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Changes for version 0.57 - 2014-03-25

  • stop using Class::MOP::load_class (perigrin, #4)


Getting started with KiokuDB


Object Graph storage engine
Backend interface role
In memory backend for testing purposes.
An informational role for binary data safe backends.
Skip test fixtures
Backend clearing api
Backend specific query API
Query::Simple implemented with a linear scan of all entries.
Root set iteration
Backend level transaction support.
In memory transactions.
Informational role for backends supporting rollback of nested transactions.
An informational role for binary data safe backends.
Serialization role for backends
Use a KiokuDB::Serializer object instead of a role to handle serialization in a backend.
Role to serialize entries to JSON strings with KiokuDB::Backend::Serialize::JSPON semantics
JSPON serialization helper
Collapse entry data to JSPON compliant structures
Common functionality for JSPON expansion/collapsing
Inflate JSPON to entry data.
Storable based serialization of KiokuDB::Entry objects.
YAML::XS based serialization of KiokuDB::Entry objects.
A role for backends with a default typemap
KiokuDB specific metaclass
Collapse object hierarchies to entry data
An entry in the database
Naive mark and sweep garbage collection
Gin assisted recollection
Reference consistency checker
Relinks live objects from storage entries
Live object set tracking
Scope helper object
Transaction scope.
Trait for skipped attributes
Trait for lazy loaded attributes
Moose::Meta::Instance level support for lazy loading.
A symbolic reference to another KiokuDB::Entry.
Role for KiokuDB api (used to setup delegations).
A role for objects who choose their own ID.
Content dependent object IDs
A role for objects that are never updated.
A role for immutable objects that only point at other such objects.
A role for value objects
A role for entry scanning.
UUID generation role.
Serial ID assignment based on a global counter.
Classes that provide their own upgrade routine.
A role for printing diagnosis to STDERR
Standalone serializer object
Set::Object wrapper for KiokuDB with lazy loading.
Implementation of deferred set.
Implementation of loaded sets
Role for KiokuDB::Sets that are tied to storage.
Stored representation of KiokuDB::Set objects.
Implementation of in memory sets.
Data::Stream::Bulk with live object management.
Reusable tests for KiokuDB backend authors.
Internal only placeholder for deferred objects
Class to collapsing/expanding logic.
A typemap for standard class builders
A role for KiokuDB::TypeMaps created out of many smaller typemaps
A standard KiokuDB::TypeMap with predefined entries.
A KiokuDB::TypeMap::Default implementation that canonicalizes the standard types to simplified versions.
A KiokuDB::TypeMap::Default instance suitable for Storable.
Role for KiokuDB::TypeMap entries
An alias in the typemap to another entry
Callback based inflation/deflation of objects
A KiokuDB::TypeMap entry for objects with a metaclass.
A typemap entry for "simple" objects
A typemap entry of objects that will be serialized by the backend.
A typemap entry for KiokuDB::Sets
Role for more easily specifying collapse/expand methods
Provides a compile implementation
Provides a default compile_id method
Provides a compile_collapse implementation.
Reuse existing Storable hooks for KiokuDB storage.
Caching resolver for KiokuDB::TypeMap
Try a list of KiokuDB::TypeMaps in order
Utility functions for working with KiokuDB


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in lib/KiokuDB/GC/Naive/
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