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Changes for version 0.26 - 2022-04-11

  • Properly handle 512-char fonts in XBin files
  • Handle more generic pixel data structure for BIN writes


Convert text mode files to png


Create, manipulate and save text mode images
A base class for text mode animation file formats
A canvas of text mode pixels
A base class for text mode fonts
8 x 16 text mode font
8 x 8 text mode font
Amiga-style text mode font
Atari text mode font for ATASCII
A base class for text mode file formats
read and write ADF files
read and write ANSI files
read and write ANSIMation files
read and write AVATAR files
read and write Bin files
read and write IDF files
read and write PCBoard files
read and write Tundra files
read and write XBin files
Load text mode images by best-guess
A base class for text mode palettes
16-color ANSI palette
2-color Atari palette
16-color VGA palette
A base class to represent a text mode "pixel"
A base class for file readers
Reads ANSI Animation files
Reads ATASCII files
Reads AVATAR files
Reads PCBoard files
Reads Tundra files
A GD-based renderer for text mode images
Create, manipulate and save SAUCE metadata
A base class for file writers
Writes ADF files
Writes ANSI files
Writes ANSIMation files
Writes AVATAR files
Writes Bin files
Writes IDF files
Writes PCBoard files
Writes Tundra files
Writes XBin files