Changes for version 0.21 - 2011-08-18

  • Merged development version to stable.

Changes for version 0.20_03 - 2011-08-09

  • Work around an assertion failure in 5.8.9 and possibly higher.
  • Document the strictness of LaTeX expected.

Changes for version 0.20_02 - 2011-07-19

  • Build a dispatch queue (with a node and other arguments per entry) which has its code executed when all nodes have been processed.
  • Alter the dispatch tables accordingly and sort the command checks.
  • When extracting the label and text of the \item command, distinguish between lists of type description, enumerate and itemize.
  • Increase the indent level for flattened nested list environments.
  • Indent verbatim text by prepending a space to the existing ones.
  • Add handling of abstracts and some escaped characters.
  • Substitute the \\ and \newline commands with a newline.
  • Process single-line comments.
  • Remove trailing spaces and tabs for preceding pod added in _pod_add().
  • Verify first when converting that the input file still exists.
  • Rephrase the notes on the implementation details.
  • Introduce a debugging method which traces the pod being set.
  • Initialize instance variables when convert() is called.
  • Provide the title counter for each =headN passed to _pod_add().
  • Unregister all text nodes first when processing a non-text node.
  • Check for end of list when outside of the \item handling method.
  • Expect flat lists as arguments for the 'previous' accessors.
  • Wrap appending or adding text conditionally in a setter method.
  • Simplify counting the level of nestedness for sub+sections.
  • Extend the pod expected by the tests and the tex file.
  • Make the tests capable of evaling inserted placeholders.

Changes for version 0.20_01 - 2011-06-01

  • Fix deprecated warning emitted for qw() used as parentheses.
  • Skip documentation tests for non-release testing.
  • Do no longer recommend Test::Pod and Test::Pod::Coverage.


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