BracketSet                             int8u
  556    BracketProgram                         int8u
  558    BracketIncrement                       int8u
  576    SecondarySlotFunction                  int8u
  592    DXCropAlert                            int8u
  594    SubjectDetection                       int8u
  596    DynamicAFAreaSize                      int8u
  636    HighFrequencyFlickerReductionShooting? int8u
  646    MovieImageArea?                        int8u & 0x01
  656    MovieType?                             int8u
  658    MovieISOAutoHiLimit?                   int16u
  660    MovieISOAutoControlManualMode?         int8u
  662    MovieISOAutoManualMode?                int16u
  736    MovieActiveD-Lighting?                 int8u
  738    MovieHighISONoiseReduction?            int8u
  744    MovieFlickerReduction                  int8u
  746    MovieMeteringMode?                     int8u
  748    MovieFocusMode?                        int8u
  750    MovieAFAreaMode                        int8u
  752    MovieVRMode?                           int8u
  756    MovieElectronicVR?                     int8u
  758    MovieSoundRecording?                   int8u
  760    MicrophoneSensitivity?                 int8u
  762    MicrophoneAttenuator?                  int8u
  764    MicrophoneFrequencyResponse?           int8u
  766    WindNoiseReduction?                    int8u
  788    MovieToneMap?                          int8u
  794    MovieFrameSize?                        int8u
  796    MovieFrameRate?                        int8u
  802    MicrophoneJ