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Changes for version 1.000002 - 2014-04-13

  • Bugfix: certain attributes had the default option as scalar instead of coderef (Moo)
  • Bugfix: specified requirement for Plack was wrong, as the tests require v1.0029 (thanks Graham Knop)


Manual for the Leyland web application framework
Leyland application structure and creation
Creating Leyland controllers
How to deploy Leyland applications
How to throw HTTP exceptions with Leyland
How to extend Leyland
Frequently asked questions about Leyland
Localizing Leyland applications
How to use a log in Leyland applications
How to use models in Leyland applications
How to serve static files from your application
Guide for upgrading Leyland for existing applications
Using Leyland view classes


RESTful web application framework based on Plack
The working environment of an HTTP request and Leyland response
Leyland controller base class
Throwable class for Leyland application exceptions
Wrapper for the Locale::Wolowitz localization system for Leyland apps
Wrapper around Plack's logging middlewares
Performs HTTP negotiations for Leyland requests
Provides the sweet REST syntax for Leyland controller routes
Parses route definitions in Leyland controllers
Leyland view base class
Tenjin view class for Leyland