Changes for version 1.0

  • First public release
  • Gave up on using hashes to check images as each build of libgd seems to use a different value from copyResampled.
  • Instead we now generate the images on the fly meaning no big payloads to download.
  • The checks are for initial size, upscaling and downscaling.
  • Makefile.PL contains META_MERGE section

Changes for version 0.01_4

  • Tests still fail on different builds of GD. Now using PNG as input image and native GD format for output.

Changes for version 0.01_3

  • The previous tests failed due to the GD->jpeg method not being consistent across Perl versions. Now we are using PNG images instead as these should be more consistent!
  • Added 'Error Handling' section to POD and reference to the GitHub repository.

Changes for version 0.01_2

  • Added tests to check generated images against hashes of visually tested images.

Changes for version 0.01_1

  • First version, released on an unsuspecting world.


Crop and resize an image to create a square image