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Changes for version 0.29

  • As in Test::Builder 0.81_01, changed the message for extra tests run to show the number of tests run rather than the number extra to avoid the user having to do mental math. --theory
  • Fixed the test summary to be a `<pre>` tag instead of a `<div>` with a style attribute to make the output match. --jbisbee
  • Fixed Test.Builder so that it no longer wraps errors in a `<span>` tag now that we're appending to a text node (They don't don't get turned DOM elements). --jbisbee
  • Fixed bug with `canOK()`. It only checked objects prototype and not the object itself. This means that if you had this code
    • function TestObject() { this.myMethod = function() {}; } TestObject.prototype.protoMethod = function() {};
    • var testObject = new TestObject(); canOK( testObject, 'myMethod', 'protoMethod' );
    • then `canOK()` in its previous form would not find `myMethod`. It now actually checks to see if you pass in instantiated objects.a --jbisbee
  • Fixed a bug when testing a DOM element's `scrollTop` attribute within a browser harness IFRAME that is 0X0 "display: none". We now Default all harness `iframe`s to be both hidden and 1x1 pixels. Yes, there may be a little square in some browsers that don't properly hide the iframe, but at least tests that work outside the harness will now also work within it --jbisbee
  • Documented how to use `Test.Harness.Browser` without JSAN. --jbisbee
  • Fix a summary bug in `Test.Builder` -- it wasn't reporting failures! failed any tests, it wasn't reporting them! Thanks to Jeff Platter for finding and fixing this issue. --jbisbee
  • Moved source code to GitHub. Clone it from git://!
  • Got `Test.Harness.Browser` working on Firefox again. Thanks to Nikolas Coukouma for pointing me at the solution.


Back end for building test libraries
Run TAP standard JavaScript test scripts with statistics
Run TAP standard JavaScript test scripts with statistics in a Browser
Run TAP standard JavaScript test scripts with statistics in Director
A framework for writing test scripts
Basic utilities for writing JavaScript tests.


Basic utilities for writing JavaScript tests.