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Changes for version 0.23 - 2022-02-12

  • No change from v0.22_01.

Changes for version 0.22_01 - 2022-02-10

  • Fix typos (thanks to @mohawk2 for the report).
  • Update ppport.h using Devel::PPPort v3.63 (Zakariyya Mughal @zmughal).
  • Use Alien::SWIProlog to configure build (Zakariyya Mughal @zmughal).
  • Change how the `my_cxt` is handled in Perls without threads. Was previously using `extern`, now uses `static` (Zakariyya Mughal @zmughal).


wrapper to call SWI-Prolog with perl embeded


Low level interface to SWI-Prolog
Yet another interface to SWI-Prolog