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Changes for version 0.05 - 2003-10-06

  • Changed Tasks::jar so it accepts an undef manifest.
  • Cleaned t/02javac.t to remove the old compile filed test
  • Removed Java::Build::JVM::_dump_errors in favor of inlining its action.
  • Adjusted documentation and error message relating to tools.jar. During installation, this jar must be in the classpath. Otherwise the tests will not work.
  • Corrected bug in GenericBuild::GO which did not allow callers to request the first step in the targets list. (I will write 50 times on the chalkboard: 0 is false.)
  • Renamed build.script to build.driver in the demo. This is on my list of politically correct name changes 'script' is pajorative.
  • Corrected Tasks::copy_file so that directories with spaces are properly quoted.


a family of modules which you can use instead of Ant
a high level driver to control Java builds
starts one JVM for compiling
collects common Java build tasks in one place: jar, jarsigner, etc.


in demo/