++ed by:
Author image Ron Grunwald

Changes for version 0.08

  • added the new config option 'MATH_LIB'.
  • added C function load_math_lib() to file mylib/myutil2.c
  • modified XS function bc_init() in file BC.xs to allow loading of BC's math library.
  • modified C function my_perl_bc_init() in file mylib/myutil2.c to allow loading of BC's math library.
  • in file BC.pm, added code to subroutine validate() to check and process the new config option 'MATH_LIB'.
  • in file BC.pm, moved the initialisation of BC interpreter from subroutine eval_support_code() to validate().
  • in file BC.pm, added the global variable $use_math_lib.
  • modified subroutine validate() in file BC.pm to allow the 'FILTERS' config option to work with Inline::Filters again.
  • added a new, comprehensive section "CONFIG OPTIONS" to the POD documentation of file BC.pm
  • modified Makefile.PL to include Test::More as a prerequisite module.
  • added the new test files t/02mathlib.t, tools/02mathlib-ev.dat


Inline ILSM for bc the arbitrary precision math Language