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Changes for version 0.04

  • JSORB::Client::Compiler
    • base role for client compilers
  • JSORB::Client::Compiler::Javascript
    • concreate class to compile javascript clients based on a JSORB interface
      • added tests
  • JSORB::Types
    • removed the ScalarRef type (we can't really support it).
      • clarified types in the docs
    • added support for finding, slurping and copying the JSORB.js file
      • added details in the docs


Catalyst Action for JSORB dispatchers
Catalyst Action for JSORB Dispatcher
Javascript client for JSORB
Javascript Object Request Broker
A base role for JSORB client compilers
A JSORB Javascript client compiler
A core JSORB element
A dispatcher for use with Catalyst
A Catalyst dispatcher for invocants
Simple path based dispatcher
A dispatcher trait for context arguments
A dispatcher trait for invocants
A dispatch trait which creates invocants
A JSORB Interface
An RPC Method
A JSORB namespace
A basic RPC procedure
Automatic JSORB namespace/interface construction
Automatic JSORB namespace/interface construction
A simple HTTP server for JSORB
A debugging trait for JSORB::Server::Simple
A JSORB::Server::Simple trait for working with invocants
A JSORB::Server::Simple trait for static files
A set of Moose types used in JSORB