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Revision history for Perl extension Image::Shoehorn
$Id: Changes,v 1.9 2003/05/30 22:51:06 asc Exp $

1.42	Fri May 30 2003

	- _ping() method taught to use File::MMagic to determine the 
	  image's contenttype. (Image::Magick doesn't always return an 
	  'image/foo-bar' string for an image's 'format'.)

	- The 'type' attribute in hash ref returned by import() is 
	  deprecated in favour of new 'extension' attribute.

	- Added 'contenttype' attribute to hash ref returned by 
	  import() method.

	- Added requirement for Test::More in Makefile.PL

	- Downgraded requirements for Image::Magick to 5.44

	- Replaced with t/import.t

	- Updated POD

1.41	Thu Aug 01 2002

	- Added test in &scaled_dimensions to catch divide by zero errors

1.4	Sun Jul 21 2002

	- Added "dimensions_for_scale" package method; originally part
	  of &_scale()

1.3	Mon Jul 08 2002

	- Made $pkg->_dimensions a package method name
	  scaled_dimensions in Image::Shoehorn

	- Added "ScaleAllOnCleanup" config to Apache::ImageShoehorn

	- Fixed a bug where Apache::ImageShoehorn handler was not
	  returning DECLINED if no scaling was necessary. Duh.

	- Updated POD

1.2	Mon Jun 17 2002

	- Added "SetValid" and "Convert" config options to

	- Added Image::Shoehorn->converted_name package method

	- Update Apache::ImageShoehorn::_valid_type to attach handler
	  location to global TYPES hash

	- Fixed a bug in Image::Shoehorn::_validate where I was returning
	  false instead of positive. Ack!

	- Updated POD

1.1	Mon Jun 10 2002

	- Added Apache::ImageShoehorn

	- Added Image::Shoehorn->scaled_name package method

	- Updated POD
1.0	Tue Jun 06 2002

	- Initial revision