Changes for version 0.021 - 2021-02-05

  • Deprecation
    • Since CentOS 6 reached EOL on December/2020, following our policy we're dropping support for it and, consequently, for Perl 5.10. Now Jira::REST requires Perl 5.16, which ships with CentOS 7, which will reach EOL on July, 2024.
  • Enhancement
    • Now the constructor sets up a cookie jar on the LWP::UserAgent object inside, so that it can keep and use the session cookies it gets from the server, making it possible to establish and keep user sessions. This is particularly useful when interacting with Jira Data Center instances.
  • New feature
    • A new constructor called 'new_session' is implemented. It accepts the same options as the default constructor 'new', invokes it and then creates a user session, which is destroyed during destruction of the JIRA::REST object.



Thin wrapper around Jira's REST API